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tv   Pres. Trump Holds Rally in Elkhart Indiana  CSPAN  May 11, 2018 5:38am-7:00am EDT

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>> president trump and vice president pence were in indiana campaigning for senate candidate. the vice president is a former governor of indiana. the rally is an hour and 20 minutes.
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>> hello neighbors in north-central indiana. when the president want in 2016 the first decision he made his who chooses his running mate. boy, did he make a great choice. he was looking for a man of courage and conviction, and we had one ight here in indiana. he was looking for someone to serve ongress and serve it well. was looking for a man when you how to run a state, and granite well -- and ran it well. the most important thing about the man i am about to bring up stage is he has a man of faith. mike pence has the
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ourage to tell you he stands or god, always. today i take courage, and he has that courage. ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to welcome to our hometown, elkhart, indiana, the vice president of the united states and the second lady. >> hello, indiana.
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it is great for me to be back home again. i want to say thank you to curtis hill are doing a great job as attorney general for the state of indiana. indiana.
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it really is great. it is great to be here with a friend of mine. the man indiana voted overwhelmingly to make the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. i am here today because i stand with president trump. i am here because we stand with all the great conservative leaders from indiana who supported our agenda like senator todd young, congresswoman jackie, ongressman larry, jim banks,
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give them all a round of pplause. my fellow hoosiers, we are here because now that the primary is over, will want you to know we stand with the next great united states senator from the state f indiana, mike braun. is the greatest privilege of my life to serve as vice president the president trump. he is a man of his word, he is a man of action. how bout all the action this week?
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this president took action on iran, we saw progress on north korea and a new embassy will open and jerusalem, the capital of the tate of israel, on monday. what the world saw this week is an american president who embraces his role as leader of he free world. president trump withdrew the united states from the disastrous iran nuclear deal. he slapped sanctions on states that sponsor terrorism. early this morning, i stood on the tarmac of andrews air force base as president trump welcome three brave americans, freed from captivity in north korea.
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will never forget it. >> it was humbling for me to be there, and it never would have happened without the strong, clear, resolute leadership of resident donald trump. not just this past week, the truth is the way you could describe this administration in the past 16 months is with four words, promises made and promises ckept. think about it. president promised to rebuild our military, restore
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democracy, and not long ago he signed the largest deal for our defense since ronald reagan. this president promised to take the fight to terrorists on our terms on their soil, and due to the courage of our armed forces and commander of chief, isis is on the run and the caliphate has crumbled, u.s. coalition has captured the most wanted and will some drive them out of existence once and for all. [applause] [crowd chanting u-s-a] >> you're at home, president trump promised to stand on the thin blue line of law enforcement, and every day of
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his administration we have worked to give our law enforcement personnel the resources and tools and respect that they deserve every single day. our president promised to enforce our laws and secure our borders and he signed biggest funding increase for border security in nearly a decade. he set the national guard to this southern border and secured funding for the irst 100 border walls. [crowd chanting build that wall].
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[applause] he promised to appoint strong conservatives to our court at every level. president trump set a record for the most judges confirmed put ingleee adged he justice neil gorsuch on the supreme court of the united states. it's been promises made and promises kept.
