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tv   Rep. Eric Swalwell at Iowa Fundraiser  CSPAN  April 22, 2018 5:18pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the democratic party also heard from california swalwell,ative eric who is introduced by -- who represents des moines. [applause] >> thanks everybody. you're all still here. [laughter] wind got your second right? because i was told that between well and i, andl
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mayor garcetti, because we are the two love, that we can go on for about an hour and a half. i will not go on because i have to drive back to iowa city in this terrible weather. he should be happy that i have to get out of here. , i have beenl you to a number of these and i have only been representing you since january of 2013 with the redistricting. i started coming in in 2011 to try to win the seat in 2012. i won it because of a lot of the folks in this room. you how mucho tell i appreciate all that you folks have done for me over the past several years. kind of ane any official announcement about running for reelection, but i'm running for reelection and i need your help. i really, really need it.
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[applause] i can spend all my time thinking people, and i will probably spend a lot of time doing that. the first person i need to think, obviously, a lot of people know her, she was the second grade teacher for a long time and now she is a proud grandmother. spent some time on that front and that is my wonderful wife terry. [applause] mayoreally glad that the -- mayor of los angeles could come. that is pretty cool. the mayor of los angeles, i love it. that is the biggest city in the biggest date, that is pretty good. i lived in davis for six years, that is right got my phd, i know something about california. i am really glad that he came and is spending time here in iowa.
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there are a lot of other people i need to mention. i don't think your former mayor has mentioned, but bill is one heck of a guy that dead -- that has done a lot of great work for the city. [applause] good to see you. he tells me, congressman, you know you don't have to do that. anyways, he has a party here and i think he is doing a fantastic job. i got to say. just from down the road. really doing a great job. thanks to all of the organized labor folks here tonight. many of you know i am a proud member of the american federation of teachers. i am a union member. i do not shy away from calling myself a union member. [applause] you all who are here tonight. our veterans, terry and i are knocking on wood debt -- would bet our stepson gets back from kuwait tomorrow.
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when -- aady a better veteran, and so is his wife, they were both in the marine corps. they got a couple of kids. all the great things that they have done for our country, i would not be , we wouldere today not have the democracy that we have, we would not have members of congress, we would not have mayors of los angeles. we would have something that other countries have. some people that some -- something that some people feel we would not have if we did not have our veterans. we have to think those folks for our democracy. those folks for our democracy. the last group of people i want to think, especially since we have seen some of the mass shootings around the country, particularly in florida most recently. whenever i am asked by the media what do i think we ought to do in this country to deal with
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violence? we first thing i say is, need to listen to the children. that is what we need to do. we need to listen to those young people because they are the people more on the front lines every day when they go to school , and whether they are or not, they believe they are. we should have a country were that is the case. we have a lot of young people here today and they will be future voters who are involved in our political process. i encourage them to do that. let's thank young people. [applause] they are so important. that is my speech. [cheering] i have to introduce eric, but since i am a former college teacher i will talk a little more. i do want to think all the
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people from scott county, in addition to scott county. people from other counties in iowa who are here as well, and from across the river. i know there is somebody who who is froma -- across the river, moved to iowa, we will welcome you. think you if you're from being here -- for being here. you have heard all these things or have been happening to the state of iowa. the same thing has been happening at the federal level. we have seen one disaster after another the last year and some months. i will tell you that when this selection happen, all of us in and a lot of other people, were very, very concerned about what would happen in an -- happen in this country. little did we know that think that we thought might happen were going to happen, maybe, times 10. that is really what we have come to in this country at the federal level. when this election first
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happened in november, terry came in after the election and we went to mount vernon, not the wonderful one where i lived for colleges,here cornell lord george washington is from -- the one where george washington is from. i said i was feeling depressed. she said why, you just went through this beautiful facility and read all of these great things our -- about our first president. my response was, because i am thinking about who our next president is going to be. little did i know that it would be worse than we were thinking at that time. think anybodyon't could have imagined that it would be this terrible. i am not trying to be the pair of bad news, there is a lot of hope and i have no doubt that we
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can win the u.s. house of rep. .ent: -- representatives back i have no doubt that we can make new strides in the senate. i know that we can win the gubernatorial race here. we have to get the strongest person possible and we will need all of that help. we have to make sure that we elect, on june 5, our strongest candidate for governor. there is no way around it. we can do it. we really can take both houses of the iowa legislator back. we really have a shot at this. i really worked hard the last campaign to try to get as many folks elected to the iowa legislator. i went around the state and tried to get folks in. it just did not work out. donald trump one hour state by more than he won texas. this is not good. i really don't like this very much, all right. he also won my district i 4%. he won all the congressional
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districts. ast me the only democrat, you all know in the house of representatives. asis not acceptable, as far i'm concerned. we have an opportunity to do better. we elect more members of the u.s. house elected around the state of iowa, we really have a shot at that. we can begin to turn america around. ryan will that paul not be the speaker of the house. [cheering] that is true. there is a guy waiting in the .ings wants kevin mccarthy, why? because kevin mccarthy does everything donald trump wants him to do. that is why he will be the next speaker of the house. this is utter nonsense. we know what they want to do. we know what they tried to do in a house and they failed to do much of that in the senate.
