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tv   Student Cam - Grand Prize  CSPAN  April 23, 2018 4:46am-4:57am EDT

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announcer: here's a look at our live coverage for monday. the council on american islamic relations holds a news conference to release their civil rights report. later, the senate foreign relations committee meets. this evening, landmark cases continues with a look at tinker v. des moines independent schools which questioned the first amendment rights of students on school grounds. atc-span2, we look preparations for the 2020 census and the decision to include a question about u.s. citizenship. on tuesday, the u.s. senate returns to consider a judicial nomination.
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>>'s month on c-span we feature our studentcam contest winners. middle and high school students to choose a provision of the u.s. constitution and illustrate why it was an important to them. our grand prize winners are 12th-graders at dallas center grimes high school in grimes, i will wear c-span is available through mediacom. they tell us about the 26th amendment. take a look. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> come in. >> i come bearing gifts. this is from the 26th amendment. eggs of voters registration? how did you get my social security number? how would you like to go on and amendment adventure? >> i guess so. >> rate this way!
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there we go! >> why did he leave his own party? >> it's finally here. >> i see that. >> where we here? >> this is the iowa state capitol. it is the perfect place to learn 26th youth voting and the amendment. >> i agree it is important, but what is looking at the building going to do? recs i have done plenty of research and talked while the rate people. they have lots to say about the importance of youth voting. >> the attitude about getting 18-year-olds to vote was very much connected with the notion, old enough to fight, old enough to vote. the war in vietnam was on. there were casualties. it was a commanding argument. >> emp plum a lot of stuff going on, but i need you young people
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to vote. >> low and behold, there was something there that was that 26th amendment that basically said that it prohibited young people from being discriminated against if they were 18 or older in the act of voting. >> i would tell young people to be very interested in politics and government and citizenship from the standpoint. more of an opportunity in america to help govern or be governed or help roll or be livinghen young people anywhere else in the world. >> i encourage everyone, especially younger voters, to go out there and vote. threatink the biggest
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saying your vote doesn't matter. it does matter. it is important to take that advantage and vote. >> i would encourage anyone to get involved, contact local nonprofits, local advocacy groups, local party affiliates if you know where you lie on the spectrum. >> people say i don't buy into it. i served. i see a lot of folks who are millennials who signed up. so i think showing up in large numbers to vote makes a very important statement. that is stuff that is going to affect us, affect our kids. >> hello, i'm encouraging you to register to vote. this is your future and we are shake up.n you to
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i've set was really cool. is there anybody i could talk to? >> actually, i'm in contact with someone who is a streamlined important in the passing of that funny sixth amendment. i have them on race time, we could call him. >> hello. we want to ask you some questions about your role in the 26th amendment. the time i was system after actor at the senate subcommittee on constitutional amendments. it was both difficult and easy. old enough to fight, old enough to vote was part of the debate on this. you have theay vote, you need to use the vote. there are not enough young people voting. there are not enough jen people
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running for public office. are seniors iney high school they need to have some sense of civic responsibility. i have hopeful that over time the percentage of young people voting will increase substantially. >> ok. >> thank you. really cold. >> the last part about you is running for office was important. >> i had a friend who ran for the local school board. let's go talk to him. >> sounds good. >> hello. we want to talk about some of the stuff you done. out there was his goal action coming up. i sought as an opportunity to get involved in my community and make a difference at the local level.
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>> did your classmates come out and vote for you? legs i did a lot of outreach to new voters. mostly people from my graduating class. i spent a lot of time on campus trying to make sure the students who are not from i would know the political scene. nature they had information so when they go vote in city and school board election say have enough information to make informed decisions. we also do voter registration drives because it is really important, especially with college students. eggs thank you. -- >> thank you. have to get home. >> already? >> yes. my mom just texted me. something about a family dinner. >> sets ok. we will see you back here next
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tuesday, when it is time to vote. >> i really enjoyed it. [indiscernible] >> it be a voter! >> it has been a week. maybe we should start eating the cake. >> you guys were waiting? announcer: to seal of the prize-winning documentaries in this year's competition, visit >> you are not just handing over things you like when you click on "like."
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it is aggregating an enormous amount of information. if you are typing and change your mind and don't type it, they collect those and analyze, why did you not continued typing? i think the deal we are making is for a fairly limited amount of information but the reality is a surveillance machine that collects and traction across the web, across devices, buys information about you from third parties, collected altogether and uses that to target you. announcer: watched the communicators tonight on c-span2 at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> friday morning we are in salt lake city, utah, for the next up on the c-span 50 bus capital store. will be with a
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starting at 9:30 a.m. in eastern. >> the supreme court will decide whether states can require internet stores to collect sales taxes. petitioners are challenging in 1992 supreme court decision that says taxes can only be collected by businesses with the physical presence in the state. this is one hour. >> we will hear an argument first this morning on case 17 494, south decatur versus wayfair. >> mr. chief justice, there are two very significant consequences brought about. --st our small businesses on main street are being harmed by the unlevel playing field. out-of-state


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