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tv   Washington Journal 04252018  CSPAN  April 25, 2018 9:07am-10:06am EDT

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enforced. children of members will not be permitted on the floor. the operation of all members is requested. the practice of reserving seats prior to the joint meeting by the placard will not be allowed. members may reserve their seats by physical presence only following the security sweep of the chamber. pursuant to the order of the house of tuesday, april 17, 2018, the house stands in recess subject to the call of the chair.
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-- 44 years and there were a lot fewer people in the work force years ago. we've got the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years the the last year of clinton administration and held for four or five months and we historic number of job openings despite more people employed than ever been
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in the history of the country. we've flipped the problems the is facing, the problem we faced during the obama years, orkers couldn't find good-paying jobs, now the biggest problem is that businesses can't find enough workers to fill the good-paying jobs that are open. we are seeing an economy that has taken off across all sectors. that is the trump boom. host: you start this book with of your nomination for labor secretary and why you nomination, why start with that? guest: because i think a lot of to know what happened during that proceeding, hy i wasn't there, it was a setup for the book. the plot to stop the forces that trump andng president
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really we've never had a president that faced this kind mediacerted effort by the and the left to discredit his economic accomplishments and i talk, not only provide people, provide readers with the mmunition to defend the president's economic policies and to share these underreported economic accomplishments, but know who was trying to hold this information back, who was trying to stop the trump afraid of him uk seeding. not afraid of them failing, i hink in the obama administration, people who opposed his policies, like me, ere concerned they would fail american workers, wouldn't produce economic growth. i think the big fear on the president trump's policies will create economic growth and that economic tie that president kennedy said lifts all otes, working class to upper class. i wanted to talk about the elements that were opposing president trump and they were elements that opposed
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my nomination for secretary of labor, it seemed like a good lead-in. host: why did you withdraw your name from that nomination? guest: we had 52 republican senators. lose two and senators murkowsky iffy votes they were right leaning, devos who lem for went before me for secretary of education. senator, other isaacson. ohnny isaacson would not support my nomination. the vice president called and told me that, look, if you want the confirmation hearing, the president and i support you. t is not fair, if you want to fight it, you can fight it. i didn't want a loss on the trump floor early in the administration, i didn't want the president to suffer a loss i h my name on it, so
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withdrew my nomination because i didn't have the votes. not fightingregret more? there were allegations of abuse from 1989 divorce, concerns about an undocumented housekeeper? guest: yeah, the problem in the proceedings and it is protocol nominees that you can't defend yourself. so if the media kind of gangs up the left and goes after you, you have a big problem. outlets that dia defended me, i would have much referred to defend myself and part of this book is a little of defending myself at the the ning, more about -- book is about trump, the boom, the value of capitalism, how brings prosperity to every nation that ever really implemented it and socialism opposite. i would very much like to defend myself, i have to be the only in the country that has me, of problem arising out
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allegations my former wife made 30 years ago that admitted of time short period after the allegations that they were untrue and her lawyer had gotten her to make those in the divorce, she admitted that many times. we're very good friends, we have dinners together, talk regularly and she was very open ith the senate committee about the fact that these allegations were just untrue. and a half page letter to the senate, to the health committee, helt and welfare and education committee i was in front of. congressional committee is a crime. my ex-wife and i get along well, would commit ahe crime for me. i got to be the only guy in the me, too, problem. i was c.e.o. for 17 years, obody claims i used that power to elicit sexual favors from them. y former wife made allegation in a divorce she admitted was untrue, i would have liked to have defended that.
