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tv   Student Cam - Grand Prize  CSPAN  April 22, 2018 10:50pm-11:01pm EDT

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sher two decades as a nurse began working as a free speech advocate. with a litigator experience at the supreme court including work with more than 100 courses who clerked for supreme court justice clarence thomas. watch monday at 9:00 p.m. eastern and join the conversation. follow us at c-span. we have resources for background on each case, a landmark cases companion book, a link to the national constitution center's interactive constitution and our podcast. ♪ we feature our studentcam contest winners. schoold middle and high
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students to choose a provision of the u.s. constitution and illustrate why it was important to them. winners areize 12th-graders at dallas center grimes high school in grimes, iowa where c-span is available through mediacom. they tell us about the 26th amendment. .ake a look >> happy birthday. >> thank you. come on in. >> i'm here bearing gifts. 26th amendment. >> voter registration? >> how would you like to go on an amendment adventure? >> right this way. >> here we go! craig c guys later. thanks for everything. >> why did he leave his own
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party? >> we are here. >> i see that, but why are we here? politics. part of it is the perfect place to learn about youth voting and the 26 amendment. >> i agree with learning about voting but what is looking at the building going to do? are exempt done plenty of research and people had a great lot to say about the importance of voting. >> getting an 18-year-old to vote was very much connected with the saying, old enough to fight, old enough to vote. goingetnam war was still on. there were casualties. it was a commanding argument. >> they have a lot of stuff going on. i need you young people to vote. >> one of we read the constitution, lo and behold there was something there that
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was the 26th of amendment. that basically said that it will have the young people from being discriminated against if they were 18 or older in the active of voting. >> i would not tell people to be very interested in politics and government and citizenship from this standpoint. in america, it is different from other countries. you have more of an opportunity to help govern or be governed or to help rule or be rolled than any other young people living anywhere else in the world. i encourage everyone, especially young voters to go out there and vote. >> i think the biggest myth that young people face is that their vote does not make a difference. in does. your voice matters.
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it is important to take advantage of that to have a say in our republic. >> i encourage anyone in high school who is interested in politics and government get involved. contact local nonprofits, local advocacy groups, local party of affiliates if you know where your lie on the spectrum. >> a lot of people say, do not buy into it. i think a lot of folks were millennials who signed up knowing it would take them to a place like that. i think showing up in large numbers to vote is important. voice, that stuff is gone to affect us and affect our kids. >> hello, i am encouraging you to register to vote. this is your future. we're counting on you to shape it. >> that was really cool but as early but i could talk to? >> i am an charge -- in contact
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very important in the passing of the 26th of amendment. i have him on facetime. we can call him. >> hello. we want to ask you some questions by your role in the 26th of amendment. at the time, i was a director at a subcommittee on constitutional amendments. it was both difficult and it easy, the whole question of old enough to fight, old enough to ate was a part of the debate this particular time. >> yeah, for sure. >> so, i would say, you have the vote. you have to use the vote. there's not enough and people voting. there is not enough and people running work public office. with theyat has to do
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need when they are seniors in high school to have some sense of their civic responsibility. i am hopeful over time that percentage of young people voting will increase substantially. >> thank you. >> goodbye. that was really cool. the last part about youth running for office is very important. give anybody we could talk to? >> yes, i've a friend to rent for his local school board. we can talk to them. >> we're here to talk today about some of the things you have done. >> i found out there was a school action coming up in two months. i sought as an opportunity to get involved in my community and make a difference at the local low level. we ran a campaign. a did we did outreach to new voters, mostly people from my graduating
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class. of time on campus trying to make sure students are not from my law who don't know the political scene here, i make sure they have enough information so when they go vote in city and school board election say have enough information to make informed decisions. we do voter registration drives because it is really important, especially as college students to exercise that right. made it into the home stretch. >> interviewing somebody in the capital. >> i kind of got to get home. >> already? >> in yes. my mom texted me something about a family dinner. >> ok. see you next tuesday when it is time to vote. punched the rifle.
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>> the bubble, right? you fielded in? -- fielded in? in?illed it been a week. >> maybe you should start eating cake. >> you guys were waiting? announcer: to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries in this year student competition, visit ♪ ♪ announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up, roll calls john bennett and erik: warner discuss the weekend and washington and inn we look at the faa role
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airline safety. we sure to watch washington journal live on c-span monday morning. join the discussion. ranks connect with c-span2 personalize information you get from us.\connect and sign up. primetimeted with the schedule and coverage. it gives you the most interesting daily highlights in word for word. and booktv is an upcoming look at book festivals. the american history tv weekly newsletter gives you upcoming programming exploring our nation's past. sign-up today. announcer: tonight on c-span, q&a with warmer affectional basketball player it on thomas.
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thomas. later, talking about the future of clinical leadership. coco >> this week on q&a, former professional best ballplayer and author etan thomas. etan thomas discusses his book "we matter: athletes and activism." brian: etan thomas, tell us the story of a guy named bill bland and the impact he had on your life. etan: he had a big impact on my life.


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