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they did terrible harm in the house. when they pass that to an a half trillion dollar pat -- tax cut, they did not pass only because they wanted benefits to go to the top 1%, and 83% of those benefits go to those top folks. that is not the only reason. they wanted to do it for the same reason that republicans cut taxes in iowa. because then they could come to us and say, we don't have enough money to keep social security and medicare as we know it here and we don't have enough money to keep medicaid as we know it. this -- what was the word? the appropriated. that is a fancy word is mayor garcetti told me. that is what this is all about. money that was already appropriated and agreed to. what does donald trump and kevin mccarthy want to do?
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they want to go back into this budget that we passed and they want to cut those community development block grant programs. heremoney -- a local bus took the projects here -- that federal money comes in and leverages one dollar for several local cases. they want to say, we get a do over. we voted for that. we take all that back and we want to take that money back for the rest of this fiscal year. that is utter nonsense. i will do everything i can to fight against that. [applause] that makes no sense whatsoever. they will come next year and say we have this big tax deficit so we can do it anymore and we are cutting it. we have to stop them from doing that. the only way we will stop them is to elect more democrats. that is the only way we will do this. that stand for these things that we stand for.
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i am going to tell you. some of you have heard this before. i am a democrat when i was growing up i took advantage of the opportunities, the ladder tom harkin talk about. that poor kid. many of you know, my mom is a single parent and she struggled with mental illness. we were on but was then aftc. we were on food stamps. when they were food stamps, not an ebt card that takes a little bit of the embarrassment out of having to depend on welfare. just to get enough food to eat. being poor kind of sucks. it is not fun. now we are seeing people wage war on poor people. and on those who want to get into the middle class.
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i am a democrat because my first job when i was 16 years old was a federally funded program for so-called disadvantaged kids in sioux city, iowa. whenever we go back to sioux city to see my relatives i get to take her by my place of employment in the summer of 1969. depending on which way the wind is blowing is if you smell it or not. it was a waste treatment control plant. i work eight hours a day, 40 hours a week when i was 16 years old. what to that program the democrats put in place teach me? it taught me responsibility. and taught me about getting up early and making my time worthwhile and earning that minimum wage and taking care of myself in many ways because my mom was not wealthy enough to do it. i bought many of the close eye warm up -- clothes i wore when i went to college. it helps those who have never been in the middle class, but if
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they are willing to take personal responsibility and work hard, will get themselves into the middle class. that is what i want to protect medicare and social security because if our seniors are deprived of medicare and social security, they turn this into some kind of voucher program for medicare, which we all know is not going to work, not going to give you what medicare gives you now. if they privatize social security we know what is going to happen. those folks who retire in the middle-class will fall out of the middle-class. that is what will happen. and they don't care. they don't care. they have an ideology. they don't think about the practical effects of all of this. if they do, it doesn't matter. that is what we are up against. it is not matter who is speaker of the house. what matters is they are in control. and it matters that we get that majority back this fall and we do everything we can in the state of iowa to make sure the
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democrats are in control so we fight for the middle class. so we fight for those trying to get into the middle class. we fight for american values. that is what this is all about. thanks, everybody. thank you so much. i really appreciate it. thank you for being here and thanks for all your great support. thank you. thank you. [applause] ok, now i've got introduced eric. i don't know what to say. i will keep it short. will tell you his life story. he is actually a native i owan. spent some time in on ghana. 12, 13 years? he grew up part of his life here. he is a native iowan.
