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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones Part 2  CSPAN  April 20, 2018 9:35am-10:05am EDT

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connect with c-span to personalize the information you get from us. go to and sign up for the email. the program guide is a daily email with the most updated primetime schedule an upcoming live coverage. word for word gives you the most interesting daily video highlights in their own words with no commentary. the book tv newsletter send weekly is an insiders look at upcoming authors and book festivals. in the interview history tv weekly newsletter gives you the upcoming programming exploring our nation's past. connect sign up today. "washington journal," continues. host: we're going to do some open phones, you can talk about any topic and we will do this until the top of the hour and then we have the national cannabis policy summit live on c-span. one injured in a shooting at a high school in florida, at least one person was injured and the
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suspect is in custody. marion an ocala in county, maybe an hour, hour half north of orlando. theshooting comes on shooting councilman david national school walkout against gun violence, if there's any more information, we will bring it to you. we have built from marietta, georgia on the democrats line. hi, bill. harder up with christopher was on i called back and i got through on the open phones. host: he's gone. you want to reflect on everything he has said? caller: keep your hand dr. gunn, i will keep your and -- i will keep my hand off mine. weapons are not accounted for in a lot of these cities they got weapons for the government. in one person called and said 50 cops can't stop a mass disturbance, no, they can't. 200 cops can. if there is civil disturbance in this country, the police can't do anything to help you.
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weapons are issued to small towns in the survey they had and they don't ask why or when the need is for. following any data on the number of local police ssee caller: hello. my father carried a gun all of his life and everything and our little town, we have very little violence, but when we did have , we did have some issues with drug dealers and stuff, i was grateful for the police that we did have. we had an elderly gentleman that hised as an officer until 80's and was probably the best police officer i ever knew. was grateful for his knowledge of things that were going on and
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felt safe when he was there. host: james, thanks for your voice this morning. from iowa. because im calling have been asked to get a my home working life. and the guy really made sense to me. he has turned this -- trump won the policy makers turned a war on chronic inpatient right now, people with cancer, people with rare diseases are being taken pain medicine away and it is supposed to be a war on opiates, heroin, we all know the cdc just came out and said they inflated the numbers, it wasn't for prescription drugs, and yet these people with cancer are being taken away pain medication in the last six months of life, people would like limiting diseases are being treated like addicts. i can't believe it.
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jerry is on the line from layton, utah. hello, jerry. what i would like to say is about the politicians, where they give themselves a raise, they go and stay with the lobbyists home and that's about it, sir. host: ok. anthony is on the line from miller place, new york as we do open phones. caller: thank you for the opportunity. god bless c-span and all the wonderful people that work behind the cameras and in front of the camera's, the new crop of producers and moderators are outstanding. connie and i miss mr. lamb who used to have thursdays, the name escapes me, a wonderful woman, you guys are just
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awesome, and you too, paul. you're like an old friend, i've been watching you guys for 30 years. informationl of that comes your way, it's like niagara falls and you guys disseminate and go through it and have to put up with it and then you have callers criticizing you guys all the time and all think they can fathom what you guys must have to go through each and every day. we are talking through of outstanding educational program, commercial free, uninterrupted. the places that you have brought my eyes and my ability to deliver information is phenomenal. god bless you. you were the only resource on television that is trying to allow people formulate their own decisions and disseminate the truth. i appreciate that so much. you have no idea in his day of governance and malfeasance that we have what we are facing against as the american people. back to your last guest in the final caller in that segment, she said she was a banker and she have these local governance
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is going after, i would ask the producers at c-span to do a little more discussion on these topics because it is out of control and i live on long island in suffolk county and if you guys would just look into the news here, we had our own takingt attorney who was people's assets, asset forfeiture and than they were divvying up the funds in the back rooms of the district attorney's office with no oversight or legislative scrutiny. if you can see where they are motivated by stealing assets of beple who are able to pinpointed or gone after. this district attorney is now in court, but there's little coverage of it in the media announced the county -- nasa county two. in long island, just cesspool of corruption in the government. i would ask c-span2 please do a little more discovery or research in this regard and bring it to the light of the
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american people. host: thank you, anthony. we appreciate your longtime viewership. more of your calls in a couple of minutes. i want to remind you that this weekend, the c-span cities tour explores the american story with book tv and american history tv feature asheville, north carolina. the asheville mayor talks about the city's history during the depression era. >> asheville, north carolina is nestled in the heart of western north carolina. right in the center of the western tip of the state and one of the things that sets us apart from other cities in north carolina is how asheville handled the depression. the post depression period. asheville refused to file bankruptcy and a repaid its debt, which took them so i believe sometime around the 1970's. as a result, it was sort of
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stagnant and it couldn't tear down what are now considered historic buildings and that turned out to be a gift, because the city was fairly well preserved. if you go to the downtowns of lots of other cities, bigger cities in north carolina, you will see a lot of buildings that were constructed in the 1950's, 19 60's, 1970's because they can afford to. they are not considered as attractive as the ones from the tens, 20's, 30's. we were lucky in that we made this decision to repay this debt and inadvertently preserve ourselves and now we are able to leverage that into a place that is really unique. do hope you tune in this week in the book tv on c-span2 at american history tv on c-span3 as we visit asheville, north carolina and to watch video of asheville and all the cities we visited on the c-span cities tour, go to