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we did have an employee in our house who was not a legal undocumented.was i thought she was working for a service, i was running a paying attention to what was going on in the house. when i asked my wife about this she informed me she wasn't documented and the next day i let her go. told her she couldn't work for us, but i would help her try to she wanted izen if to and then we'd be happy to hire her back. the allegations i think were way out of proportion. i would have loved to defend can't, again, protocol is you don't talk to he press while nomination is pending and retrospect, i should have talked to the press anyway defended orward and myself. it is what it is. for andrew puzder with us 20 to 25 minutes on "washington journal" talking about his new comeback, capitalist the trump boom and the left's plot to stop it. o join the conversation,
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republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. andrew puzder, you describe your a most-wanted list of institutions standing in the way prosperity.nd who are they? think these are sectors of our society that have infiltrated effectively by he progressives, which have -- progressives have deep roots in socialism. our education, the education deeply as been penetrated, we have in high school, we've got kids being book by howard zen, admitted marxist and writes warped history as history of oppression as opposed to political freedom and economic freedom. then you see it in our colleges, too. people are afraid to hear opinions. number one would be the education system. number two would be the
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entertainment industry, t.v. and movies. even kid movies, even children's movies often have a suspicious number of businessmen or women corporate, c.e.o.'s, people that realize the american dream guys.e bad from an brainwashing early age, who are the good guys and bad guy necessary life. unions, outside influence in politics. don't get me wrong, labor unions serve a good purpose in the last wants 10 year y nothiing in coal mines. they protect workers, whether division at hour the department of labor or the eoc, or osha. agencies designed to protect american workers, which had been the function of the unions. the unions look to government for relevance and to sustain end up mbership and
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supporting things that really $15 t make sense like minimum wage, research shows in he city, even rich cities like san francisco and seattle, it has really hurt working class americans. working class americans union members understand this, they understand their leadership i think the ch and best example of that is this last election. households voted for president trump, mostly because his immigration and were consistent with what should be the goals of the union. unions supported hillary clinton with over $100 million in that 42% number includes government unions and government unions of course want bigger government, want more money to government. that is how government union elevate salary and lifestyle. if you look at private sector, workers, ers, steel coal miners, more like 60% voted for president trump. union leaders that are
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very out of touch. ou -- and supporting progressive socialist causes, deep roots and the movement has socialism, cessary the education system and you have the entertainment industry interestng against the of the free enterprise system and trying to do everything they make sure that this president doesn't succeed ecause if president trump succeeds after president obama, i think the comparison is going won't be thing you able to wipe out of people's minds for many, many years. host: as capitalist, do you final tension between capitalism governing first philosophy? guest: well, i'm not sure what an america on of first governing policy is, you know, we probably need to talk examples.cific see conflict between america first policy and capitalism. e are independent, sovereign
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nation and should look out for our interests. our interests obviously involve trade.ide we need to be sensitive to that. no, i don't see any conflict. host: andrew puzder taking your calls until 9:40. tim is up first, line for democrats. good morning, go ahead. caller: yeah, i don't believe this guy. can't believe that you would actually say that the president static from us when what happened to your memory? republicans and how they picked on obama? as far as me being in a union that union ng members, went along with your policy is a big joke. everything out of your mouth is a bunch of propaganda. you andrew puzder, let respond. guest: well, as far as the unions, i was talking about the opposed to not unions, i don't object to leadership, big
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labor, has lost its way. didn't say union or union members support policies i'm advocating, i said they voted for president trump, private majority voted for president trump and i assume they were voting for him because policies rt his because union leadership went in the other direction. epublicans and including myself, were critical of president obama's policies, i obamacriticized president himself, but i was very critical of economic policies, not i wanted those policies to fail, but because i was succeed.d they wouldn't the difference here is people are attacking president trump on a personal basis, not on the of his policies, but on a personal basis, which we didn't obama, at sident least i didn't. and they're attacking him not in hope his economic policies will succeed, i think we're seeing great success, he's being for the policies anyway, not because they might fail, but succeed and might
