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tv   Viewer Phones on U.S. Syria Strikes  CSPAN  April 14, 2018 1:01am-1:18am EDT

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you'll will be able to join the conversation on face book and twitter, live at 7 a.m. eastern here on c-span. fromcome at reaction viewers from earlier, after the president. we are going to move on. try for karen, columbus, ohio, independent. caller: thank you for accepting my call this evening. i want to tell you i was really impressed with president trump having the backbone to represent our country and we will be praying for our troops. we are so proud of him. we hope he will unite our country. we can all together and maybe see eye to eye a little bit. this is a wonderful thing he is doing and i am impressed with him. thank you for taking my call.
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host: echoing thoughts from jenkins of kentucky, as united states and our allies begin murderous assad's regime, we pray for the safety of our troops. marty on the line from savannah, georgia, republican. caller: thank you for having me on. host: you bet. caller: i want to say what a difficult job our president and leaders have making this kind of decision. it cannot be an easy task to take a call for a judgment task in other countries. i was crying tonight watching the news, watching syrians being viciously attacked, babies attacked. i was praying for the country. this verse was brought to mind where that it says, the one authority is god's servant for your good. but if you do wrong, be afraid.
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rulers do not air the sword for no region -- no reason. they bring wrath on the wrongdoer. i think god the vengeance is his, not mine, and that i am part of a country that stays against evil. -- a housecountry divided cannot stand. we need to support them, pray for them and stand united. host: thank you for sharing your thoughts. from st. paul, minnesota, mike on the independent line. caller: thanks for letting me on the air. they should really drop the bomb on assad, take that guy out. that would go a lot further than what they did tonight. caller: newport, kentucky. jim on the line for democrats. thank you for letting me call in. i am 100% behind our president.
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he is doing a fantastic job. how everyoneenced talks about him. the majority of the people i have heard on the television are behind him. nation and the president. the ladyay it enough, from arizona is 100% correct, the earlier caller. everyone needs to get on their knees and pray. like you said, the president is doing a wonderful job, and i am behind him 100%. host: thanks, jim. a tweet from senator hatch, utah on the syria retaliation. the response with partners and dissipation reflects the president's commitment to restoring america's leadership in bringing assad and his backers to justice. one from thomas in kentucky,
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congressman, i have not read of france or britain's constitution, but i have read hours. nowhere in it is presidential authority to strike syria. what are your thoughts? we have sharon on the line from oregon, republican. caller: thank you for taking my call. i wanted to say, i am 100% behind our president, and glad our nation is coming together on this. it is a crying shame what is happening over in syria. france andhat britain have come together with us as allies to strike against assad. cannotows the world you [indiscernible] especially your own people, and consequences, that the world is not going to look at.
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i keep them in my prayers. our nation has finally come together a little bit. i am glad we are helping out in an area where it is needed. host: sharon, thanks for your call from oregon. glen allen, virginia, color on the line for independents. alicia, thank you. caller: hi. i definitely do not agree with what he is doing. bombing his own people, but i feel it is none of our business to go in and intervene. there was a massive war, i think a lot of people could get hurt. i think everybody should just come together, instead of trying to star warss -- instead of
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trying to start wars. host: under to south carolina, john on the line for democrats. is john calling, i have been a democrat my whole life. we have got a president that has got a backbone. fromn't take no crap people that kill innocent people. mr. trump, president trump, is doing the right thing, to go ahead and wipe them out, get russia off the globe, we will have a peaceful world. i am privileged to say mr. donald trump is a good president and he is doing a very, very good job. host: john, thank you for the call. right after this we are hoping to show you the pentagon briefing. we got a lot of details from the defense secretary and joint chief of staff.
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as soon as we wrap up the phone calls we will try to bring that to you again. as we take your calls again, just getting your comments on the strikes tonight in syria by the united states and partners. steve,ave a caller, calling from california, independent. caller: thank you for taking my call. to form i find it hard an opinion on exactly what we heard tonight from the secretary, given the fact here we are in 2018, and it was indecipherable for the first five minutes. my criticism is against c-span and their technical abilities. host: thanks for the call. we are going to try to show that again. you are right, there was a technical problem we had at the top of that, getting the feed from the pentagon. let me get a call here from donna. bakersfield, california, republican. caller: hi.
