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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Barbara Lee  CSPAN  April 13, 2018 2:38pm-3:01pm EDT

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and justice kagan and sunday at 4:00 p.m. on real america, two cbs "face the nation" programs with republican governor ronald reagan and george wallace. watch this weekend on the c-span networks. >> former f.b.i. director james comey has a book coming out tuesday. president trump tweeting -- >> we will be hearing from the
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white house during the daily briefing that set to begin at 2:45. when it does get under way, we will have it live. a look at this morning's washington journal and congressional reaction to recent events in syria. new u.s. military strike there? guest: what is very important for us to realize in our own country is that congress has the authority and responsibility to authorize the use of force. that is based on our constitution. we need to have an international inspection regime go in, which i think there are now inspectors
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-- to determine the validity of -- we know, we believe who conducted these horrific attacks, but one country verifying versus the international community coming together, i think, is the distinction we need to make. because here, united states, we have been waging war in many, many countries using that 2001 authorization, and it is time to repeal that on require congress to debate and vote on another one. host: how did you feel about that strike last year by president trump -- 50-some cruise missiles hitting an airbase in syria? guest: i think those who promote military action and military strikes see what takes place. if you don't have a plan and overall strategy -- the use of force, what does it mean? here we are, one year later, with the unfortunate circumstance of so many people getting killed once again by,
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who i consider, assad, a war criminal. what does that accomplish? had we had a diplomatic initiative, had we had an international strategy -- had we been part of a group of countries to come together to really talk about it long-term war, thend the civil i think we would be in a better place today, but we did not do that. host: what do you think a president can do on his own? thethat strike something president was, under his own powers, able to do on his own, or should that strike have gone to congress? guest: that should have gone to congress -- the president only has the ability to use force in the case of an imminent attack. host: define that. guest: an imminent attack -- the president can use for international law and our constitution, but the use of
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force, even with regard to afghanistan and iraq, i voted against those resolutions because they were overly broad. the afghanistan revolution, for example -- resolution, for example, was 60 words. it is being used in yemen, libya, somalia -- all over the world -- 41 times according to the congressional research service. those are not imminent attacks. that is the legal basis that not only this president, but president bush, president obama used to use force, and i think it sets the stage for perpetual war. host: a headline from last year --"16 years ago barbara lee's warning against the amf was ignored. nevertheless she persisted." take us back to that vote and who joined you? host: ice guest: i serve on the appropriation committee. i offered an amendment that would repeal the 2001 resolution, the one that has been used as the legal basis for
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using force and engaging in these wars around the world, and i did -- built republican and democratic support to repeal it. what that resolution would have done is not only repeal it, but during the period of eight months -- we had eight months while this resolution -- this was still in place, the authorization -- come up with a new resolution to use force if, in fact, the congress decided to do that. that was passed on a bipartisan vote in the appropriations committee. host: when was that? year. that was last what happened was between the appropriations committee and the rules committee -- somehow, and i think that bill was 326 pages long -- somehow in the middle of the night that was disappeared. it was the only section. it is my belief, and i have talked to speaker ryan about this, it was arbitrarily,
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undemocratically taken out, probably at the direction of the white house and donald trump, and it never even got to what is considered the rules committee that gives us the parameters for the debate on the floor.
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>> and watch about the american citizens. we have fentanyl crossing our borders and crystal meth killing our citizens every day by foreign borne invaders and sanctuary cities and governor in california and attorney general in california are helping these iminal cartels pour millions more illegal aliens in our country. you guys should do your job for the american citizens and protect our jobs and our lives here in our country. ms. lee: no one supports criminal cartels coming into our country, all across the country and in my district and with communities of color, we get it
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and we have been victimized by that for many years. let me say to you that our whole state of california is a state that values immigrants and their contributions to our society. these are not criminals coming across the border, these are criminals seeking a better lives. of course we will go after the criminals and the drug dealers and the bad people who should not come to the country but this does not mean that we have to stop immigration. we need a comprehensive strategy to make sure we adhere to our values while at the same time ensuring that these criminal cartels and people that are dealing drugs and providing the opening for others to engage in criminal activity, that's an effort that our police and national security people should address. but we cannot stop imgation because that is not the majority
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of people who want to come to this country. host: the president in one of his tweets this morning talked about the border wall saying it started in san diego where the people were pushing hard to get it and will be protected. you are on the appropriations committee. some funding for a wall and border security in the latest negotiation, what was that to the tune of? how much was in the bill? ms. lee: the bill, which i didn't support, i think it was a little over a billion dollars. $1.8 billion. i support border security in a big way, but i don't support building walls. we need to look at technology and look at where we need enhanced security measures. but building a wall between us and the country of mexico does not make any sense and won't
