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tv   Student Cam - Second Prize High School  CSPAN  April 12, 2018 5:44am-5:55am EDT

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students or teachers should have to go and be concerned about their safety. number two, i think we need to get money out of politics. citizens united. congressmen and women are beholden to corporate interests, and it needs to be to the people themselves. they need to be working for us, the people. >> my name is miranda. my important issue to meet is education. schools need to be funded probably -- funded properly because children are our future. if they are well-educated, we have a better future for all of us. announcer: voices from the states, part of c-span 50 capitals tour. ♪ announcer: this month on c-span, we feature our studentcam contest winners. schoolmiddle and high students to choose a provision of the u.s. constitution and illustrate why it is important to them. our second prize high school are 11th graders
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at ramsey high school in birmingham, alabama, where c-span is available for spectrum. in their winning entry titled "you matter," they tell us about the 15th amendment. take a look. question, you the who counted among "we the people" when our constitution was new, not necessarily many people. certainly i wouldn't. certainly not people who were held in human bondage. >> the 15th amendment is very important to our constitution because what it does is protect the right of every citizen to vote and to not be
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disenfranchised from voting, whether it be for sexual preference, race, gender, or even if you have a past conviction. -- it is aemocracy true democracy in our country to make sure that everyone has input, and that input comes by way of your vote. >> is that amendment did and did and exist, we would be in real trouble. it is possible we would not have had barack obama as president. --black citizens [indiscernible] you have to get votes to get elected. when they had a segment people -- a segment of people that couldn't vote, they played to the audience that could vote. i think we would be having serious marches and the upstate.t would be
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>> black suffrage was rejected in all of those states, sometimes by large margins. most northern whites clearly did lacks should be voting, even after the civil war. obviously slaves were not permitted to vote anywhere. if therely, i believe was no 15th amendment there would be a supremacy attitude in this country. i see that as revolving. -evolving.-- re there is a hateful spirit trying to capture our country and take us back to where we were. >> is an of the 15th amendment grants people from different backgrounds the right to vote on whether they vote or not depends
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on who is running. the black voter turnout rate declined for the first time in 20 years in presidential -- fallingollowing to 59.6%. -- latino voter turnout rate about 24% of the u.s. population of eligible voters were not 4.gistered to vote in 201 we are in the voting business here and register folks to vote. we want every eligible voter to cast their vote on election day. that doesn't happen.
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if you don't go vote, your views are not going to be in the hands of those representing the public. there's a terrible consequence to not voting. the power of the votes can't be said enough. [inaudible] boomer votes more fhan generation -- i generation boomer votes more y, the lawtion x or
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will move towards people that are actually voting. -- more we vote [inaudible] >> my basic adage is if you don't vote, then you shouldn't complain. people have to be taught. becausee don't vote
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they forget how hard it was for people to get the right to vote. we focus so much on science and technology and math, as we should, but we have kind of gone away with teaching history and realizing our votes do matter. our votes do change things. the election in alabama is proof of that, that every single vote matters. >> [indiscernible] >> it takes one who has a love for people to serve in government in order to reinvigorate, energized the base to say, your vote matters. your vote is your voice. you have no voice if you don't have a vote.
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>> would create all these hoops for people not to vote that we create all these hoops for people not to vote -- we create all these hoops for people not to vote. we create these laws were a lot don't vote.oups announcer: to watch all the prize-winning documentaries in this year's studentcam competition, visit ♪ here are some of the live events we are covering thursday on c-span at 10:00 a.m. covering thursday.
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on c-span at 10 a clock a.m., the u.s. house debates a balanced budget amendment. , the senate debates the nominee for the labor secretary. 10:15, discussing nominee for secretary of state mike pompeo. announcer: ronald reagan made his debut as a presidential candidate, foreshadowing the conservative revolution to come. our guests are robert mary, editor of "the american conservative" and author of "where they stand," and author
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." "the right moment "1968: america in turmoil" at 8:30 a.m. eastern on and ongton journal" "american history tv" on c-span3. announcer: c-span, were history unfolds daily. as a79, c-span was created public service by america's cable television companies, and today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme eventsand public policy in washington, d.c. and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. announcer: house speaker paul ryan announced he will not seek reelection


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