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tv   U.S Embassy Opening in Jerusalem  CSPAN  May 15, 2018 1:33am-2:58am EDT

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>> we are about to begin with our ceremonies. please silence earphones now. please rise for the presentation of the colors and remain standing for the national anthem. >> march on the colors.
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present arms. [national anthem is sung]
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>> retire the colors. >> ladies and gentlemen, please friedman.avid freed
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>> distinguished guests and voends, we welcome you to ending name and the dedication of the united states and this to in jerusalem, israel.
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on this exact day, at almost the declaredt time, it was this was israel's independent. truman cause the united states to be the very first the rebornecognize state of israel and regretted waiting so long. 70 years since that memorable event, and the united states andlly takes the next step it is one that was litigated and theed for and we now open msc and israel.
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again, the united states leads and someonehe first and worked so hard for this day to come and they all deserve our thanks. this is attributed to encourage and we ohral clarity a debt of gratitude to donald trump.
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we have a gathering of patriots and leaders and i would like to and -- e a few of them prime minister benjamin , theyahu and his wife mayor of jerusalem and his wife. knesset,ker of the andleader of the opposition his wife, the deputy chief
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justice of the supreme court. they head of the defense forces. chief -- the chief rabbi of israel. chief rabbi of ministers,all the cabinet members, mayors, and the religious leaders. from the executive branch of the pleasure toit is my , the deputyleader secretary of state. and, the secretary of the
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treasury, steven mnuchin, jared jasonanka trump, statesatt, the united ambassador to italy, lew eisenberg, the assistant secretary of state and the acting assistant secretary of .tate from the legislative branch, we ur senators who have legendary support for israel. cruz, deanham, ted heller, and michael e.
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thank you for coming. from the house of representatives, a delegation knight,oe wilson, steve ross, jody hice, and scott taylor. and ron desantis zeldin and ron desantis. ron desantis made a case this and it i would also like to welcome a strong advocate for jerusalem, rick scott.
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in 1995, the jerusalem embassy voted one law and was by both houses of congress and led by joseph lieberman. this law was reaffirmed last 90-0 and itte of joseph lieberman. declared jerusalem as the capital of israel and mandated the move of the embassy. passed long years have since this transfer has become the law of the land, but we now extend the same right we have two other nations, a right to designate the capital city.
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add,ital city, i should that houses the three seats of government and a history that dates back to thedeclared jeruse time when king david made jerusalem the ancient capital of israel and this has befored americans since the founding of our republic. of a questop spoke to build a new jerusalem as a city on a hill, a phrase that would be expanded by ronald reagan to be the shining city on the hill and the united states established this consulate before the birth of the state of relaxed andincoln
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told his wife that it was finally time for him to take and and he expressed a hope desire to visit the city of jerusalem and many say that those were his last words in ford's theater. i think that lincoln smiles today as donald trump opens the embassy in the city that lincoln so much. leadersthank the faith here for their support and i would like to now call on a couple of them. jefferss and --
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they will offer a few words of inspiration. >> heavenly father, we come you forou and we thank innging us to this location the lives of your people in the history of our world. thataid to your servant you would make a great nation where the world would get blessed and we now see how israel is that blessing to the entire world through innovation, medicine, and technology.
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blessed the world you, thoughus to yourod and we fade q4 protection of the nation and this nation that you call the apple of your eye. we think about what happened at this very moment. prophecies andhe we want to thank you today for netanyahu and of his determination to do what it takes to protect the people
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friedmanavid represents the united states policy of standing by and supporting our allies and friends in the middle east and we now come to dedicate the embassy in the city that you of israelhe capital and we want to thank you for the leadership of donald trump. without his resolve and encourage, we would not the here for everyonepeak of us when i say that we thank you every day for giving us a president who boldly sits on the right side of history and you, god, when it comes to israel and
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,e want to pray what was prayed the peace of jerusalem and may those who love her prosper. we pray this in the name of jesus. >> distinguished guests and honored friends, i address you city and theholy eternal capital of the jewish people because the truth is eternal and not ephemeral.
