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tv   Washington Journal 05052018  CSPAN  May 5, 2018 7:00am-8:03am EDT

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campaign-finance laws. then, prepare for the upcoming advanced placement u.s. government example with teachers andrew and daniel larson from the alkali stephen -- adlai stevenson high school. ♪ host: good morning. it is saturday, may 5, 2018. yesterday, president donald trump gave a campaign style speech at the nra's annual meeting in dallas, praising the group and its supporters and vowing to protect america's gun rights. it is the first annual meeting of the nra since the shooting at a parkland, florida high school. gun control advocates are vowing to make none reform a key campaign issue in the 2018 midterms. speechnt trump's
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yesterday made clear that he messagenter that on the campaign stump. will the gun control debate have an impact on your vote in this year's midterms? democrats can call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents can call 202-748-8002. you can also reach us on social media. more from the front page -- inside today's "wall street journal." it's as president donald trump gave a full throated defense of gun rights friday and reiterated his call for arming teachers in a speech at the nra's annual conference. it was the first time in the 147 year history of the organization's annual meeting
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that a sitting president and vice president spoke. let's take a look at a bit more of what the president said at that address yesterday. [video clip] >> we are here today because we recognize a simple fact. one thing that has always stood between the american people and the elimination of our second amendment rights has been conservatives in congress willing to fight for those rights. [applause] >> we are fighting to defend our freedom. we need the people in washington to support our freedom.
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to support our candidates, to support the people that have to raise their hands. they say we have a majority. we have a majority of one person. that's not really a majority. we need republicans to do it right to get the kind of things we want. we have to get republicans elected. we have to do great in 2018. [applause] >> those midterms, we have to do great. we need judges who will enforce our laws, protect our sovereignty and uphold our american way of life. the constitution cannot be changed by judges, bureaucrats or the united nations. that's why we are appointing federal judges who will interpret the law as written. host: we are talking to our viewers today. how big of an impact will the
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second amendment have on your 2018 vote in the midterms? marvin calling on our democratic line from philadelphia. good morning. caller: the second amendment will have a big effect on my boat. i'm looking at the second amendment, but i'm looking at rights, too. with these types of guns, these military guns that people are carrying and killing a lot of people, i think the forefathers didn't want us to be in this phase where we were killing our people. need to write rules toward gun rights, allowing certain guns -- i can't be with that. i have to worry about my children and everything like that. host: what about what the president said yesterday that
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this is about freedom, this is about the ability to carry guns in the constitution? caller: the president is trying to gather votes. he's trying to get people to talk about your talking about taking guns from us. he's doing it for the votes. he is flip-flopping. host: michael is honor independent line, calling from stanford, connecticut. will this impact your 2018 vote? caller: i would never vote for trump in the first place. no, i won'trry, but do that. he's got everybody to blame. he blames republicans, he blames democrats, he blames obama, he blames clinton. clinton doesn't even have a job. come on.
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the second amendment is never going to go anywhere. when he says they are going to take away your second amendment, how could anybody believe that for a second? let me ask you this about the argument that these laws really impact people who obey the law, make it harder for law-abiding people to obtain the kinds of firearms they want to and they don't stop criminals or terrorists from getting their hands on firearms. caller: what kind of gun can't i get? i can get just about anything i want. they are all out there, made right here in this country. what can't i get? i can get a handgun or shotgun or semi automatic gun, silencers. i can get all this crazy stuff. what can't i get to protect myself and everybody else?
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why don't we protect ourselves from trump? isn't that the tyranny that's come down from him and he wants to take over the country and be king? he's not that smart and not that rich. host: let's see what cnbc reported about this event and how the president targeted some democrats at the nra speech. it's as president donald trump took flight at three democratic friday as heame urged gun rights supporters to elect more republicans in november to boost his agenda. the 51 seat republicans currently hold in the senate are not really a majority.