9:44 am just in from greenville, north carolina. c-span, best use of tv and radio ever. i was hoping to interact with your last guest but i couldn't get through. i like to use the words of a former police officer in describing law enforcement. this took place in the aftermath of the rodney king riots. there was a guy on the morning bouza.ogram, anthony i don't know if he is italian or letting nobody looks like a white guy and he was with the cincinnati dd for 17 years and a one point it was the chief of police. he said the following and i quote the best i can. ideaid most people have no what the duties of the police are. i think the police are there to
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serve and protect. he says no, the police have tw o functions, to protect the lives and property of the wealthy, they come was this by keeping mostly young and brown skinned black men in their place , and we also know that they think their place is the privately held prisons in which he holds stock. a friend of mine, a white guy because law enforcement the blue klux klan. you guys rock and i hope you are around for eternity. host: thanks for watching. debbie and l.a., good morning. caller: hi. host: what would you like to say, debbie? caller: mi on the air now? host: you are. caller: i would like to say, i'm in california and first of all,
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as californians are really suffering right now with this sanctuary city policies. host: when you say suffering, what do you mean, specifically? caller: i mean that in particular, l.a. county is turning back into the wild wild west. edge ande are very on the crime has stepped up. it's just not safe anymore on the streets of l.a. and i taker as well care of my very elderly mother. it's a lot of pressure for me and i just want to say that i think that that guy called right before me, jeff sessions does not own stock in any jail. i think that's ridiculous for someone to say that. ,oing back to sanctuary cities of the it's about policy
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citizens of california, no matter where they live, northern or southern or in the middle in the central valley, fresno, we are getting the short end of the thek, our politicians, mayor is doing things that are really making the city unsafe. don'tnt millions -- i know the number, but it's too much money he spent, millions of dollars on bike lanes and there is too much traffic in l.a. county already. making it so unsafe on our freeways and so forth. now on the surface streets, he made so many bike lanes, it's a free-for-all. it's ridiculous. there's no oversight anymore, that we have a couple of really and janice hahn
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should is very good and some other people that are still very good, but i'm glad she came back to work at the city, she's a supervisor. host: thank you very much. we want to get a couple of other viewpoints in before we get going. that color from california reminds us of the story in the "washington times," trump slams brown's do-nothing national guard troops. the president said he wouldn't pay for the california guard join his deployment on the borders and governor jerry brown's restrictions meant the troops would quote do nothing. the pentagon undercut mr. trump telling california deployment is on track and the government will select of the tablet for the 400 troops mr. brown has ordered mobilized. twist is theatest president tries get more help for homeland security on his own terms and finds himself once again battling california which has its own ideas about how to handle illegal immigration in the ad that mr. brown signed an
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order wednesday saying his troops will help customs and responsiblection for the border with catching drug smugglers and adding human traffickers and combating criminal games -- gangs, but he doesn't want to do anything that would be seen as policing illegal immigration a mr. trump tweeted it wasn't good enough. denny is calling from hot springs. caller: good morning. all i want to say is president trump is supporting the military industrial complex by wanting to sell all these arms to our so-called allies while at the same time, he is submarine our nation's farmers and ranchers with all of these tariffs on the products that we export to various countries. host: anything else? caller: that's all for now. i have a lot of could say. host: i hope you call back soon.
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george from connecticut. caller: brookfield. host: brookfield, connecticut. caller: one thing that surprises me not only watching c-span today, but the rest of the general media, is the lack of coverage of the situation with andrew mccabe, i think that's quite uprising, which brings me to my second topic. one of the biggest threats to our democracy is the mainstream media, notably in the way they cover stories, but the stories they don't cover. that's it. host: one call from david from todd, north carolina. caller: i have two points. theis for the farmer mentioned how the farmers are being submarine. if you got room property taxes across this nation, we can protect our personal assets in this globalization and then i have another subject which i took a parenting class and they
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talk about the asus where people have been traumatized and it their development. we are compulsorily attended school, it is retarding our whole nation. the authorities are refusing to knowledge that being forced into these situations is unhealthy and they are as well suffering from this result. host: thank you for calling. i want to mention the coverage of the funeral for barbara bush, former first lady. she is a viewing today in houston, texas. time, withoutern that live on c-span and there is a live shot right now from saint martin's episcopal church, just a few blocks from the home where she and george h.w. bush lived. a public viewing at 1:00, the
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funeral itself by invitation only as far as guests go, but there will be a camera there at noon tomorrow eastern time in houston, texas. noon.aturday at we interviewed barbara bush at her home in houston in 2013 as part of the first lady's influence an image series. here she is talking about her faith. [video clip] private.ush: it's very believer in a loving god, i pray, george and i pray every night. i allowed. .- out loud sometimes we fight over whose turn it is, but we do. i have no fear of death. huge comfort, because we are getting darn close, and i don't have a fear of death for
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my precious george or for myself. because i know that there is a great god. and i'm not worried about that. i don't like it for young people. robinknow we will see again, one way or another. and our families. so i have no fear of death. i have a great faith. that sounds so arrogant. >> why? barbara bush: i'm a big shot, i have a faith in god. i do have a faith in god and i don't question it. not as good as my children, but from your children, you learn. certainly, durable, she has a prayer group that gets out on the phone for 30 minutes a night and praise -- prays all over the
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country. i've learned a lot from her, and jeb, allge, and from of them. i have no fear of death, and i think that's very comforting. interview with barbara bush from 2013 in her home in houston. she died at age 92, and we want to play the full interview tomorrow at 10:00 eastern time before the funeral begins. the funeral is at noon eastern time and we will have it live, "usa today," writes texans treasure their first lady of houston. they were houstonians at heart and build a lasting impression on the city they called home for the past six decades and mark joseph rice university said if there was a first lady of houston, it would be barbara bush. across houston, people mourned her passing and celebrated her devotion to the city.
