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tv   Secretary of State Nominee Mike Pompeo  CSPAN  April 9, 2018 6:21pm-7:04pm EDT

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c-span three, he will answer questions during a joint senate meeting. easternsday at 10 a.m. on c-span three, he will appear before the house committee. watch live coverage on c-span3 and online at listen live with the c-span radio app. on thursday, we will cover the senate confirmation hearing for secretary of eight mike serves aso currently cia director. he will testify before the senate foreign relations committee. live coverage thursday to get a at 10 a.m. eastern. today, interfaith and was leaders held a briefing on capitol hill to discuss mike pompeo's record. this is about 40 minutes. >> good morning. welcome to interfaith alliance briefing.
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jack maleen. today, we are presenting five different perspectives on mr. pompeo. some of the organizations here are 5013's the organizations. 501(c) may are not exercise their prerogative. you will hear from scott simpson , maia berry, and catherine or sport, the director of shoulder to shoulder campaign. when they get appear, i will begin. is dedicatedliance to protecting fate and freedom. we take as our mission championing true religious freedom.
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especially individual rights, and unitinglicies diverse voices to challenge extremism and build common ground here in the united states. we are concerned with the domestic agenda, but the integrity of the united states policy depends on united dates domestic policy. it is especially when we seek to uphold and protect and defend the constitution, necessary that we keep a concerned vocus on those who take that oath. case, thely, in our rights of the first amendment. to that end, interfaith alliance has questions that we would like to see asked of mr. pompeo in his confirmation hearing as he -- ford for this radical this critical position.
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so many issues speak to the role of muslims and islam, that we to offeras critical this briefing. some will be a look for advocates. and from the allies perspective at shoulder to shoulder. you will hear concerns about these questions we hope will be posed and pressed with mr. pompeo. these are the five questions we would put forward. first of all, are you biased against muslims? countries,ajority mr. pompeo and his attitude and convictions about their leaders are of critical importance. questions tos
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answer about his public statements about islam, its role in our society, and its role in the world. second question, do you support act for america and the center for security policy? both of these anti-muslim organizations have honored mr. pompeo and have claimed him as an ally. both promote the notion that islamic law is the inherent enemy of the constitution. i will give you a quick story at the end of my remarks. theer three, do you believe productions of law apply equally to muslims and members of the ltb keith you -- lgbtq community. individual citizens and states claim religious exemptions from observing them and protecting the rights of others. number four, are you personally
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opposed to promoting diversity at the state department? we pose that question because during mr. pompeo's tenure at the cia, he rolled back guidelines that has initiated by his predecessor to increase diversity. that, coupled with his high rating from numbers usa may be an indication of biased toward people who are unlike himself. by the way, i would point out that numbers usa gave him a b plus rating and noted that mr. pompeo was a native born citizens of -- nativeborn citizen, unlike secretary kissinger or albright. unlike secretary kerry, he did not eat any languages other than english, and that he is neither a person of color or minority. that should give you an indication of numbers usa. commented ons not his endorsement. the fifth question, should the
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united states to avoid war? that is an essential question for the chief geomet. a war against a muslim country has multiple repercussions for life there and here, for our economy and their economies, and for the ethnicities and religions that are representative income to -- represented in countries abroad and at home. he should be able to answer these questions, but first they must he asked. include -- too conclude by sharing a brief story. frank gaffney is the head of the center for security policy. he spoke a year ago at the invitation of a citizens group i attended. community and the muslim society, including a woman, a mother in the community, and activist in the community who wears a hijab.