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it stands the test of time. and therise and fall jewish people have never faltered. this is truth. king david imagined a temple here. grave, the jews of every extraction have had the lips.f this city on their the jews have lived here and directed prayers here and that theruth and we celebrate recognition of this truth by the united states of america and we applaud and thank donald trump for standing for this truth and
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demonstrating a fearless commitment to israel on the world stage and we pray that other countries follow the examples of affirming this cityal bond with the holy because there is no more quintessentially jewish idea then peace. walls andare unifying every man, woman, and child becomes something greater than and the prophet said that you must love truth and peace. that a true and perfect
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thee is visualized by there will be a harmony and not war and respect and not envy. farlonging for peace is not from right here and may those who love you be at peace. >> thank you. leaving the presidential delegation to this event is john sullivan. as the acting secretary of state and lead the transition of leadership to the secretary of state and returned
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to the state department. introduce john sullivan. >> thank you for the remark terry, the have visa thank you for the f words to establish this mission and create the strongest possible bond between israel and the united states and we are preparing ofthe the celebration. it is an honor to be part of this momentous delegation on this day that is so it in .istory and it is a privilege
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you to the of opening of the embassy here in israel. i also come from secretary pompeo, who since is best wishes and says that it meant a lot that he was able to come over here and he regrets not being here. says that this is a product that he shares for the country. this is aaid, moving recognition of a reality that is many years in the making and jerusalem is in dispute of the capital of israel, a capital
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as a stepthe nation towards the advancements of region andis broader throughout the world. jerusalem point to a place in history and we can hope fora glimmer of a a greater understanding and of peace and i am now confident the magnificent be a tribute to peace. today, what we celebrate ande open a new diplomatic we recognize a friendship that brought this into being.
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the united states recognized israel and it fits that we mark a new milestone and a day of hope and promise for the united totes and israel and we look with our new embassy grateful to the ministry of foreign affairs for their friendships and their hard work to keep the alliances ironclad and we thank you as we look to make the pledge of the movement of our and this see stronger in the united states is gratefulcommitted to the alliad to building a more peaceful and prosperous future together. may god bless this alliance on
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this day and i thank you for letting me be a part of it. you, mr. deputy secretary. trump made this all a reality and could not be here today, but did record a message. watch and listen. >> 70 years ago, the united , became ther truman first to recognize israel and we officially oh then the the sea in jerusalem. congratulations. it has then a long time coming. designated the city of , ausalem as the capital
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capital established in ancient times. so important. today, this is the home of the legislature and the supreme court and the prime minister and the president. israel is a sovereign nation with a right to determine a capital and we failed to recognize this plane reality that the capital is jerusalem. at my direction, the united states finally and officially recognized jerusalem as the true capital and we now follow through and open our embassy in itusalem and we are opening ahead of schedule. as i said, the great hope is for
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peace and the united states remains this -- committed to supporting the status quo in the holy sites, including at the temple mount with this city and the entire nation being a testament to the average will andit of the jewish people the united states will always be a partner in the cause of freedom and peace and we wish the ambassador the best of luck in the embassy and extend our hand in friendship to the palestinians and all of the neighbors. bless all who serve the
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embassy and the united states of america. thank you. >> it is now a great honor to call on the treasury secretary to unveil the seal of em the sea and to read the dedication.
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>> on behalf of the president of the united states of america, we welcome you to the embassy of the united states in the capital of israel. thank you. >> thank you.
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in 1980, a jewish man of 19 was married to a jewish woman of 17 ethiopia and -- in they set forth on foot through the desert until they reached the sudan and were led to a remote airfield and taken to israel. having been rescued, they andled on the periphery they were kept safe from incoming rockets by the iron project financed by the united states and one of their daughters went on to be a
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successful singer and she will saying the great word of praise coined by the first jewish king of israel. her.e welcome
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♪ >> thank you. beautiful. a seventh generation jerusalemite, few have a longer or stronger connection to the speaker, who next
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i would like to welcome here now to deliver his remarks. minister and speaker and the secretary of the treasury and the deputy secretary of the minister and sj andivan, jared kushner, ivanka trump.
