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tv   U.S. Embassy Opening in Jerusalem  CSPAN  May 14, 2018 7:58pm-9:01pm EDT

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today, the u.s. opened its new embassy in jerusalem, relocating it from tel aviv. and ivanka trump dedication ceremony, which included taped remarks from president trump. members of the cabinet were also in attendance. [applause] in 1995, the jerusalem embassy act became law, voted in overwhelmingly by both houses of congress and lead, i should add, by a former senator who is here today, senator joseph lieberman. [applause] that law, which was reaffirmed just last year by a vote of 90-0
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in the senate declare jerusalem to be the capital of israel and of thed the move embassy. 23 long years have passed since the transfer of the embassy became the law of the land, but today, we keep our promise to the american people and we extend to israel the same rights we extend to every other nation, the right to designate its capital city. [applause] city, i should add, which houses all three states of government with a 3000-old his -- 3000--year-old 000-year-old- 3
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history dating back to king david. bay, the newtts hill, am as a city on a phrase expanded by president reagan. the united states established 1844.nsulate in president reagan, relaxing for -- first time, told his wife that it was time for him to take some rest and it was his hope and desire to visit the holy city of jerusalem. many say those were his last him --s he sat next to set next to her in ford's theater. i think president lincoln is smiling today is another great
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republican, donald j. trump opens our embassy in the city that lincoln admired so much. the faithke to thank leaders here and the entire for our support and i would like to call on two of them. s of the firstfers baptist church of dallas along offer a fewbi to words of inspiration. pastor jeffress: heavenly
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father, thank you for bringing us to this momentous occasion. 4000 years ago, you said to your servant abraham you would make him the father of a great nation, and nation for him the whole world would be blessed. now, as we look back, we see how israel has been that blessing to the entire world through her innovations in medicine, technology, and energy. but most of all, israel has less to this world by pointing us to her through the message of profits, the scriptures, and the messiah. yourank you for providential and powerful protection of this nation from all who would seek to destroy her, this nation, the nation of israel, you have called the apple of your eye. and father, we are also grateful as we think about what happened 70 years ago today at this very
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moment when you fulfilled the prophecies of the profit from thousands of years ago andriy gathered your people in this promised land. we want to thank you, especially today for the courageous leadership of prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his determination to do what ever it takes to protect his people at all cost us. we are equally grateful for the skillful work of our ambassador dman who so effectively represents our united states policy of always standing by and supporting our most important ally and friend in the middle east. now, father, as we come to in thee this embassy city of jerusalem, the city you named as the capital of israel 3000 years ago, we want to thank you for the tremendous
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leadership of our great president, donald j. trump. without president trump's determination, resolve, courage, we would not be here today. i believe, father, i speak for everyone of us when we say we thank you for every day you have given us a president who boldly stands on the right side of history, but more importantly, stands on the right side of you, it comes ton israel. now, father, we want to pray what the psalmist prayed 3000 years ago, pray for the peace of jerusalem. may those who love her prosper. may peace well within her walls. and we pray this in the name and the spirit of jesus, our lord. amen,. [applause]
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>> distinguished guests -- i will just refer to ambassador friedman, and honored friends, that i address you in the holy city and the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalem. not popular opinion. it is internal, not ephemeral, unchanging, not relative. truth spans the test of time. attachmentpeople's to this holy city has never waned or faltered. for thousands of years, jews of every extraction have had the
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beautiful name of this beautiful city on their lips. that is truth. celebrate the acknowledgment by a country -- the united states of america. we thank god almighty and we pray that other countries follow their example of >> the beauty of jerusalem, and , once said that falls are unifying was.
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the prophet said, you must love truth and peace. i pray that her neighbors in the entire world will find a true and perfect peace. one nation shall not pick up at sword against nation's third there will be harmony for no more. respect and not envy. meadows who love you, be at peace.