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they settled on houston in 1959 and it was here that george h.w. bush began his career in toitics, getting elected republican party chairman in 1962, and the couple has been a regular fixture around town, shopping at grocery stores or dining at eateries. "usa today." john is calling from south carolina. good morning. caller: hello? host: go ahead, john. now -- amd i only are i on the air now? host: you are. caller: i'm calling about marijuana laws. i've been a paramedic for 20 years in the state of south carolina. a paramedic a firefighter. i moved up in rank, i was an instructor who became a national paramedic, on the national
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registry, which is when the hardest registries you can get into. i became an instructor for the national registry of paramedics. years,his for 20 fighting fires, saving people, saving lives. years i was stoned on marijuana every single day, driving an ambulance, driving a big heavy fire truck. episode theyerious could have been reflective of marijuana. the few damages i did in any wrecks were backing accidents where you back into objects that couldn't be seen like things in people's yards. host: what does that mean for national policy? it's not going to the national policy, it's just an example of what goes on. how many people smoked marijuana that were in the fire departments and you enough until i admitted it about five years and then when i went to work in columbia, i really found out how many people smoked
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marijuana while they were at work. host: walter in baltimore, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. i appreciate you, but my question of justice, due process in particular, in philadelphia recently, we saw two black men arrested while sitting in a starbucks. in south carolina, your previous caller's home state, we saw a person shot in the back for running while black. we've seen freddie gray shot and killed, dying from police brutality. another earlier caller had mentioned the purpose of the police, all i want is you process from them and if we can get due process, i will be a better citizen, they will better citizens, and to selectively prosecute black and brown people, but white people to can understand this that even in
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their communities, they would get disparate treatment according to their economic standings. the idea that we can allow a lying, filled a jerk white house to decide what we think is right -- is like the nazis. let's please come a week of america and vote in november. int: moving on to gene miami, arizona. caller: good morning. they are going to have a walkout in arizona school teachers, which i totally support. host: what are the teachers looking for? caller: higher pay. host: anything else with benefits? caller: and for support staff and so on. let me say this. that 79-year-old disabled -- vet, and there's got to be
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something wrong in this country when you have school teachers that make $55,000 the year and of themathlete, some not even high school graduates or high school graduates that make millions. there's got to be something wrong in this country, the priority of this country has to be wrong. another thing is arizona is the most racist state the reason this country. ofn they passed at 1070, 1 the states the donald trump is wanting to get the local police , ienforce immigration law will go to jail before i have to show that i'm an american. born in miami,, arizona in 1939i will go to jail if i have to prove to anybody that i'm an american. host: one last call from barbara. new york city. understand that the actress natalie portman has refused to award from the israelis because they are murdering the palestinians in
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gaza, i was wondering if you have any articles about that in the papers that you are reading? why is that on your mind? speaking of events that the news media doesn't cover, they don't cover what's going on in gaza and what is being done to the palestinians thereby the israelis. host: thanks to everybody who called for this friday edition of "washington journal." we will see you back here tomorrow at 7:00 eastern. take care. have a good day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] here on c-span this morning, we are live at the national cannabis policy summit for discussions and presentations expected to get underway shortly and last throughout the morning. later today, we will bring you a related discussion with patrick kennedy. he will be speaking to a press
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event there. that's coming up this afternoon at noon eastern over on c-span. this event in washington getting underway shortly. they will hear via video from several members of congress. the senate is not in session. they are back next week. one of the focal points will be monday's vote on the nomination of mike pompeo to be secretary of state. that's coming up monday afternoon at 5:00 in the senate foreign relations committee. we will keep you posted on our coverage plans. regulation news coming out of washington this morning, wells fargo being fined $1 billion to settle charges to its mortgage and auto lending business. the comptroller of the currency, the consumer financial protection bureau announcing the spines this morning -- those
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fines this morning in washington. waiting for this discussion at the national cannabis policy summit here on c-span. [no audio]
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>> we are waiting for the start of the national cannabis policy summit on this friday morning. their discussion is expected to get underway shortly. they will hear via video from congresswoman tulsi gabbard from lee.ii and barbara gifford we want yot


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