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Mike Pompeo
  Israeli PM Netanyahu Sec. State Pompeo News Conference  CSPAN  April 29, 2018 6:35pm-6:45pm EDT

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>> there seems to be a lot of net neutrality fatigue. >> this debate generated so much heat and arguably less light, but it generated so much he because it was viewed as good guys versus bad guys and google and facebook were good guys and verizon and at&t where the bad guys -- were the bad guys. the zeitgeist right now is they are all bad guys. -- 6:30 p.m.:00 eastern on c-span two. >> on his first official trip met withike pompeo israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in tel aviv. >> good afternoon.
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secretary pompeo, it is wonderful to welcome you. your first visit to israel as secretary of state and i think it is significant that in chose to include israel this important itinerary, i think it is symbolic of our friendship, which is deep and getting deeper and stronger. we have known each other for some time, i have followed your activities in congress and in the cia, and now as secretary of state. you are a true friend of israel and the jewish people, and i look forward to working with you in your new role. we just had a very productive, very focused conversation on our common interests and how to defend our common values. i want to thank president trump for his historic decision in recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital. we look forward to the coming the american delegation to
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celebrate the relocation of the embassy. that the boldu decision by president trump has prompted other countries, quite a few now, who are planning to move their embassy to jerusalem as well. it says something about american leadership and about the forthright way in which simple truths are being put forward and the effect this has on the international scene. mr. secretary, i think the andtest threat to the world our two countries, and all countries, is the marriage of militant islam with nuclear weapons. specifically, the attempt of iran to acquire nuclear weapons. we have had a very productive talk today on this subject as well. i appreciate the president's leadership and your position on stopping iran from ever acquiring nuclear weapons. i appreciate the president's
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and your position on stopping a n's aggression in the region. people thought it would be moderated as a result of signing the deal. the opposite has happened. iran is trying to gobble up one country after another. iran must be stopped. its quest for nuclear bombs must be stopped. it's aggression must be stopped. we are committed to stopping it together. i was very much encouraged once again by the steadfast support of the united states for our israel.- four our bond is special, it is based on shared values of democracy, freedom and the quest for security and peace. i can say that today, america and israel are closer than ever before and i have no doubt that we will glow -- will grow even
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closer in the years ahead. i want to welcome you back to israel, mr. secretary. it is a pleasure to see you and i wish you the best of luck in your important mission. >> thank you. good afternoon. it is a great honor to be here on my first trip as secretary of state. i have not been to my office yet. this relationship has never been stronger. i think we should both be proud of that. we had fantastic conversations today on difficult issues facing each of us. we are incredibly proud to be aening the new in the city on may 14. way ahead of the original timetable. this comes as israel celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence and 70 years of recognition of steadfast support from the american people. theecognizing jerusalem as
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capital, we are recognizing reality. i also stress that president trump said, the boundaries of israeli sovereignty remained subject to negotiations between the parties and we are mean committing to achieving a lasting and comprehensive these that offers a -- comprehensive peace that offers a brighter future. many of our conversations today centered on iran. strong allies like you are critical to our efforts to counter nuclear activity in the middle east and the world purity the remain to be concerned about israel -- iran's threats to israel and the region, and iran's quest to dominate the region remains. america is with israel in this fight. , presidenthe jcp oa ismp is correct, this deal
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flawed, he has directed the administration to fix it. if we cannot fix it, he will withdraw from the deal. it is pretty straightforward. president trump has a conference of iran strategy to cover the full array of threats emanating from tehran. his comprehensive strategy, we are also working to counter the broad set of nonnuclear threats, iran's missile system, it's support for hezbollah, proxy fighters in syria. workingforward to closely with strong allies like israel encountering these threats and rolling back the full range of iranian malign influence. ericding syria, where the -- barbaric regime is propped up by iran, our goals are to defeat isis, deter the use of chemical weapons and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid and promote a resolution to the conflict.
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our strategy to do that remains unchanged. ledtrongly support the u.n. efforts in geneva to bring an end to the syrian conflict, which is gone on for far too long. we know there are many challenges ahead and we look forward to being your partner in resolving each of them. the united states and israel i know together can achieve that. it is great to be back. >> thank you. >> monday on landmark cases, the pentagon papers case. in 1971, a former military analyst released a top-secret pentagon study to the new york times and washington post, which fought the nixon administration
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to publish your -- to publish. discuss landmark case are two of the nation's top litigators. watch landmark cases monday at 9:00 eastern on c-span and join the conversation. at c-span. we have resources on our website for background on the case. the landmark cases companion book, a link to the national constitution center's interactive constitution and the landmark cases podcast at >> monday evening at 7:00 p.m., james comey will be live on book tv on c-span two in primetime with his best-selling autobiography "a higher loyalty."
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he will discuss several of the issues he faced as fbi director, including the rush of investigation, hillary clinton's emails and his views on president trump. watch james comey live on book tv on c-span2 in primetime, monday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> now, a discussion on the vulnerabilities of the u.s. election system and some new technologies to defend against election hacking, hosted by the cyber security policy and research institute at the university of california in irvine. this is just over an hour. >> going to introduce the panelists and then we will