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tv   Washington Journal Tim Graham  CSPAN  April 21, 2018 9:36am-10:06am EDT

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court decision established that students keep their first amendment rights on school grounds. our guests are mary beth tinker, one of the students who challenged the school district when she was 13, she began working as a free speech advocate for students. independent appellate litigator with experience at the supreme court, including 100 cases. he clerked for clarence thomas in 1996. watch landmark cases monday at 9:00 on c-span. join the conversation. follow us at c-span. we have background on each case. we have a companion book and a list of the national constitution center.
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>> washington journal continues. host: tim graham is with us. he is with the media research center. he is the editor for news busters. we are talking about the media coverage of media -- president trump and vice versa. we brought up the segment out of sean hannity's role in the administration. role in theing administration. view thehow do you coverage of president trump looking at the last year and a half versus the media coverage of the eight years of the obama administration. once different? >> let's start with tony. that: we have measured
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trumps coverage on the network evening news has been 90% negative. it's not just the media research center, it's harvard, everybody who has tried to measure it. the discussion becomes it's not fair and balanced. the media suggests we are in an ongoing crisis. that's the only way you justify 90% negative coverage. you can't look at the economy and say it's negative. of course, a real problem we have is it used to be there with some substance. in the clinton years, they would say scandal over substance. they would run back to whatever
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the economic proposal was. buriede substance gets all the time. scandal leads. host: your organization, you talk about measuring. how do you do that? for our measurements, we do the evening news programs of the networks. on a few occasions, we do the cable outlets. there is a lot more to look at. likeok at the evening news picking the new york times. pattern that began when he announced for president. it continued all the way through. host: you say it is 90% coverage. the most recent comparative would be president obama. what was a negative coverage in the obama years? guest: we were not measuring that then.
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i would bet if you looked at other people who studied that, it would be closer to 50-50. if you look at the early months of obama, it would be much better than 50-50. beexpect some coverage to negative. a mediative is just that can't stand that this man as president. host: our guest is with us until 10:00. we would love to hear your thoughts. for democrats, (202) 784-8001 four republicans. part of the difference, a big difference in the presidency is he has the ability to fire back. hist: that's been part of
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approach from the beginning, to wage a war on the press. obviously, barack obama didn't need to do that. hillary clinton would try to complain about the press. now the newsws media are a bunch of democrats. they are there to establish a democrat agenda. that's the biggest story in the world. cbs did 15 minutes on the democratic national committee. find the inspector general offering a criminal referral for andy mckay. the agenda here in what they choose to cover and what they choose not to cover. so much of the trump presidency has been done with overwhelming
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use of anonymous sources. that causes a lot of americans to distrust the news they are getting. host: in the newspaper realm, it's the first page of the washington post. russia.s to if you were editor for a newspaper, where would that for story fall? is probably a lead story, it's a matter of how you cover it. discussht, they did not that there were democrats who disagreed with the idea and thought it was a bad idea the
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cut is robert mueller's investigation. of like stories that are native toward donald trump that are obviously front page news. start was accusing it'sclinton of something, front-page news. we have always seen a pattern of the media trying to submerge scandals when democrats are presidents. host: since we are focusing on those organizations, they are largely staffed by people who are democrats or supporting views. that's what we are to do, present the case and video and transcript that show a democratic tilt.
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who watches tv can say there's george stephanopoulos, there's with scrawl -- chris cuomo, they are obviously democrats. callswe have plenty of waiting period -- waiting. amazed at these republicans and these operatives .ike this gentleman here who the republican party since 1965 has been taken over by the conservatives who lost the civil war. they kill me with this claim that trump, that everybody is just mad at trump in a vacuum. this is a man who said he could stand on fifth avenue and shoot a man and get away with it.
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hollywood,access about grabbing women by the you know what. called other than white countries bad countries. trump is notor just because he's white or he's a white supremacist. you call the people at charlottesville good people? did any one of those things, there wouldn't have just been on the other side trying to kill him. look at the way they treated obama. is in the bronx. guest: i grew up in wisconsin. we are not confederate people in
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wisconsin. the south will rise again type. we don't wave confederate flags. we believe in racial harmony. i'm not a neo-confederate in any way. by the ralliesed in charlottesville. again, there is always this assumption that everyone who was a republican is racist. it's not true. it's a reckless allegation. let's go to frank in new jersey. good morning. c-span is 90%k negative. on ande one pro-guest the next nine will anti-trump.
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you have that all day long. everybody. it's just constantly. i used to like c-span. i'm not watching it anymore. it's trumpi turn on, every time. host: we try to offer all points of view on washington journal. the criticism. is onlyrolina, steve independent line. i'm not sure where you get your statistics for your thinks, if 90% of people krapp's krapp, it is going to be biased. that's about all i can say on that.
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is he referring to your research? a 30 minuteown with newscast and try to evaluate. we haven't always done positive and negative. it's obvious you say you are conservative. the fact that harvard will do it and find the same result suggests it's awfully hard to try and suggest with any methodology that donald trump is getting good press. host: you mentioned a story on the fbi director andrew mccabe. tell us why you think that was underreported? the inspectorst: general found him guilty of lying to investigators about leaking to the press. you can understand where the
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press isn't that offended by leaking to the press. when the inspector general we learn made a criminal referral, that that'srd getting nine seconds or even 40 seconds. that's a bigger story than a foreign star. host: good morning, catherine. you make a lot of sense. it's been a long time like the other color said that we've gotten somebody on c-span that makes a lot of sense. i appreciate what you are doing. you are the good news. thank you. guest: this is one of those things, one of the fights that we have is this definition of fake news. there are a lot of different definitions. was donald trump meant
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stories you don't like. it, theook at overwhelming use of anonymous sources is news it doesn't feel like real news. it's certainly not transparent news. newspaperd that a would have its sources and darkness. that is preposterous. i know you need to use some anonymous sources to get the news. to me, i don't trust him and newspapers which editorialize that he must be removed from office. host: where do you go each day? on theretty much rely vetting of this news, it's accuracy, the reporter points of view. where do you go where you can trust the new source you are reading? guest: it's tough today.