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since day one. this president's also been keeping his promise to get this economy moving again. he promised to roll back the heavy hand of government. president trump has signed more laws cutting federal red tape than any president in american history. [cheers and applause] e promised to unleash american energy. president trump put america first when he withdrew the united states from the paris climate accord. cheers and applause] and this president promised to crack down on unfair trade practices, and i can tell you president trump's been fighting every day for trade deals that
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are free, fair, and reciprocal, and put american jobs and american workers first. [cheers and applause] finally, our president promised to cut taxes across the board, and with the strong support of every republican in congress from indiana, president donald trump signed the largest tax cuts and tax reform in american history. it's promises made and promises kept. cheers and applause] think about it. we cut tax force working families, we cut taxes for job creators, businesses large and small. when we were cutting taxes we also eliminated the individual mandate tax at the heart of obamacare. it's gone. [cheers and applause]
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and president trump's leadership has been wi making a difference here in indiana and across the country every day since indiana voted to send him to the white house businesses have created more than 3.1 million jbs incheweding 33,000 new jobs here in the hoosier state alone. [cheers and applause] manufacturers have added more than 350,000 good-paying jobs. there have been 8,000 new manufacturing jobs just here in elk hart, indiana. i mean, the unemployment rate hasn't been this low since the year 2000 and in fact we have the fifth lowest unemployment rate in america. cheers and applause]
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as i stand before you today, my fellow hoosiers, i say with absolute confidence jobs are coming back. confidence is back. and unched president trump america is back. nd we're just getting started. cheers and applause] the progress we have made we have more work to do. the truth is our administration is based onfacing obstruction in congress. democrats has to do in the way of every major reform president trump and i have put forward. it has been one obstruction after the other by the democrats, including indiana senator, joe donnelly.
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hoosiers deserve to know, time after time, when this president asked joe donnelly to support the policies indiana needs, joe onnelly voted no. when the time came to cut your taxes, oe voted no. when the time came to repeal and replace the disaster of obamacare, joe voted no. when the time came for indiana to defund planned parenthood, joe voted no. he is thinking of voting no on gina haspel to be director of cia despite her being in american patriot. she has been endorsed by cia directors from both parties, including indiana's
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own former senator. i don't know about the rest of you but i think indiana deserves better. [applause] >> my fellow hoosiers, indiana delivered for us in 2016 and i know indiana will deliver again in 2018. when we reelect conservative leaders in congress, when we elect new leaders in congress like a fellow named greg pence. indiana will deliver for america again when we stanend mike braun to the united states senate this november. mike braun
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is a job creator and his business right here in the state. he is a conservative who i have known for many years and i know he will bring again of values to our nations town and when you get elect some, i know i promised to stand up for hoosiers, and mike braun will stand with president donald trump. my fellow oosiers, i want to say from my heart, on behalf of my wife and i, i thank you for the honor you have given us to serve this state and nation, as vice resident of the united states. we will always be grateful. the support and prayers of the people of
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indiana, we see them every day. thinking at all of you tonight, i just know with your continued support and strong conservative leaders representing indiana, the house and the senate, president donald trump at the white house. we will make america prosperous again. we will make america safe again. and this man will make america great again. ladies and gentlemen, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the 45th resident of the united states of america, president donald trump. (music)
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♪ [crowd chanting u-s-a]
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>> i want to thank your former governor and current vice president. he and karen are doing an unbelievable job for our nation. thank you, mike. you are making indiana proud, and we are all making america proud. we are rocking. i am thrilled to be here tonight with the incredible hard-working patriots of the hoosier state. i don't know if you see what is going on outside but you have a ot of people outside want to get in, but they are not getting in because this place is packed. this is
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truly an exciting time for our country. jobs are booming, emember, i told you. confidence is soaring, and optimism is at the top of every chart, which is a great time for our country. every day, we re unlocking new opportunities for prosperity and peace. all of these changes are happening
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because america is being respected again. [crowd chanting u-s-a] pres. trump: at 2:00 a.m. early this morning, and by the way, i got back to the white house at 4:30 a.m., and somebody said "oh, that is ok, we can cancel indiana tonight." [crowd booing]
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pres. trump: i said, "you don't know the people of indiana. i don't have the courage to cancel." [cheers] but at 2:30 in the morning, i had the incredible honor of greeting three great americans who had been held in north korea, and we welcomed them back home the proper way. [applause] pres. trump: and on june 12 in singapore, i will be meeting with kim jong-un to pursue a future of peace and security for the world, the whole world. [applause] pres. trump: the relationship is good.
