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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  April 29, 2018 9:00pm-9:52pm EDT

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issues he faced as fbi director, including the rush of investigation, hillary clinton's emails, and his views on president trump. tvch james comey on book monday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. next, theresa may takes questions from members of the house of commons. after that, the supreme court oral >> at 11:00 p.m., another chance to see q and a with lillian with lillian- q&a cunningham. much of the discussion focused on the british government's treatment of caribbean immigrants who came to the u.k. after world war ii, commonly referred to as the wind rushed generation, who face deportation because of a 2012 immigration law. this is 45 minutes. the hostility of some.
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they got robinson. i'm sure the whole house wishes to join me in the warmest congratulations. i know members across the house. to see that the life and death will never be forgotten. with the colleagues and others with the addition to the others in this house. can we acknowledge it.
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mister speaker in 2017 the prime minister not only recognized the need to give northern ireland an economic boost. an ultra fast broadband. that will transform our part at this united kingdom. in responding to the eager anticipation will she ensure sufficient program to advance both. he has raised an important issue. the government has set out several public commitments. to work towards the comprehensive information that they do. i welcome the partners in developing this.
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i look forward to their submission which will be considered by the government in the absence of an executive partnership. but can i answer the honorable general -- gentleman is committed to working positively with partners in the you k government. with the interests of the scottish business. reaches a similar agreement as soon as possible. i am pleased that we are making progress. i would like to pay tribute to my right honorable friend. for the work that he has done.
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but after many months they will provide legal certainty. and respect the solution. we've made considerable changes to the bill. it is indeed disappointing. they have not yet felt able to add their agreement to the new amendment. i join you all. they fought for years to get justice for the death of their son. they fold.
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we need to drive out institutional racism and all of its form however we can. we recognize that the home secretary has white -- rightly apologized to the wind drift destination. the government is committed to compensation in theory but yet nothing and practice. there is an understandable lack of trust. soak can the prime minister today be clear and concerned that the british citizens who had worked. wrongly denied pensions. it's absolutely right that across this house we should all be absolutely clear that we see about racism and every
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call. let me set out the house. an action that has been taken. they did make very clear the offering before the house that those two came here before the first of january from commonwealth countries. the children of that generation well in most cases be citizens already. they will also be there. we are also taking action in relation to those that made it here. we will work to make sure that they have the access.
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they are part of it. and there will be a compensation scheme. alan due cause. do cause. i think everybody will see. the neighbor friend had to go there. still the act of generosity. mister speaker four years ago. an internal home office memo stated that her hostile environment policies could make it harder for people like that when drop generation to find homes and in its own words provoke discrimination
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why did the home secretary ignore that memo. the right honorable gentlemen talked about that environment. we are trying to create a much more hostile environment if you're here they sit on the front bench what i'm talking about a people who came here completely legally. the prime minister herself was warned. is now the shadow home secretary.
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directly about these policies in 2014. and when they were going to parliament then community secretary wrote to her warning the constant risks considerably outweigh the benefits. as well as the request for my honorable friends. in relation to the when drop generation. we have made absolutely clear that those people who came here from the commonwealth they are british they are part of us. they were not documented with that right. and that's what we are now putting right. he talks about actions and that the government has taken in relation to those who are here illegally.