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he slammed a democrat from montana who will run this year in the state trump won by 20 points. he also targeted some other lawmakers in that. bill nelson and bob casey. john is on a republican line from bridgewater, new jersey. what the you think? -- what do you think? i would never want the democrats in power because they would take away certain things. not all things. they revealed themselves in the 1990's when they had a lot of power. term, theys first
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were so aggressive about going after guns, that would cause the backlash that we still have now. touess they just wanted control your lifestyle. i live in new jersey. it is very hard to get a permit to buy a gun. i don't know why i live here, but i was born here. trump has been brilliant in nra,ring -- supports the especially now. he got the evangelical vote by dealing with the supreme court. the man is brilliant. anyone who says otherwise just doesn't understand what's happening. host: emily is on our democratic line from denver, colorado. caller: i think it's really sad
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for our country. i always vote for the constitution. i think we should uphold the second amendment, but we have to stop killing people. gunidea of children having drills in schools, it just blows my mind. donald trump is a very masterful man at conning the american to -- atd getting them least his supporters, he doesn't theme -- it's really sad, state of affairs of our country when we let don the con run their minds. host: what would you like to see? you understand constitutional protection, but you don't like
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the idea of them having to have gun drills. what would you like to see lawmakers to? caller: people need to be more mindful. it starts at home. people need to teach their children better about how to handle firearms and maybe we need to have classes in schools about that. obviously, the parents aren't able to do that. mental health is really a problem. there.e need to start that's the first place. it seems like most of the men -- the young men that have been killing folks have mental problems, but they also have access to guns and their parents allow that access. they have to allow that access.
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host: a little more from "the washington post." the president at the nra conference -- it says -- cornelius is on our republican line from louisiana. how will the gun debate impact your vote in november? caller: i have to tell you, i'm african american republican -- i want to thank c-span. i'm for the second amendment. i'm becoming an nra member. in colfax, louisiana, we had the
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riot -- white folks call it a riot, black folks call it a massacre. the blacks had guns and the white democrats told them you -- you can just give up your guns. they massacred everyone. amendment isecond very important, whether you be republican or democrat or black or white. we need the second amendment to defend the first amendment. that's why i'm supporting president trump. jersey oning from new our independent line is angela. caller: good morning. the most important thing that trump said yesterday about guns
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andhe point about paris their extremely tough gun laws. we may have more mass shootings, but the one in paris is pretty large. host: more from "the washington post" about that. the president announced european cities with tougher gun laws, invoking the november 2015 massacre in paris. jeffrey is calling from greensboro, north carolina on our democratic line. will the gun debate affect your vote in november? caller: absolutely. this doesn't make any sense. american society view on tragedies of mass
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killings by these assault rifles without the proper background information that is necessary for gun dealers to properly exchange that deadly assault weapon to the hands of a patron walking out -- that's mistake number one. is how dare the president take the stand for the united states of america the people who are looking up to him to not make ae database to where it people have health issues or are taking some prescription and have firearms, all of that should be linked together. if they are on some type of meds, there should be a freeze
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for their permits to be invalid. host: do you think the burden rests more with members of congress or with the president on this? caller: i say it's both. these are very educated professionals who have been there for decades. years aftery, years, these are the same people in congress witnessing mass killings. there should be no reason for them just because it is split down the aisle, difference of opinions -- you can bridge that. you can come to a resolution, especially after sandy hook. there should be a mandatory with some training consistently for people who are getting firearm permits for at least a year.
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there should be a mandatory suspension if you come in contact with police. they will abide by the laws and go to a licensed shooting range where they can make sure background information is still valid. host: david on our republican line. what the you think -- what do you think? high will the gun debate impact your vote in november? caller: i am a gun owner. i've been a gun owner pretty much all my life. i will never vote for a democrat. to november, comes some big races there in texas, including senator cruz seeking reelection.
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how important is gun control among the issues that make a difference in your vote? caller: i've got a lot of things to shoot out here. i'm in the country. i've got coyotes chasing my cats. yard.igging up my i've got all that. god i don't have no crackheads trying to open my door. host: we have matthew on our independent line from vancouver, washington. will the gun debate play a role in your vote in november? caller: i don't think i will go with democrats on that. it surprises me that it's a democrat type of issue. it should be more independent.
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it warns me that they are being paid to go with this route to say no guns. what concerns me is the main stier of the democrats,, -- tom steyer. he's endorsed the mayor from san francisco -- he was running percentage and he ended up getting caught smuggling drugs. he was a big advocate for no guns. i'm really wondering why this issue is so big. movemente black rights -- as far as shootings of black people. it concerns me what else is going on behind the scenes. times"the washington reports that some nra members with theing restless
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in action from some members of congress. arerights activists -- increasingly restless with leaders in washington who promised all sorts of big wins for second amended supporters. as the nra convention kicks off in dallas this week, activists are wondering where things went wrong. "i'm not pleased with the republicans," said michael butler. jack is on our democratic line.