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but you remember, everybody in the fake news is saying "he is going to get us into a nuclear war. he is going to get us into a nuclear war." [crowd booing] pres. trump: you know what gets you into nuclear wars and what you know what gets you into other wars? weakness. weakness. [applause] pres. trump: the relationship is good, and hopefully for all of us and the world, and hopefully something very good is going to happen. they understand it is important for them and it is important for everybody. japan, south korea, china, everybody, i think it is going to be a big success. and my attitude is if it isn't,
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it isn't, but -- and you have to have that, because you don't know. we are not going to be walking into in iran deal where the negotiator, john kerry, refused to leave the table. [crowd booing] pres. trump: what a deal. what a deal. but here at home, the great news keeps rolling in. 3.3 million new jobs since election. [applause] pres. trump: if during the election, by the way, how great his coach bobby knight? [applause] pres. trump: we love our coach. remember, he came in and he called me before i was running.
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i didn't know, they said, bobby knight was on the phone. i never announced. i guess you read. i said, what does he want from me? he said, mr. trump, i hope you are going to run. when i heard that voice, i knew it was coach knight, you can't duplicate that. i took his number and i said, coach, i am thinking about it. he said you are going to win. if you run, and does he know about winning? if you run, you are going to win, so anyway i put his number down. i was coming to this area, and by that time we had a big lead, but they said indiana. if youriend of mine said
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can get coach knight, that would be a great thing. i said he called me a year ago, let me see if i can find his number, and on my left i had a pile of papers this high, and i said, let me see. i lifted up thousands of pages of junk, some pretty important. [laughter] pres. trump: i lifted it up and there's this little thing, bobby knight's cell phone number. isn't that great? ba-ba-ba-ba ♪ he picks up the phone, and he says, i have been waiting for you to call. solde came here, and we whatever the hell that arena was, but it was a big one.
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they went crazy. we had them all. coach, by the way, not from this area, but he is one of the greatest of all-time, coach bill belichick. he is a great guy. we love him. but we have coaches. they like us and they understand winning, and they like us and that is what we are doing. if we would have to told you during the campaign that we would create 3.3 million jobs in the short time, everybody back there, the fake news media -- look at all of them. [crowd booing] pres. trump: they are fake news. everybody back there would have said, can you imagine he is saying we are going to create
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3.3 million jobs? can you believe it? we would have -- but you know what? but we understand. today, in the history of our country -- it just came out, right -- we have the most jobs available in the history of our country. it just came out. [applause] pres. trump: i like that. we like that. we like that a lot, because we have a truly great country, and i have been promising you those kind of great numbers. the unemployment rate is at the lowest level since the turn of the century.
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african-american unemployment has reached the lowest level in the history of our country. [applause] pres. trump: remember, i used to read facts. hispanic, african-american s, and i would read, and it said high crime rate and lousy education, and one day in front of a massive crowd, i said, vote for me, what the hell do you have to lose? and you know what? they did. they did. [applause] pres. trump: my people all said,
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"that was not nice." i said, it was true. the democrats, who are just obstructionists, that is all they can do. the democrats have had a lot on -- a lock on the hispanic votes , and they had a lock on the african-american votes. no longer. no longer. [applause] pres. trump: the hispanic unemployment, likewise, is the lowest -- think of it -- in the history -- in the history of our country. you have african americans, hispanics, women -- women, women -- do we love women. [applause] pres. trump: the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years. i am sorry we didn't make it in
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history, but we are catching up and it will soon happen. it is my most disappointing stat. all of the others are history, i have a feeling the women also be history, too, because that is what is happening. all of the great momentum that we are having as a country towards jobs, on safety, on security, on our military, it is is all at stake in november. i don't think we have ever done better as a country, certainly the economy and lots of other things. look at those beautiful red hats. boy, oh, boy.
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i like the white ones too. make america great again. but it can disappear quickly. what we did was unprecedented in the history of our country and the history of the world, what we did with this election. the stripes we are making have never ever been made like this before. it can also disappear if you put fools and the wrong people in. i mean nancy pelosi said yesterday -- nancy pelosi said she wants to end the tax cuts and raise your taxes. , like, tell me, is that good politics?
