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tv   Secretary of State Pompeo Remarks to Staff  CSPAN  May 2, 2018 4:46am-5:01am EDT

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lives sunday morning on civil american turmoil," disobedience dominated american headlines. discusshave guests to tettech offensive -- the offensive. also, author of "the vietnam war." 8:30 a.m. make eastern andunday night on c-span c-span3. made his first appearance at the state department in washington and spoke briefly to employees.
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deputyintroduced by secretary john sullivan. this is 10 minutes. [applause]
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[applause] >> thank you. thank you everyone for being here. it is a great honor to be here to introduce our new secretary of state.
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before i do so, i wanted to thank each and every one of you for your hard work over the last six weeks. the pace of world events does not cause to love the united states government to change from one secretary of state -- does not stop to allow the united states government to change from one secretary of state to another. thanks to all of you for all you have done this last six weeks. [applause] now it is my great honor to introduce our new secretary. you all know his bio. he is a former three term member of congress, former, now director of the central intelligence agency. i offer my own perspective as somebody who comes from the private practice of law in looking at his bio. i looked at it through the lens of a former law firm partner and
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i imagined how i would assess his bio if i were looking at opposing counsel and had to advise my client who we would be dealing with. what stood out to me was we have a tank commander who then went to harvard law school and was elected to the harvard law review, which is a pretty unusual combination. if i were advising my client about who we were going to be dealing with on the other side of the table or in negotiations or if it were in a courtroom, i would say wow, we are dealing with a cross between george patton and oliver wendell holmes. [laughter]
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>> that's a pretty tough combination to face as an opponent but the good news for us is he is coming here to lead our team. it's the adversaries of the united states who will be facing that formidable opponent across the table. without further ado, i will turn over the microphone to the 70th secretary of state, mike pompeo. [applause] sec. pompeo: thank you. thank you. thank you. thanks for those most gracious words, john and thank you for your service in standing in the gap. you have done a remarkable job and the whole team has. i have had a chance to work alongside you as the cia director when you are the acting secretary and you have done this organization incredibly proud. america should be proud of you and thank you for this amazing work.
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[applause] sec. pompeo: so i think i have the record for the longest trip to the first day of work. [laughter] sec. pompeo: i am humbled to be here. i tried to prepare myself for this moment but to stand here and look at the most important diplomatic corps in the world is enormously humbling to me. i talked in my hearing about the fact this nation is so exceptional and so incredibly blessed and the facts that derive from that is that it also creates a responsibility, a duty for america all across the world. i know for certain that america cannot execute that duty, cannot
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achieve its objectives absent you all, absent executing america's foreign policy in every corner of the world with incredible vigor and energy. i am looking forward to helping you all achieve that. [applause] sec. pompeo: my remarks today will be relatively brief. tomorrow, the president will be here to do my official swearing in. i think much of the cabinet will be here as well. it's an important day for the president's first trip to this important place. i am looking forward to being there with many of you and having the honor to have the president of the united states do my formal swearing-in. i then will sometime either later this week or beginning of
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next, do more to develop my commander's intent, what i hope to achieve and speak to the entire workforce and i will lay out my expectations, my hopes and most importantly, share with you my leadership style. this is very different. like, one of the first rules is don't talk down to people. right? [laughter] sec. pompeo: so i will speak to all of you right here. [laughter] sec. pompeo: alongside that is that i feel like i know you. i have worked alongside you as a member of congress when i traveled. i have had the chance to watch when i was traveling around the world and i would go into an embassy and i would arrive late at night and there were the folks in the political section or economic section doing great work on behalf of america. i have a great deal to learn about the state department and how we perform our mission. but as people, i am confident i know who you are. i know you came here, you chose to be a foreign service officer
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or a civil servant or work here in many other capacities and to do so because you are patriots and great americans and because you want to be an important part of america's face to the world. my mission will be to lead you and allow you to do that, the very thing you came here to do. [applause] sec. pompeo: i will get to as many parts of this organization as i can. i said in my testimony that i will spend as little time on the seventh floor -- it think it's the seventh floor, right? [laughter] sec. pompeo: i will go up there in a minute. i will travel and get out to usaid to see their important part of our mission as well. i know every endeavor each of
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you undertakes is a critical part of achieving the ultimate objective which is to deliver president trump an america's foreign policy around the world, to be the face that achieves the outcomes that america so desperately needs to achieve in the world. i have told this story a couple of times but it's worth repeating -- the best advice i got was from a sergeant who was the first platoon sergeant in my first tank platoon when i was 23 years old. i arrived there and when i hopped out of the jeep, he said you will do well if you shut up for a while. [laughter] sec. pompeo: i think he meant that. [laughter] sec. pompeo: what i took him to be saying was that it's important we listen and learn. i know i have an enormous amount to listen to you about and to learn from you. i talked about getting back our swagger and i will fill in what i mean by that. but it's important, the united states diplomatic courtney's to needs to be in every
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corner, every stretch of the world, executing missions on behalf of this country and it is my humble, noble undertaking to help you achieve that. [applause] sec. pompeo: thank you. i look forward to meeting just as many of you as i get a chance to do, to learn from as many of you as i can, and leading the team into the field. i know we will deliver for this president and for this country. thank you and may the good lord bless you and i will see you all around the building, thanks. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its accuracy.]tent and
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] announcer: tomorrow on c-span, a swearing-in ceremony for secretary of state mike pompeo. a.m. eastern.1:00 q&a, author and robertuting editor kurson. i never realized what a major role the wives played. all three of them believed they ,ould not have pulled this off
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