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good morning to you, jack. what do you think? here's the facts. the bottom line is what has occurred with these school shootings like in las vegas. this comes down to point-blank security. if they had officers with a weapon at the front door and signs up saying this property is weapon,d against any it's already proven that nothing would have occurred. that's a fact. two, parkland has focused on these ar-15's.
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when you look at the facts in america right now, we have 50,000 people who die of car wrecks every year. a lot of them are drunk drivers, but we still allow people to get into a car and drive drunk. that's 45,000. no life taken is good. killedad so many people -- it's america. the bottom line is this is america. there are freedoms that are given to us. if you do not like these freedoms, you can protest, but you get to a point where you don't agree, go to canada, go somewhere else. host: pat is on our independent line from baltimore. what the you think? caller: it will not have an effect on how i would actually vote. i believe in the second
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amendment. i have a group of routing -- weg shooting members have all kinds of events. we are getting loaded up, too. 29t young man that took down in tennessee -- it's a perfect example of someone who has a gun other countries would not have been colonized it certain people had their guns. it will not have an effect on my boat. that's my vote. -- it will not vote.n effect on my boa reporting -- it
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has gone down for democrats. 74% to 53%. february.ine since to 44%.blicans, 49% a growing number of people saying it will play a minor factor in their decision with 36%,op at 39% over 39% over 29%. jim is on our republican line from indiana. how big of a factor is the gun debate? caller: good morning. it is a large factor. i'm a concealed carry permit
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holder. i carried 24 hours a day simply for protection of myself and those around me. one of the biggest issues i have is interstate or national reciprocity. i would like to see that happen. if i travel through other states, it's a maze of different laws that are constantly changing that makes it difficult to tell where you can go and carry a gun. for safety. when you're out on the highway, that's one of the areas where you could get in trouble and need to protect yourself. if it's not a mental health attacks,far as these it's more of a moral health issue. host: you are talking about your
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desire to see reciprocity laws. what about the concern by people who oppose those laws that it will allow the state with the andest gun law to prevail for people from that state to be able to go anywhere else? caller: what is a weaker gun control law? how do you do find that -- define that? host: laws that make it easier in some states to get a gun. that would override the will of voters in a different state who want to make more difficult. caller: again, it is a national issue. it is a right to be able to defend yourself and to carry a weapon. alan is calling from east chicago on our democratic line. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span and for
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taking my call. bill toing, there was a repeal the dickey amendment. that's the amendment that was put in in 1994 that would cut off funding to any government agency that studied gun violence. the cdc. i hope it is still there. i'm hoping it will go through. the congressman who put the bill of said he regretted doing it. and the cdc can do studies on gun violence, i think that would help a lot in helping people understand exactly what's happening here in our country. people die from driving cars -- it is not a right, it is a privilege.
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the second movement says specifically it is for a well -- the secondtia amendment says specifically it is for a well regulated militia. not the individual. there's nothing in the second amendment about individuals and self protection. it doesn't exist. americansing 38,000 who die from gun violence. 38,000. every three years, we lose more americans to gun violence than we lost to the korean conflict, iraq andr the afghanistan wars. host: the front page of "the wall street journal" talking about the latest jobs numbers. the jobless rate to a 17 year
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low. unemployment fell in april to one of the lowest level since the post-world war ii era. tom is on our independent line from o florida. what do you think about the gun control debate? caller: if you think as far even a biblical account,
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eve bit the apple and gave it to the, that is fruit from forbidden tree. interracial marriage, are you kidding? now, it is all passe. it's no longer fruit from the for bid and treat -- forbidden tree. you will are outlawed, see them stockpiled in homes that wouldn't have even had a pocketknife. host: dana is calling on our democratic line from texas. caller: i find it highly interesting that the same people who want no restrictions on their second amendment are the same people who are trying to tell others how to exercise
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their first amendment. kneeling in protest or whatever. but i have, myself, no issue with gun ownership. i just assume responsible gun owners should take some response -- takeand be proactive some responsibility and be proactive. if you need this high-powered war weapon, why don't they just suggest you actually have some advanced training or some additional training to own that type of weapon? all the other weapons are fine. if you need this particular weapon, why don't you get specialized training to have an additional permit? that seems like middle ground. host: do you think that is up to the states to do? or are those the kinds of laws in washington that congress
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should impose? caller: it's up to the citizenry to do it. they should be proactive rather denigrating anyone who actually suggests some fixes that might actually help. if the responsible gun owners take the position that they will eventually accept some semblance -- there's noity need for an 18-year-old to go out and buy an assault weapon. there's no reason that they should have one. you can have an ar-15. just proved to me that you can act responsibly and you know how to use it. host:in the president's address at the nra -- in the president's address at the nra meeting yesterday, he thanked kanye