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from a political standpoint, i don't think her party was too happy. but you know what, that is her thought and that is what they want to do, they want to raise your taxes and and your tax cuts and have open borders where everyone flies in to our country. that is not happening. this week, you nominated an incredible slate of republican candidates, many of whom i know. you have to work every day between now and november to elect for republicans so we can continue making america great again. [applause] pres. trump: and by the way, this is a first for indiana. our new slogan for 2020, you know what is? keep america great. [applause]
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pres. trump: keep america great. because we are doing so well, that another two years when we start the heavy campaign, make america great again would work out too well, right? it is going to be keep america great, because that is exactly where we are headed. applause] pres. trump: but don't tell anybody. i don't want everybody to know. but, i do like that. you know what i paid for that slogan? you know, a lot of these people, politicians, they run and pay for ideas like that. how much did i pay for that? zippo. zippo.
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i have great respect for the process, but in all fairness, president obama -- [crowd booing] pres. trump: paid $1.8 million for hostages. you, not me, you -- last night you saw it. it is leading to great things, and i think kim jong-un, kim jong-un did a great service to himself and his country by doing this. those hostages came out with respect.
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we didn't pay for them. we are going to set the table and make a great deal for the world, for north korea, south korea, japan, china. [applause] pres. trump: what he did was the right thing, but they came for nothing, and others came out for $1.8 billion in cash. can you believe that? we are honored to be joined by a friend of mine and somebody who has done a really, really good job, somebody that is respected highly, senator todd young. todd? where is todd? [applause]
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pres. trump: that is a great politician. he doesn't even want a good location. he is of the people. thank you, todd. we also welcome the largest vote winner in indiana history -- except for trump. attorney general curtis hill. where is curtis? [applause] pres. trump: good man, he has done a great job. a woman who has been a tremendous help on the tax cuts, on getting rid of regulation, which is just as important. right, jackie? jackie walorski. [applause] pres. trump: done a great job.
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and some congressmen who have been incredible, larry bushon. great job. larry, great job. congressman jim banks. [applause] pres. trump: by the way, somebody that just fought an incredible campaign, a really good guy. we are talking two days ago, very effective and a terrific man. congressman todd rokita. [applause] pres. trump: thank you, todd, great job. he fought tough. they all fought tough, that was a tough race.
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but we have somebody here that won that the race, and we will talk about them in a second. let me also congratulate two of our new republican nominees for congress, first, a proud army veteran who earned two purple hearts. jim baird is going to do very well. jim. great job. [applause] pres. trump: second, a man that i know mike has been rooting for a long time. mike loves his brother, who want won by a very big margin. i don't know, was that a bigger margin than mike pence won by? i don't know. greg pence. greg. [applause] pres. trump: finally, a big congratulations for indiana's new republican nominee for the united states senate, mike braun. that was a good race.
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get up here, mike. [applause] pres. trump: how about we let mike interrupt my speech? is that ok? great job. mr. braun: one of the neatest experiences of my life was spending 30 minutes riding with the president. you wouldn't believe the advice you get, and it is great advice, and i'm going to incorporate it. yeah. [applause]
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mr. braun: you know, when i started this journey almost a year ago, i traveled the state and a lot of time in the north. i would not have done it if i was not inspired by what this man did in 2016. [applause] mr. braun: he cleared the field systematically. and really that was the inspiration for doing it. i can guarantee you when i get there, i am doing it for the right reasons. i'm a businessman and outsider, just like our president. [applause] mr. braun: you can count on me to be a true reinforcement and
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the guy that is going to retire joe donnelly. thank you. [applause] pres. trump: thank you, mike. we need mike braun in the senate , and that is going to happen. happen. that is going to happen. he is an incredible guy and he ran a really incredible race. if joe donnelly, slipping joe. and the democrats. get back into power, remember what i said, they will raise your taxes, they will destroy your jobs, and they are going to knock the hell out of your borders. that is already -- we have the
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worst immigration laws in the history of mankind, and we are slowly getting them changed, so give me reinforcements, please. ok? [applause] pres. trump: last week, as an example, the deputy chair of the democratic national committee, congressman keith ellison, do you know him? booing] pres. trump: marched in a t-shirt wearing a shirt that is very proud of it -- "i do not believe in borders." i am very proud of keith ellison, do you know why? when i announced in june 2016, he was being interviewed by george stephanopoulos on abc.