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[applause] thank you. leading the president's delegation to this historic event's deputy security of state. >> deputy secretary sullivan serves last month is our acting secretary of state leading the transition of leadership to the secretary of state, mike pompeo. he now returns to the number two position in the state department. i am on to introduce, john j sullivan. [applause] thank you ambassador freeman. >> on behalf of the secretary, thank you for your dedicated efforts to establish this diplomatic mission and secure the strongest possible bond between israel and the united
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states. we are also grateful to you and your team for the close coordination and months of detailed planning to prepare for this important day of celebration. it is an honor to be part of president trump's official delegation for this momentum occasion. on a day that you have artie noted is so steeped in history. it is a privilege to stand before somebody distinguished guests, political and religious leaders of israel, and to welcome you all to the opening of the u.s. and fizzy -- embassy in jerusalem, israel. [applause] >> i also come with a message from secretary pompeo who since is best wishes. it meant a great deal to him that he was able to visit israel on his first trip overseas and he regrets that he is unable to be with us today in person.
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the secretary as we to convey on his behalf, the great pride that he feels, a pride that i share, on this historic day for our two countries. has president trump said in december, moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem is first, a recognition of reality, a reality many years in the making. drew some is industry really the capital of the -- indisputably, a capital of israel. u.s. embassymc -- is a step towards advancing peace in the city in a broader region and throughout the world. the streets of jerusalem, with as many temples, mosques, and churches, point to its place in history. in jerusalem, we can also see a glimmer of the future filled with hope.
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they hope for a greater understanding and peace. today, i am confident that the u.s. embassy in jerusalem will be in the words of president trump, a magnificent tribute to these. -- peace. that is what we are assembled here for today. do, we also recognize the deep and historic friendship that brought this mission into being. on this day, as several have noted, the united states recognized the state of israel. it is fitting that today, we mark a new milestone and a new day of bright hope and promise for the united states and israel. state department is proud to continue our close cooperation with the israeli government and new embassy here in jerusalem. we are grateful of the prime minister netanyahu, and ministry of foreign affairs for their
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friendship and hard work to keep our alliance ironclad. thank you all for your tremendous support as we seek to the presidents pledge a reality. we are eager to make our bonds even trying her from this very place. the united states is committed to israel, committed to our alliance, and committed to building a more peaceful, future together. may god bless the u.s., israel alliance on this historic day and i thank you for letting me be a part of it. [applause] >> thank you mr. deputy secretary. president trump, you make a solid reality. he cannot be here today but did recorded message to honor us at the ceremony. please watch and listen. >> exactly 70 years ago, the
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united states, under president harry truman, you first nation to recognize the state of israel. today, we officially opened the united states embassy in jerusalem. congratulations. as been a long time coming. almost, immediately after declaring a state, israel designated the city of jerusalem as their capital. the capital of the jewish people establish an engine times. -- in ancient times. today, israel is the seat of the truce government. the israeli supreme court, israel's prime minister, and permanent -- president. israel is a nation with a right like any other sovereign nation to determine its own capital. yet, for many years, we fail to acknowledge the obvious.
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the plane reality that israel's capital is jerusalem. 2016, the united states, officially recognize jerusalem is a true capital of israel. today, we follow through on this recognition and open our embassy in a historic and sacred land of jerusalem and we are opening it many years ahead of schedule. as i've said in december, our greatest hope is for peace. the united states remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement and we continue to support the status quo is true some holy sites mount, alsoemple known as from all shary. is aentire nation testament to the unbreakable spirit of the jewish people. the divided states will always
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be a great friend of israel and a great partner in the cause of freedom and peace. we wish ambassador freeman good luck as he takes up his office and his beautiful jerusalem embassy and we extend a hand in friendship to israel, the palestinians, and to all of their neighbors. may there be peace. may god bless this embassy. may god bless all who serve their. may god bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause] [applause]
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>> is now my great honor to call upon treasury secretary steven mnuchin and senior adviser ivanka trump. who respectively unveiled the seal of the united states embassy and to read the dedications. [indiscernible] [applause] >> on behalf of the 45th president of the united states of america, we welcome you officially, and for the first time, to the embassy of the united states here in jerusalem,
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the capital of israel. thank you. [applause] . >> thank you mr. secretary. thank you blog up -- ivanka. of 19, wasjewish man married to a jewish woman of 17 in ethiopia. that i, the married couple should all of their jewish heritage and set forth on foot through a lengthy trek through the desert until they reached sudan.
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there, they were led through and remote airfield and taken by israeli military aircraft to israel. rescued, they settled in the town on the gaza periphery and years later, they were kept safe from incoming andets by the iron though, is really missile-defense project financed by the united states. one of their daughters went on to become a successful singer and she is here with us today. to sing, hallelujah. the great word of praise, point by king david, the first jewish king of israel. [applause]
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♪ ♪ hallelujah.
