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tv   Student Cam - Second Prize Middle School  CSPAN  April 13, 2018 6:50am-7:00am EDT

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paolucci book award. tvurday at 4:55 p.m. on book about the late thurgood marshall and sunday at 4:00 p.m., to cbs face the are 1968 withs republican california governor ronald reagan and former alabama governor george wallace. watch this weekend on the c-span networks. >> this month on c-span, we feature our studentcam contest winners. we asked middle and high school students to choose the provisions the u.s. constitution and illustrate why it's important to them. our second prize winners are at eastern middle school in silver spring, maryland where
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c-span is available through comcast. entry, they tell us about article four, section three. >> this is part of the constitution because they thought it was relevant now because there is a debate currently going on in d.c. >> i was sort of surprised in the process. we were able to get an interview with congresswoman ellen or holmes norton. i would've never in a million years thought i would be interviewing a congresswoman for a school documentary. it was so cool. ♪ >> defining statehood in america has for a long time been a confusing part of the constitution. the founding fathers were vague
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when giving specifications on this topic. article four, section three of the constitution states the congress shall have power to dispose of and make on the full rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the united states. there are many conflicting opinions and perspectives on the issue of whether washington, d.c. should be made a state or a territory. >> this proposal is a nonstarter, we will become the 51st state. constitutional scholar at the cato institute is dedicated to dedicate -- getting individual liberty and limited government. get clear forestall -- first of all what the current proposal is for d.c. statehood. in 2013, a bill was introduced in congress that would authorize reduce the seat of
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government to a tiny enclave around the national mall including the white house and the supreme court and several other federal buildings and may be residential buildings and then turn the rest of the district of columbia into the 51st state. on the constitutional side, the district of columbia was created through the congressional act pursuant to constitutional authority given to congress in article one, section eight, clause 17. it authorized congress to create a district no more than 10 miles square to be the seat of the national government. a result ofs as these unclear specifications, statehood, especially involving the district of columbia, to only be accomplished in a
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certain constitutional way. make thisare going to change, it's got to be done by constitutional amendment. the proponents of this bill think it can be done by statute because the framers wrote that no moreo beat no -- than 10 miles square. therefore, they say, it could be less and you could reduce it to a tiny enclave. >> although he believes it's possible for d.c. to become the 51st state, he thinks it will be very challenging because of the various constitutional, political, and practical reasons. strauss believes d.c. statehood to be a significant injustice in the united states that can be addressed. >> the constitution actually does not prevent d.c. from becoming a state. it's a misconception. what the constitution says is there has to be a seat of government not to exceed 10 miles square which is an old time he way of saying 100 square
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miles. governmente national shall have exclusive jurisdiction over that federal district. is it sets a maximum size for the federal district but not a minimum size. is theory of d.c. statehood to take the seat of government, take our national and federal it in a actually make way the framers intended. >> although the perspective as a constitutional scholar leans against d.c. statehood, paul strauss says most of the constitutional scholars he knows deemed this and essential controversy that can and should be accomplished through the constitution. apart from the constitutional aspect, strauss says the lack of d.c. statehood is currently unfair for many reasons. >> here's what makes us eligible to be a state. we have more people than several other states. they are american citizens,
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follow the laws, contribute to the country, they serve in the military, they do all the things that citizens are supposed to do and they don't have the rights of citizens. no other place that has a capital whether it's a large city or not denies democratic rights to the people who live there. we are the only country that does that and that's wrong, it's unfair, it's bad for d.c. and it's bad for america. >> a big part of the struggle has restricted d.c. from becoming a state and its political. >> when folks get right down to tendsey admit that d.c. to be very democratic and they tend to support the republican party they don't want to see more democrats voted him. >> people such as congresswoman elinor holmes norton been fighting for d.c. statehood for decades. >> we are home to our most powerful institutions yet we have been denied our power as american citizens, the power we
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seek is ordinary, not awesome, it's the democratic power of equal citizenship. >most people when told that the district pays taxes the way they do agree that we should have rights equal to them. about d.c.g the word statehood is important in order for any efforts or changes to be made. >> we cannot get statehood unless people from other states tell their senators and representatives to sign onto the bill for d.c. statehood and that's the most important thing they can do now. >> shadow senators paul strauss has followed through internationally. >> i just got back from rome where i talked about d.c. statehood in an international conference with people from tibet and senator from italy and
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france talking about the state of human rights around the world. >> as students from maryland, washington, d.c. is a big part of our life and community we think denying tc citizens of their full rights is unfair and unjust. although, as the controversy over d.c. statehood has been an everlasting issue, we believe the only way changes will be made concerning d.c. statehood is if we educate others and spread the word. >> if we get enough cosponsors and there is enough momentum around the representation, we will become the 51st state. >> to watch all the prize-winning documentaries in this years studentcam -- studentcam competition visit , here is a look at what's coming up live friday. the houses in at 9:00 a.m. eastern and will work on a banking bill that makes changes to the volcker rule by exempting institutions.ial
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we will have that on c-span. on c-span2, military officials will appear to discuss personnel readiness and the 2019 budget request.on c-span3, fema administration rock law will be on capitol hill to give an update on his agency's budget and planning for natural disasters in the coming year. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. today, we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme and public policy events in washington, d.c. and around .he country c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> coming up on washington journal, democratic congresswoman barbara lee


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