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west. the huffington post reports the president addressed the nra's national convention and thanked kanye west for doubling his african-american polling numbers. he said he initially thought the increase must be a mistake and even the pollsters thought it was a mistake. we are getting your views about the gun control debate. how it will impact your vote in november. democrats can call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. you can also reach us on social , on twitter and also on
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facebook. angela is calling from charlotte, north carolina on our independent line. what do you think? caller: thank you for taking my call this morning. conventiont the nra -- he won, so what. the only thinge, he's controlling is people's ideas and messing with their imagination. i understand what he's saying about immigration and the policies as far as the foreign policies and the massive ,illings -- the mass killings obama can't say terrorist islam
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-- most of the murderers were americans. they had citizenship. our c-spanweekend, cities tour explored the american story as both pb be an american history tv traveled to -- explored the american book tv andh american history tv traveled to tyler, texas. >> tyler, texas is located between tree port and the dfw shreveport and the dfw area. jobs in25,000 medical
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our community, we have 20,000 college students. tyler is a very historic city in the state of texas. tyler was the financial and professional help of the east texas oilfield. the east texas oilfield is the number one producing oilfield in america. the oil that was used to support the world war ii efforts for all the allied forces came out of this area. it's one of the largest but also oneeas, of the most important in the country. it's not producing asthma now, but that's the basis of so much change in our community. the financial structure, the legal structure. it also brought a large amount of entrepreneurs to our community. if you're going to go search for oil, inherently, your
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entrepreneurial -- you are entrepreneurial. a town of 8000 and 10,000 within 250% and it was all related to the east texas oilfield. that is the basis of our community. host: make sure to tune in this weekend for book tv and american history tv. to watch video of tyler and all the cities we visited in our cities tour, go to we are continuing our conversation about the gun policy debate and whether it will impact your midterm vote this november. joe is on the democratic line from west virginia. good morning. caller: good morning. no, it won't have no effect for me. because my whole family has guns.
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they hunt and fish and do all that kind of stuff. before, the said gun doesn't kill people. people kill people. i want to ask you one question. you will probably cut me off because you don't want to hear this. i'm a democrat. i am. i'm not going to be very much longer. 10 years ago, i stopped watching you all because you went completely democrat. you wouldn't listen to nothing else and i didn't like that. yesterday withd that judge coming against mueller, if that had been hillary clinton, you would have had that on tv today. why don't you have it on tv today? because it affects trump and you all are against trump. you can cut me off and it
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probably won't be on. host: i believe the caller is referring to yesterday, we have the judge in the paul manafort case. to bring tax and bank fraud campaigngainst former chairman, paul manafort. the judge suggested the charges before the u.s. district court for the eastern district of virginia were just part of the designs tom's pressure mr. manafort into giving up information on president donald trump or others in the campaign.
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ken is on our republican line. sycamore, ohio. how much will the gun policy debate affect your vote in november? caller: entirely. i will vote pro-gun all the way down the line. too many democrats want to take our guns away. i just don't see it happening. host: what do you mean by democrats wanting to take guns when their wisdom and credit control of the white house and both houses of congress, the second amendment survived. why do you think democrats want to take guns away? host: look at hillary clinton, what she said. we could dords were like australia and confiscate guns. those are her exact words. what does that tell you about the democrats? host: diane is calling in on our independent line from austin,
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arkansas. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i support the second amendment. we need to be responsible. parents need to have locks on guns. they need to secure guns. it's not the guns killing people. it's the hearts of men. 70 years ago, every house in the country had guns. s inad no father's i homes, we took god out of everything and the schools are an open target. we need to have people who are trained and licensed to protect those areas. onill always vote god anything from guns all the way
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down. if the democrats want to take the guns, they need to look at the number one killer of black americans is abortion. host: let's take a look at what the president said yesterday at about votersntion getting complacent as the midterms approach. [video clip] >> and the democrats are very concerned. you watch how well we do in 2018. you watch. [applause] >> get out and vote. don't be complacent. history says that when you win the presidency, you get complacent. you know the feeling. time, you win the presidency and for whatever reason, you lose the midterm. the word is "complacent." think about it. you win, you take a breath and
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relax. all of a sudden, two years is up, they are fighting like hell and you are complacent. we cannot get complacent. we have to win the midterm. host: chris is on our democratic line from florida. caller: good morning. thank you for having me. i think guns are not the problem at all. like a couple of colors were talking about desk callers were talking about -- like a couple of caller is were talking about -- like a couple of callers were talking about -- i carry on me every day. people lose their ways. we've been dividing ourselves, whether democrat or republican or independent.
