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tv   Student Cam - Second Prize Middle School  CSPAN  April 9, 2018 10:47pm-10:57pm EDT

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we've done a fantastic job. isis.e beaten we have just about 100% of the caliphate or the land. our economy is incredible. the stock architect of a lot today as soon as they heard the noise of this nonsense going on. it dropped a lot. it was up. we have. then it dropped quite a bit at the end. a lot. thatwe have to go through and have that hanging over us. from the very, very getting. the other side, they do not even bother looking. and the other side is where there are clients -- crimes. all over the place. are knocked out, acid-washed, and deleted. 30,000 emails deleted after getting a subpoena from congress and nobody bothers looking at
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that. other things. i think it is a disgrace that a thing like this can happen. , wehis month on c-span feature our studentcam concert -- contest winner. we asked students to choose a provision of the u.s. constitution and illustrate why it is important to them. our second prize winner as an eighth grader at patrick henry miller school in sioux falls, south the coda. in his winning entry, he told us about the first amendment. take a look. ♪ ♪
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>> over the past few years, the first amendment [indiscernible] -- these days it is online locally and globally. in the decades leading up to the -- now, a big pitch for the freedom of the press is
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his defendant] -- said during the trial it is not -- freedom ofble] the press was assured by the first amendment. unfortunately, this edition act took free speech away and many people were incarcerated. -- mid to, and 1801 late 19th century more and lunch will on the big issues of the day. especially on the fugitive slave act and more. when television can a lot more and more intocans started getting
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tv shows for news rather than newspapers. internet is here, and news is more accessible. with an average of 500 man tweets each day, breaking news is everywhere. i decided to take my question to local news station. ♪ ♪ >> how does the media affect washington? well, the media effects washington and a perfect sense by taking the views and concerns of people here at home to the leaders that are working at the nation's capital. we take our jobs as journalists very seriously because we want ofcommunicate just the facts
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the story. and this political climate, that can sometimes be a little is her said than done because people of their own facts that might not be the facts and that it is incumbent on june the list to ask the questions, to press people on all sides of the aisle, as i say. nobody gets a pass. ♪ >> this question is, how does the media affect washington. a gravely important
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role. it is part of the transparency, the accountability that comes with our elected officials. i think now not only with traditional forms of media but with all of the different platforms and social media that is out there today, it is the intensity at would say of the media around the work we do in washington that has only increased with time. >> another piece of the puzzle is social media. twitter, facebook, other online elements have become key points in the conversation. over the past year, the headline is "fake news." dear towards companies like new york times, msnbc. i can we stop this growing epidemic? and is this really the case? ask from a journalistic viewpoint it is incumbent upon us to do our jobs with the bias. >> i think when a story is not at all accurate, that is fake.
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>> that is the challenge you face when there's such a proliferation of media information. there's somebody different sources out there. >> there is a sense of striving there. the truce -- truth can be elusive. >> we're all working on this project. absolutely. then it more implicated seems. [indiscernible] -- both sides need to strive for the fact will stop the outcome affects all of us. i live in the most populated city in the world state of south dakota. city, it every other is something that impacts my community, my state, my region, and me. i watch the news as much as i
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can. it is important that people are able to speak their minds on all of the issues we seek as a nation. -- whetherble] republican or an dependent, senators, doctors -- anything else, we can all have the opportunity to have our say. announcer: to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries and assures studentcam competition, visit ♪ >> estate environmental leaders testify tuesday about the impact of the 1970 cleaner act. we will have live coverage from the senate environment and public works committee starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3. secretary of state nominee mike pompeo who currently serves as ca director, testified at his
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confirmation hearing your state. that is live from the senate foreign relations committee at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3. you can also follow at and with the free c-span radio. the united nation's security council held an emergency thatng on the terror act killed many people and injured many more. we will hear from u.s. ambassador to the u.s. nikki haley along with russia's ambassador to the u.n. [indiscernible] conversation --


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