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it has been taken by suspected government on someone's right to work here. in 1997. 1999. civil penalties for employing legal mind grits. why had these actions been taken because people up and down this country want to ensure that the government is taking action on those people who are here illegally. it is not fair to those people who work hard to have a right to be here had contributed to this country if they see people who are here illegally giving the same rights and services. they warn about the 2016
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immigration act saying the bill is likely to lead to destitution and may cause degrading treatment in breach of article three of the european convention of human rights. they quite rightly apologized for that scandalous weight in which brisson -- british citizens had been treated. so will the prime minister now commit to reviewing that legislation to make sure this never happens again. as i set out for the house last week. this is a generation who came here prior to 1973. the labor front says we know this. they suggest that they are ignoring some of the facts. this is a generation who came
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here prior to 1973 we are not ignoring the problems that some members of this generation are facing. that's why it might right honorable friend has set out to deal with the inquiries but actively help them to find the documentation to clarify. that is white why we have made the author. it made the offer a formal british citizenship which recognizes that they are british but does so in a formal documented way. the problem was when they came here they were not given a document that set out we are now putting that right. and we will leave no stone unturned to put that right. in 2013 that than home secretary said it was about
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creating a really hostile environment and that's why she was introducing legislation. have they not mounted the campaign that they have that they not raise the matter there would be no compensation. there would be no apology. mister speaker in any review of legislation needs to be writer -- wider than just legislative law. they made the impact of the 2014 immigration act harder to challenge these policies swept up british citizens and legal migrants causing them immense suffering as she was warned. soak in the prime minister send a clear message today and tell us the hostile environment is over and they have bogus immigration targets that had driven this culture
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so they have served this country and there better than this. see make the wind rough generation is british. they had contributed to their country. they have made their life here. what those people who are here illegally they are here legally. there are people who are in this country illegally. and i say to the right honorable gentlemen again i've quoted the right honorable member. the leak of the opposition of 2013. the secretary said we need much stronger action from government to bring illegal immigration down.
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they are saying that they are not illegals. they are here legally. that is why we are providing the support to get the documents what we are talking about in the right honorable gentlemen is whether or not we should deal with illegal immigration and up and down this country. we shall -- should deal with illegal immigrants. we are talking about the environment created by the home secretary when she knew full will that they were facing. she has been forced to act upon it. the current home secretary admitted that the home office
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sometimes loses sight of the individual. when she took over her intent was to hearted this cruel and misdirected policy pledging to do so ruth ruthlessly. stated the hostile environment measures were not even having the desired effect. the current home secretary inherited this and made it work. as an time she took responsibility and resigned. we've a long way to go. let's go with the prime minister.
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can i say to the right honorable gentlemen. up-and-down this country people want to ensure that the government is taking action against those people who are here in this country illegally it is in fair the people who work hard day in and day out who contribute to this country that they are people who are here illegally those people who are here legally are given the support that they need. they are british and they are part of us. and we are insuring that they remain here. and are able to continue to move their lives here. but it's also right that this government takes action against those people who are accessing services despite being here legally and not
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putting in and contributing to this country. if he wants to talk about issues of fairness about a government then let's just look and see what the labor government would be like. it would wreck the economy. it would challenge people's jobs. for anybody. thank you mister speaker. i'm sure the hothouse will want to congratulating me.
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raising huge amounts of money for local charity and good causes across the united kingdom. in particular w-2 shy about this. i joined my honorable friends and paying tribute to matt campbell. just raised over 140,000 pounds which works to inspire a vulnerable young vulnerable young people to make changes in their lives. i'm sure members across that house will want me to offer a condolence to his family and friends. i'm happy to join my honorable friend including those 15 members from this house that come needed. completing it and three in three hours and 38 minutes.
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it's also right that we pay tribute to those for all they did on the day to make sure it took place. thank you mister speaker. congratulations. mister speaker. the cbi and a few. the scottish government the willis government. the members of this house want the uk to remain in the customs union. they are not working for all of the nations of the united nations. they voted to leave the european union. they voted to leave.
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what we want to ensure is that we are able to negotiate independently free trade deals around the rest of the world. that we are also able to ensure that we deliver on our commitments for no hard border between northern ireland and ireland. between the united kingdom and the european union. they want that border and that's what we're negotiating for them. the single market quite simply here. with their own government analysis. in every region of the united kingdom would be negatively impacted they are effectively at a standstill because the
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government has the rest of the ideas and how to deal with the irish border issue. even the good agreements for this government. for the prime minister that if this plays forward. that would be the negotiating position of our government. this government is not directing ideas. we have published proposals for dealing with that very issue. if he wants to listen to scottish businesses i think he needs to listen to those businesses who just yesterday on the food and drink federation said scotland's business has benefited enormously from the unfettered uk singles market.