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he has been to iowa quite a bit recently. i don't think he knows the time change difference. it is not california. this guy is great. he is one of the young folks in the u.s. house of representatives. he will talk to you about that as well. old butam not really i'm old. and, i'm not going to be doing this job forever. i want to see my grandkids and that kind of stuff. we do need a new generation of leaders in washington, d.c. there is no question about that, folks. i think we have a good number of them in the u.s. house of representatives, but eric has been such a wonderful leader on all matters, intelligence, he is fighting and taking on the republicans and this sham investigation and the house intelligence committee that really was not an investigation at all. eric was there.
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to see him a lot on television talking about this. he knows his stuff. he knows the issues, and is fighting for all the things the democrats are fighting for. plus, he is a lot younger than i am. he's got a heck of a future. he is fearless. he is fearless and i give him a lot of trouble but he knows he has to put up with it as long as i'm there. please give native iowan eric swalwell a big round of applause. [applause] >> thank you. thank you, scott. thank you. don't we love dave low back? thank you, dave. thank you commentary. -- thank you, terry. i came here to help find dates of democratic friends. if not only to make his plane ride a little more enjoyable. iowa when we get more
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democrats in congress, hope you still think of me. thank you to the scott county democrats. thank you to tom. troy for representing the state party. thank you for making the trip out here to show you just like me believe in the work they are doing. the mayor and i share more in common the represent a california. we both had the wisdom to marry hoosier women. both of our lives are from indiana. my wife says hello. she is at home with our 11-month-old. the russian investors sent us a beautiful, wonderful baby monitor. it is really good quality technology. i can hear everything. it is really amazing. i came here because if we win iowa this november, we when congress. if we win hear, we win congress.
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it is as easy as that. if we lose here, we don't want to know without me -- what that will mean. i know what you are here. you are here tonight because you still believe in america. you believe in our promise that if you work hard, it will mean something. i know how hard you work. some of the work to ships a day -- two shifts a day. you work so hard to come home with grease on your hands and painting your bones. i know liam. your dad is working in overnight shift tonight. liam is a third-grader. what an example we have set for him. [applause] some of you are retired. but just because you are not working does not mean you don't care.
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you are still showing up. you are volunteering. at our churches, our schools, lifting up the lives of people you have never met. some of you are students. studying,, learning, preparing for this uncertain economy. i want to tell you about a person you have not met that we are all fighting for. i met her a couple of months ago on a tour for this group i lee coel future form. 27 youngest house democrats. we wanted to be more than just the i.t. help desk for more senior colleagues, so we went on the road and listened to young people to learn from them and act for them back in washington, d.c. this 19-year-old in april community college said to me, congressman, after the inauguration i went to the women's march.
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ban was put in place, i went to the airport. when they tried to take my health care, i went to my first town hall. she told me i am investing in my future. be real with me, congressman. does any of this make a difference? i was put on my heels. this young woman was realizing for the first time in her life that who is at the white house, who is in congress, who runs her state legislature affects her. whether her hard work amounts to anything. she reminded me a little bit of myself. parents who had big dreams for me. i was born in sac city. i saw my mom and dad worked very hard to raise for boys. by dad worked as a cop. my mom, she did every odd job
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imaginable. she made dollhouses, great wedding cakes -- baked wedding cakes, and ran a very large, unlicensed day care facility. kids everywhere. i told my dad when he would put the police car in our driveway, dad, i want to be a cop just like you. he would say the same thing to me every time. son, it don't work that way. when he and my mom would go on to show me as they had worked and sacrifice everything for me not to have more opportunities than they did. their dream for me was to be the first in the family to go to college. my father chased that dream all over our country. we moved from iowa to oregon, up-and-down california. we lived in 10 different homes,
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rented some of them, sometimes staying with my grandparents before they were able to work hard enough to say so we can buy the 11th. balance of nine different schools before graduating high school. they knew if they put me in a better school it would give me a better chance of going to college. they expected i would work just as hard as they did. they have the on a paper route delivery route at age 10. i was not playing baseball. were not watching our brothers play soccer. if i was not playing soccer, we were refereeing soccer. fired ated and aeropostale. and became the first the family to go to college. i lost that scholarship to an injury and they told me i had to go back to work to make it through school and law school. we got those notices from the
