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tv   Rachel Oswald  CSPAN  April 23, 2018 2:47am-2:57am EDT

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announcer: rachel oswald is cq roll call foreign policy reporter. the senate foreign relations committee needs monday afternoon to vote on mike pompeo to be the next secretary of state. the committee, chaired by senator bob corker. what is the status of support in back committee for the nomination? >> i would say it is close to near certain he does not have support for a favorable recommendation. we have had at least one
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republican, rand paul, come out against. all democrats with the exception of chris coons. he told me on thursday he is leaning towards voting against mike pompeo, who he voted against for cia director. >> what are rand paul's principal objections so far? said he objected to mike pompeo's military interventionist policies, including his advocacy's for the war in a rock and his advocacy for potential military intervention on iran over its nuclear weapons program during the obama administration. host: you tweeted this about chris coons, saying i am leaning voting against the nomination, final decision yet to be made, foreign relations voting monday evening. give us a sense of why senator cowan and other democrats are
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opposing his nomination? guest: democrats have cited, in addition to his previous objection to the a ron deal, his statements equivocating on russian government interference, objectionable comments he made about muslims and their potential complicity in terrorist attacks if they were not condemning them, as well as his stances against gay civil rights. he, a numbere that of senators, they think he won't tell president trump things he does not want to hear. there is a lot of concern about who will be talking to donald trump and whether they will speak truth to power. host: do you think that meeting between mike pompeo and kim jong-un, reported after the confirmation meeting, had any influence on his democratic opposition or the rand paul opposition? guest: it's really hard to tell.
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at least one senator explicitly objected to it. he said he felt mike pompeo should have privately disclosed the meeting when they met together afterwards as part of the confirmation process. the senator said he has specific questions about planning around the north korea summit. he felt like pompeo was withholding by not that holding that. another senator, when i asked if she had any objections, she said she did not. she cited the need to have diplomacy on north korea as a reason for voting to confirm mike pompeo. host: late in the week, heidi heitkamp lending her support saying she would support the nomination of mike pompeo when it comes to the senate floor. let's go back to the count in the foreign relations committee. your tweet, saying pompeo is one vote away from historic negative confirmation.
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what do you mean by historic? what happens if it is reported out unfavorably? guest: i used the word historic because to our knowledge it has never happened before. they did not begin releasing the votes of executive meetings until the 1920's. so far back as we have history, there has never been a negative vote of a secretary of state nominee by the committee. in the actual vote, there's three things that could happen. they could vote favorably, which they don't have the votes to do. they could vote unfavorably, which they generally don't ever do. or they could vote to move the nomination without recommendation out of the committee. i tend to think they are going to do the third option, that recommendation option. it's what they did when they
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advanced nomination of john bolton to the u.n. ambassador during the george w. bush years. because the chairman of the , has been bob corker advocating for mike pompeo's nomination, i tend to think he would want to share the -- spare the director the embarrassment of being voted this favorably out of the committee. host: it moves out of the committee on monday. any indication from mitch mcconnell of timetable for debate in the senate? guest: they want to get him confirmed as soon as possible. senator mcconnell has not released a vote scheduled yet. that could happen on monday. i think he could happen as soon as thursday, which is why they probably scheduled the committee votes on monday to give them introduce the nomination on to the calendar and tea it up for a final vote on thursday. host: we will be looking for
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your reporting on it. rachel oswald's foreign-policy reporter for cq roll call. thanks so much. guest: thank you. announcer: on friday, delaware senator chris coons tweeted that after careful consideration, he will oppose the nomination of mike pompeo to be the next secretary of state. his decision was out of concern that mr. pompeo what it ,embolden, rather than restrain president trump's most dangerous instincts." the senate foreign relations committee is meeting monday to vote on the nomination. we have live coverage at 5 p.m. eastern on c-span. connect with c-span to personalize the information you get from us. go to and sign up for the email. the program guide is a daily
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mail with the most updated primetime schedule and upcoming live coverage. word for word gives you the most -- video highlight. an inside look at upcoming authors and book vegetables. -- american history tv exploring our nation's past. visit and sign up today. >> monday on landmark cases, a case about student free speech. in 1965, students from des moines iowa war black armbands to protest the vietnam war, violating school policies. the students challenged the school board's free speech restriction. the resulting decision established that the students
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keep their first amendment rights on school grounds. our guests to discuss this case are mary beth tinker, one of the students. she was 13 at the time. after two decade as a pediatric nurse, she started working as a free speech advocate, touring nationally as a speaker at schools. and an independent federal appellate litigator with experience at the supreme court, including work on more than 100 cases. he clerked for clarence thomas. watch landmark cases monday on c-span. join the conversation. g is landmarkta cases. we have background on each case, , a link to thek national constitution center's interactive constitution, and the landmark cases podcast at
2:56 am >> the national cannabis festival hosted a policy summit. a portion of the event is just under two hours. >> hi everyone. on amplifyingnel equity in the cannabis industry. we have three guests with us today one going to introduce quickly. a managing director of ventures, the ceo of entech activision, and the general manager of marley natural. she was named one of the most powerful women in


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