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that would setback. host: we asked viewer whether is they thought president trump's cabinet and nominees have been treated fairly, how would you that question? guest: well, certainly i don't think i was treated fairly. somebody, let's take a better example. ike pompeo, what universe do you not just simply vote to approve poechl moechl? qualified inently person who was selected by the president of the united states. state. be secretary of he was already approved as the head of the c.i.a. trying arth, other than to hurt president trump, why wouldn't you just vote for this guy? kerry got approved almost unanimously and people in the like john kerry. hillary clinton got approved unanimously. republicans didn't feel she had he right policy, but you want somebody qualified that the president selected and will support the president's policies. elected fairly and
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honestly under the system to carry out policies and he's pick his cabinet. i think mike pompeo is probably the best example of the seeing.ce we are if you take it down a level, i was nominated to be secretary of labor, gentleman named pat picked as would have assistant secretary. i wanted to nominate him. acosta was nominated, i recommended to him pat and he selected pat to be his number two. i thought pat would be approved if approved by may or june. selected him, i think alex probably thought the same june, have y or somebody in who understood the department. yesterday.roved you know, they are drag it's giving out, ridiculous, been looking for any people.not approve it it is not a fair thing, the be no.would
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caller: people should learn their history. a union family, we waited 40 years when fighting imports, america first. term rst time i heard the america first was from jesse jackson, people should learn history about that. away the names, put economic statistics, nobody has one better than trump done so far in his first term presidents.hree finally issue the reason why the left is scared is because doing fantastic. talk to minorities, they don't starbucks, about golf courses, they care about the bottom line and their economy minorities are doing excellent and it is a comedy. andrew puzder. guest: he's absolutely right. unemployment rate for african americans just hit recent months.n
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people are finding jobs. we've turned the economy upside an economy where people couldn't find jobs to an economy where businesses can't hispanic rs and unemployment is near historical lows. is absolutely true and i'm glad that he realized factsecause i think these are undercovered by the media and it is good to get the word out there. kimberly, in washington, pennsylvania, go ahead. voted for trump and i just left the union. as a matter of fact, the job i flagger and the job i had before was union, i had etter benefits, a little more pay, but i was seduced to go because they were supposed to be it was far less, way less. span of three months $880 out of my pay, that was crazy. the union and that was ith pipeline, for crying out
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loud. at any rate, i have relatives who work in a county home, they sold out, they were making $17 an hour. they sold out, the new company took them down to $9 an hour. far as azy. as obstructionists, the democrats, have never s old, i ever, never ever remember any being threatened with impeachment before he even took office. set the precedent right there. host: andrew puzder. much again, i agree with of what she said, i think the uniyops have lost relevance for workers and if they're going to keep looking to government and pursuing big overnment as the source of their success, in other words, they always want to pass legislation to try and goals, rather ir than meet the needs of their unions are in the trouble, we've seen union membership. call, oung lady and i can
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i'm 67, i can call 55 young, but joined a very large group of people that left unions, union membership is at or near historic lows. dropped significantly from the 1970s and the 1980s. membership hit highs in the 1950s and steadily declined. to do is read the newspaper to see what happened southeastakers in the united states where people have built plants because their right towork states you don't have belong to a union and plant after plant, the uniyoun has outright rejected and boeing in south carolina rejected the union. unions need to get more in touch with what the workers need and what the workers want. get out from under the dominance of progressives and big overnment socialists and start worrying more about their workers and less about the overnment, political support
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they get. host: since president trump has taken office, we've seen the past $20 ebt tick trillion, according to u.s. debt com. dot 208 illion, 155 billion, million with trillion dollar deficits expected to start by 2020. what is your recommendation to president trump on how concerned about that? guest: very concerned and i think he is. deficit and the debt is a huge problem in this country and ome people might wonder why knowing that, president trump would have signed this recent mnibus bill, which significantly increased deficit spending. i think the reason is that -- like the president, i wish he hadn't had to sign it, ut i think when you're in the white house, when you're sitting in the oval office, when you are world that desk, the looks a lot different than it does to those who are economic trying to t here or
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criticize economic policy and direct economic policy. military was severely depleted. as president of the united tates, you want to make sure you can defend this country and tohave the military strength bring peace through power, rather than peace through appeasement. i think ronald reagan said there fought r been a war because america was too strong. it is when america is too weak. i think i would have done the same thing the president did, if this is what i had to do to get for military spending, i would have done it. now that is done. this president went in to take the swamp. i like the fact they are trying get initiative going to cut spending, that is positive. address nondiscretionary spending. discretionary spending is small part of our budget, when we spend our time talking about wasting our time.
