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tv   Student Cam - Second Prize High School Central  CSPAN  April 8, 2018 1:28am-1:39am EDT

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discussion. [applause] he would be delighted with the work of nri holding of his legacy. urgeonfident 110% he would all of you the way i am right now to join us for a cocktail in the back of the room. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ c-span, weth on feature our student camp contest winners. we asked students to illustrate what the constitution is important to them. our second prize, high school central winner is matthew murray, an 11th grader at jinx oklahoma.l in jinx,
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where c-span is available through cox communications. he tells us in his entry about the first amendment and freedom of religion, take a look. >> they might not like christine's. >> to me, religious freedom is the most important part of the bill of rights. >> we had some complicated times, because you could get arrested. so we went to a camp. thunder and lightning coming and on you, we went there visited with refugees and out of nowhere, they came in and tried to arrest all of us. some people said that we would get tortured or something, so my uncle threw me behind a building and we head. >> information received indicates that the myanmar security forces targeted teachers and cultural
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religious leadership in other peoples of influence in an effort to diminish the rohingya history and knowledge. >> my school population is now 10% or mise -- 10% burmese. >> my uncle knew we were not going to have religious freedom, so he brought us here. >> radical buddhist monks have been accused of persecuting religious minorities in myanmar. this resulted in the debts of -- deaths of muslims and the displacement of 12,000 peoples. >> when it comes to rohingya muslims, a report from the state department says a person who is rohingya cannot get a birth certificate. there are not allowed to go to school. they are not allowed to marry. if they are found living with someone, they will be punished
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with the more severe -- the most severe punishments because they are living in sin. >> the u.s. government called on the burmese government to end all persecution against the myanmar people. >> i think there is evil in man, and whenever we can justify our evil, we will. when you are in a culture where you're one understanding his -- the one understanding his religion, you find that you can hide behind to because it is the -- that because it is the one understanding that people have. >> we are at this temple>> to see their perspective. >> a true buddhist loves peace. we never condemn anyone or force them to convert to our religion. buddha said do not do anything evil, but do good and to purify one mind, that is the teaching of the buddha. >> many countries around the globe have freedom of religion, but do not enforce it. sri lanka is a country that fits
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this description. >> we have churches, and we are going to proclaim the gospel. there are extreme buddhists who did not like what is happening. there are trying to frighten the believers from preaching the -- they are trying to frighten the believers from preaching the gospel. some ministers have been attacked. we have to preach the gospel with a lot of care in sri lanka. ♪ >> i think because we have a prestigious role in the united nation, that has been historically a very important role and function of the united states after world war ii. after we assumed our role as a superpower, to be able to mediate conflicts. as far as imposing our values, that is a touchy situation. >> the united states has always gone and built that cup.
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we set up the skeleton, the framework, and part of that framework has to be that people are free to think, and from that freedom to think has to be the freedom to worship as one chooses. >> throughout the 1950's and 1960's and through the 19 80's, up till the fall of the berlin wall in 1989, a world was clearly divided between the communist world and the capitalist world. none of which was really religious, necessarily. it begs the question, what is the role of religion in politics? >> in my research on persecution of muslims in burma, there is also a significant amount of -- considerable amount of bias against muslims in the u.s.. >> islamophobia is a cottage industry, and when i say cottage industry, there are people that are pay good money to create rumors and create facts. the people who are acting out or taking violent actions against
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muslims are very often equal opportunity haters. they are going to hate immigrants, blacks, native americans, and they're going to hate muslims the most because we came the last. they don't know enough of us to know that we are just as human as they are, and we want a save community that is prosperous, just like they do. >> in my opinion, the vote is not real. the people i know are not fearful of muslims. islamaphobia is not real. the people i know are not fearful of muslims. the people i know are not fearful of islam. the people i know are cautious of terrorists who claim to be representing islam. the number one job of the president is to keep the united states safe, so i have to trust that the countries that have been put on this travel ban our countries from which terrorists have the highest percentage of infiltrating the united states. ♪ >> i believe the constitution is like a donkey. you don't carry the donkey on
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your head. the donkey must carry you. the constitution must evolving in such a weight -- a way to help you, not hinder you. >> we are involved in a very beneficial time, throughout the history of mankind, to be able to think and worship the way we choose. we should be very, very thankful. ♪ >> to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries in this year's studentcam competition, visit ♪ >> on newsmakers, fda commissioner scott gottlieb talks about the opioid epidemic, drug prices, and fda efforts to cut nicotine levels in cigarettes. newsmakers, sunday 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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monday on landmark cases, katz versus the united states, where charles katz, a bookie, was recorded by the fbi while transferring betting information that'smitting each legal from -- bets from a telephone booth in los angeles. the supreme court decision expanded americans' rights under the fourth amendment and forever changed the way law enforcement conduct their investigation. our guests are jeffrey rosen and camille jaffer, director of the national security law and policy program. watch "landmark cases" monday and join the conversation. our #is #landmarkcases.
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follow us on c-span. we have resources on background for each case, a companion book, a link to the interactive constitution and the landmark cases podcast, at cases. >> next week, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will testify before house and senate committees on facebook's use of information -- handling of user information and data privacy. tuesday on c-span3 in a joint hearing before the senate judiciary and commerce committee's, and wednesday 10:00 a.m. on c-span3 before the house energy and commerce committee. watch live coverage on c-span3 and and listen live with the free c-span radio app. >> former senator daniel akaka has died at the age of 93. he was the first native hawaiian to serve in the senate. his political career started in the u.s. house in 1976.
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he became a senator in 1990 and served as chair of the veterans affairs committee. in 2012, he delivered his farewell address. this is 15 minutes. mr. akaka: madam president? the presiding officer: the the senator from hawaii. mr. akaka: madam president, i rise to give me remarks and my aloha to the united states senate. madam president, before i begin, i want to say that my good friend, my colleague of 36 years, my brother dan inouye, hawaii's senior senator, i wish him a


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