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>> with the recovery meeting in saulsberry the public was told that the hotspots remained in the city and around the city and that the cleanup may take until the end of the year. in thinking the prime minister for her very close interest in this matter can i ask what more could be done to expedite the cleanup so that it can return to normal as soon as possible. i think my honorable friend. he's raising important issue. i'm very happy to update the house on this issue. it is safe for residents and visitors. there's no need for anyone to take any additional precautions. they are in place to protect the public. in my honorable friend has referred to.
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it's also undertaken at each site. to ensure that the site is safe to be released back to the public. i can enter my honorable friend that the need to expedite this work is well recognized but we want to ensure that it is sent in a way that they well in the future be available to the public and will be safe for the public. around 20 of my constituents they are the low-paid workers around the uk. it's rightfully theirs. they been waiting 20 years. and you represent constituents waiting for their pay from that road share. on 10 million pounds wrongly given to them. while the premise or join me today and calling on them to finally decide on this case
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and get the money back. to my honorable gentlemen. the financial secretary has offered to meet him to discuss the wider issue. and will be meeting him next month. i think that is important. i think they must apply the law fairly. they are working with the trustees in the representatives. happy to meet the honorable gentlemen to discuss this. thank you mister speaker can i commend for reaffirming the government's clear position that we will not be remaining and any forms of a customs union. can she reassure.
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that they will not be disadvantaged by any incoming eu policies during the implementation time. during that connive reassure him we have negotiated that the uk's share of cash cannot be reduced. it safeguards the likelihood of art fishing communities. but also an obligation in agreement on both sides to act in good faith and throughout the implementation time it would obviously breach of that obligation. in 2020 we will be negotiating fishing opportunities of who can have access to that. for the first time in over 40 years.
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thank you mister speaker. in my constituency we are putting that finishing touches on. as we near the end of that contract almost 400 people are facing redundancy. will they visit them. to explain face-to-face award 1 million pounds when you have the skills and the talent to deliver late yield. can i think the honorable gentlemen. what we are doing for a national shipbuilding strategy is giving that there. while increasing economic growth across the country. and investing in investing in a more skilled workforce. we are encouraging a more competitive industry.
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i think he may have been referring to the support ships. .. .. we develop that shipbuilding capability and away that encourages all uk shipyards to continue to engage on the program. >> are you aware according to the world health organization's the second largest medical system in the world with 300,000 doctors treating 200 million patients every year. that is the element. will my right honorable friends
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congratulate -- >> i want to hear the views of the honorable gentlemen on this matter. >> members of the faculty, their work in the health service and particularly dealing with the convention and does she agree with me homeopathic -- should be able to make their own minds up about other treatments as well. >> he has been a long-standing advocate in this house for homeopathy and some patients were treated in the nhs and the private sector with alternative therapies but it is the responsible of the nhs to make decisions on the commissioning and funding of healthcare treatment and take account of issues around safety, political effectiveness and availability
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of suitably qualified and regulated practitioners and for all the issues he has addressed it is right that those professionally able to make these adjustments can make those judgments. >> in my constituency of haywood and middleton, one in 3 children are overweight or obese and with our children being bombarded with junk food apps on their fellow for television programs or billboards and book taking, the bold steps needed to tackle junk food market things and support jamie oliver's latest campaign. >> plans to tackle childhood obesitys, nobody has done anything about this, softbank industry loving, sugar adoption
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program will cut the amount of sugar consumed by young people and putting a plan in relation to the amount of exercise primary school children get, physical activities they get every day, those would make a real difference reversing a problem that has been decades in the making but we haven't ruled out further action. >> does the prime minister agree events since the debate on anti-semitism in this chamber have demonstrated they are not taking the problem seriously and they need to take action to root out -- [shouting] >> i say to my right honorable friend it is an extremely and put issue. as i said at the beginning in response to the right honorable gentlemen and leader of the opposition, it is important everybody across this house take action to stamp out racism