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e need entitlement reform, earned income, reform social security so young people have ocial security when they get older, reform medicare so it is more effective and less costly states. there are many thipgs we need to do with nondiscretionary time to do we have it. we have tax cuts, deregulation, repeald anduld have replaced obamacare, that is a problem we have to deal with as a party. time to face the nondiscretionary overspending that we're doing as a nation. i hate to use a word commonly used, almost loses meaning, this truly is unsustainable. host: line for democrats, rob in tulsa, oklahoma. good morning. caller: good morning. o you and good morning mr. andrew puzder. guest: morning, rob. caller: i do not support anything you say right now. happen to be disabled and i
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don't, i never -- everything over the years as i've gotten gone up and , have up and up. that is just life, you know. that arelot of friends low and middle class and they don't see the jobs that you are about.g i have friends that work at walmart that lost hours when raise.ot a pay i don't understand why you sit and you the democrats swamp,ump has drained the all of his cabinet, most of his wigs, plus -- g being investigated for spending money on private telephone booths, the man from pruitt, it's just idiculous how you just sit and say things because you support liar.resident who is a host: andrew puzder. sensitive to 'm
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the needs of working class and lower working class individuals. my family was working class. didn't have a silver spoon or paid education to college, neither the government nor my worked through college and law school with a family. wasn't sure nths i i was going to be able to pay month at the end of the month or feed ough food to everybody. it was tough and i'm sensitive to those needs, i think that is earned incomeneed tax credit, i think it would be very meaningful and helpful. far as the jobs for individuals, i will tell you ight now, there are 400,000 jobs open in the manufacturing sector and 250,000 open in the sector.tion there were in january, 6.3 6.2 ion job openings, million, now those are histor historically high numbers. individuals unable to find jobs or feel they need a better job than they are getting at i can't tell you why
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walmart cut hours, i'm not involved with walmart. looking for jobs, jobs out there, i encourage them to talk to that handle job search organization whether government or private sector to get if they want training and if they can get the training and that could be apprenticeship or internship or more schooling, get good-paying if they want to get in start, there are job openings, openings.ion job as long as you don't have a criminal history or serious drug you should be able to find employment in this economy, are employed than ever been employd and more job there have ever been. i hate to disagree with this individual's personal experience can't rectify the problems for the people he knows, the there if you want
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host: how concerned she we as growing between the gap between the rich sxeft poorest in this country? guest: any time there is inequality, there is reason for concern n. free market economy, you will always have that. a chapter in the book on this, i would encourage people to buy this book and read it but to buy it and give to your kids or grandkids, if you want them to understand free enterprise system works and how it benefits people. have a chapter that covers income inequality at length, it is not as bad as you are being told it is. the way to shrink income inequality, you can't with mandates or order the rich to get poorer and the poorer to get richer. create have to do is jobs and good paying jobs so people in the working class can their incomes. john kennedy said rising tide lifts off votes. the notion cuts and
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economic tide, when economic tide goes up, everybody's life that has been so throughout american history. we lifted ourselves from 13, backwoods colonies up to a naelgz by 1885, we had largest and shortlyhe world thereafter, highest standard of living in the world. was brought about by capitalism that economic tide ifting all votes, which quite honestly puts lie to the argument that wealth is zero sum which is what inequality argument is about. words, the notion the rich get richer when the poor get poorer, that is not the case. he economy, economic tide can make everybody richer and should make everybody richer, whichwor lie to this progressive is desirable.e if we get economic growth, wages will start to go up, income inequality will decline and everybody should benefit. i'm excited about where we are potential going forward and
