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tv   President Participates in National Day of Prayer  CSPAN  May 4, 2018 5:09am-5:48am EDT

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>> president trump signed an executive order to expand grants to religious groups. the signing was held in the rose garden marking the national day of prayer. the half hour ceremony include remarks by vice president mike pence and religious leaders. >> well good morning. isn't it a glorious day? here in the rose garden. two members of the
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cabinet, leaders in faith and public life, to all of our distinguished guests, it is an honor for karen and me to be here. with all of you as we mark this national day of prayer. here at the white house. the bible tells us to persevere in prayer. the prayer of the upright pleases him. and that in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving we are to present our requests to god. and the american people do this every day. you know the sweetest words the president and i ever hear, are the words i am praying for you. and we hear it a lot. but that is not really anything new. the american people believe in prayer. always have. prayer is the core that runs every era of america's history. in 1775, the second continental congress established a day of fasting and prayer. in 1863, president
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abraham lincoln urged americans to pray so that in his words, the united cry of the nation would be heard on high and answered with blessing. 1952, president harry truman and the congress formally established this national day of prayer. the time set aside each year for the american people to turn to god in prayer and meditation. to celebrate the day, last year, president trump gathered faith leaders across what he would call this nation of faith. including many of you here today. in that moment, he took decisive action. to ensure took decisive action. to ensure in his words, that the federal government will never ever penalize any person for their religious beliefs again. today, president
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trump will take another strong step to protect and promote americans of faith. because in this white house, believers of every background have a champion and president donald rump. in these two divided times, what we will most importantly do today is pause and pray. all across the nation people will bow their head and bend their knee and prayed for this great country. when we pray, we will pray with confidence. confidence in the great people of this nation. confidence in values. confidence that just as he has
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always done through the long nd storied history of this nation, he will once again hear from heaven and heal this land. this one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. now nation, he will once again hear from heaven and heal this land. this one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and i have the privilege to share a verse today as many others will. over the mantle of our home for nearly 20 years, there has been a bible verse that speaks of a promise our little family has claimed and americans have cherished through the generations.
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jeremiah 29 verse 11 we read, for i know the plans i have for you. plans to prosper you and jeremiah 29 verse 11 we read, for i know the plans i have for you. plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans to give you hope. and a future. to jeremiah 29 verse 11 we read, for i know the plans i have for you. plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans to give you hope. and a future. to americans near and far, thank you for joining us in this jeremiah 29 verse 11 we read, ational day of prayer. and god less you all. less you all. > let us pray. our
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heavenly father, we come before you this morning and we praise you. for your goodness and blessings which you have poured out into this country. we note it is far more than we deserve. we thank you for our president and vice president who understand the importance of prayer. and we pray for their precious families who have made reat sacrifices to serve alongside them. we pray for them and all of our nations leaders. that you would give them your wisdom to know what is right and give them the courage to do it. may they remember you and you alone are the hope for this country. your scripture says, there is a time o tear and a time to mend. a time to be silent and a time to speak. a time to love and a time to hate. a time for war and a time for peace. lord, we time to be silent and a time to pray for a time of mending and unity in this country. we pray for a time to turn away from
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hate and choose to love one another, despite our differences. and we pray for a time of peace. we know by your hate and choose to love one scriptures that your son jesus is the prince of peace. the king of kings and the lord of lords. let the peace of love of god rule in our hearts and may we remember that peace and love is from him who is, who was and who is to come. as my little girl reminds me each morning when i rise, this is the day the lord has made. may we rejoice and be glad in it. and in the precious name of jesus i ray, amen. >> namaste . my salutations to all of you. all of us are divine. are born
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through the divinity in all of ou. may i begin with om . my humble salutations. next, my salutations to the -- in all incarnation. all are his representatives , -- may the god bless all the leaders, lawmakers and mankind. may the od bless the, protector of the
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good and removing evil and may the gods of intellect bestow with them and happiness to the whole mankind. made all be prosperous and happy. may all be free from illness. may all see what is spiritual plifting. may no one suffer.
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>> are loving, gracious and perfect father in heaven. we approach the ingratitude for the blessings received at the hands. on this national day of prayer, we unite to acknowledge that all good gifts come from the. this nation has been given relative peace and prosperity. we humbly ask the to ask over those in harm's way , protecting our freedoms in the pursuit of happyness. bless those who lead this great nation with the empathy insight and inspiration they need as they counsel together and sincerely strive to work in harmony. help us in our request that we may be joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.