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and in the interview, this is a couple of days after i announced -- and keith ellison said, you know he is going to win, don't you? right, mike? it is true. he said, "you know he is going to win." and george and somebody else who i won't mention the name -- go ahead. they smiled a little bit, respectfully. but keith ellison, he said, he is going to win. he was essentially indicating there is nothing you will be able to do, and that is what we did. in one sense, i have to respect him. that is what he did. so you can never dislike a guy like that, can we? but they have a big problem, a vote for a democrat is a vote for no borders, and we have to do something strong.
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we're going to build a wall. are already starting the wall. [applause] [crowd chanting "build that wall"] pres. trump: we are going to build the wall. we had already started. we have $1.6 million, and where fixing a lot of it. we are in san diego, here's a case study, san diego wants the wall. i said to my people, here is the bad news, if we give them the wall, we don't have an advocate. and if we don't give the wall, they are going to put a lot of pressure on governor mead and moonbeam in california. [laughter] pres. trump: you know what i
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did? something i normally would not do, which means i am getting nicer as i get older. [laughter] pres. trump: i said let's build a wall for san diego, so we are building a wall. i shouldn't have done it, actually, i should have changed my mind after we started. i called my people and asked how much it would cost to stop building the wall in san diego? so they go out and advocate for us, because they are desperate for a wall, because they don't like people running over their front yards and all of the problems, including, by the way, massive amounts of crime. i said how much would it cost to stop the construction? i am in the construction business. that is what i do best. they got back to me and said, sir, it would cost approximately $7 million to stop. that is not big numbers when you hear about the numbers we talk about, $7 million to stop and restart at a later date. i said i can't do that the american people, keep building
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the wall. [applause] pres. trump: we are building the wall, we are getting it all done. we are going to get rid of -- when i get the votes, i need republicans come up with are , we are going to go eventually to a merit-based system on immigration. you come in on merit. [applause] pres. trump: your senator, joe donnelly, voted against enhanced vetting.
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what in the world would anybody be doing floating against -- voting against enhanced vetting? why? and he opposed a measure to block illegal immigrants from getting welfare. and now you have places where they want to give college tuition to illegal immigrants, and your own kid can't get it. [crowd booing] pres. trump: joe donnelly voted no on tax cuts, no on health care, and no on canceling job -killing regulations, which may be even more important than those incredible tax cuts. he voted yes on something that we are systematically taking down -- we got rid of the individual mandate. we have great plans coming out. he voted yes for failed obamacare.
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we are doing everything to keep those premiums down, but it is a failed experiment, obamacare. wait until you see the plans coming out over the next four weeks. we have great health care plans coming out. [applause] pres. trump: but we got rid of the individual mandate. joe donnelly will do whatever -- and nancy pelosi tell him to do. they don't ask him, they tell him. they say joe, this is how you are going to vote. mike braun will be a great representative of the people of indiana. mike braun is a winner. great businessman, by the way. very successful businessman.
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mike braun will fight for the values that bind us all together as americans. we support law and order, and we support the heroes in law enforcement. they are great. [applause] pres. trump: they will tell you, surplus military equipment, right? we have it by the hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in warehouses getting old. some of the best stuff anywhere in the world, and past administrations said no, we cannot give that to law enforcement. someday somebody's going to explain why, and i sort of get it, but it is not a good reason. it is a 1% reason. we have a 99%. that equipment is being transferred all over the united states to our police and our law enforcement.
6:30 am
[applause] pres. trump: and we already have it. the other side said, but it is too good. it is too good. it is already paid for. we defend the second amendment. and do not kid yourself, it is under siege. we defend the right to self-defense. never believe that your second amendment is not under siege. we believe that a strong nation must have strong borders. we have pride for our flag.