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i hope people will take a look at the book and share with their grandkids who may be buying into the socialist host: time for one or two more andy puzder. go ahead. caller: good morning, andrew, talk be clear and let me really slow so you can not spin this. we trump became president, were humming right along. you and the talking heads kept economy was disaster, it was humming along. dried when nk president trump took office, all f a sudden, the economy switched and took off, which that to anything president trump did in his first hree months of his
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administration. point to anything he had done caused the economy to take ff and unemployment rate to fall, especially among african american communities, anything. clear. don't spin -- host: alex, got your question. andrew puzder, go ahead. absolutely -- let's talk about that for a minute, hat happened during the obama administration. president obama came in and had that $800 billion in stimulus enacted dodd-frank nd obamacare, the economists orecast that in 2011, gdp growth, gross domestic product, economic growth, would go up 3.8% and 2012 and 2013, over 4%. hat was rationale calculation, in prior 10 recessions, during that early years of recovery, we 4.3% gdp growth. .1% gdp growth is a ton of
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.oney for taxes -- they do monthly optimism index measuring optimism among they go to sses, chamber for optimism among large businesses. optimism survey comes out every month and it shot up at the time of the election. the reason president obama had meager economic growth was
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businesses weren't investing. they felt over regulated, they they were axed, concerned about what the next big government program was going regulatory the next roadblock that was put in their way was going to be. investing.weren't follow president trump's election as he promised to deregulate and did so almost immediately, reduce number of to cut ons and promised taxes, which he achieved, wanted obamacare,and replace which didn't happen. cutting taxes and reducing regulations fed that optimism. optimism has been in the top 5 for theof the nfib poll past 16 months and since the goes back 45 poll years. businesses are optimistic, investing because of optimism, investing because they have more money to invest tax cuts.the accept for the tax cuts that
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took place at the end of the optimism took place before the election and regulatory reductions began to take place significant in the first three months. what was the result of that? first ult was for the three quarters of president rump's presidency, the first three economic quarters, gdp 3.1%.h has averaged cbo projecting for next year that congressional budget next year jecting will be 3.3%. this, not trying to spin cucheck the numbers, i've written about them if you google look at articles i've written recently, i wrote an article that went over all spin, it is ot economic numbers comparing numbers, bureau of labor labor department came out with during the trump administration and during the administration and we have seen significant growth and ncreases in the amount of people working and the amount of
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jobs open and benefits to the like the ommunities african americans have never been better in the job market than they are today. host: the book is "the -- "the t comeback" capitalist comeback: the trump boom and the left's plot to stop it." ind him on twitter at ander puzder, we appreciate your time this morning, sir. guest: glad to do it, i hope the book and y give it a chance. thank you. host: up next, on "washington any al," open phones, public policy issue you want to talk about, the phone lines are yours to do it. numbers are on the screen, now.can start calling in we'll be right back. >> saturday our live coverage of annapolis book msnbc's clisz des matthews with the book "bobby white house correspondent april ryan with presidency," and
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amir, coming eur age of artificial intelligence. new agenda president and co-founder amy fiskin with her list," and journalist graff, the story of the u.s. government secret plan to save itself while the rest of us die. atch live coverage of the annapolis book festival aturday, 10 a.m. eastern on c-span 2 book t.v. >> sunday on q&a... >> the news starts to spread papers around the country and seems to be swaying voters, there is famous that comes outon with baby screaming, mom, mom, where is my pa. lillian cunningham, "washington journal" podcasts.ional >> so the first few episodes are kind ofy head, they all
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hang around the concept of "we the people," so it was ploration of gender, race, nationality, ancestry, then we ove into the idea of more perfect union and there are a episodes about justice ends sort of d it with a culmination with the liberty for ourselves and our posterity and what does that mean? >> lillian cunningham, sunday night 8 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> "washington journal" continues. ost: it's open phones on the "washington journal," any public policy issue you want to talk about, phone lines are yours when we end the program today. republicans, it's 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000.