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we are skeptical people to begin with. we often defend fox news because it's doing the story the others refuse to do. it's hard now to watch fox news in prime time and say that's news. they are reporting information. consumer, you have to have a wide diet of news. host: do you think the line has been blurred? guest: almost to the point where you can't tell the difference. host: two people were mentioned recently. i want to bring this article to your attention. they've been invited by the to testify next week about allegations of conservative bias online.
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they will testify sometime next week. we will keep you posted on any coverage plans. guest: this is the emerging controversy. the vetting of social media. this is one of the reason why we have a fact checking project. fact checkersing to take things down. we have a new special report on censorship in social media. the news media was so upset that social media was used to elect trump, now they are trying to shape social media.
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host: let's hear from julia. why would donald trump tell the american people that -- that he would know more about warfare than the generals? what is good about this man. these were statements the presidents made as a candidate. you can understand why a reporter would be skeptical. something people would think that's not likely. thepresident saying he's most knowledgeable, we've all gotten used to that. it's understandable if the news media wants to offer criticism. there's a lot of that. what they are bad at is offering
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any positive notes for trumped. i think they see that as a betrayal of democracy. when you think you are the force of democracy, you are going to do a lot of things. host: let's hear from alicia in atlanta. go ahead. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say that i believe donald trump creates his own negative press. onn he decides to focus setting policy, leading this country, he decides to tweet. he gives the media something to react to. instead of focusing on setting direction, there is chaos in the white house. what happened to the sanctions around russia?
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nikki haley is speaking to the press with one message and then something totally different comes out of the white house. this is not the media being negative. host: you have a supporter in one of our twitters. on her comments, does the sometime should himself in the foot. guest: i think that seems obvious. the news media would tell you that tweets aren't a terrible idea. i disagree with that. you have to look at it and say he uses them to get elected. we went through the general election were people thought it
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was a disastrous strategy for him. he can look at it and say it's working for me. -- a lot of americans find it disturbing and chaotic. host: sean hannity was mentioned as a client of michael collins earlier this week. this is that.
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guest: she is on team cnn. all of these native feelings about trump and they say they are facts. your feelings are not facts. cnn being upset about trump and doing 77 stories this week about prostitutes and urination, that's not news. that's a bunch of people who are very upset. a certain kind of team play going on. here,is team fox over there is team cnn. i hope the new york daily news disclosed that. we have a disclosure problem.
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host: let's go to our republican line in michigan. good morning. caller: thank you so much for this program. if the newe to see york times wants to report negative, there is 15 minutes of negative, 15 minutes of positive. imagine donald trump doing all these things he is doing with everything coming down on him like they are. thank you for this program. keep up the good work. host: dave is next up in california. trump is the worst
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president this country has ever had. will probably get us all killed in a nuclear war. -- he's dislikes nothing but a racist because he supports his policies. trump is taking us backwards. we've got to get him out of here. host: are you saying our guest is a racist because he supports president trump? caller: yes. he supports this guy. host: your response? guest: i am not a racist. this is the state of our discourse. we like it. we like debate to be feisty. we want to assume the people you are fighting with you don't make wild assumptions about them.
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everybody who supports obama must be a communist, that's just crazy talk. host: we have a call from phil in new york. you will get the last word here. one of the things your guest keeps talking about is republicans and democrats in their positions on trump. fx departmente appointed by a republican president resigned because the trump administration would not that fx the forms so could be controlled. violated all the news and history of the presidency when honest men refused to have conflicts of ventures 12 they were president. donald trump has gone against that. that is the basis for all the
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negative press about donald trump. host: you think president trump in terms of the rules and his approaches to all sorts of hases or middle east peace changed things enough that people find that objectionable to the president. guest: i do not have any problem with people thinking tweets the size of a nuclear weapon -- but an easy. what is going on in the koreas is surprising. that is where you are saying this is where you would expect some glimmer of positive news. disclosures, the factional journalists would say we would like tax returns. we would like to know more about his businesses. i do not have any problem with
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them saying this president has not disclosed enough. host: jim graham. -- tim graham. back tomorrowrnal morning, our sunday program getting underway at 7:00 a.m. eastern. we will hear someone talking about his recent piece on leadership. --continue with our service all of that as we mentioned, getting underway on western -- washington journal tomorrow at 7:00. tune in tomorrow.
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announcer: today, live coverage festivalnd annual l.a. of books starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern with a journalist and his book stranger. political reporter sarah can see your with the flu from flyover country. our live coverage continues at 1:30 p.m. eastern with a journalist on his book, russian roulette. co-founder matter with her book, when they call you a terrorist. and political commentator roger
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simon with his book i know best. how moral narcissism is destroying our republic. -- watch ourson coverage live on c-span2's book tv. sunday, a look back to the year of 1968 focuses on women's rights, the women's liberation movement challenged assumptions about womanhood. joining us to talk about women's rights in 1968 are deborah sklar, former college president and author of wonder women. and mona chair and, a syndicated columnist in washington, d.c. she is also the author of the upcoming book sex matters. how modern feminism lost touch
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with love and common sense. live on 8:30 a.m. eastern. on american history tv -- and on american history tv on c-span3. >> former first lady barbara 's bush has died. five years ago, mrs. bush sat down to discuss her marriage and life with george w. bush. and watching their son, george w become president in 2001. this is 45 minutes. -- >> barbara b


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