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tv   President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting  CSPAN  May 10, 2018 12:41am-12:53am EDT

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curtailing a run's activities? the most impressive we can do is deal with the problem of the sunset clause, which has been identified repeatedly across the house, deal with the icbms, deal with the issue of inspection and then constrain iran's wider activities. we are working very closely with the americans and others, to do so. >> thank you. later tonight, president trump welcomes home three american prisoners who were held in north korea. live coverage begins at 2 a.m. eastern here. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesda thursday morning, a congressman discusses that withdraws from the iran nuclear deal and the upcoming
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talks with north korea over its nuclear program. washington state democratic congresswoman joins us to talk about immigration and the investigation of russia's role in the 2016 presidential election. be sure to watch, live at 7:00 eastern thursday morning. joined the discussion. live thursday on the c-span networks, the house returns at 9 a.m. for work on the u.s. policy. at 60 and, a discussion of intelligence and national security with former cia director john brennan and from a director of national intelligence, james clapper. on c-span2 at 10:00, the nomination to michael brennan to the seventh circuit court would be discussed. at 1:30 p.m. on c-span3, remarks by the starbucks executive chair
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on the role and responsibility of global companies. q&a.ncer: sunday on the university santa barbara english professor on his book " inseparable" about the life and times of conjoined twins. >> you can imagine, these are two married couples. also, when they set up two separate households about one mile from each other, they stuck to this very rigid schedule. lift where heair would stay in the house for three days with chang's wife. during those three days, he was the master of the house.
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his twin would give up his free will. three days later, they would move to the other twin's house and he would be the master of the house and his other sibling would give up. >> did it work? >> apparently, they had 21 children. announcer: q&a, sunday night at 7:00 eastern. president trump spoke to reporters in a cabinet meeting about the three american detainees recently released by north korea and said he and vice president pence would be andrews base. at he also talked about his meeting leader, kimorean jong-un and answered a question about a potential nobel peace prize. this is 10 minutes.
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thank you very much for joining us. night lastry great night during the elections, everybody that we wanted to win won. right now, there are flying back three hostages here, we call them find people. three really fine people. they seem to be healthy and they will be landing at 2:00 in the morning at andrews air force base, and it would be there to greet them along with mike. i think it will be a very special time. nobody thought this was going to happen. and if it did, it would be years or decades, frankly. nobody thought this was going to happen.
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i appreciate kim jong un doing this. allowing them to go to reject we picked a time -- 11 them to the. ,e picked a time for the summit and i think it will be successful. but who knows, who knows what will happen. there will be a very important event, again, somebody thought was never going to happen for years or more. after the believe it will be a great thing for north korea,, japan.orea, i want to thank president xi jinping, he was very helpful two days ago on something very specific. china has been very helpful and we are working on trade with china, and they are doing ok. there are helping us. i guess they're probably doing a bit better, because they are helping us.
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but they have really helped us on north korea. we appreciated and we appreciate as an xi jinping. i just spoke to president moon and explained what was taking place with respect to the three gentlemen. president moon of south korea was very, very happy to hear it. he, likewise has been incredibly helpful. so the relationships we have with prime minister abe, president moon, president xi jinping, i think it all goes to what is taking place right now, and we very much look forward to having the meeting between the united states and north korea, which will be announced over the next couple of days as to timing. we have a lot of things going on within our country. we have very much toughened up the borders, but the laws are horrible. the immigration laws in this country are absolutely horrible. we have to do something about
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it, not only the wall, which we are building sections of right million, weve 1.6 are fixing a lot of it but frankly, it is nonexistent. it was poorly built and it was only temporary in some cases. san diego has asked us to go forward with their section of the wall in california. rather than not doing that and letting them a lot before us whether governor, we decided to do it, and we will have a little bit less of a lobby but a lot of people happy in san diego. we have, i think the numbers coming out from the economy and see what is going on, they are extraordinary. the stock market is almost up 35% from the election, but i think companies are doing even better than that. they are ready to rock. the conference we had yesterday was a very important one. you look at the deal we had with
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iran, it was a one-sided dial that ultimately was going to lead to nuclear proliferation all over the middle east and they were talking about it. other countries were talking about it. it was going to lead to that. they are all very happy at what i did. it was a one-sided deal that was bent $150 billion and $1.8 billion in cash on getting done. and it was not good, it was not appropriate. even see how we do with iran. we probably won't do very well with them, but that is ok too. but they have to understand life. because i don't think they understand life. if you look at what is happening in the middle east with syria and yemen, all the places involved, it is bedlam and
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death. we cannot allow that to happen. a terrible,inated terrible deal that should have never, ever been made. we will be putting among the strongest sanctions that we have , and theyn a country are going into effect very shortly. there are mostly constituted and drawn already, and we will see what happens. but we cannot allow a deal to hurt the world. that is a deal to hurt the world, not a deal to help the united states. that is a deal to hurt the world. you sell in israel, benjamin netanyahu got up yesterday and talked so favorably about what we did. some of the senators, i watched them now as they say, oh, he shouldn't have done it.
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but the democrats, they don't say it with their full throat, not with heart, because they have one problem. they were totally against it. like chuck schumer, he was totally against the deal. he voted against it. i remember reading that they ended up in a fight together over this deal, because he wanted to protect israel. knows that this deal is very bad for israel and for the middle east. but i know that they voted against it. then you will see chuck schumer saying all, he shouldn't have ended the deal. by the way, the deal only got worse. so we have a lot of exciting things happening. i think that will be an exciting perhaps, i run, they are great negotiators. -- kerryr had a chance never had a chance against the gentleman he was negotiating with. the first time ever saw the man, i watched him on a show.
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with an anchor who was no longer down.s, he was taken but it was an interesting show and after three minutes of watching, and you there was no way that kerry could negotiate against this gentleman. that turned out to be a fact. so we are going to make either a really good deal with the world, or will not make a deal at all. iran will come back and say, we don't want to negotiated. and of course, they will say that. and i will say, they will negotiate. or something will happen. and hopefully, that will not be the case. so i just want to let you know, the united states is strong, our military is in a position that we have not had an a long time. we have 700 billion approved, $716 billion for next year, members have never had before. we are rebuilding our military to a never that has never been frankly. these are good times to


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