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jason greenblatt and the members of this distinguished delegation coming from the with the head of and distinguished our feet were standing ofhin the gates of the gates andcapital of israel keep and, we swore to
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we never forgot and never will forget. so, 3000 years, the jewish people kept the faith in jerusalem and we prayed for jerusalem. establishment of the state of israel, jerusalem has been the capital of israel and said froms should be time to time and could even be written from time to time. this is the heart of the serenity of the state of israel. home of thet is the president of israel and the
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it isment of israel and -- home to the supreme the fate is a commitment to the history of the jewish people and a commitment to all of the becauses of jerusalem this is a microcosm of our ability of jews and arabs to live together and the unity of to slum is also seen with everyone in the city being equal also thealem is
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for the united states of america. thank god that the american congress for the united states f america. thank recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel and i want to thank the many members of the congress and the senate. the democrats and the republicans had great support for israel. , everyy u.s. election presidential candidate has this and wemove finally have a leader who kept the promise. for this, we say --
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we give thanks that we have arrived at this place at this time. message saying that the people thank you for keeping your word and for your and we and determination
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we hope others will follow this path and leadership leadership l continue to safeguard jerusalem as a city of peace and a city with all religions and citynities who share one that is loved by everyone. thank you all and god bless all of you. >> thank you. the state of israel has many advocates in the white house and none of them have shown greater advocacy for or efforts to advance the special relationship
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between israel and the united states in the closet in -- the cause of peace van jared kushner. he will now offered his thoughts on this moment. >> thank you very much. i am so proud to be in jerusalem . here as aed to be
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trump.ntative of donald i also want to thank you for being here today. today would not because of without your advocacy. thank you secretary sullivan and thank you for all the great work
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you did. also want to recognize mike pence for his effort to strengthen the u.s. and israel relate and ship. december, trump announced to the world that the united states would recognize the truth -- that united states -- that jerusalem is the capital of israel. we also declared we would move are nowssy and we standing on those grounds. once in office, this president he keeps them.
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by moving this to two jerusalem, we have shown the world that the can be trusted and we have shown that the united states of america would do is write. so, we have. israel has the right that has been enjoyed by every other country in the world. a special bond is the and v of the nations throughout the world and this is forged through throughand immortalized shared principles and we both
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we standn freedom and together because we both believe in the human rights. is worthe democracy defending and the united states stands with israel because we know it is the right to do. when we stand together for the principles in the values that we share, we shine a light of justice on the world and israel proves the power of freedom. this is the only land in the middle east in which jews, muslims, christians, all worship freely and israel protects freedom ofht, speech, and the right of every individual to reach their
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potential. these are values the united states cherishes and bind us together. vibrantmade israel a nation and spurred advancements these are blessings we hope israel one-day shares with its neighbors. truth andwledgment a flawed would exit the iran deal.
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arends aggression -- iran aggression threatens israel, jordan, egypt, saudi arabia. in confronting threats, the prisoners -- previously unimaginable alliances are emerging and i am proud to be as they lead the efforts to bring peace and it has been on to work with the new secretary of state. the national security advisor,
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john bolton. friedman.ador, david i also want to recognize nikki haley. on december 6, trump was clear that his decision do not reflect from the community to lasting peace that overcomes the conflicts of the past to give a more boundless from the y to lasting future and, as we soften the protests, those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution.
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the united states is prepared to and we a peace agreement believe it is possible for all ablee to live in peace and dreams.e their the united states recognizes the sensitivity around jerusalem and this is a city dreams. the united states recognizes the unique to civilization and muslims bow in prayer and christians worship at the church of the holy sepulcher . maintain been calls to the temple on the mount and i have personally seen the
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determination of the leaders throughout the world remains steadfast and they have seen too much pain and sorrow and think it is time to do something better. tousalem has been used instigate conflict and it does not have to be this way. faithsgs people of all together to appreciate the majesty of history. immediately, one of the first acts was to adopt this and .nsure access to all
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as they turned 70, this is what is good, what is right, and what is true. when there is peace in the andon, we will look remember the journey to peace starting with america recognizing this truth. the pursuit of peace is the
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noblest pursuit of humankind. i believe peace is within reach if we dare to believe that the future can be different from the past. that we are not condemned to relive history. it will not be an easy road and it will be filled with difficult moments and tough decision. but if we dream big, lead with courage, we can change the trajectory for millions from hopeless to boundless. [applause] >> this is a hope that many of us know personally. i am here today as a proud american and the grandson of holocaust survivors. during world war ii, my great grandparents let their homes to theirat grandparents fled homes from the horrors of belarus.
