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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones Pt. 2  CSPAN  April 28, 2018 8:41am-9:03am EDT

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thomas and justice stephen breyer. >> we have a criteria. the criteria is a most always in the lower courts come to different locations -- conclusions on the same question of federal law. announcer: thursday, a look at how the criminal justice system suffers from mental illness -- deals with people suffering from mental illness. you peel back the onion, you try to figure out what has happened. substanceill find is use disorders. experts discuss surveillance in the modern era. u.s. my world, we have the not regulating even when we see
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that problems. you see the e.u. regulating a lot. but we have not had is a good enough imagination of what could be in between. next week in primetime, on c-span. announcer: "washington journal" continues. call with what is on your mind this morning. democrats: 202-748-8000 republicans: 202-748-8001 independents: 202-748-8002 in, we pointlling you towards more stories about picked.that trump has ronnie jackson has withdrawn his nomination, saying officials had concluded a thorough review of ronnie jackson, the president's
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physician and found three minor thedents but no evidence of wrecked car after a night of drinking after he secret service going away party that was alleged in a document released by democrats. that document one of the key reasons of scrutiny around jacksonackson -- ronnie nomination.son a democrat had authorized the release of the allegations wednesday. jackson has denied all the allegations. the response from president trump on twitter about those allegations and senator jon tester. aftertions made by tester jackson are proving false, the president said.
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tester should resign, the president said. montana will not stand this kind of slander. admiral jackson is the kind of man those in montana would respect and now for no reason his reputation has been shattered. fair, the president said. whatever you want to talk about. collar insult lake city --caller in salt lake city, democrat. confess i tookto classes in political science in and i think one of the reasons hillary clinton lost her bid for the presidency is because she put american workers
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out of work. they lost their jobs because of free-trade agreements. europe. in i understand the value of free trade in terms of lowering prices for american consumers but most nations protect their workers. they protect their jobs. not seem to care about that. marra said she is addicted to politics. tonight, the white house correspondents' dinner. you can watch it at listen to it on the free c-span radio app. we are going to be talking about what is going to be happening tonight on the washington journal. susan is in new jersey.
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line for independence. caller: thank you. i have a comment on the last topic about world versus urban. . am originally from buffalo i am suburban. i live in the city. it is difficult to live in the city with the difference between those who make money and those who do not and struggle. crimee issues with drugs, , and between rural and urban we should not be seeking our differences as a country. we should find what we have in --mon and that can bring us great our divide to visit each other. travel to different parts of the country and talk to each other. this is the only way we will have a good future. when it comes to russian propaganda efforts, a lot of our efforts should be how we are
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different. this is what we should be working against. we should be trying to come together and say no, we will not be separated. even if we have different values, we will embrace the fact we are different. host: thanks. show,the start of the is inollar --caller ohio. republicans. and telleople call-in the things they like about their party without bashing the other party. i like to see what the values are on both sides and i think that would help the country instead of bashing everybody, let's get everybody something good to say. what do you like about republican jack go caller: i
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voted for donald trump. i would like to see the country under a good plan like that. if we got rid of all the companies in this country, they would not be able to -- the companies for giving all the tax breaks. host: what do like about democrats? caller: well, my sisters democrat. we get along wonderful and we talk about politics. the other one says and we listen without being nasty. i think this country is going to nasty -- too nasty. let's be nice. doug, staten island, new york. line for democrats.
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i enjoyed the last lady. point. a good we should be respectful. --ant to call recording regarding your last gentleman. the heritage foundation and so forth, this is preached to us again and again and we are blinded by how the rest of the world sees us. poll after poll, who is the biggest threat to world security? who do you feel is going to create problems in the world? u.s. comes up number one. germany, they asked about russia and the united states, how do you feel about them? feared the u.s.
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would get them involved in some sort of war and they are afraid of being involved. 20% said they had anything to fear from russia. -- i suggest you get a game gaston. --guest on. been a dozen elections we have been involved in overthrowing the government. he was talking about and many governments we have been involved in overthrowing. countries, some countries more than once, we have directly or indirectly overthrowing the government. our guys go we did the pr for him and after brought in the chicago boys to tell him how to run his economy.