6:31 am
[applause] >> usa, usa, usa. pres. trump: and we put our large, beautiful hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance. right? [applause] pres. trump: and we proudly say, all the time we say, because we love that sound, we stand for our national anthem at all times. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: but if we are going
6:32 am
to defend our values, we need people in washington who share our values. saycrats like slipping joe one thing when they are in then they go to washington and vote for the radical liberal agenda. it never, ever fails. you know, there are about 12 of them. you think you have their vote, and they talk a good game, but they always raise their hand for the radical left of nancy pelosi. always. the center for effective lawmaking named joe donnelly the least effective democratic lawmaker in the u.s. senate. i don't know, mike, but i think that will be a good phrase to run by. he has never sponsored a bill that has become a law.
6:33 am
this november, indiana will face an important choice. you can send a really incredible swamp person back to the senate, or you cannnelly, send a republican like mike braun to drain the swamp. [applause] >> drain the swamp, drain the swamp, drain the swamp.
6:34 am
pres. trump: under my administration, we are fighting against the lobbyists and corrupt washington politics. after years of rebuilding foreign countries, of which a lot of people partake in the rebuilding of those foreign countries, we are finally rebuilding our country. [applause] pres. trump: we fight to build their borders, but we don't fight and spend no money to build our borders. we are fighting and we are finally putting america first. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and remember, the last time i did this, and this
6:35 am
started two and a half years ago when i first started, people were not saying "merry christmas" anymore. the big chains were not saying "merry christmas." they weren't doing it. they weren't saying "merry christmas." now they are saying "merry christmas" again. [applause] pres. trump: to bring back our jobs, we are cracking down on unfair trade. we want trade deals that are fair and reciprocal. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and we love our farmers. we love our farmers. we are taking care of our farmers. we love our factory workers. we love our workers. [applause] pres. trump: for decades, american presidents responded to foreign cheating on trade. cheating.
6:36 am
there is no other word for it. cheating. they responded with silence. they did not do anything. they were silent. silencio. "let's not rock the boat." oh, that's fine. we have a $100 billion trade deficit with mexico. think of it. $100 billion trade deficit with a year with mexico. we have a trade deficit with almost every country in the world. we are changing that around rapidly. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we wrapped up trillions of dollars in trade deficits, also known as losses, while other countries stole our factories, stole our plants,
6:37 am
stole our wealth, and stole our jobs. but america's long silence is over, and you see what is happening. car companies are coming back into the united states. they are moving back in. chrysler just announced. japan is building big ones. we are expanding our plants. and i put tariffs on steel, and i put tariffs on aluminum and , and united states steel just announced that they are expanding their factories and they are building plants, and we are going to start making steel and aluminum again. [applause] [cheers and applause] pres. trump: america is respected again. different ballgame.
6:38 am
under my administration, we kept another important promise when we put a great new justice on the united states supreme court. neil gorsuch. and next week, after the promises of many administrations and presidents, and then they never did it, they campaigned, they promised, they never did it. next week, we will finally open the american embassy in jerusalem. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and i put one of my friends is the ambassador to israel. david friedman.
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>> he is good! pres. trump: a good choice is right. one of the great lawyers of our country. made a lot of money as a lawyer. but he loves the united states. he loves israel. and they walked up to my desk about three months ago, right after he did it, because i said, let's go, we want to go, we want to build and build fast. so they walk up to my desk, and they give me this beautiful folder and i'm like, what is this? signed. half- he said, sir, we are building an embassy in jerusalem. i said, how much? something other presidents don't ask, but that's ok. i kid you not they said, $1 , billion. i said $1 billion? do you know what $1 billion. you have a house that cost $50,000 to build.