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bursar's office that this is your last chance. you will be dropped from your classes. we dug a little deeper. a little harder because we knew in america it would mean something. i came home after law school and work as a prosecutor in oakland, california. i ran for congress because i started to fear that many young families were working just as hard as my parents worked but it was not adding up to anything. they were just one emergency away from going into debt. a washing machine going out. an unexpected trip to the emergency room. a flat tire. two out of three families in america today cannot weather a $500 emergency. so when donald trump comes to congress and tells us in the state of the union that the stock market is at an all-time high, that the unemployment rate
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thinkan all-time low, i that is not the economy. market?conomy the stock is the economy the unemployment rate? hell, most of you are working two jobs. that is not the economy. the economy is you. is how you were doing. whether you are saving more, doing better, and dreaming bigger. so with this young woman needs who invested in herself is for us to invest in her. and for us as democrats to start uniting around some big, old values -- bold values. we must build a modern schoolhouse in every community so we can prepare our kids for this new economy. [applause] and start valuing again the teachers who are getting them ready. we must listen to these kids and
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make sure that they come home from school safely, and there is no right greater inner schoolhouse and our constitution than the right to live. that is supreme. [applause] today, that's associated with debt. if you asked someone with a associate college with, table tell you debt. imagine that. it is supposed to mean opportunity. college should mean just as much if not more to a young person than it does to the banks and the lender's. here is what we should do as democrats. we should make a college promise. if you work your way through school and survey community in need, you will get a debt-free education. [applause] and no longer, no longer so the
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government make a single cent on student loan interest. is putting an entire generation into debt. [applause] and we need to make sure people are lifelong learners, and have a way if they lose their jobs to thatation or trade deals they can go to a community college, get the retraining they need, and always have that dignity to provide. we also have to start taking care of people's health in this country. we have nibbled around the edges for too long. it is time for medicare for every single person. health care for all in this country. we should unite and go big on that as democrats. [applause] it is also time, and i know the
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mayor sees this end date the this and you are fighting for the senior offices, for patient groups that come to our office all the time. you hear their stories. they are praying our nation's leaders will invest in the research necessary to find a cure. it is time we doubled down on our investments to cure cancer, parkinson's and alzheimer's. put a whole generation of scientists to work until every patient group we did all we could. [applause] and health care will actually cost less. unite around making sure that climate change no longer -- addressing climate change no longer starts an argument, but it starts a workday. it starts a workday at a good paying job in wine, solar, alternative fuel cells.
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do all we can back and washington, d.c. to make it a place that works for you again. the only way we can do that after being back there going on six years now is to get rid of dirty math and dirty money -- dirty maps and dirty money. america should do what iowa and california do. have independent redistricting. i'm supporting legislation that would happen -- make that happen in all 50 states. i have heard too many candidates talk about the influence of the koch brothers and outside groups. it is time we do all he can to strip down to the studs the citizens united ruling and take dirty outside money outside of politics. [applause] aspire to have a low
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contribution limit publicly financed campaign system in our country. we can do that, and that is what people want. those are some of the values we should unite around. make sure that people have modern schools for their kids, a job you can count on, a paycheck that grows, health care security for your family, and a government that can collaborate because they are not unduly influenced. iowa, until that happens, this november there is a little resisting we have to do. i know you know how to resist. i have seen you resist in des moines. i have seen you resist at senators ernst and grassley's town halls. i have seen you show up. and this president, with his impulses, he gives us a lot to resist.
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when he tries to take us back to plan,ddle east without a without allies in the region for an unlimited amount of time, we must resist. [applause] when his impulse is threatened the likelihood of iowa farmers who are feeding their families, feeding each and every one of us and feeding the world, we must resist. [applause] this president wants to build a wall on the southern border. when he tries to do that we must resist, but iowa, is not only the physical wall he is trying to build that is harmful. there are a lot of walls you cannot see. when he tries to put a wall between a woman and her right to make her own health care decisions, we must resist.
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[applause] when he tries to put a wall between a worker and her right safegotiate for fair pay, working conditions and a secure retirement, we must resist. [applause] when this president and his allies in congress try to put a and hisween a dreamer right to stay in the only country he has ever said the pledge of allegiance to, we must resist. [applause] i'm still paying off student loans. but the only debt-free education i have received has been a phd in russian studies. [laughter] boy, we saw what we did in our last election.
