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tv   Student Cam - Grand Prize  CSPAN  April 22, 2018 6:51am-7:01am EDT

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toasts. the official state visit of french president emmanuel macron live starting tuesday morning on c-span. and under free c-span radio app. -- and on the free c-span radio app. monday, the council on islamic relations releases their 2018 civil rights report outlining anti-muslim bias in the u.s. live coverage begins at 11:00 eastern on c-span. c-span, weth on feature our studentcam contest winners. we asked middle and high school students to choose a provision of the u.s. constitution and illustrate why it is important to them. our grand prize winners are adam koch and tyler cooney, 12th graders at dallas center-grimes high school in grimes, iowa where c-span is available through media,. in their winning entry entitled "old enough to fight, old enough to vote" they tell us about the
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26 amendment. take a look. >> happy birthday. come on him. i am here bearing gifts for the 26th amendment. voter registration? -- how did you get my social security card? >> let us go on and amendment adventure. right this way. here we go. >> thank you for everything. >> why are we leaving the party? >> we are finally here. >> i see that, but why are we here? this is the iowa state capital. the perfect place to learn about youth voting. i agree. it is important to learn about voting and the 26 amendment but
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what is looking at a building going to do? >> i have talked to all of the right people. gettingttitude about the 18-year-old vote was connected to the notion of "old enough to fight, old enough to vote or car we were drafting 18-year-olds, the war in vietnam was going on and there were casualties. it was a commanding argument. >> the young people have a lot of stuff going on. but i need young people to vote. low and behold, there was something there, the 26th amendment that basically said young peoplebited from being discriminated against if they were 18 or older from the act of voting. >> i would tell young people to be very interested in politics and government and citizenship
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from this standpoint. in america, it is different from other countries. you have got more of an opportunity to help govern or be governed or to help rule or to anyolled -- ruled then other young people living in the world. everyone,rage including young voters to go out and work. voters face the fact that -- boy -- young voters believe their voice does not matter. their voice does matter. >> i would encourage everyone in inh school and interested politics and government, to get involved. andact local nonprofits advocacy groups and party affiliates. saidl of the stuff
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about glenn nielsen -- i don't buy into any of that. i served in afghanistan with millennials. i think showing up in large numbers to vote is important. having a voice on things that will affect us and our kids. congressman and i am encouraging you to register to vote. this is your future. ! that was really cool but is there anyone i can talk to? have j vernon on facetime. we can call him. hello. and we my friend tyler want to ask you some questions about your role in the 26 amendment. time, i was a staff
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director of the senate subcommittee. >> what was the process like? easy.h difficult and the whole question of "old enough to fight, old enough to vote" was a part of the debate at this time. voteld say, you have to and you have to use the vote. there are not enough that young people voting or running for office. i think part of that has to do that they need to have some sense of their civic responsibility. thathopeful that over time the percentage of young people voting will increase substantially. ok, goodbye adam and heather. >> thank you. that was really cool. the last part about youth running for office is really
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important as well. do you know anyone we can talk to? >> yes, let us go talk to him. going?is it >> why did you run for school board? >> i found out there was a election coming up. i thought i could make a difference at the local level. it was pretty cool. >> did your classmates come out and vote for you? outreach.did a lot of >> what do you do on -- at college to stay active? talkingnd a lot of time to people about the political scene and making sure they have information so when they go vote, they can make informed decisions.
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we also do voter registration drives. it is really important, especially for college students. >> thank you so much for talking to us. you have made it into the home stretch. we are now going to go interview someone in the state capital. >> about that, i kind of have to get home. >> already? >> my mom just texted me about a family dinner. >> we will be back here next tuesday when it is time to vote. how was first time voting? >> it was really enjoyable. >> i am the commissioner of elections. it is important to be a voter. been a week. maybe we should start to eat the cake.
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>> you guys were waiting? >> to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries in this year's studentcam competition, visit >> next, on c-span, washington journal is live with your phone calls and a look at today's headlines. on newsmakers, senator james lankford talks about the intelligence committees look at election security and the russian investigation. that is followed by a memorial invice held in statuary hall the u.s. capitol for the late representative louise slaughter who died last month at the age of 88. >> coming up on today's washington journal, columnists andrea -- andrew klein talks about his recent piece in usa today on the future of political leadership.
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rightse discuss women's in 1968 as part of c-span's 1968, america in turmoil series. ♪ host: good morning. on capitol hill this week, the senate foreign relations committee will vote tomorrow afternoon on the nomination of mike pompeo for current cia director to become the next secretary of state. he b could become the first nominee to go to the full senate without the majority of support from that committee sinc. french president emmanuel macron in washington this week. he will be at the white house tuesday before a joint speech in front of congress on wednesday.


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