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after hearing mr. gaffney talk about his belief that sharia law is a threat to the united states , she raised her hand and asked him the question, are you telling me that because i pray five times a day i am your enemy? mr. gaffney looked her straight in the eye and said, i can tell you whether you are my enemy, i can tell you that i am yours. introduce the next speaker, scott. thank you. andk you, rabbi moline, thank you to my colleagues. as rabbi moline said, mining is got simpson. -- my name is scott simpson. we are working on the frontlines
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of civil rights to guarantee read him and justice to americans of all fates. a civil rights group that works exclusively on domestic issues, we have never in our 13 year history weighed in for a secretary of state nomination. but that changed the moment there was a whisper that mike pompeo was up for the job. we decided to oppose his nomination before it was finalized. if confirmed, he would be the most openly and vocally, an we have a fact sheet available here on the table that outlines many of these issues. it is downloadable from our website at his bigotry stretches back to beginning of his public life when he ran for congress in 2010. his opponent was an american
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born and raised in cleveland, ohio just like me. he was a member of the campus -- kansas statehouse and was of hid onto that last fact and decided to campaign essentially on being anti-immigrant. they had released and promoted materials that called his opponent "just another turbine opper."-- turban t billboardsirds -- started to pop up. things like "true americans will vote for pompeo." to condemn the billboards and refused to fire the aide that promoted those materials. once elected, the bigotry did not stop. he even gave a speech calling
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american muslims complicit in the boston marathon bombing. this bigotry is literally award-winning. there is a group called act for america, the largest anti-muslim hate group in america. -- lastadan, they ramadan, they hosted anti-muslim marchers in cities across the country. in 2016, the eagle the recipientwas of the highest honor of the anti-muslim hate groups in the country and they have continued to fund raise. they sent a recent mailer out to their membership talking about how close they were to pompeo. it is not just american muslims he attacked, he essentially stood against every step forward on lgbtq a quality, opposing marriage, military service, and parenting. he has gotten glowing ratings for anti-immigrant hate groups and voted against the violence
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against women act. all of these statements will have major domestic implications confirmed.s the secretary of state has the massive and very opec role in limiting parts of the muslim band and who can and cannot enter the country. the afghan girls robotic teams was visas to come to the united states to compete. thee were denied because state department has a very wide birth to decide who can come into the united states. most people who are wrongly denied get no notice as to why remedy too judicial fix the problem. this is a man who would be in control of that apparatus and whether countless americans can see their loved ones who live abroad or seek an education,
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job, or medical treatment in the united states. that is frightening. this is a man clearly unfit for the job and a man who cannot helm an agency that plays such a major role in the lives of americans. thank you. good morning, everyone. i would like to say thank you to senator kaine's office for hosting this morning and for ne for inviting us in this important conversation. i am the director of policy and advocacy at the muslim public affairs council. to improve public understanding and policies that impact american muslims by engaging government, media, and communities. our ultimate goal is that america is enriched by the
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contributions of american muslims. we are deeply concerned with the nomination of mike pompeo secretary of state. as we have all heard, i think just a sliver of the really problematic and concerning history that pompeo has with anti-muslim groups and anti-lgbtq groups, he does indeed have this long history of cavorting with anti-muslim bigots, homophobes, and conspiracy theorists. his record shows he cannot and will not be a credible representative for our country and the international community. his anti-muslim views are well documented and dates back to his time as a congressman from kansas where he regularly supported and did the bidding of the southern poverty loss center identified hate group act for america, which we just heard. this may seem like an innocuous
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not a relationship that we should be concerned with, but policy wise,'s pompeo's has voiced support for one of act for america's top priorities and the is the designation of muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization. rex tillerson repeatedly pushed back against this proposal and was joined by a majority of policymakers and the very same intelligence agency that pompeo himself was appointed to lead. the fear mongering around the muslim brotherhood is based on outright lies and has been thoroughly debunked. mere facts have not stopped the industry from trying to link every muslim institution and leader in a vast web of imagined conspiracy. of their end goal is clear and pompeo asrward, nudge the new secretary of state to
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follow through on his own desire to enact the terrorist designation and launch a broadside attack on american muslim civil society as a whole. let me be clear, such an outcome would be absolutely disastrous and rival mccarthy era tactics of the wholesale state-sponsored an entireof population here in america. how will pompeo work with and interact with ambassadors of other nations, including the approximately 50 majority muslim countries if his prejudice and bigotry supersedes his policies here at home? he will have to engage to commence from countries really other than norway. we are dealing with the entire international community. overall, there are serious consequences to placing an individual was known anti-muslim animus -- interface and andrcultural -- inter-faith intercultural diplomatic relationships are meant to
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thrive. american foreign-policy is not an outlet to -- it is not a space to mainstream the falsehoods of the nationalist conspiracy theorists in which pompeo aligns himself. leading the state department is becoming increasingly important as global threats arrive. mike pompeo is reckless, reactionary, and prone to ignoring facts much like he did when he was on the house for -- house floor and when he represented his district from kansas. he will undermine our diplomatic integrity. we hope they firmly reject the further devolution by opposing his nomination. >> good morning. thank you, houda.
