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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones Pt. 3  CSPAN  April 28, 2018 9:39am-9:50am EDT

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one is that she's a cultural comedian so while obviously over the last couple of years, she's politics has been sort of part of her repertoire, she's primarily outside the beltway comedian, most jokes about culture, less about politics. too, she's a woman, anything 2017 and early months of2018 taught us, role of women in society and politics, how we deal with women in the workplace and in journalism has been something that our society has been tackling. so i think we'll really enjoy her. fun for bloomberg reporter, had background in finance before she got into comedy, don't hear that often. anyway, very funny lady and great supporter of the first moment. host: c-span live coverage gets underway at 9:30 eastern tonight, watch on c-span,, listen on the free c-span radio app. margaret talav.
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thank you for taking time on a busy day for you. guest: real pleasure, hope everyone will tune in tonight. host: we have a little bit of time for open phones on the "washington journal." what is on your mind jonathan waiting in minneapolis, line for democrats. go ahead. caller: how are you doing today? host: doing well. caller: fine thanks. calling about the white house correspondence dinner, i hope they keep the jokes appropriate and i really wish that president -- going to say it for the first time, trump, would go to the white house correspondence dinner to make fun of himself. we are all making fun of him at the same time and i find it almost embarrassing that he won't go to the -- they want to do for him and i wish he would go so people would shut up and say he has a little bit of character and can laugh at himself and i think that is what we need to see from him instead of being this joke that he already is, as the person that
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leads the free world. hopefully he'll show up and just kathy griffin, say hello and walk out and maybe want to do something funny. host: not likely to happen, he is scheduled to be in macon county, michigan, 7:00, we'll be airing the rally live on c-span, and of course on the c-span radio app. in crystal lake, illinois, line for independents, go ahead. host: are you with us? host: rudy in sun city, democrat. go ahead. caller: good morning, john, how are you doing, like to let you know we live in the greatest country in the world. i can walk with a sign calling trump every name in the book, i am just so surprised at how many pro-russian people living in
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this country here. i would like to do a social experiment of the same thing in front of the kremlin and see how many feet they get, without being arrested, tortured and deported. i'm really at a loss for the pro russians that i'm listening to, especially from your previous segment that you have. this is the greatest country in the world. go try it somewhere else and we'll see how far you get. thank you, john. bye. host: phones on "washington journal" right now. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents 202-748-8002. diane in bellville, michigan, line for independents, go ahead. caller: good morning john. that county up in michigan is macomb e county and the city is washington, isn't that funny.
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i'm calling about just a couple things. i remember listening to colbert and i don't know the actor's name, he's "game of thrones," this goes back to former keft today, you know, europe and them footing the bill. colbert asked him, he plays jamie on "game of thrones" i apologize not remembering his name. anyway, colbert asked him, oh, you got a great life up there in denmark, i believe he was from. and he goes, you got all this, free schools, you got people want to live there. and why do you think that, and he brought up, he goes, well, we only have our food to -- you all take care of the defense for us, we don't have to do anything about that. i remember the look colbert gave him and i remember the actor looking at him. he goes, oops, i shouldn't have
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said that. so yeah, we take care of them. they are used to us taking care of them. you know, if they have to shell out money for their own defense they might not have better schools, they might not have better roads, etcetera. anyway, i wanted to throw that out. host: diane, do you think those countries are doing more now, do you feel like president trump has created a change in that issue? caller: well, he's brought up the fact, you know, that that is occurring, they are supposed to be doing 2% and i remember, see i listen to hbo, vice news, they went to astonia, people in the air hanger and those men were so proud of -- we take pride in giving more than 2% to nato you know. they were proud of themselves. and yes, they are taking
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advantage of us. you know, you keep getting stuff and getting stuff, like a little kid, you know, he stopped that, they stopped that. i have a frind friend, a picture, big strong men, her husband and boys, he served in pakistan in the army. guess who is carrying the backpack? little momma. i looked and go why you carrying that, why isn't the son carrying that? because they are used to momma taking care of them. host: diane in michigan. anthony in newport, tennessee. an independent, go ahead. caller: good morning. good morning. i want to -- a call i got the other day from robertson getting ready to run and talk to him,
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hit star three, which i did. i waited until it was my turn. i know this from [insdrnible indiscernible] -- republican. i was going to ask the question might stutter when he answered. i corrected him, what happened to the republican party who was supposed to be doing what is right, not who is right, but it seems like they all are afraid of trump and ask him why, so that is what i -- she said hold on, you're next. it went on another five peep and he will they just hung up on me. host: anthony, this was for one of the teletown halls? caller: it was actually -- hear the whole conversation between everybody.
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he changed, i don't -- i won't be nice about it, of course, i'm an independent, i don't care if he's democrat or republican, i'll ask him a question that will upset him. when i turned around i said, all you guys are afraid of him and we could be democratic -- now and king and queen and treating trump like a king instead of guiding him and saying that can't work. host: to jerry in palmdale california, line for republicans. jerry, go ahead. caller: yeah i am a republican. i'm black african american, i carried a rifle for this country as a marine from 1960 to 1982. i have never seen anything like what is going on in this country today. the news media as far as i'm concerned, is a large portion of
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it. there is nothing that i can believe that come out of those people's mouth, no matter how you look at it. when i joined the marine corps in 1960, i left this country and less than a year and when we boarded the plane in hawaii, we were told we were going to war. the last time i left this country to go to war was in 19 1968. the president that was elected in 1972 -- i mean in 1992, was in russia while i was in vietnam, and we were losing. they claim it was average of 250 while he was in russia, protesting against the war. host: you mention 1968, we'll be
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talking more about 1968 as our america in turmoil series continues tomorrow. tune in for that starting at 8:30 tomorrow. but as "washington journal" viewers know, our c-span bus has been working its way across the united states as part of our "50 capitals tour." this week we continued our tour with a stop in utah. >> we are on stop number 29 of c-span's "50 capitals tour," taking us to salt lake city, utah. the city of around 200,000 people, one of the youngest populations in the united states. joining us now is the 17th governor of utah, governor gary herbert, republican. sir, thank you so much for being on the c-span bus, let's begin with the annual economic summit taking place today in your state. what is it? what is the state of the utah economy? governor: well when i came into office, we were in the depths of the great recession, our focus has been


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