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in all its forms and i include anti-semitism. >> mr. speaker as i see the results of the prime minister's hostile environment every day. my constituents, the same day, 27 march 2017, was refused in 28 of march, for your later. there 5-month-old and 4-month-old, she was told she should be ready to leave the uk. wads of the prime minister want to separate families? >> the honorable lady knows full well that those who are working in the uk immigration section of the home office look at every case very carefully. she has made her point in this house and i'm sure the home office will look again at this case. >> clifton brown.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. the city of london topped the worldwide index and supports 450,000 jobs and is worth 45 billion pounds to the uk economy. will my right honorable friend agree it is essential for the eu and the uk for the final] -- agreement to move somewhere else in the world? >> i referred to this in my mention how speech that we want to ensure financial services were part of a comprehensive partnership we want to build with eu 27. we establish access to each other's market-based on the same regulatory outcomes over time with a mechanism of proportionate consequences where they are not maintained. that is part of my ambition for an economic partnership with the european union that goes
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beyond any existing free-trade agreement covering more sectors and cooperating fully, my honorable friend is right, in financial services, looking to go elsewhere, more likely to go elsewhere in the world rather than elsewhere in europe. >> maureen fletcher. >> people with blood counts, recent research show you having a young stem cell donor improve the patient's chances of surviving post-transference was with the primus to join me in transmitting the upcoming, be a lifesaver campaign by anthony nolan which aims to recruit more young people age 16 to 30. or congratulate the 1000 people in northeast and all others who are already signed up to be donors. >> thank you in congratulating, signed up to be jonas.
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anthony has done great work over many years. i want him to where the campaign and look into it. and she will be encouraging other members of the house. >> increasing numbers of children of school h.r. being educated at home. does the prime minister agree it is important to ensure these children receive education that is appropriate to their needs. >> this is very important. and it is important those children get an appropriate level of education and i can assure my honorable for this is an issue they are looking up. >> i met a lovely young people who had all but given up hope being able to buy their own homes, and genuinely afford
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housing scheme, in the university, join me in praising manchester labor. who despite her government, planning and funding restrictions have built many hundreds of truly affordable homes, another 2000 onstream. >> building more homes for people and include affordable homes, since we came in in 2010 we delivered more affordable homes in the last 7 years in the last -- the government is working with manchester and the mayor of manchester and
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combined authority to ensure we are with funding and encouraging building affordable homes and ensuring there are those homes young people can aspire to get their foot on their property and those who were not able to do so. >> outstanding sections, for the very best time in history. confirmed to the house under this conservative government in 2010 an additional 1.8 million children have given out funding and hope the prime minister will join me in principals, teachers -- >> i am very happy, the staff of the two schools mentioned in the achievements, that they
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have been doing. and 1.8 million outstanding schools, and 1.9 million. >> the constituent anthony who lives with a chronic disabling illness, and three years ago, since 2002 he received disability living allowance but transfer the mobility allowance was cut. yesterday, anthony handed back his mobility vehicle he had for 16 years. the total injustice of this system he faces a 9-month wait for his appeal in tribunal
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services. and as a prisoner in his own home. >> i say to the honorable gentlemen, as we are all members of this house there are cases we have had to appear against judgments that have been made and the work pensions where in particular cases raised in this house. >> in october last year the national bereavement care parkway was launched in 11 flights, last week at lunch to further 21 hospital sites. yesterday i am delighted to announce the government has set aside the national briefing. will my right honorable friend welcome this funding which will make such a difference to bereaved parents. the subject he has champions
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and campaigned on. i recognize the importance of putting funding in. with difficult circumstances. >> the prime minister will be aware of the concern that if the home office cannot deal humanely and efficiently with immigration status of caribbean origin they have seriously struggled to deal efficiently and humanely with 3 million european national registration. and addressing the particular concern of the protection bill the home office is covering up future mistakes, and individual -- the accuracy of the data.