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russia did not intervene and interfere because they were bored. or because they are testing software. they wanted something out of it. they saw a president who had invested in russia and was one of the only few americans who let them invest so much in him. he can't say a bad thing about vladimir putin. he was to reduce sanctions put in place are what they are doing in the ukraine and syria. he wants to diminish the role our nato allies have played to check with your doing in the balkans in the baltic. you would think the least we can do after what russia did this last election was just assure the american people that we will never let this happen again. that we will protect and harden the ballot. i wrote legislation to create an independent commission.
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i was inspired by what i saw when i was a 20-year-old intern. september 11, 2001, working on capitol hill, our nation was attacked but we saw republicans and democrats unite. and the work they did in the days after in the weeks and months and years after to understand how we were's still vulnerable -- we were still vulnerable, to was responsible, and what we needed to do to make sure it never happened again. that is what i expected from republicans when a foreign adversary tried to take away our freedom to choose our leaders. you think they showed up to do that? problemhink steve king, and david younger on those bills? they are not. every democrat in the house, and two republicans. i will do all i can to get enough republicans to get that passed. check the ballot boxes.
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if we cannot change those minds, whether it is in congress, the 10 seats in the senate here, the 10 seats in the statehouse here, we will have to change some seats. 24 in the house of representatives. iowa, are you with me? can we start to change the seats? here is how we will do it. we will show that 19-year-old that in our country our story is when those footsteps go from the town square to town hall and that they march as dr. king said on ballot boxes that all the greatest positive differences are country have ever come, it was young people. who flock to give women the right to vote, civil liberties to all, and in the unlawful wars in vietnam and iraq, make sure that any person can marry anyone they want regardless of who they
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were. we can move that young woman to the ballot box. participate and show her she can make a difference. when we do that, when you do that, when we are giving the trust -- given the trust of leading again, we have to build a franklin roosevelt. in 1941, he guaranteed every american, every man, woman and child the freedom of speech, and freedom of worship, freedom from fear, and a freedom from want. we should add a fifth one. american the freedom to dream. the dream my parents strange for me. the dream that davenport parent stream for their kids when they work hard every single day.
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it is this idea that they can do better than we did, and their hard work will mean something. iowa, if our kids are free to learn, they are free to dream. if they are free from violence, they are free to dream. they are free to choose at the ballot box. they are free to dream. they are free from discrimination, they are free to dream. if they are free to work hard and that hard work will always mean something in america, they are free to dream. i still believe in that america. i know you do too. i will continue to fight for it. fight with me, iowa, and we will reshape our country. thank you very much. [applause]
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> thank you, congressman. k.ank you, congressman loebsa thank you mayor garsetti, and thank you all of you for being here. good night. [applause] [crowd noise] monday on landmark cases, speaker the des moines independent school district, a
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case about student free speech. in 1965, students from des moines iowa were black armbands to school to protest the vietnam war, violating local school policies. for students -- the students challenged the school boards free speech restrictions and the resulting supreme court decision established that the students keep their first amendment rights on school grounds. our guests to discuss this case one of theth pinker, five students who challenged the school district. she was 13 at the time. she began working as a free speech at the get for students, touring nationally. an independent litigator who has worked in more and work fors, supreme court justice clarence thomas in 1986.
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monday on c-span. join the conversation. follow us at c-span. we have resources on her website for background on each cases, a list of the national -- link to the national constitution center's constitution, and listen to the podcast at ndmarkcases.a tuesday >>, president trump welcomes french president emmanuel macron to the white house for an official state visit. our live coverage begins tuesday with the arrival of the french president and misses mar -- mrs. macron at the white house. live coverage of president trump's first state dinner starts at 6:30 p.m. eastern with guest arrivals and dinner toasts. the official state visit of french president emmanuel macron, live starting tuesday morning on c-span., and on the free
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c-span radio app. c-span, newsmakers is next with republican senator james lankford of oklahoma. that is followed by yesterday's funeral service for former first lady barbara bush. at 8:00, hour discussion with etan thomas, this book takes a look at the connection between sports and activism. susan: our guest on c-span's newsmakers is oklahoma republican senator james lankford. in the senate he served on the intelligence committee, the appropriations committee where he has been share of one of the subcommittees on financial services, homeland security and also indian affairs. thank you for being our guest. sen. lankford: glad to be with you. susan: two the reporters, erica warner, washington post,


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