6:40 am
hopefully it is worth a lot more than that, but that is what it costs. i said $1 billion? yes, sir. we are looking for a site now. we're going to spend a lot of money. everyone is going to get rich. embassy. and then all of a sudden i stop d-o-n-a-l-d i had -- and i stopped, never got to and i started putting x's because i was afraid someone would say it was my signature, and i called up our ambassador and i said, david, this is crazy. we are going to build an embassy in jerusalem, but they want $1 billion to look for sites. don't we have a site? he said, yes, we have a building
6:41 am
the best site. we already have a building on the site. i could take the building that is on the side, mr. president, i could take a corner of the for $150,000, i can fix it, it'll be so beautiful, the location is beautiful. it is set back and good and safe. and i can build it. four $150,000. think of it. [applause] pres. trump: i said david, you're going to renovate the corner of a building, and it will be beautiful. the site is the best site. and we own it. the building is already built. we can fix it. think of it. we have governments wanting to build a billion dollars in a
6:42 am
site that would never be as good or as safe. because they want setbacks for safety. it makes sense. so i said, david, you can do that. from $1 billion to $150,000. i said, you know what, spend $200,000 or $300,000. it's ok. the reason i was very cognizant is because i was supposed to cut the ribbon of the new embassy in london. so we have the best piece of property in all of london. it is our embassy, and someone between the bush administration and the obama administration, they say bush started it, but obama could've stopped it, but let's say the two administrations, what they did is they said, wow, this is a great piece of property. we have been offered a lot of 200y, like $200 million or
6:43 am
$250 million. and what we will do, because we are such great businessman, what we are going to do is sell this best case of property in london by far. by the way, literally, if you know new york, fifth avenue and 57 st. i happen to have a building there. the best. the tiffany location. the best location, and it is a big location, and it is the best embassy location we have. but somebody said, what a great deal, we are going to sell it million to a wealthy person, and they're going to rip it down and build a hotel. so we sold it for $250 million. everyone in this room, you will say, now you're going to build a new one for $50 million. you will have a nice embassy.
6:44 am
ok, but it did not work that way in government. so they sold embassy for $250 million. they then went out and bought a terrible piece of land in a lousy location. and they just opened a new embassy in a bad location for $1.2 billion. what a great deal. [crowd booing] pres. trump: so three months ago, i was supposed to go over to cut the ribbon on the new embassy, but i couldn't do it. i said, i'm not doing it. i won't do it. does that make sense? i'm not going to do it. so i did not. [applause] pres. trump: think of that story. isn't that a sad story? i could give you 50 of those stories. it is all the same. it is all the same. i could give you so many. but just remember when you see that -- oh, here's the other thing with the embassy. the new embassy, i said, when is it going to be open?
6:45 am
they said anywhere from five to 10 years. so i said, unless they give me an extension for the presidency -- [cheers and applause] pres. trump: which i do not think the fake news media would be too happy about. wait, wait, wait wait wait, actually, they would be happy. because when i am not here, their ratings are going to sink. so they would probably be very happy. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: so they said from five to 10 years. you know what they say five to 10 years, that probably means 15 to 20 years. so we open the embassy next week. three months. three months.