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>> it will be possible to access information available, he registered the issue. and the situation where people came to this country, they were not given documented status, and they contributed to this country, they have not given that documentary evidence the system where eu citizens are being encouraged and asked to apply to that settled status, we are making sure this is a problem that would not occur with eu citizens. >> tire education, does my
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honorable friend agree the action shows the conservative government is committed to delivering to students working with them in treating them as adults. and young people offering undeliverable -- >> absolutely right. the review we are bringing it under theory education is not just funding treasury education but also, and suit their particular needs and the right honorable gentlemen, the leader of the opposition said he would deal with -- that he was going to a polish that. he goes back on his promise. >> i was not going to raise it but the prime minister quoted me. let me say to the prime minister do not try to hide behind me, when she was warned
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repeatedly the damage, her obsession with net migration target was doing, do not try to hide behind the cabinet when they don't agree with you and try to clear up the mess and tried to hide. >> i'm not having the questioner interrupted. it will be heard, it will be heard in full. >> do not behind civil servants when she sets the policies -- the high commission tied up this morning, they warned the foreign office about the wind rushed generation immigration problem in 2016, what did she do? the prime minister said i am sick and tired of a government minister who simply blames other people when something goes wrong. what changed? >> i say to the right honorable nation nobody is trying to
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blame anybody else. the question of the rent rushed generation arises from the fact that when they came here, when they came here they were not documented. and individual cases over the years of people, and have done so. we have now seen cases, and able to do that. the home office taking action to deal with that and people of color including -- the right honorable navy served. against illegal immigrants. and they are here, they are
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british and have a right to be here. and that environment, and to deal with illegal immigrants, that is what they are doing. and i do so again. we are doing everything we can to assure they are reassured they don't have the anxieties to what generations had. we owe it to them and the british people to deal with people to be here illegally. >> does my right honorable friend still subscribe to her excellent maxim that no deal is a bad deal and does she acknowledge locking ourselves by a customs union after brexit would be a bad deal indeed?
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>> and the customs union, they do not negotiate trade deals around the rest of the world and what we want to do is to be able to do that is and around the rest of the world having independent trade deals in the uk. >> in 2011, in ashford about my constituents. and in 2011 were told he could no longer work and did not have british citizenship. her minister wrote to me, basically said tough. can she explain in more detail
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what compensation dealing with the constituent who have been unable to work since 2011. and feeling vulnerable and scared, and bring the hotline, real enforcement action, remove them from the country because they are scared. >> and the circumstances, my right honorable friend the home secretary, can you also say to the right honorable gentlemen on the second point he raised, it is clear on a number of occasions the hotline helps people to documents, get the documents they need to clarify that status so they don't
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suffer the problems a constituent of the right honorable gentlemen suffered from in the past. also made it clear there is no question of taking enforcement action when people read that hotline. we actively want people to ring that hotline, bring their cases forward, to ensure they got the documents needed so they could be reassured and cannot see any problems in the future. >> i thank my right honorable friend for the meeting about the need for nhs england to release all of the 200 million pounds of transformation funding to front-line services so they can better deliver the cancer strategy. since then the system has been painfully slow in following through what was agreed at that meeting. with a private estimate with me to unblock this logjam on
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behalf of cancer patients and their families. >> still some slowness in the >> you can see it live, wednesday on c-span2. or watch a sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific time here on c-span. you can also go to and find video of past prime minister's questions and other british public affairs programs. monday, on landmark cases, new york times pentagon papers case. released aberg top-secret pentagon study to the
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new york times and washington with the nixonht administration to publish. they restricted the government power over the press and broadened first amendment protections. our guests are two of the top litigators, floyd abrams, representing the new york times, and ted olsen, a former solicitor general under george w. bush. cases, monday, and then :00 eastern on c-span, and join the conversation. landmarkcases. we have resources for background on each case. the landmark cases companion book, a link to the national constitution center's interactive constitution and the podcast at landmarkcases. live inorning, we are denver, colorado.
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governor john hickenlooper will be our guest during washington journal, straining at 9:30 a.m. eastern. >> on wednesday, the supreme fort heard oral argument trump versus hawaii, a case challenging the latest version of the presidents travel ban, issued in september, 2017, the proclamation places restrictions on people from iran, libya, north korea, syria, somalia, venezuela, and yemen. the supreme court has until the end of june to issue a ruling in this case. this is just over one hour. todaywill hear argument 965.ase 17 chief justice, and may it please the court, after a


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