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♪ ♪ hallelujah.
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before.e been here i used to live alone before i knew you. victory march.a broken.d and
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hallelujah. ♪ hallelujah.
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[applause] beautiful.u that was as seventh generation trousseau nights, are politicians have longer were stronger connection to the city than our next speaker. i would like to welcome his excellency, presley -- president. [applause] >> prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu and mrs. netanyahu, secretary of treasury, steven secretary ofty sullivan, gerald .ushner, ivanka trump senators income is meant, members of the destroy mission delegation -- distinguished delegation coming from the united states, our chief rabbis, ministers and heads of the opposition, commissioners of the ,olice, head of the masson
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investor, distinguished us, jerusalem, gates of the capital of israel. [applause] jerusalem, whose faith we swore to keep. we who we have never forgotten and never will forget. years, theusand jewish people have kept the faith in jerusalem. for 3000 years, we prayed for jerusalem. since the establishment of the ago, of israel, 70 years jerusalem has been the capital
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and the obvious should be said from time to tend -- time. jerusalem is the heart of israel. yes, president trump, true some president ofe israel. jerusalem is home to the government of israel. the parliament of israel. the supreme court of israel. the state of israel's commitment to jerusalem is not only a commitment to the history of the jewish people but is also a commitment to all residents in jerusalem. microcosm, aa
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microcosm of our abilities, jews and arabs living together. the unity of jerusalem is also as equal. also the embassy to israel of the united states of america. thank god. [applause] >> the american congress, has for many years now recognize russo and as a capital -- jerusalem as the capital of israel.- i would like to thank the many members of the congress and senate, republicans and for thes a site -- like love and support for israel.
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in every u.s. election, every presidential candidate has promised to move the american embassy to jerusalem. leader who have a promised this and also kept his promise. [applause] we thank you. [applause] thanks that we have arrived at this place at this time. trump, send the message for your father.
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the israeli people thank you for keeping your word. for your courage. clear determination. for your determination. we hope and expect that other nations will follow your path in your leadership. say god savenue to jerusalem as a city of peace. as a city that is home to all of those of faith. those who share together, one city, loved by everyone. thank you all and god bless all of you. [applause]
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>> thank you, president. the state of israel has many advocates in the white house. but none have shown greater advocacy for, nor greater effort specialce, this relationship between israel and the united states and the cause of regional peace then my good friend jared kushner. mr. kushner will now offer his thoughts on this historic moment. [applause]
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mr. kushner: thank you, ambassador friedman. today has really been spectacular. thank you very much. i am so proud to be here today in jerusalem. the internal heart of the jewish people. and i am especially honored to be here today as a representative of the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. i want to thank prime minister netanyahu for being with us today to celebrate this historic occasion. thank you very much.
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i would like to ask all of the members of congress who are here to be rise -- to rise and be recognized. i be here without your efforts. thank you, secretary mnuchin. and ivanka, think you for the great work you do to help so many people in our country and throughout the world. and including me. [applause] i also want to acknowledge vice president mike pence for his tireless efforts to strengthen the u.s. israel relationship. president trump announced to the world last year that the would finally recognize the truth. that jerusalem is the capital of israel.
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he also declare that we would soon move our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. it five months later, we are standing on these grounds. while presidents before him have backed down from their pledge to move the american embassy once in office, this president delivered. when president trump makes a promise, he keeps it. but today also demonstrates american leadership. embassy tour jerusalem, we have shown the world once again that the united states can be trusted. our friends, allies, and above all else, we have shown that the united states of america will do what is right. and so we have.
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israel is a sovereign nation with a right to determine its own capital. by everyright enjoyed other country in the world. by taking this action, the u.s. has chosen to strengthen the bond between the two countries here he is our special bond is the world. this bond is forged through stared -- shared history, interests, and principles. the united states stands with israel because we both believe in freedom. we stand together because we both believe in human rights. we stand together because we believe democracy is worth defending. and the united states stands with israel because we believe, we know, it is the right thing to do.
