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tv   Student Cam - First Prize High School  CSPAN  April 20, 2018 6:51am-7:01am EDT

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book "russian roulette." co-founder matter with her book "when they call you a terrorist." and political commentator roger simon with his book "i know best ." watch our weekend long coverage of the 22nd annual l.a. festival of books live on c-span two's book tv. >> this month on c-span we feature our student camera contest winners. high schoolers to choose a provision of the u.s. constitution and explain why it is important to them. graderst winners are 12 from whitefish bay high school in whitefish bay wisconsin.
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in their winning entry, they tells about article one, section two, congressional redistricting. take a look. wisconsin, the home of a summer climate, a massive lake, every gary product gerrymanderedand legislative districts. >> what was that word you just said? >> gerrymandering. >> what in the world is gerrymandering? idea.ave no i should know, but unfortunately i do not. >> i have heard about it. >> i knew that at one time, but i do not know.
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>> to understand gerrymandering, we need understand what reapportionment is. isevery 10 years the census taken, which measures where people live. based on the senses, seats are given for the house of representatives. influence the drawing. >> that can get sketchy. >> think of this cookie is the state of cookie land. a census has just been taken and the population of 20 has gotten them five seats in congress. let's say the red m&ms and the -- the red m&ms are republicans and the blue are democrats. if we were the republican party and had controlled the state
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legislature, then we control the districts like this. in the first scenario, there are four districts where no majority exists. -- createdreated in impact through their vote, leaving one republican-controlled seat. this is fine because the most people would have their voice heard. but look at this, we can cut blued the m&ms so although m&ms are in two regions. not only can state legislators packed districts, but they can also crack them, they can cut around the blue and m&ms so the democratic vote is diluted across as many districts as possible, giving the republicans a chance for a 4-1 majority.
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>> how does this relate to wisconsin? the 2010,sult of wisconsin is a very gently men -- a very gerrymandered state. when all was said and done, there were five republicans representing wisconsin alongside only three democrats. the number of dump delegates -- the number of delegates representing our state should be equal. >> we used always have two congresspeople from the milwaukee metropolitan area and then wisconsin lost a seat. and things were redrawn milwaukee only have one.
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now the way they read true the city ofbulk of milwaukee is in one district. >> that is ridiculous. >> this can be traced even further down the ballot to state legislative elections where in wisconsin 40% of the ballot went to democrats where democrats only one 35% of the legislature. if things were apportioned correctly, the democrats would have more seats. is there any way for this gerrymandering to stop? >> yes, there is. there's a case in the supreme court that challenges the 2010 redistricting. >> what is the wisconsin case that the court decided to take up this week at the heart of this matter? >> in wisconsin, a federal court
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did strike down wisconsin's general assembly map as an unconstitutional political gerrymander. an interesting part of the case is that adopting an idea, the court in part based its decision on a mathematical theory that challengers to political gerrymandering say we have finally got the method where we can figure out how much political gerrymandering is too much. that can be cost before we say it is official clinical gerrymandering? >> correct. this idea of partisan gerrymandering has been out there for decades. people have continually tried to bring a claim along these lines. court level has split into two camps, with four of the justices saying this is a problem and does the courts we
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need to address it, another fou r justices saying it will always be political. taken up with the founders or amend the constitution. and then there's justice kennedy who said if somebody can give me a workable standard, i am willing to take a look at this. >> the court's decision would have a massive impact on the extent to which the voices of americans can be heard. i am truly beginning to understand the magnitude of this issue. now that i turn 18, depending on where i live, my boat might not matter. is one of the fundamental rights i'm entitled to as american city -- an american citizen. ♪ >> this issue truly regards the
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14th amendment equal protection clause which entitles every american the liberty of being able to vote for whoever they want. all thetch prize-winning documentaries in this year's competition, visit >> live friday on the c-span c-spans, at 10 a.m. on -- at 10:00 a.m. on c-span, the campus summit. coverage of our barbara bush lying in repose in houston, texas. 12:00, former representative patrick kennedy taking part in a forum on u.s. marijuana policy. coming up in one hour, a criminal justice reporter on
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changes in legal and social views of marijuana. 8:45, the author of "tyran♪ host: good morning. it is friday, april 20. welcome to washington journal. the house and the senate are out of session this week. -- inesident is coming on florida, but both are coming out of a busy week in the capital. as we review events from the week on this friday, we want to know, what is your top story? here is how to take part in the program. .epublicans, (202) 748-8001 democrats, (202) 748-8000.


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