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tv   Student Cam - Creativity Prize  CSPAN  April 17, 2018 6:50am-7:00am EDT

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she began working as a free speech advocate for students. an independent federal appellate litigator with the experience at the supreme court, including work on 100 cases. he clerked for clarence thomas in 1996. watch landmark cases monday on c-span. join the conversation. you can follow us on c-span. we have resources on our website. we have a link to the national constitution center. there is a landmark cases podcast. >> we feature our studentcam contest when it. we asked students to choose a
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provision of the constitution and illustrate why it's important to them. winners.ivity prize they are sixth, seventh, and integrators in florida. c-span is available through spectrum. they did a first amendment ramp. they tell us about the first amendment. take a look. they have committed themselves to that. freedom oft the speech. thewhere i read about freedom of press. america,e greatness of
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the right to protest. ♪ ♪ ♪ be true to the constitution. >> the first amendment of the constitution. >> freedom of religion and expression. i've got the right to express myself.
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>> the bottom line is you will have to know the constitution better. mean, we say we hold these truths self-evident, believe that. the thing that is unique about america, we set up a political system that guaranteed you could assert that.
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>> you know who colin kaepernick is? realize waspeople really going on in this country. a lot of things are going on and aren't just. that is something that needs to change. that is something this country stands for, justice for all. it's not happening for alt-right now. >> i made a song about colin kaepernick and the first amendment.
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♪ ♪ anything about the constitution? >> what you talking about? >> the know about the first amendment? >> is it that the amendment where we have the right to toedom of speech, the right practice our religion, and the right to assemble. and there's the right to the freedom of press.
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>> yes sir, you are right. >> that means we have the right to free speech. free speech means we can say what we want to say. andld trump is tweeting nobody can take away his freedom.
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♪ ♪ >> to watch all of the documentaries in the student competition, visit >> hears lots on tuesday. in the afternoon commonly work on a measure to protect children from identity theft. speaks at the national press club, talking about migration. at theate continues work department of education. they are in at 10:00.
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the armed services committee holds a confirmation hearing on defenseman -- defense department nominees. c-span, where history unfols daily. in 1979, cspan was created as a public service of the american cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. we bring you unfiltered it coverage of congress, the white house, public policy events around the country. orpan is brought to you by cable or satellite provider. >> coming up on "washington journal," john garamendi discusses the military action against syria and increased


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