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congress and the government is not going to create world peace. that is between us. we need to quit having these borders that divide us, invisible borders, we don't need those. whether christian or muslim or whatever race, we need to realize we need to be more responsible with this life. we only have one earth, one life. we need to make a difference and realize guns aren't the problem. it's us. host: let's take a look at how some people are using the gun debate in the lead up to the elections in november. brian camp is a gop candidate for governor. let's look at an ad he's running in georgia. [video clip] >> this is jake. a young man interested in one of my daughters. >> cap government spending. take a chainsaw to regulations.
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make georgia number one for small business. respect and a healthy appreciation for the second sir. amendment, >> we are going to get along just fine. host: let's take a look at an ad a pennsylvania, democratic candidate for congress and how he's using the gun issue. [video clip] >> i served in the army all over the world and i was trained to use guns like these. loyal soldiers exploit guns and god to score political points. i'm a veteran and a pastor and a democrat who believes in common sense and not blind loyalty. scott, and i approved this message because i won't be loyal to anyone but you. host: robert is on our
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independent line from huntsville, alabama. it seems in some candidates across the country are using the gun issue in their ads. how big of an impact will it have on you and your vote? caller: good morning, kimberly. good to speak with you again. no impact at all. let me say something to democrats. don't run on gun control. and 2020.ose in 2018 you need to find another platform to run on. you need to try to gracefully some ofectfully retire the senior leaders in the democratic party. if you try to run on gun control, you will lose. host: why do you think gun control is a losing issue for democrats? caller: because our nation is a second amendment nation. there's only a few states that don't allow gun ownership and
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that's going to change. that's going to change under the trump administration, so you might as well not even try to go there. if you want to look at things like having proper training, that's not going to work. if you want to look at things as backgroundxtended investigations, that might work. republicans do support extended background investigations. which i support as well in certain instances. leave gun control alone, leave the second amendment alone. you will lose. host: david is on our democratic line from kentucky. what do you think? caller: unfortunately, we can't afford to vote single issue anymore. guns.upport
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we just can't vote single issue anymore. there's too many things going on. the democrats are not against guns. they just want regulations. that's another thing. health, about mental but mental health is protected under hippa laws. it's hard to find out what someone's mental background is without infringing on their rights. host: tony is calling in from tennessee on our independent line. will the gun policy debate have an impact on your vote in november? caller: the only thing that people need to understand -- democrats don't want to take your guns. i carry a gun. i thought in the war with the
7:49 am
--6 because they are at 15 we went to war over weapons of mass destruction. the m-16 is just that. so is the ar-15. they want teachers to carry a gun. high schools have 200 foot always. -- high schools have to hundred foot hallways -- high schools have 200 foot hallways. people miss the target at 30 feet. they won't even come close. the ar-15, the 30 caliber bullet can make it from one end of the hall to the other end of the hall and only drop one inch.
7:50 am
they are not trying to take your is notut the er parking good for anything except going is notge -- the ar-15 good for anything except going for range. host: former president george h w bush has been released from the hospital. after a nearly two weeks day for an infection. a spokesperson said former president bush was discharged from hospital after treatment for an infection. he's happy to return home. he was taken to the hospital the day after laying barbara bush to rest. roger from ohio. what do you think about the gun debate? does that impact the midterms for you?
7:51 am
caller: no, it does not. i'm going to vote democratic one way or another. my uncle told me 60 years ago, a gun like that that shoots that many bullets that quick is only needed on a warfield. what the hell are they talking about -- people walking on the streets. that's what i don't understand. that -- comethem on, now. why do you need something like that? this isn't a warfield. this is common sense. host: what do you say to people who say the constitution doesn't make us think since between a particular caliber or kind of firearm? caller: what are you going to do with it? those were designed for a warfield, not streets or homes.