6:46 am
[applause] pres. trump: i could tell you so many of those stories but i won't. we have to save some. we only have about a thousand left. among the many great national security blunders of the previous administration, one of the worst was the disastrous iran nuclear deal. a deal that would allow iran to go right to the brink of nuclear weapons and ultimately, very quickly, have a nuclear weapon. and by the way, other countries in the middle east who do have money all of a sudden would be looking all over the place for nuclear weapons. that was going to force a disaster. the deal also gave the regime billions of dollars, $150
6:47 am
billion, and $1.8 billion in cash. which would be used to spread death and destruction all over the middle east. with all of that being said, who knows, because we are putting the harshest, strongest, most stringent sanctions on iran. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and i hope to be able to make a deal with them. a good deal. better for them. but we cannot allow them to have nuclear weapons. we must be able to go to a site and check that site. we have to be able to go into
6:48 am
their military bases to see whether or not they are cheating. of course we are all sure they are not cheating, but just in case. the iran deal was one of the most embarrassing agreements the united states has ever entered into. you remember the tent sellers who were humiliated in front of the world for no reason whatsoever. once again, democrat joe donnelly served as liberal handlers in washington, not the great people of indiana that i know so well. he voted to save the deal four times. but we save the deal will
6:49 am
know longer. [applause] pres. trump: as we discussed another critical element of our national security, to me, probably one of the reasons we are all here in this celebration great victory celebration is border security. we have many things to do, but we have already begun the construction of the wall and so many other things are following. we will have those borders extremely strong, extremely powerful, and we will have laws that match the border. [applause] pres. trump: so if you think about it, the democrats that on borders,weak
6:50 am
weak on military, we have $700 need a great military. we have $700 billion to rebuild our military, and it is going to be stronger than ever before. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: the democrats fight against the borders. they fight to raise your taxes . they want to raise your taxes. they fight for all of the things that we do not stand for, and we are going to have a great victory in 2018. you watch. we will have a great victory. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: history shows that when you win the presidency, two
6:51 am
years later, the party, for whatever reason, like 90% of the time, the party that wins the presidency loses at the midterms. and the reason is, i guess they get a little bit complacent. we are not getting complacent, folks. we can't. [applause] pres. trump: if we elect more republicans, we can truly deliver for all of our citizens. we are going to keep the promises anyway, whether we do or whether we don't, i will keep that. we have delivered. it was said by one of these gentlemen, we have delivered, one of the only times ever, more than we promised. i have delivered more than i promised, if you think about it. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we will lift millions of americans from welfare to work, from dependence
6:52 am
to independence, and from poverty to prosperity. we will put new steel and the -- into the spine of our country, and by the way, it will now be american-made steel. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and we will breathe new hope into our community. we will do it all with american hands, american grit, and american pride. loyal citizens like you helped to build the country, and together, we are taking back our great and beautiful country. returning power to everyday american people. these are the greatest of all people. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: in every action, with every decision, we will stand up for america, and we
6:53 am
will stand up for the great state of indiana. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: this is the state where generations of american patriots and pioneers plow the -- plowed the fields, carved the wilderness, and worked the factories of the great american midwest. no place like it. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: it is the state that gave us notre dame football, hoosier basketball, and the legendary indy 500. with your help this november, indiana will inspire our country again. no dream is beyond our reach. our ancestors braved the oceans.
6:54 am
they came to frontiers and put down the railroads, those beautiful railroads. built-up the highways and dug out the great panama canal. we are the nation that won two world wars. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and we are the nation that defeated communism and fascism and landed a man on the face of the moon. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and always remember, we have picked up in wealth trillions and trillions of dollars for our country since our election. not my election, our election. and our economy.
6:55 am
people forget. our economy. our economy is almost twice the size of any other economy of any other nation in the world. remember that. people forget. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: people forget. people forget. we are not going to let them forget. as long as we are proud of who we are and what we are fighting for, we will never ever fail. with your help, your voice, with your vote, we will win. we will achieve victory for our country.
6:56 am
victory for our children. and victory for this magnificent land that we all love. because we are americans, and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we will never give in. we will never, ever give up. and we will never stop fighting for our country, our freedom, and our flag. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we are one people. we are one family. and we are one nation under god. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and together, we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again.
6:57 am
we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, indiana, we love you. thank you. god bless you. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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[♪ "you can't always get what you want" by the rolling stones playing ♪] >> ♪ i saw her today at the reception handss of win in her i knew she was going to meet her connection at her feet was footloose man
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you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want ut if you try some time ♪ 2:00 easternat time, president trump will give a speech about prescription drug prices. live coverage on c-span. on c-span2 at 9:00 a.m., the u.s. commission on civil rights hosts discussions about how the federal government should respond to hate crimes. c-span3, the annual consumer assembly from the consumer federation of america, beginning consumerchair of the product safety commission and a discussion about modernizing the electric grid. live coverage starting at 9:00 [video clip] >>


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