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thesociate myself with comments of my colleagues in terms of the gratitude. i wanted to start by suggesting former cia director pompeo at his word. by that, i mean when someone tells you by both word and practice where they are on a set of issues, we should listen. i say that as someone here on the hill, very aware of the fact that we will be seeing the confirmation hearing for cia director pompeo this week. berry. is maya the fact that we would be up here in gauging in this process is what we do day today. , littleon january 23 over a year ago the senate voted confirm mike pompeo
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as cia director. generally, a partisan vote, senator rand paul voted against, there were 14 democrats who joined in support. at his confirmation hearing, then congressman pompeo was asked about the cia's use of torture. his answer was unequivocal at the hearing. absolutely not. he said he would comply with the couldn't "imagine he would be asked by the president-elect or then president to have the cia torture someone." that is what he said at the confirmation hearing. response, days later, he offered the following. "i will consult with the experts at the agency and other organizations in the u.s. government on whether the army field manual is an impediment to gathering the vital intelligence to protect the country or whether any rewrite of the army field manual is needed." within days of what he told the senators at his confirmation hearing, we were having a pivot. i would love to share with you,
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-- comments he made at that hearing with regard to his anti-muslim bigotry, but i am afraid it was not raised adequately at that confirmation hearing. it was framed in the context of, do you worry about the positions you have held in terms of your ability to engage in counterterrorism policy abroad because you don't want to alienate american muslim communities or muslims who could be our allies in counterterrorism war? that is what we have. previous statements, as my colleagues have noted, he used the fight against terrorism as a religious one, not a political or geopolitical one. i will not take want to offer, but his quotes are readily available. -- be complicit in the act of terrorism saying, "every muslim
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leader must unequivocally proclaim that terror committed in the name of islam violates the court tenets of the prophet muhammad and must do so repeatedly." so we are guilty unless we condemn things we have no association with. i think most people would find that illogical and highly problematic. his research -- research often cited by the groups talked about today. fromxample with the story frank gaffney is illustrative of that career. his association with brigitte gabriel goes to an award he probably received. because we are not having the conversation about the american muslim community, i would add his call for massive expanding of surveillance programs and databases as well as his call for stripping all privacy protections foreigners early have while in the u.s. and abroad is an issue of concern. the beginning of a
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campaign in 2010 where a congressman felt he did not need to distance himself from billboards that said "vote american." a retweet from his official twitter account that said this is a good read. we have a confirmation hearing where the congressman was inclined to say exactly what he needed to say at the time he needed to say it. we have an administration. he will serve under a present that promised a muslim ban and implemented a muslim ban. first dayn bolton's as national security adviser. we all know the record john bolton holds. we can talk about sessions, stephen miller, this is not an anomaly in terms of this administration. the views that congressman pompeo brings to the table on these issues seems to be part and parcel the requirement for service in the trump administration and one we all have to be worried about. i would argue we had to be worried when he was serving as
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cia director pot -- director, but certainly as secretary of state. pompeo either explicitly endorses the views of the people we have laid out today, or he sensitivement to the task of conducting international diplomacy at the highest level. either one is problematic and does not warrant the highest level of diplomacy in the united states. if confirmed as the next secretary of state, he would infuse foreign policy with his view that muslims are a monolith against which americans must fight. this is inconsistent with american values and will compromise our nation possibility to conduct effective the plum is majority countries around the world and international leaders of conscious who support religious liberty and i would argue further that it would impede our ability as an american constituent, to receive adequate representation from our government again.
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thank you. >> thank you very much for organizing this important briefing. direct the shoulder to shoulder campaign, a coalition of 35 religious organizations that stand collectively against anti-muslim bigotry. our membership includes the united states conference of catholic ships, american baptist churches, the interfaith alliance, the presbyterian church usa, the islamic society of north america just to name a few. the religious groups that came together to form this campaign are diverse in beliefs and political persuasion. we stand together on the notion that this country must continue to better its commitment to religious freedom and respect. all of us rely on this common commitment and thus we stand