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independents, 202-748-8002. keep you keep you updated on what has been on the president's mind this morning, one of two tweets this morning offering lesko tulations to debbie on her big win in the special lection for the arizona house seat, that happened yesterday. debbie will do a great job, the is so nt said, press silent. here is a story in the "new york winningoday about lesko that election, the republican candidate's victory, the "new demonstratedrites, resilience of conservative base and eagerness of liberals to in most heavily at ricts, single digit win this point according to results, he still some ballots to be counted, "new york times" says the seat for the eighth district is haven for sunshine seeking retirees reliably idwest and
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republican, democrats didn't elections, st two trent franks resigned following evelations he offered $5 million to aid in exchange for carrying his child. to the democrats rallied democratic candidate. in the d mrs. lesko first election since 2016, women.n the two some race watchers noting there is likely rematch coming in the between the two. this again, for the special arizona.yesterday in want to get to your calls, phone in open phones. linda in ohio, line for democrats. morning.od caller: hey, good morning. this is linda. still on puzder was there because i'm glad i don't smirk on hisat the face, he had me infuriated with nonsense about capitalism
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because i'm a capitalist, i'm not a socialist, but the biggest capitalism is the short-term thinking, all it time down to every single is the next quarter and all they are about is making a profit and the stocks and how that is going to benefit. got, tax cut everybody just that is only for a few years and great damage uch to our children and our grandchildren and they are going to use social security and to bounce back or to say, well, we've overspent and overspent on themselves. his is -- look at the way walmart put rubbermade out of they demanded cheap products and their big companies p here where i live and i'm furious that man is propaganda.
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y husband and i were both union. we had a wonderful -- we've had a wonderful life. paid for home and pensions and retirement savings paid decent money and the government isn't always way, they're supposed to have open books and when you're a capitalist, you have to show anything to anybody. host: linda in ohio. virginia beach, virginia. line for independents, go ahead. to continue oing what the young lady before me said. that he was --us host: he was what, leon? it was so obvious he was out of touch with reality. greed and ee the the -- on that man. he was self-serving. talked that scam about trickle down. entitlements, t social security is not an
9:47 am
entitlement, it is earned, we security.cial he talked about entitlement, medicare, it was unbelievable. wanted to ask him how much an hour did he make. dhe know howask him much a gallon of gasoline or gallon bread or half a of milk was. it was unbelievable. his face was -- it was sickening. in riverdale, maryland, line for republicans gahead. book by the ng the cover, the look on the face analogy there, that is really to go ery productive way about things. i thought the gentleman was very thanks to c-span, you get accused often of not presenting both sides of issues so you had a good, smart conservative viewpoint there. reason i'm calling in, pro forma gavelling in, what
9:48 am
a waste of time, as if paul ryan doesn't have something better to do, all the morning when he has to walk over there. waste of time. something they should get rid it is only e required, get rid of the requirement. wasn't pro they gavelled in for short legislative business session, can led out quickly, you see the house in recess now 10:19 expected to be about this morning, when the house is going to come in for the joint of congress they are getting prepared for. remarks from emmanual macron. aller: thanks for the clarification, sometimes they do, it is not a productive use of people's time. helpful, c-span is committed to gavel to gavel coverage, maybe drop that with open d continue phones and your guests, thank
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you. comments.eciate the we will show gavel to gavel coverage here tis our mission at c-span. to do that.inue one of the president's other tweets, he was tweeting about he visit of the french president. he says, busy day planned looking forward to watching address the ron joint session of congress today. this is a great honor and seldom allowed to be done. will be great, the president predicted. again, the french president remarks aroundin 10:30 this morning. our coverage will be here on c-span. can watch on, you can listen to it on the free rad apartly cloudyp. milwaukee, independent, go ahead. caller: good morning. i wanted to follow-up regarding had on, andrew puzder. he explanation he gave regarding the term economic very
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've heard other analysis why the trump economy is doing much better, he laid it out. to allenge any democrats refute the numbers. the numbers are exactly what he said. democrats continue to fairytale this is obama's economy. they ignore reality. my call. for host: catherine in tuscaloosa, ahead.a, democrat, go caller: hi, john. i just want to say i would like somebody like bob deans from the r.n.c. to be on, at least as long as everybody else, it seems is often cut ge short and it is so important to every person in the whole world, he says about the environment. thank you. host: catherine, appreciate that. him on for one of our segments this morning,