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somehow, they managed to resist the horrors and survived. after the war, they built a new life in america. a beacon of hope and a land of limitless opportunity. i keep a photo of them on my desk to remind me of how high the stakes are when nations fail to recognize right from wrong and the decisive power america has to tip the scales in favor of the righteous. [applause] jared: today, we take another historic step in that direction. i am confident that as a result, our nations will be stronger, our people's more prosperous, and our futures filled with even greater promise for peace. may god bless you, may god bless israel, may god bless the united states of america. [applause]
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>> jared just referred to his two grandparents that survived the holocaust. to the holocaust survivors that are here with us today, and for those watching on television who thought that this day would never come. we can never relieve the nightmare of your past, but we do hope that today brings you some measure of comfort. [applause] >> it is now my great honor to call upon the prime minister of the state of israel, benjamin netanyahu. [applause]
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p.m. netanyahu: [speaking foreign language] secretary mnuchin. deputy secretary john sullivan. jason greenblatt. and your family. ambassador david friedman and your family. senators and members of
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congress, and the governor of florida -- we have no better friends in the world. you stand for israel and the stand for jerusalem. thank you. the chief rabbis of israel, the distinguished rabbis over here. the pastors, the ministers, the many friends that of come here from around the world. the many friends that pray for this day and have worked for this day. thank you all. and of course, i want to especially welcome jared kushner and ivanka trump. [applause] netanyahu: your presence here today is testament to the importance of this occasion. not only for the trump administration, but in a very personal way. for you.
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for you, each of you, for the pursuit of peace, and for president trump himself, thank you. dear friends. what a glorious day. remember this moment. [applause] netanyahu: this is history. president trump, by recognizing history, you have made history. all of us are deeply moved. all of us are deeply grateful. for me, being here brings back wonderful memories from my childhood. [speaking foreign language]
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p.m. netanyahu: so i know some of you did not follow every word i said in hebrew but i spent my first years of life in this neighborhood. not very far away. there were a few charming houses here. many open fields. i remember ambling in these fields with my brother. he was 6, i was 3. very ight.hand
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the renowned jewish historian was my father's teacher. i used to peer through the slats the wooden synagogue and revere, a they used to pray on shabbat. and david and i would approach this place right here. but only so far. because my mother told me, you can't go any further. this is near the border. there was explosives. sniper fire. that was then. this is now. today, the embassy and the most powerful nation on earth, today, greatest ally, the united states of america.
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here. their embassy opens [applause] netanyahu: what a difference. what a difference. this brings back personal memories. it provokes profound collective memories of this city on a hill. in jerusalem, abraham passed the greatest test of faith and the right to be the father of our nation. in jerusalem, king david establish the capital 3000 years ago. in jerusalem, king solomon built the temple that stood for many centuries. exiles from, rebuilt the temple
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stood for many more centuries. they rededicated that and restored jewish sovereignty in this land. and it was here 2000 years later that the soldiers of israel spoke three immortal words. the temple mount is in our hands. words that lifted the spirit of the entire nation. we are in jerusalem and we are here to stay. [applause] netanyahu: we are here in jerusalem, protected by the brave soldiers in the army of israel, led by our chief of staff and our great soldiers. our brave soldiers protecting the border of israel as we speak today. we salute them all. and members of the security forces, they are with us today. we salute all of you. we gather here today to
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celebrate another historic day in the life of this city. which i know will take its place along other momentous decisions in the history of our people. they recognized the right of the jewish people to a national home in this land. and exactly seven years ago today, president truman became
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ago, presidents truman became the first world leader to recognize the newborn jewish state. the first world leader to recognize the newborn jewish states. and today, the united states of america is opening its embassy right here in jerusalem. thank you, president trump, for having the courage to keep your promises. [applause] p.m. netanyahu: thank you, president trump. and thank you all for making the alliance between america and israel stronger than ever. and a special thank you to you, ambassador friedman. thank you, david, for everything you do to bring our countries and our peoples closer together. today, you have a special privilege. you are privileged to become the first american ambassador to serve your country in jerusalem. this is a distinct honor that will be yours forever.