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may each exercise integrity, humility and nobility of character and his or her sphere of influence. heavenly father, many are in need and we pray or all who are working unselfishly to improve lives. may we become a land of good samaritans, they bring in love, to lift the hands of the downtrodden, oppressed and afflicted. mend our hearts together in unity and in love, one towards another. please, strengthen homes and families to provide loving guidance and good and capable and compassionate citizens. we also recognize the need to improve father. help us to find ways to understand and value on another. to work together in cooperation and selflessness rather than seek professional game to satisfy vein ambitions for gratifying pride. may we examine ourselves and become better individuals thereby increasing the peace and happiness of each citizen and
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in this united states of america. dear father, we thank the for every blessing and humbly ask for thy help as well as continued care and keeping. in the sacred name of thy beloved son, jesus christ. amen. >> good morning. you need god of all. the one god transforms all cultures and differences. yet, unique by all. this is your being. excellent is your work. and powerful is your name. we pause this moment is a grateful nation to acknowledge you, praise and thank you for your many blessings on our country. our families and our loved ones. we pray for your continued blessings upon this
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nation for generations to come. god, we pray for the president, vice president, our national and military leaders. you continue to support, protect and guide us in the many challenges confronting our nation. god, we beseech you, almighty, to grant them patience in adversity. in-service and selflessness and leadership. finally, god, we pray for ourselves, our marines, coast guard, police who are serving in harm's way and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. serving their grateful mission. god, to lift their families to you for their blessings and grace. for this i pray in your precious name, amen. >> our father in
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heaven. the one and only god. creator and giver of life through all things upon the heaven and the earth. please grant us life and good health and bestow upon us, peace, prosperity, moral strength and understanding. bless the president and the first lady. he vice president and mrs. pence and all the nations leaders. they may lead us in a way that will please you and fulfill your will. and ernest continued blessings upon our reat nation. as the words of the almighty to king solomon in chronicles, two. words remembered so often at events like this one and across the nation, about when his people of israel will turn back to him n difficult times he said. i will heal their land. now my eyes will be open and my ears
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will hearken to this place. the place to which god spoke then over 2000 years ago, was the sanctuary in the holy temple in erusalem. -- a sacred memory teaches us that even today in the diaspora and is the temple is no more, the timeless essage endures. we can and herefore we must create within ur hearts and our own lives, if even a small sanctuary where the almighty, through that help bring more love, light, kindness to so many people as we might merit. prayer is a f even a small sanctuary where serious thing. as it offers the greatest or simplest, even a child or perhaps especially a child. to pass the community directly with he was created us
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all. it also reminds us of the nation, that faith in our creator and his guidelines which illuminates our path in life are the glue which ultimately holds us all together as a just society. we remember on this special day in the jewish calendar, the great saved who brought so much love , in our meeting and teaches device journey and inspired us to embrace the world we live in. with mutual respect and work to make it better and more heavenly every day. so, on this day, dear god, as we turn to you in prayer, please count this sanctuary we build in our lives as we serve only you. with your kind, open eyes and ears which hearken to the prayers of the place we are, please do heal this land, our land. let us see and share with humility.the great sparkle of
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our nation, which is called by your name as with liberty and justice for all, we are, indeed, one nation under you god, indivisible. and so we need your help and guidance today and every day as we must navigate forward together. in the choppy waters of our world and our times. let us merit very soon today for which we have been praying for so long. when you will finally bring nderstanding, healing, peace and redemption. for all of and redemption. for all of mankind with the arrival of our righteous messiah. as a jew, so mindful of my forbearers and their tribulations. i am deeply grateful to the president for this invitation. and for the opportunity this gives me to publicly offer this prayer freely from my heart and according to my own faith. god bless america and all those who
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gree. bearing in mind of course, the men and women serving in our military, stateside and abroad at the tip of the spear. let us bless them all, pray for them and those who agree, please say amen. >> stateside and abroad at the tip let us pray. almighty god. good and gracious father. with confidence, we take up the challenge to st. paul, make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace. return to you, lord in humble fervent petitions. give us the grace to root out from our hearts, anything that would hold us back from walking in the full blessing of your
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pirit and in the bond of unity that is the gift you give to all of your children. our hearts, we pray with the fire that is the gift you give to of your love. kendall and all of us a desire. with the good things which you rigid bestow upon all of us. each person, may be brought to fulfillment. everything -- we ask you now on this national day of prayer to give us the strength of mind nd heart to always stand for freedom. give us the courage to make our voices heard on behalf of all people who suffered persecution. we ask you, father of lights, wisdom and justice,
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through whom authority is rightly administered, laws are enacted and justice. the president of the united states , may his administration be one of wisdom and justice. let the light of your divine wisdom direct the deliberations of congress. shine forth in the proceedings and the laws framed for our government. and may we witness the promotion of national happiness and increased prosperity, peace and judgment. grant this, we pray, heavenly father. for the sake of our children and their children and all who come after s. this great land might always be one nation, under
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god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. in this prayer we make in the holy name f your son and our lord, jesus crisis. men. >> jesus christ. amen. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the >united states. [applause]
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>> thank you very much, everybody. thank you. please, thank you very much. what a day, what a beautiful day. our country is doing very well. using some very good announcements very shortly. it is wonderful to be here on this glorious spring morning as we celebrate the national day of prayer. at the white house, in the rose garden. i want to thank the vice president mike pence and karen for joining us. very special people, thank you very much. we re truly blessed to have a vice president and second lady who believe in the power of prayer and the glory of god. and they do believe! i am with them a lot, they believe. thank you. thanks also to the members of the cabinet who have joined