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that's generally what it is, minutes, ometimes 45 sometimes an hour, depends on scheduling, ability to get members of congress can come on. a lot goes into it, but ppreciate the call and comments. thanks for watching. on in caldwell, ohio, line for independents. go ahead. caller: yeah, there is a lot of talk in washington about playing fields, but when the c.e.o.s of insurance companies are getting filthy they are picking and choosing what type of medical you can have or can't have, that shame.ying we need to level the playing field. going, give dical them their tax break back, the kids at mcdonald's and old mcdonald's used to be kid's job, need medical, they or t need copay prescriptions cut, they don't need to go to the doctor, tell you., no, we can't help it's time for this country to wake up and start taking care of people and of the
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not jump the swamp people in washington. he swamp man, i don't think he's doing much for america's image. thank you. host: ron, you mentioned playing field. here is a story on the baseball playing field that was the site f that congressional shooting last year from roll call newspaper, robust security for team's first practice since that shooting. field down inball alexandria, seven miles from where washington, d.c., the republican baseball team practices for the annual team.essional baseball the story noting republican lawmakers lace up their cleats first ay morning for the practice of the year at the baseball field where a gunman majority steve scalice. uthorities are taking no chances on security. we will have robust presence at ractices and the game, according to spokeswoman for the capitol police. the only presence at early
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orning practices consisted of leadership and if no party leader showed up, that meant no protection for the rest of the team during practice. scalie skipped practice, lawmakers a dozen would have been under fire without anyone to shoot back. texas, line for, democrats, go ahead. caller: yes, why is it that the epublicans are taking credit for all the jobs and everything. obama's the president team, he 't for his came in office, it was the worst guys of depression and you don't ever straighten it up, if it wasn't for the president you wouldn't have had it going on. thank you. bethlehem, s is in pennsylvania, line for democrats. good morning. your right-wing
9:54 am
propagandist is off on numbers, or example, stock market when obama took over was like 6000, ended ower than that and up 18,500. trump would have to go to 4,000, which is not going to happen, he will not even be close because the republican program will kick in and things down, like they down, like the do under republican rule. he made a statement, by the way, norwegians coming in? guess why, they live in denmark, sweden, holland, france and all those places with socialist-style government. they don't have the poverty we have. thank you. in falls church, virginia. line for independents. open phones. what is on your mind? caller: my name is -- i come to 1992. states in as an independent, what i would like to say about the gentleman this d earlier about economical boom we are having, when you are raising kids, you quarter aising for one r two quarters, you have kids
9:55 am
for life. i got my green card, from that time to now, me and my have grown assets to 2 million. the democrats are crooked left, republicans crooked right. have to do is look out for yourself. guess what, all this tax cut we quarter, money doesn't et burnt, when we have recessions that money doesn't get flushed down the toilet. it goes somewhere. so the fact the optimism the previous guest talked about, the businesses had, guess what, this ptimism happens in cycle when they want to bag up the money and have this optimism, tax the the boom and therrien federal reserve decides this engine is running too hot, so throttle back, guess what,
9:56 am
the money doesn't go up in somebody's s in pocket. i came back from miami. floridamiami dade south to palm beach and count how many lined yachts there are up. guess what, when we have recessions, that is where your goes, then they write it off or file bankruptcy. thing is as an independent, you have to look out for by the way,ether -- people talk about obama's economy, well, they forgot to mention, he was in the same camp as they were. obama, if i'm not mistaken, you can correct me, was skull and ones member in his college days; correct? host: not sure about that, joseph, go ahead with your point. caller: yeah, my point is every time they come up with circus, person that the crowds will go behind and this last time for two terms it was obama. now it is trump.
9:57 am
guess what, as a working man, it for himself. so my thing is, i'm making money, i'll be honest, the tax helping me. am i spending it? no. why? brothers h me and my attained, we waited until recession, things fell down and went and bought it cheap and elected the first year, we liquidated. host: joseph in virginia. millsville, south dakota, a republican. good morning. caller: yes. yes, thanks for taking my call. i i'm -- i listen to c-span, i'm old, so i watch a lot since i've been watching, which is several years, this is the first time conservative or even a moderate, on c-span.
9:58 am
him.nk you for having thanks. host: you're talking about andy did you like about him, donald? aller: he's not bashing trump, for one thing. he's tell itting it like he's got facts and figures to back up what he says. he's not telling stories. i wanted to say. i wanted to thank you for having on.onservative host: keep watching, you will see more. we try to book guests on all the political spectrum. cindy is in price, utah, line democrats. cindy, good morning. host: cindy, are you with us this morning? try one more time for cindy in troy, go to wesley new york. line for democrats. wesley, go ahead. phones.