7:52 am
why do you give somebody something like that? you see what happened with this guy killing that club up there. do you think that is what we need? host: jim is on our line from california on the republican like. what you think? -- republican line. what do you think? caller: this is the program he would like to push through. they will have to pry my gun from my cold, dead hands. if someone came to confiscate my gun, it would be my life. that's how much it means to me. stocks,s the bump there's no reason for us to have them, so those can go away.
7:53 am
quit messing with our guns. they are going to lose. host: you said you would support limiting bump stocks, but you don't want laws addressing guns. where do you draw the line? is it at accessories? where do you think it is ok to legislate firearms? caller: just the bump stocks. bump stocks to make it automatic. that is something i'm willing to give to make the country peaceful. that's as far as i'm willing to go. host: ok. appreciate your call. kevin is calling in from virginia and are independent line -- on our independent line. will that impact your vote in november? caller: not really. amendment, you have restrictions on your rights.
7:54 am
i believe you should have a mental evaluation for your guns. you have to be mentally sound. you have to have excessive training. you should go in every few years like you do to renew your driver's license. i don't own a gun. i don't fear for my life to go out in the streets. i'm not that afraid to walk around. i don't need a gun to walk around in a free society. i don't have a reason to be afraid of anyone who does own guns because most of them are honest and decent citizens. we need to find a common balance on this and not get so mad and angry. everyone is getting angry with each other. test, a mentala evaluation.
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make sure everyone who owns a gun has a sound mind. host: a little bit more about the reaction the president is getting for his address yesterday. from "washington post" -- left some gun-control activists more optimistic. cecil is calling in on our republican line from florida. what do you think about the gun policy debate?
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will that impact the midterms? caller: hello? host: you are on. the onei will tell you, thing a lot of these people don't understand the difference between a semi automatic and fully automatic. --iautomatic guns have been automatic guns have been illegal to own for years. semiautomatic are fine. there is a difference. i own guns. i've had seven or eight of them. i treat them like i should. chicago has the toughest gun law that i know of and there's more crime and shooting there than any place else. you can take the guns away and people will find other ways to do it. pipe bomb's and cars -- pipe bombs and cars.
7:57 am
will you take the cars away from people because they run down the sidewalk killing people? host: mary is calling on our democratic line from new york/ caller: good morning. i never hear anyone talking about criminals who have illegal gangs -- howalers, do we get rid of their guns? not the legal guns. i think we should ban these video games that promote these weapons to young children. they think it's ok. ian is calling in on our republican line from oceanside, new york. afford the can amendment because one thing will float to the next. you get ated nugent,
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federal stamp -- you will jump through hoops and get that. the bump stocks, the cat is out of the bag. they are on the earth. criminals can get them if they want. 40 people were shot in chicago in three days. they have the toughest gun laws. san bernardino, that murderer got the gun through his friend. the toughest gun laws will be subverted by criminals to hurt us. let's say what guns are for and what they were for originally. when you have obama militarizing it, going after cliven bundy for grazing his cattle -- if it wasn't for the second amendment, the atf and fbi wouldn't have backed down. that's a problem. we shouldn't have the government ever going into new orleans to
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take guns from people in the flood zones because that gun will save their lives. minutes to half an hour to get here. your debt by than. -- you are dead by then. bernardino, it took them to long. -- too long. host: coming up, we will have a sec with davethe levinthal. it's that time of year. we will be taking calls from students. . stay tuned. we will be right back. ♪
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>> monday, on landmark cases, a case on capital punishment. in 1976, troy really on greg, a convicted armed robber charged his death sentence. the supreme court ruled against him but established stricter guidelines for states wishing to impose the death penalty. top --teiner, one of the she has argued against the death penalty in a number of cases in the court and was a former clerk of supreme court justice thurgood marshall. in scheidegger advocating favor of capital punishment and a more swift justice system.
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words, chris hughes on his plan to strengthen the middle class. sunday, talking about conservatism in the age of donald trump. c-span3,an history tv tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on lectures in history, brian matthew jordan on the 1864 civil war overland campaign. sunday at 11:00 eastern, a new monument at arlington national cemetery to honor the most 5000 -- honor the almost 5000 helicopter pilots and crews killed in the vietnam war. monday morning, we are in lincoln, nebraska, for the next stop on the c-span bus 50 capital store. governor pete ricketts will be our guest during "washington


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