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when we stand together for the principles and the values we share, we shine a light of justice on to the world. israel proves everyday day that the balance of power and freedom. this land is the only land in the middle east in which jews, muslims, christians, and people of all faiths participate and worship freely according to their beliefs. rights,rotects women's freedom of speech, and the right of every individual to reach their god-given potential. these are the same values the united states cherishes. these are the values that bind us together. these of the values that have made israel one of the most vibrant nations in the world. this tiny population has spurred advancements in technology, medicine, and agriculture making the world a safer and more prosperous place. lessons we hope israel can share with its neighbors. president trump technologist another truth and kept another promise.
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he announced his intention to exit the dangerous, flawed, and one-sided iran deal. [applause] iran's aggression threatens the many peaceloving citizens throughout the region and the entire world. from israel to jordan to egypt, saudi arabia, and beyond. many leaders are fighting to create better lives for their people. in confronting common threats and in pursuit of common interest, previously
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unimaginable opportunities are emerging. be here todayd to as a member of the team that president trump has entrusted to bring peace between the israelis and the palestinians. it has been an honor to work with our new secretary of state, mike pompeo. national security adviser john bolton. friedman.ador david and our special representative jason greenblatt that does a much. -- so much. i want to acknowledge ambassador that has created a new day for the u.n..
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on december 6, president trump was very clear that today's celebration do not reflect the departure. it overcomes the conflicts of the past. as we have seen from the protests of the last month and even today, those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution. the united states has prepared to promote a peace agreement in every way that we can. so that all people can live in peace. able to pursue their dreams. the united states recognizes the sensitivity surrounding jerusalem, a city that means so much to so many.
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significance to major religions. each day, jews pray at the western wall, muslims bow, and christians worship at the church of the holy sepulcher. that is why president trump has called on all parties to maintain the status quo, including the temple mount also known as rommel sharif. while the challenges to peace are numerous, i have personally seen the determination of the leaders in the region and throughout the world remains steadfast. have seen too much pain, sorrow, and wasted opportunity. and i think it is time to try something better. war andm has been the conquest. jerusalem must remain a city
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that brings people of all faiths together to visit, worship, and respect each other. and the glory of god's creation. israel has been a responsible custodian of jerusalem and is kept these religious sites open to all. immediately after the 1967 war, one of the first act was to adopt the protection of holy places law, ensuring access to places of worship to members of all religions. funds were allocated to repair any damage to churches, mosques, and synagogues that suffer through war, conflict, and neglect. as israel turns 70, the search for lasting peace trends over a new route leaf. afraid to stand strongly with our allies.
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when there is peace in this region, we will look back upon this day and remember that the journey to peace started with a strong america recognizing the truth. the pursuit of peace is the noblest pursuit of humankind. i believe peace is within reach if we dare to believe that the future can be different from the past. that we are not condemned to relive history. it will not be an easy road and it will be filled with difficult moments and tough decision. withf we dream big, lead courage, we can change the trajectory for millions from hopeless about us. boundless.
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of uss a hope that many know personally. i am here today as a proud american and the grandson of holocaust survivors. during world war ii, my great grandparents let their homes to escape not the persecution. resist, they managed to the horrors and survived. after the war, they built a new life in america. a beacon of hope and a land of limitless opportunity. i keep a photo of them on my desk to remind me of how high the stakes are when nations fail to recognize right from wrong and the decisive power america has to tip the scales in favor of the righteous. [applause] today, we take another historic step in that direction. as a result,t that our nations will be stronger,
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our people's more prosperous, and our futures filled with even greater promise for peace. may god bless you, may god bless israel, may god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> jared just referred to his two grandparents that survived the holocaust. to the holocaust survivors that are here with us today, and for those watching on television who thought that this day would never come.
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thean never relieve nightmare of your past, but we do hope that today brings you some measure of comfort. it is now my great honor to call minister of the state of israel, benjamin netanyahu. [applause] prime minister netanyahu:
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[speaking foreign language] secretary mnuchin. deputy secretary john sullivan. jason greenblatt. and your family. ambassador david friedman and your family. congressand members of , we have no better friends in the world. you stand for israel and the stand for jerusalem. thank you. the chief rabbis of israel, the distinguished rabbis over here. ministers, the many friends that of come here from around the world.
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the many friends that pray for this day and have worked for this day. thank you all. course, i want to especially welcome jared kushner and ivanka trump. today isence here testament to the importance of this occasion. not only for the trump administration, but in a very personal way. for you. for you, each of you, for the pursuit of these, and for president trump himself, thank you. dear friends. what a glorious day. remember this moment. this is history.