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together to uphold american ideals, particularly in the case of anti-rising -- rising anti-muslim bigotry. we want to bring forth questions that must be addressed when considering the confirmation of mike pompeo as secretary of state. it is critical our public officials a firm americans of all religions and beliefs and uphold values of religious freedom and equality. facetary of state is the of america to the nations of the world. the person occupying this office should uphold our national bot -- values and ideals. discriminatory comments against muslims, calling into question the patriotism -- additionally, he has voluntarily connected himself to hate groups, including accepting an for america, and anti-muslim hate group according
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to numerous sources, including the anti-defamation league. to fringetform organizations and individuals that have been designated as anti-muslim extremist groups is not in keeping with the role of secretary of state. on the global front, we know anti-muslim rhetoric and actions in the united's eighth compromise our image and our ability to promote the values of ,uman rights, human dignity religious freedom abroad. i have spent time speaking with muslim groups abroad. this is an influential global muslim organization leading ideological push back against fringe groups claiming to represent islam while advocating for the rights of latest minorities -- religious majorities. -- need to be able to trust the secretary of state to not to scream and based on religious eight affiliation. we are most effective in promoting american ideals abroad when we uphold them at home and
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when those representing our nation embody these ideals. in sum an american official must , uphold american values, including guaranteeing religious freedom for all to represent our nation to the world. it is not only the moral thing to do, but it is better for our citizens and national image and it's the only way we will see a safer and more prosperous world. we urge senators to take all of this into account when considering might pompeo or -- for secretary of state. thank you. >> my thanks to all of our speakers. we have a few minutes for questions. if there are those of you who would like to ask them. up at the backet of the room. upwould ask you to step there so we can capture you on what we are doing. >> i just want to make a comment. mikemaya was talking --
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pompeo saying every muslim must condemn every act. continues to insist that. she has done a great job of brainwashing mike pompeo. we need to un-wash him. reuters.ith i was wondering if you could talk about what you are doing in terms of meetings on the hill and what kind of reception you are having in raising this point with senators. i could start by noting the coalition that has come together on the cia director pompeo's confirmation hearing is actually very important during this time. it has brought together groups like ourselves who are advocating for civil rights. civilare concerns of libertarians and the war cabinet frame that i think has been a really important part of this as
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well. when folks have gone up to talk the senators both on confirmation hearing process as well as broader, there is an understanding that this is a candidate where if you approved him for cia because you believed the assurances he was providing meant he could serve, that you have to take a second look based on what has happened in the last year and based on the role of the secretary of state and diploma saving meet -- diplomacy they need to play versus the role of cia director. i think members understand those concerns. i cannot speak specifically where they will end up and don't information. -- the coalition that has come to raise these concerns is brought and important and represents a broad collection of ideas. >> anybody else? thatwould also just note -- maya brought this up, we
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have to look at the totality of the environment we are in and the agenda we see this particular administration cooking -- pushing. as a broad, diverse coalition has come together, it is important to know and highlight that pompeo is not an anomaly. he is part of a broader effort to push a certain agenda and folks like pompeo who cavort ,ith these anti-muslim bigots anti-lgbtq advocates, xina folks -- xenophobes are the ones who are being rewarded by being nominated into these leadership positions. >> the interfaith alliance will release this week the five questions i mentioned up here and ask our membership across 50 states to contact their own representatives to make sure those questions are asked and
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satisfactorily answered. >> i want to make clear and put a finer point on some important notes of my colleagues. senators will not get a free pass on this particular nomination. this individual has proven to be and this is happening at a time where even if you voted for him for cia director, this is a different set of issues and a different time and we will play -- pay close attention to it. the coalition behind it is very broad and moderate and liberal. >> do we have other questions? ask, if you don't mind, catherine, what is the essential question about director pompeo that you would want to see asked by the committee evaluating his nomination >?
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>> thank you. really the essential question i would like to see and i believe our coalition would like to see asked is whether he himself is committed to american ideals of religious freedom and equality and whether he can adequately represent those in his diplomacy abroad. i think that is what we have to know in order to know whether he can effectively represent our country as well as be an effective diplomat in the world. >> thank you. maya, if i may ask. aseone who is on the record opposing the presence of islam in our society -- can they be a constructive force among arab nations in negotiating on behalf in a way united states that some people suggested that only richard nixon could make peace with china? my answer is no.