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i support what trump did. everything he says he is going to do he does. everyone too remind get down on your knees and pray, because that is what we need. also, i want to talk to the democrats. knowsbehind the man, he what he is doing. host: thanks. onto carson city, nevada. we have patty on the line. trump'si disagree with decision. i think we should take into consideration there are different countries, their own religion and believes. it is sad what is going on over there, but we need to take care of our own country. it is none of our business and that is how i feel. host: appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. los angeles, california, republican line. hi, mike. i am 100% with president
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trump. i think he should take care of .he roots of the problem also, president carter caused all these problems for the whole middle east. i think they have to think about that. but i appreciate that he is a great guy. thank you. host: top democrat on the senate armed services committee jack reed saying president trump's impulse of tweets and boxed him in, the american people need to hear an actual strategy and an actual legal justification from the strikes tonight. and from senator tom cotton on the syria strike, president trump ought to sustain the attacks if assad does not learn the lesson. and the kimhs
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g-uns might want to learn this way. caller: i think president trump is a very wise businessman. he has people in place to run those businesses. the u.s. government is essentially a business. his top to listen to advisers before he makes any decisions. host: thanks, apologies. i think i said you were from arizona. arkansas, appreciate your call tonight. god bless the usa and make the rightp, decisions and we will go from there. host: what are the right decisions, david? caller: we need to clear the want to people that pick on innocent people.
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host: appreciate your comments. got nick in west chester, pennsylvania, democrat. hi, nick. you are on the air. caller: awesome. i do not think this is the right move the president should be making. it is not authority he has, due to the contras -- constitution. it does not make sense. why are we attacking syria? i understand the past, everything they do, but we need some kind of actual approach of negotiations, talking, discussion. it does not make sense to just strike right now. host: thanks for your comments. bbc reporting theresa may confirmed british involvement and she said there was no practicable alternative to the use of force. she also said the strikes were not about regime change.
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the u.k. strikes carried out by four tornado jets hit a military site near an area that is believed to have housed precursor materials for chemical weapons, according to the ministry of defense in the u.k. james calling, chesterton, indiana, republican. caller: how are you tonight? host: very good. how are you? caller: i am ok. honestly, i believe president trump is doing the right thing right now. we need to send the message you cannot be doing this. while i want them to keep on the low civilian casualty side of things, i believe using military force is the right way to go right now. i completely agree with what president trump is doing. he is doing great job handling it so far. host: onto summerville, georgia. cassidy on the line. caller: hello. host: go ahead with your comment. i am not sure exactly
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how i feel about the entire thing, but i do think it is very important we remember everyone in syria, the women and children and husbands, and keep them in our hearts and prayers. host: congresswoman barbara lee tweeted this, by illegally bombing syria, president trump has once again denied the american people any oversight or accountability in this endless war, congress, not the president, has the power to authorize military action. from cnn, saying he'll leaders are notified by pence of syrian strikes minutes before the trump announcement. congressman robert aderholt from alabama says, i support our president and the brave members of the armed forces that they carry out a response to the actions of the syrian regime.
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please join me in praying for them and this troubled region. we want to hear what your thoughts are, president trump announcing strikes on syria along with partners the u.k., and france. blake is calling, pelican rapids, minnesota. you are on the democrats line. caller: i agree with president trump's decision, but he should've of taken it through congress before he did it. i am not sure how it is going to affect the stock market. host: thanks for your call. rebecca, kentucky. go ahead with your call and comments. callr: i just wanted to and say i am in 100% agreement of president trump. everyone who for is questioning his decision, i think it is really easy for us built here in our homes in america on our leather couches and say we do not want
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to get involved, it is none of our business. that if you were to see a man or woman a child across the street being murdered, would you not get involved? >> british prime minister to resubmit issued this statement. to degrade the syrian regime's chemical weapons capability and deter their use. we are acting together with our american and french allies. a chemical weapons attack killed up to 75 people, including young children. the prime minister may and french president eminem macron are expected to make comments later on on saturday. announcer: c-span, where history unfolds daily.
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in 1979, c-span was created as a public service america's cable and television companies. today, we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court and of policy events in washington dc and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> earlier this evening, president trump announced that the u.s. was launching airstrikes in syria in cooperation with friends and the united kingdom. in response to the chemical weapons attack last weekend. his statement from the white house diplomatic room was just under 10 minutes.


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