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help. host: houston, texas is next, lirne for democrats. caller: good morning, how are you? i'm so proud of you all to have you as a democrat. you always stand up for the right. about these ng different criminals coming over and everything but need to look at our president of the united states. like russia and all that stuff. my husband was a vietnam veteran and with the border and everything like that, he wouldn't mind doing that. people coming over here with their babies, it's just not right. and building the wall and taking the money when we can take this
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money to help -- stop these drug dealers and stop the opioids coming over. nstead of building a wall. ms. lee: thank you very much. and thank your husband and yourself to our country and better spend our tax dollars by helping our veterans with their health care and access to jobs and economic security. we need to build affordable housing and strengthen our public education system and provide for infrastructure needs and create good-paying jobs and ink wages. and protecting our borders and enhancing our national security efforts. building a wall is a waste of money. host: there is a tweet barbara lee for president. ms. lee: barbara lee would not
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run for president. host: mike, line for independents. caller: first of all, thank you or an exemplary act of principle, conscious and i appreciate that. i would like to quote how george kin none a secretary of state in the wake of world war ii served us extremely well. he quoted his opposition to the vietnam war. america does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. well wisher of freedom and independence of all. she is a champion only of her own, which lays out three key principles. america's is not the world's policeman, number one. two, america is america's
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hining city on the hill. and finally, the american government protects rights only of the american people. may i have your comment, please? ms. lee: thank you very much for your gracious comments. i also think america is that shining light on the hill and because of that, we have the responsibility to lead and lead in a way that business our country and our world together. we are global leaders. we should set an example. we had three pillars of our foreign policy, development and diplomacy and defense. and i think we need to show that diplomacy and development really will help lift everyone out of poverty throughout the world, but also will help our own country in creating jobs and creating a better life for everyone. we have the responsibility
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because we are the wealthiest and the most powerful in the world to help or others because famine, poverty, hunger, the lack of education, the lack of clean water. we have so many issues that we need to address in our own country and throughout the world. and by working with other people, we can learn from them and they can learn from us. we need to take the lead and did have the lead under president obama in making sure that we were on a track to global peace and security. host: back to this discussion of authorizations of use of military. a tweet, representative lee, you forgot to mention obama and clinton misusing presidential power to attack libya. ms. lee: i was opposed to the use of force as it relates to force during president obama's administration. in fact, in many ways and i believe i talk about that here.
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but i did not support that. we organized around that. and we let the president know that we believed he should come to congress for an authorization if he was going to use force in libya. and libya is a mess. the american people deserve to know the costs and consequences of putting our young men and women in harm's way. they do everything we ask them to do. we honor our servicemen and women. they need to know that congress gets it and has their back and we should have debated and voted for that or not. host: take us 17 years ago over the debate of use of force after the 9/11 attacks. you voted against that authorization. were you the only vote gets it? ms. lee: it was a 60-word authorization resolution that was very broad. it did not specify afghanistan.
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it said the president is authorized to use force for those responsible for 9/11. i'm paraphrasing. and it was presented three days after the horrific attacks. i mean everyone was angry. i was. cousin, she aff, was a flight attendant on flight 93. i was in the capitol and had to evacuate. but the family and friends of those who were killed throughout the country, i tell you, it's still and we still mourn their loss. this was a time when members of congress were angry, did not know what had taken place but were determined to do. we have to step back as leaders and debate and understand what was going on, be rational about our response because people
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expect us to be rational. but three days later, you know, while people are in a state of mourning, when our country was in a state of mourning, that was not the time to debate the authorization of force. it was a rush to judgment and i said then that i thought it would spiral out of control and let us be more thoughtful about our response. host: dan here in d.c. republican. caller: thank you for taking my call. the previous caller who quoted hn quincy adams and the u.s. policies are vastly different than they are today certainly before world war ii happened and before the monroe doctrine and i'm not sure that is the appropriate use of that quote. getting to my question, the previous administration talked is t how the assad regime
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heinous criminal organization that gases their own people. from the international community standpoint, this is the multiple times he has used chemical weapons on his own people, which is a horrid and inconceivable to us here in the united states, just wanted to ask your guest how she feels about the previous administration and how much responsibility they have for her creating the situation? ms. lee: the previous administration i don't believe has responsibility for creating the situation today. i think the mistakes we made is that we did not have a comprehensive strategy nor did we have a plan. i think effectively engage with the international community as we're not doing now to come up with a solution. i say that assad is a war
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criminal and he should be held accountable before the international criminal court. that should be part of this. host: do you think we can engage with putin and russia in playing a key role with russia? ms. lee: we vetoed the resolution a couple of days, but we have to circle the wagons and go around russia. sarah: good afternoon. today i had the opportunity to visit the national safety council's opioid memorial on the ellipse. it's a moving experience. president trump and the first lady encourage you all to visit the memorial before it leaves washington, d.c. on april 18. today at the summit of americas ivanka trump, acting secretary of state announced two-time americ


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