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us today, along with so many amazing faith leaders from across the country. including my good friend, paula white who has done such a incredible job. paula, stand paula. thank you, paula. and the president of the national day of prayer, doctor ronnie floyd. hank you doctor. thanks ronnie . i especially want to recognize cissy i was called that but it is really cissy graham lynch. i like it that recognize cissy i was called way too because you are married to a great man. thank you for being here. priests -- and the hope christian church choir. i
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heard you by the way right inside the oval office. that was beautiful! great music. thank you. thank you very much. as we gather this morning, our thoughts also turn to the memory of a man who awakened the light of god and the hearts of millions of americans, pastors and that is the great legendary, wonderful, billy graham. great! cissy, i want to thank you for carrying on your grandfathers incredible legacy. today, we remember the words of reverend graham. forever is the key that opens us, the treasures of gods mercies and blessings. always eautiful. and when he said it,
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it meant so much. when i say it, it means something. but i like when he said it better, right? i think he did that a little better than i do. reverend graham's words remind us that prayer has always been t the center of american life. because america is a nation of believers. the prayers of religious believers help gain our independence and the crazy religious leaders like the reverend martin luther king, great man, helped win the ong struggle for civil rights. fate has shaped our families and it has shaped our communities. it has inspired
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and will commitment to charity and our defense of liberty. and faith has forged the identity and destiny of this great nation that we all love. americans of faith have built the hospitals that care for our sick. the homes that tend to our elderly. and the charities that house the orphans. they minister, they really do, they minister to the poor. so beautifully and with such love. we have prodded our religious heritage and as president, i will always protect religious liberty. we have been doing it! last year on this day, i took executive action to prevent the johnson amendment. a disaster , from interfering with our first amendment rights. i was so proud of that. i have been saying from the beginning. you know that. i was
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saying for a long time, we are going to do that. across the government, we've taken action o defend the religious conscience of doctors, nurses, teachers, students and groups like the little sisters of the poor. in january of this year, i was proud to be the first president to stand here, in the rose garden, to adjust the march for life. very special day. my dministration has spoken out against religious persecution around the world , including the persecution of many, many questions. what's going on is horrible. we are taking action. e are taking action. we condemn all crimes against people of faith. today we are launching another
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historic action. to promote religious freedom. i will soon be signing an executive order to create a faith initiative at he white house. thank you very much. the faith initiative will help design new policies that recognize the vital role of faith in our families, communities and i will great country. this office will also help ensure that faith-based organizations have equal access to government funding and equal right to exercise their deeply held -- we take this step because we know in solving the many, many problems and our great challenges, faith is more powerful than government. and
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nothing is more powerful than god! with us today is a living reminder of this truth. his name is john ponder from las vegas, nevada. where is john? come on up here. john grew up without his father. as he tells it, my mother was strong, but she was not able to keep us out of the gangs and grew up without his father. as off the streets. right? john was in and out of jail for years until age 38, he was arrested for bank robbery. you don't look like a bank robber, john. you have come a long way! john soon ended up
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in federal prison. relegated to solitary confinement. that is where god found him. john began to read the bible and listen to in federal prison. relegated to hristian radio. right? incredible. one morning at 2:00 a.m., he woke up to the voice of the great billy graham. reverend graham's words came through the airwaves. jesus wants to be lord of your life. that night, john edicated his life to christ. he spent the rest of his time in prison praying, studying the bible and bringing the lord to his fellow inmates. the day after john's release, a
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visitor knocked on his door. it was the man who put him in jail. fbi, special agents, richard beasley who is here. richard? come on up. i want you to know that i have been praying for you , very strongly. he said that. god alled me to the fbi in part, because of you, john. the two because of you, john. the two are now lifelong friends. john, do you like him? >> i love him. >> you love him? that's nice. that is beautiful. john runs a ministry that has helped more than 2000 former inmates rejoin society and he is the talk of the country. the
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job john does, is incredible. john and richard , you are a living testament to the power f prayer. your story reminds us that prayer changes hearts. and it transforms lives. it uplifts the soul , inspires action and unites us all as one nation, under god. so important. and we say it here, you know -- a lot under god. so important. and we say it here, you know -- a lot of people. they do not say it. you know what? they are starting to save more. just like we have started to say merry christmas when that day comes around. you notice the big difference between now and two or three years ago? it was, going in the other direction rapidly. right? now it is straight up! i will country was big difference between now and founded on prayer. our communities are sustained by
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prayer. our nation will be renewed by hard work , a lot of intelligence and prayer. today, we gather to remember this truth. we thank god for the faith of our people. we praise god for the blessings of freedom. and we sk god to forever bless this magnificent land that we all love so much. america. thank you, god bless you and god bless the united states. thank you everybody! thank you very uch. >>
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ome on up folks! come on up. what a group, huh? conversations] come on up. fantastic. we will get -- thank
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you very much everybody! fantastic. a great day! [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2018]
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>> this afternoon president trump will be speak at the nra convention in dallas.
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>> economists who worked in the bush administration during the 2008 financial crisis. we hear from former treasury secretary, chair, and council of economic advisers. this is 45 minutes. i want to thank president bush and laura bush for inviting us to be here today. heard from --ave the lunch we had with the women was just amazing. daniels story, second to none, my fellow chicago and. mrs. bush, thank you very much. then we heard from dr.


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