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tv   Rachel Oswald  CSPAN  April 20, 2018 10:01pm-10:11pm EDT

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-- i saw your son on tv -- i think they get a kick out of it. >> final question, when you have vacation time, how do you relax? mr. shah: i don't really relax. i kick back and watch sports. that is kind of my thing. i'm getting a little bit of the tournament in right now. thanks for your time. created79, c-span was as a public service by america's cable-television companies and we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, created as a public service d.c. and ard the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. want -- rachel
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oswald is sq rollcall foreign reporter. mike pompeo set to be the next secretary of state. rachel oswald, what is the status of support in that committee for the nomination? rachel: i would say it is close to near certain he does not have support for a single recommendation. we have had rand paul, against, democrats, with the exception of chris coons of delaware. he told me he is leaning against .ight mike pompeo -- against mike pompeo. >> what are rand paul's principal objections so far? rachel: he objected to mike pompeo's military interventionist policies, his advocacy for the war in iraq and
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potential military intervention in iran over its nuclear program during the obama administration. >> as you mentioned a moment ago, chris coons leaning against voting for the mike pompeo nomination. give us a sense why senate democrats are proposing his nomination. rachel: democrats have cited, in addition to the director's previous opposition to the iran deal, his past statements equivocating the russian government interference in the 2016 elections, some objectionable comments he made about muslims and their potential complicity in terrorist attacks if they were not condemning them, as well as his stances against gay civil rights.
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and also the sense that he, a number of senators don't think he will tell president trump things he does not want to hear. there is concern about who will and whethero jump they will speak truth to power. >> do you think the meeting between mike pompeo and whether they will speak truth to power. >> do you think the meeting between mike pompeo and kim jong-un reported after the confirmation hearing had any influence on his democratic opposition or rand paul and whether they willopposition? rachel: it is hard to tell. at least one senator, robert menendez, explicitly objected to it. he felt mikehe felt mike pompeoe disclosed the meeting to him when they met afterwards as part of the confirmation process. the senator said he asked specific questions about planning on the north korea like pompeoe felt
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was withholding. senator heitkamp said she had no objections. like pompeo was withholding. senator heitkamp said she had no objections. she cited the need to have diplomacy on north korea as a reason for voting to confirm mike pompeo at this time. >> heidi heitkamp lending her support, saying she would support the nomination of mike pompeo when it comes to the senate floor. let's go back to the senate foreign relations committee, your tweet where you say pompeo is one vote away from a historic negative confirmations vote in the senate foreign relations committee. what do you mean by historic, and what happens if it is reported unfavorably by the committee? rachel: i use the word historic, because to our knowledge, it has never happened before. they never started releasing those of executive meetings until the 1920's. -- votes of executive meetings until the 1920's. in recorded history, there has never been a negative vote of a secretary of state nominee by a
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committee. there are three things that can happen in the scheduled vote. they could vote favorably, which they don't have the votes to do. they could vote on favorably, which they generally don't ever do, more than can do the third thing, which is to vote to move the nomination without recommendation of the committee. i tend to think they will do the third option. it is what they did when they advanced the nomination of john bolton to be u.s. ambassador during the -- u.n. ambassador during the george bush years. i tend to think corker would want to spare the embarrassment of being voted just favorably out of the committee. -- disfavorably out of the committee. >> any indication from mitch mcconnell of the timetable of for debate in the senate? rachel: we have heard they want
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to get him confront as soon as possible. confirmed as soon as possible. i think it could happen as soon as thursday, which is why they scheduled the committee confirms possible. votes on monday, to give them enough time to introduce the nomination onto the calendar and tee it up for a final vote thursday. looking for youres report. rachel oswald is foreign policy reporter for cq rollcall. you can follow her reporting on twitter. >> late friday, chris coons tweeted after careful consideration, she has decided he will oppose the nomination of cia director mike pompeo to be state,t secretary of
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adding his decision was out of concern mr. pompeo would "embolden, rather than moderate or restrain mr. trump's most dangerous instincts." the senate foreign relations committee meets next week to vote on the nomination. live coverage monday at 5:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> c-span's washington journal, move every day with news and policy issues that impacting. coming up saturday morning, we to discuss autism spectrum autistic selfthe advocacy network. and on her spotlight on magazine segment, we feature sojourner magazine. we review kelly brown douglas's piece on white evangelical support of president trump. then we discuss media coverage of president trump. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal 7:00 a.m.
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eastern saturday morning. joined the discussion. >> this weekend on book tv, c-span 2. live coverage of the l.a. times festival of books, all day saturday and sunday. 8:00 p.m. eastern sunday, conversation abouta james comey's book. on american history tv, c-span3, saturday at 10 p.m. eastern on america" a 1969 nbc report looks at the women's liberation movement. at sunday 8:00 p.m. on the america" apresidency, presideny truman's eldest grandson talked about why his grandfather felt it necessary to move the family out of the white house during this restoration. watch this weekend on the c-span
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networks. >> the funeral service for former first lady barbara bush is being held tomorrow at st. mark's episcopal church in houston, with eulogies claimed by her son jeb bush, her friend susan baker. mrs. bush died tuesday at the age of 92. we will have live coverage of her funeral started in eastern on c-span. c-span.eastern on her husband, former president george h.w. bush, greeted some of the mourners.


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