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i appreciate the way you framed it, actually. i think that is the right way to have this discussion. an individual who has talked one point 8ce of -- billion people on this planet as he has, i think would have some major issues looking at a colleague from the muslim majority country, looking at a foreign millis are -- foreign minister dealing with any foreign minister from the arab league. i would suggest he would have a problem working with anyone from the european union because i actually think we are at a point where what used to be this sort infusing way in which people talked about things has been demonstrated since the 2016 campaign to be very specific in its policies. we know what anti-muslim and anti-arab bigotry look like because we are attending to see those -- we are seeing those
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implemented. i think, frankly whether it is arab or muslim majority countries, i think all people, including officials at the united nations are going to view this candidate as our secretary of state as suspect because of the positions he has articulated. i think it will absolutely determine our ability to be -- deter our ability to be effective leaders in the world. >>hoda, , we know mr. pompeo has been sort of a darling of actual america and the center for -- darling of act for america. people --other another cohort in which his company is notable that you might be able to mention for us? say that frank
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--andy's group center for brigitte gabriel's act for america are two of the most effective lobbying and advocacy organizations that have a very clear anti-muslim agenda. there are certainly local organizations that sort of branch off from those two, they use their talking points, they use their strategies and tactics. having mike pompeo as a darling of these organizations is incredibly problematic and concerning because he is not theseavorting with organizations and using their talking points and using those to formulate policy. he is also effectively legitimizing and lending credibility to those organizations as prior an elected member of congress and
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now cia director and hopefully not, but as he would lead the state department. may, there are some advocates that have been active in challenging the muslim bands. you mentioned mr. pompeo's support of some of these notions. would a secretary of state with his record potential he be the target -- potentially be the target of legal action on the part of organizations like muslim advocates? many allies of hours have been actively litigating the muslim ban from the moment -- almost the very moment it was announced. we will continue to do that because the muslim ban is discriminatory on its face no matter who is implementing it. some examples i discussed earlier today, the afghan robotics girls team, the irani and man with cancer seeking treatment, these are one of thousands of stories out there, many of which will never get
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told because the state department has very broad flexibility to interpret the law to decide who can enter the country and who cannot. many of these visa applications -- there are lots of steps along the way. if you happen to be an american whose grandmother lives in syria dr iran or any number of banne countries, there's a lot of steps along the way that can be entered being -- intervened at any point in the time from submitting the application to processing to an interview and the traveling and arriving. we are deeply concerned because and process is so opaque behind-the-scenes. for folks that get visas denied, there is not a traditional remedy for that. >> i will offer one more opportunity for questions if you would not mind stepping to the mic, please buried >> i am with -- mic, please.
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>> if pompeo is confirmed, knowing his track record, i assume he will bring that into the position. do you have any action plan to fight back against his bigotry? it is a good question, which goes to the heart of the powers of the executive branch and the cabinet are. we have the same remedies we have for anyone else we might have questions about in the way they approach public policy in the united states. advocacy, first of all, and questions to be raised constantly in public, and ultimately, the american people have referendum on the administration and all of its actors every two years and every four years. >> i would add the importance of congressional oversight.
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ideally we have a confirmation process and a full vote that will prevent this from taking place because i think, frankly, a thorough hearing would arrive at very much the same positions we are articulating today of the director's record. in addition to that, we have the ability to ask members of congress to maintain the congressional oversight necessary, particularly with mike pompeo. the very practices scott just noted are being implemented by officials of state and the ability to make decisions that can negatively impact a group you have harbored ill feelings toward for a long time in a very public way is something i think would need to be thoroughly examined. >> thank you. i would like to conclude with a couple of remarks. i will begin by saying that we would rather not need to use this forum to raise questions about someone who has been nominated for cabinet position.
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the essential questions we have been asking here, regardless of party or policy, they would be questions that would be asked of any nominee to any cabinet position that had an impact on the life and well-being of u.s. citizens and their interests at home and abroad. without meaningful access to the thinkstration, which i his representation we would all agree with, our necessary for him as a religious and cultural minority in this country is the public forum. that is why we are here in support of each other. each of us stands as a matter of faith and a matter of principle under the constitution with each other for the full guarantee of human rights and constitutionally guaranteed rights and willing to come together to stand to borrow a phrase "shoulder to shoulder"
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when those rights are compromised or threatened. i think my fellow panelists for being here today and think those of you in attendance. -- thank those of you in attendance. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018]-- >> tonight on landmark cases, versus united states. a book he was tape recorded by the fbi while transmitting illegal bets from a telephone booth on sunset boulevard in los angeles. the decision in the case ultimately expanded americans thets to privacy under fourth amendment and forever changed the way law enforcement officers conduct their investigations. our guests to discuss this case -- jaffer, rosen and
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founder of the national security institute and director of the national security law and policy program. watch landmark cases tonight and join the conversation. hashtag is #landmarkcases. a link to the national institution center's interactive constitution and the landmark cases podcast. >> this week, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg testify before senate and house committees on facebook's handling of user information and data privacy tuesday at 2:15 p.m. on c-span 3, he will answer questions. then on wednesday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 3, he will
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appear before the house energy and commerce committee. watch live coverage on c-span 3 and online at you can listen live with the free c-span radio app. now a conversation on u.s. north korea relations with former mike chief of staff chair mullen, including what a meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un might entail and what actionable goals each side to bring to the negotiation table hosted by the council on foreign relations. this is about an hour. >> good afternoon. i would like to welcome you to on policy lectureship international security. the title of the session is u.s.-north korea relations, any progress on nonproliferation efforts. today is a special event because the -- today we decided instead of a single lecturer, we would have this upstanding


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