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trump, by recognizing history, you have made history. all of us are deeply moved. all of us are deeply grateful. for me, being here brings back wonderful memories from my childhood. [speaking foreign language] [applause] so i know some of you did not follow every set i -- every word
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i said in hebrew but i spent my first years of life in this neighborhood. it is not very far away. there were a few charming houses here. many open fields. i remember ambling in these fieldsmai. brother -- in these fields with my brother. the renowned jewish historian was my father's teacher. i used to just lats of the , aden synagogue and revere they used to pray on shabbat. and david and i would approach this place right here. but only so far. because my mother told me, you can't go any further. this is near the border. there was explosives.
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that was then. this is now. , the embassy and the most today,l nation on earth, the embassy opens here. [applause] what a difference. what a difference. this brings back personal memories. profound collective of this city on a hill.
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abraham passed the greatest test of faith and the right to be the father of our nation. , david establish the capital 3000 years ago. in jerusalem, king solomon built the temple that stood for many centuries. the temple stood for many more centuries. and rededicated that restored jewish sovereignty in this land. and it was here 2000 years later that the soldiers of israel spoke three immortal words. the temple mount is in our hands. words that lifted the spirit of the entire nation. we are in jerusalem and we are here to stay.
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we are here in jerusalem, protected by the brave soldiers in the army of israel, led by our chief of staff and our great soldiers. great soldiers protecting the border of israel as we speak today. we salute them all. and after members of the security forces, they are with us today. we salute all of you. we gather here today to celebrate another historic day in the life of this city. placei know will take its along other momentous occasions.
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they recognized the right of the jewish people to a national home in this land. and exactly seven years ago today, president truman became the first world leadertw to recognize the newborn jewish state. -- first world leader to recognize the newborn jewish states. and today, the united states of america is opening its embassy right here in jerusalem. thank you, president trump, for having the courage to keep your promises. [applause] thank you, president trump. and thank you all for making the
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alliance between america and israel stronger than ever. to you,ecial thank you ambassador friedman. thank you, david, for everything you do to bring our countries closer together. today, you have a special privilege. to become theeged first american ambassador to serve your country in jerusalem. this is a distinct honor that will be yours forever. nobody can be first again. [applause]
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my friends, this is a great day for israel. it is a great day for america. it is a great day for fantastic partnerships. i believe it is also a great day for peace. i want to think jared, jason, tireless for your efforts to advance this and tireless efforts to advance the truth. the truth and peace are interconnected. built on lies will crash on the racks of middle eastern realities. you can only build peace on truth. that jerusalem has been and will always be the capital of the jewish people. the capital of the jewish state. , peace, and justice -- truth,
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peace, and justice. this is what we have. this is what we believe in. the prophet zechariah declared 00 years ago. [speaking foreign language] that i boughtrd return to zion and well within the midst of jerusalem. jerusalem shall be called the city of truth. may the opening of this embassy spread the truth far and wide. the truth advance a lasting peace between israel and all our neighbors. god bless the united states of blessca, and god jerusalem, the eternal undivided capital of israel. speaking foreign language] thank you very much.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> sunday on q&a, history professor william hitchcock on his book "the age of eisenhower: america and the world in the 1950's." it the disciplined presidency. and eisenhower was a disciplined man, a great athlete when he was young. man in every respect. very methodical.
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that is how he ran the white house. he was extremely organized. and the future president john kennedy kind of criticized eisenhower's stock units for being more disciplined, organized, and predictable. but for eisenhower, when crises came, he had a plan. he used to say that plans are worthless, but planning is everything. what is over the hill, what crisis might corrupt? -- he wrapped? -- what crisis might erupt? he chaired the national security council every week. he had his thumb on the government. he trusted the process. he believed the federal government would work well if it was well led. >> q&a, sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. connect with c-span to personalize the information you
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of the university of california. a u.s. supreme court case on affirmative action. that is live next on c-span. >> inside that car is alan bakke, returning to his home in los altos tonight, after winning his bike to enter medical school. think it is a reflection of what life is like in the united states. under gerald ford and under an american society that said, these people can sit theater,s in the movie they can register to vote, why are they happy with that? -- why aren't they happy with that? >> a majority of americans can support this. >> affirmative an


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