9:59 am
caller: okay. is on your mind, wesley? it's open phones. my er: okay, what is on mind, all right, several years something, in ed the little budget years back, they decided to pay all the the hostages that were in iran $10,000 a day for they were held, right? why diding one of them, they not pay us? passinge in they little bills not for all the to pay ents they forgot the blacks and white women held there. host: you were a hostage held in iran? caller: in iran in 1979, but we didn't get a dime, they said we there long enough. the state department refused to pay us. anything about this. i don't get it. ost: can you talk more about the experience and that day that
10:00 am
the hostages were taken and how long you were there? well, we weren't there that long. see, what happened, we got out of , we were forced the country like 23 days later. o by force of you know. to the united states. in there, infinite wisdom the i think it was 2016, around christmastime. they decided to pay everybody $10,000 a day. somewhere in there if in their wisdom they said, well, we can't get no money because we weren't there for 44 days.
10:01 am
i don't know why not. any picture you look at, the first picture you see is the marine, with the blindfold, some of the pictures in front of everybody. you know what i'm saying? if i was there just like everybody else, do they think it was sweet for us, too? i got -- we got everything they got. we didn't get it as long. host: wesley in troy, new york. thanks for sharing your story with us. our last caller on today's "washington journal." we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, 4:00 a.m. pacific. in the meantime, have a great wednesday. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit]
10:02 am
>> this morning, french president ma roan will across the -- macron will address a joint meeting of conference scheduled to start about 10:30 eastern. our coveragee may start earlier as members of the senate and enter the house chamber. you can also watch the address online at or listen on the c-span radio app. our coverage later today includes attorney general jeff sessions testifying before senate you can also watch the address online at or listen on the c-span appropriations subcommittee on the justice department's 2019 budget. watch that live at 2:30 p.m. eastern on c-span3. that's also on our website and the radio app. >> "new york times" versus the united states, the pentagon papers case. president nixon is using his executive authority to try to prevent "the new york times" from publishing these top secret documents related to the vietnam
10:03 am
war. lower court judge has stopped the presses. for the first time in americanis -- in american history, the press vs. been stopped who thought the information would be dangerous to national security. another judge refuses to stop the presses and is very proud of that and it's up to the supreme court. >> the pentagon papers case is -- i haven't seen movie, it's a great story. but it only stands for the proposition that the government can't stop the presses in advance. but the court actually acknowledges there is a possibility that once "the new york times" and "the washington post" publish this, there could be prosecutions afterwards. >> i think the gravitational force of the "new york times" case has created a political hugely e where within do not go after the press for publishing things
10:04 am
even where the statutes seem to say we could. >> watch landmark cases, "new york times" v. the united states with guests floyd abrams who represented "the new york times" and its case against the nixon administration. and ted olson, the former u.s. solicitor general with guests under president gorge w. bush. -- george w. bush. live monday night on c-span. >> the u.s. supreme court is beginning oral argument at this hour in a case "the new york times" says challenges president trump's latest effort to limit travel from countries said to pose a threat to the nation's security. the case a major task of presidential power will require the justices to decide whether mr. trump's campaign promise to impose a quote, muslim man, were reflected in executive orders from muslim nations. challenges issued a presidential proclamation in september and said it was tainted by religious animus and not adequately justified by national security
10:05 am
concerns. a decision is expected by late june. ad more of this article at we'll have it airing tonight here on c-span at 9:00 p.m. eastern. more about the case from today's "washington journal." washington journal continues. los angeles times supreme court reporter joins us on the last day of arguments of the current term of the supreme court. set to be heard, trump versus hawaii. david savage, is there any reason why the court save this until the last day? >> it is a big deal. this case has gone through a series of cycles. this was the first controversy of his presidency. the travel ban came up the first week. it has gone through a series of iterations. the short answer, the third version came out in the fall.


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