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there was an agreement nato would push towards the borders. we do not see ourselves from the way the russians look at us. you promised nato would not expand. you promised there would be -- would not be any direct hostility. on and on. we do not understand why russians are not respectful of us. he has been on c-span 13 times and you can check out all 13 appearances in the c-span video library, most recently from june of last year, an event talking about national security and president kennedy last year. in january, he talked about theodore roosevelt and the birth of american empire. all available michael is in virginia. line for independence --
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independents. caller: i have two things. her guest made a statement and i wanted to face him on it because he said if he was running a opposing -- someone and the opposing group running a campaign for somebody else, that he would have called the fbi instead of taking the meeting. why would you call the fbi to find out anything? namede gotten an fbi guy mueller who was given a job 16 months ago. how long is this going to take?
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knowld not accept i do not is if you do not know, then why i am -- why am i hiring you? a good bob mueller is man. i do not believe james comey was. towas a guy who was trying please hillary clinton and the democrats. that is the way i see it. host: whenever the mueller probe approachtion, will you the findings with an open mind? would not do is wait for three years or four years at the end of president office so, i do not understand why it takes -- why he is going on two years now to find out one thing.
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host: betty is in illinois. line for democrats. caller: i want to say i am an african american and i want to -- a topic.he topic there were no african-americans .alling my other topic is about paul ryan. firing the chaplain. the republicans claim to be christians and the chaplain was saying a prayer about poor people in that is what god did. he talked about the least of these. that is all i want to say. have a good day. to ms. in arkansas. line for independents.
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a different things. -- a couple different things. mueller,talk about they found no evidence of collusion. hillary campty of collusion. there is plenty of evidence of collusion on hillary's sites. the real purpose of mueller was to gather information and hide it. there is tons of information inut the uranium deal and order to cover as best they can, mueller can grab information and hide it and it will be gone. it sounds like you are ready for a second special counsel to prove those issues. caller: i am not big on special
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counsel. would seesions everything mueller is doing was authorized by rosenstein. ascan only do his part russia. sessions did not authorize rosenstein to investigate everything else. he is only supposed to investigate about russia. prosecutor. his own he let me know if something really is happening and people are asked to going to go to jail. in california. for democrats. line for democrats. trump -- putin wanted
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trump for president and the other thing is -- host: why do you believe that? caller: i listen to what is going on. the second thing is nobody talks about this. -- i was asked by someone think it was someone from cnn -- he answered, they have to have jobs. trump promises trade and i do not understand. maybe you should have someone on because no one talks about that
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anymore. terry is in indiana. .ine for independents caller: good morning. it is terrible about how they are not prosecuting the clintons . i cannot believe it. all the things they have been doing for years and years, crime and corruption. i read a book about when the clintons were in the white house ad a man working there saying mafia from arkansas. host: what looked did you read? -- book did you read? where did my book go?
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here it is. on admitted access, an fbi agent inside the clinton white house. host: last call on open phones. independent. to put out ated statement for all the people concerned with mueller's investigation on trump. hang onto your hats. you are about to find out a when paulof dirt manafort goes to trial. it is all about money and he is the guy. watch out. host: that will do it for open phones. up next, it is our spotlight on magazine series. we will take a look at the recent piece.
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thornberry talked about iran nuclear deal with called for the removal of sanctions on iran and in iran'se for a run's -- nuclear deal on may 12. once the deal is in place is what happens if the united away and i think others, y mattis, among to my ear, at least, has been very consistent, saying whatever deal to begin the
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with, you better understand what the consequences of walking away from it are and at the same time macron was esident arguing in congress just this past week that there may well be some improvements that could be ade to the deal or around the deal, as far as iran's other activities are going. think we should try to work for improvements, maybe enhanced verification, for example, of he deal, or -- and/or, curtailing iran's other ggressive activities in the region and some of their -- the for example, m, but for me, i would not think it interest of the united states to walk away from very clearless we're about the consequences of that. f we walk away, i think we'll be on our own and it's going to
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present a number of problems. there time to make these changes to the deal and is there willingness on behalf of our allies? it is tioned macron, but not just france who have signed changes on to it. >> yeah, i think they are nterested in seeing if improvements can be made, they want us to stay in the deal those verybody works on improvements and that would be my advice. > "washington journal" continues. host: each week in this segment of the "washington journal," we potlight a recent magazine piece, this week we focus on the cover story of the march 17th of barron's magazine, how cocurb the high cost of caregiving. editor.apadia is the you cost you refer to don't necessarily have dollar signs in them. first take us through the cost of caregiving. guest: sure. this


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