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nobody can be first again. [applause] thank you,ahu: david. and catcalls] netanyahu: my friends, this is a great day for israel. it is a great day for america. it is a great day for fantastic partnerships. but, i believe it is also a great day for peace. i want to think jared, jason, and david for your tireless efforts to advance this and tireless efforts to advance the truth. the truth and peace are interconnected.
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a peace built on lies will crash on the rocks of middle eastern realities. you can only build peace on truth. the truth is that jerusalem has been and will always be the capital of the jewish people. the capital of the jewish state. [applause] p.m. netanyahu: truth, peace, and justice. this is what we have. this is what we believe in. the prophet zechariah declared 2500 years ago. [speaking foreign language] so said the lord, i will return dwell in the will
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jerusalem. jerusalem shall be called the city of truth. may the opening of this embassy spread the truth far and wide. and may the truth advance a lasting peace between israel and all our neighbors. god bless the united states of america, and god bless jerusalem, the eternal undivided capital of israel. [speaking foreign language] thank you very much. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> thank you mr. prime minister, for those storing words.
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now for a closing benediction. i call on the pastor and senior founder of the cornerstone baptist church antenna daniel, texas. in san antonio, texas. thank you. >> can we stand? heavenlygracious father, god of abraham, isaac, and jacob. the god who calls the stars my name and measure space with the span of his hand. the god who is the king of the universe. we gather here to thank you for the joy of living and seeing this glorious and historic day. we thank you for the state of israel.
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-- who lives and prospers because of your everlasting love for the jewish people. it was you, oh lord, who gathered the exiles from the nations and brought them home again. it was you who made statehood possible. gave ayou that miraculous victory in 1967 when jerusalem was reopened to worshipers of all faiths. jerusalem is the city of god. jerusalem is the heartbeat of israel. jerusalem is where abraham placed his son on the altar of the temple mount and became the father of many nations. jerusalem is where jeremiah and isaiah penned principles of righteousness that began the civilization.ern
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jerusalem is where messiah will come and establish a kingdom that will never end. we thank you all lord for president donald trump's courage in at alleging into the world a truth established 3000 years ago that jerusalem is and always shall be the eternal capital of the jewish people. because of that courage of our president, we gather here today to consecrate the ground upon which the united states embassy will stand. reminding the dictators of the world that america and israel are forever united. we thank you for our ambassador your friedman and pray anointing the upon him as he opens the doors of the u.s. embassy to receive the nations of the world. let the word go forth from jerusalem today that israel lives. shouted from the house tops that
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israel lives. let every islamic terrorist here this message. israel lives! the halls ofd in the united nations, israel lives! let it echoed down the halls of the presidential palace in iran. israel lives! let it be known to all mednet israel lives, because he that keep it israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. the peace of jerusalem met and all of its inhabitants. let the name of the lord be glorified today. for the defender of israel, today, tomorrow, and forever, is here. can we all shocked alleluia? -- can we all shocked hallelujah? hallelujah!
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>> amen. [applause] >> once again, i would like to our singer to sing "peace will yet come to us all." ♪
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>> as vice president said at knesset in january, echoed by the president today and by prime minister netanyahu -- [speaking alsogn language] -- we are grateful for this special day. this concludes our ceremony. i would like to think of all of you so much for your support. please come visit us at again soon. thank you very much. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, this
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concludes our dedication ceremony. please proceed to the parking lot were buses are waiting to take you back. once you're outside, you will be near the buses. thank you and good evening.
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announcer: tuesday morning, we're in south dakota for the next stop on the c-span bus 50 capital store. dennis do guard will be our guest on the bus starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern. live onis what is tuesday. recording artists smokey robinson is among those
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testifying at 10:00 a.m. eastern. and, establishing the film as the late edgar metzger evers. then the senate is back to debate judicial nominations, including those for the 10th circuit court of appeals. then, the head of the national securitytelligence and center testifies. in the afternoon, the ninth circuit court of appeals hears a case regarding president trump's decision to end the daca program. here is more coverage of the u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem, plus a look at the protests in gaza.


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