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tv   Press TV Coverage on U.S. Embassy Opening in Jerusalem  CSPAN  May 15, 2018 5:40pm-6:22pm EDT

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in the afternoon, christopher wray will answer questions about his budget request. also on c-span3. "new york times" reporting an uneasy call along the gaza strip after the u.s. opening of the embassy in jerusalem. protests resumed today. 60 people were killed yesterday and thousands more injured. press tv is iran's english news channel and aired its coverage of the protests in gaza. his is 40 minutes. >> special coverage of the controversial opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem and the anti-israel and anti-. the white house delegation and israeli seeks to gather for the
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inauguration this afternoon, clashes erupted between the protestors at the border between gaza strip and israel and occupied west bank and palestinian were killed in the order between gaza and israel. the u.s. president trump recognized the city of jerusalem as israel's capital. the move also comes a day earlier as a catastrophe. palestinians were forced to leave their home in 1948 which resulted in enslavement of tens of thousands of palestinians. let me introduce our guests for this afternoon's show for joining us us in the studio. political observer and protestor
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from the university. and leading member of the palestinian committee. welcome to the program. et's start with you, doctor, the u.s. president in 1948 have located the u.s. embassy from tell aviv why has he moved the embassy to jerusalem and the israelis are celebrating the establishment of their state and palestinians are warning. to ell, in reality trying solve the problem between the palestinians and israelis. didn't work for many reasons because there are huge and tremendous pressure from congress and america which is mainly pro-israel all the time
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and we have stories about even to be elected as a congress person, you have to have a bridge to israel and to commit to israel and to the movement of e embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. d most of the american presidents, they denied of doing such a thing for many reasons and also remember, the arab world is not in the situation which it is today. and also the conflict between the palestinian and israelis for the last few years during the agreement is also different. now when trump came around, he is thinking in so many different ways. he is pulling out of lots of international agreements and lots of commitments and whether it is regarding the environment or now the iranian deal and also
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the issue with china and the european over the prices, all these kind of things -- trying put his mind -- and he is acting crazy in a way. the other important thing that his relationship with israel and wants the congress to be supporting him all the time. and bringing about his own vision as an american president. he can lead, as a character, i think there is something wrong. and that shows in all his actions. world combusts the whole in his words and mentality. he went on with this because he
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gave promise during election. and he said, i'm the one who is keeping my promises, i promised o do it, i'm going to do it. and the whole peace process, even -- at the same time that ended totally. >> since trump declared rusalem as the capital and occupied west bank and clashes taking place between palestinians and israeli soldiers. should the palestinians, of urse and marched on --
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strategy for the israeli to building in the world. and system and in the west bank nd 170 [indiscernible] 65 w we are going to keep of the palestinians and all the -- urces in this area [indiscernible] >> and want to transfer the
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ople who is in there and jerusalem. people speak that israeli continuing for that and killed the palestinian -- how we can support the palestinians. if you want to support the palestinians. d now -- [indiscernible] >> in west bank. all the people send a new message. we need to against the occupation. because we tine cannot wait what the israelis do. he want to transfer the people. -- jerusalem and
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he wants to have the history of what it means for the palestinian and what has happened now in gaza and in jerusalem, the israeli, he wants to -- [indiscernible] >> and fight people in west bank nd injury. indiscernible]
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and you know, the government the dministration and toll build the door [indiscernible] yes. security door this is what we need now. party, we der of the
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need it. we need indiscernible] > this is what we came to do against the israeli and it's very important for the palestinians how we can share this. his is it. d -- [indiscernible] what the administration is
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trying to the people believe, maybe the people of the world. >> especially in the united states, palestinians should be more realistic and what do they mean by realistic and accept reality as well. and last 51 years. and no talk about jerusalem or the right of return. i wasn't on the debate just a few weeks ago and this guy was in front of me from the united states and was talking on the same line and same ideas. and return of the palestinians. this is impossible. and their return and lot of these goals to support that. that is the realistic policies in the american administration.
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and not far from that. tough critics of the administration before. the reality they mean by that that the palestinians should forget the jerusalem issue and refugee issue and what is being offered to them and accept what is offered to them as is. there are limited borders or contemporary borders and forget about jerusalem and then we characterize you -- this is exactly the same line. and done by netanyahu and his government and talked about that many times. e can trace that back to sharon. and and all what they are going
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to get. they can call it a state. as far as i'm concerned -- [indiscernible] > but apart from gaza. and that is going to go. and sovereign state. so i think today encounters, all these kinds of missiles, i would agree. we do need unity. and second, we need to sit down and state our strategy for what we are going to do. everyone knew, as much in palestine and this process is dead. it's about time to bury it. palestinians returning to be a hot button issue, like palestinians are insisting, the
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process and they are tussled, why now? >> it's always have been and these kind of marches and i emember during the late arafat and it was 30 years for -- 50 years for the -- [indiscernible] >> we are insisting all the time on the return for the refugees. but why now. that came now more important and declaration regarding the refugees. refugee estine and camps. and that's now from yesterday ants to drop down the issue of refugees from the negotiation table. that means that palestinians are
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going to lose the rights totally and nobody is going to talk about it. so to insist on the right of return, palestinians do and this kind of way and give us more important. at the same time, and 70th anniversary or that is quite a long time. and yes, remember, number of refugees are increasing. 5.6 nited nations is million palestinians are spreading around the region in 8 refugee camps and west bank, jordan and syria. all these people have the rights and especially that desperate situation.
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they are understanding. refugee camp. so, i think all these circumstances have taken its ll but syria, changed by the trump deal that there might be show the refugees and netanyahu's request. >> israeli soldiers refusing the force and palestinian -- and west bank and gaza strip and always take part in these demonstrations. why the soldiers are not afraid of these or considering this to be bold and persecuted and now we are having this -- [indiscernible] >> and united nationses is
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calling for a protection of the palestinian people. do we expect tomorrow to be other -- [indiscernible] ? > yes. indiscernible] >> and what happened and what we -- doing and security indiscernible] >> you want to send the message for israel. his is what we need to hear. in the middle east. all the strategy for trump and and yahu in the east
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palestine and very important that we cannot change. against him and just like his ability, the organization this is good, this is wrong, this is good, this is wrong. not change anything. raeli -- indiscernible] >> in the camp and the cities. this is the government of israeli if we had it. netanyahu said in october of 2015, and with that, we have
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palestinians, he because all the people, what he do in jerusalem or in the west bank, everything -- over what we use. the people do alone or organized in the palestine territory. ow we mean to return back to see the new stop before. for the people [indiscernible] not just stop this and in the west bank.
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killed the people. the ere most is -- amilies like the family. nd should bring -- go to [indiscernible] . >> allow me to ask you, doctor, do you think rael soldiers feel used by the rael regime, the norble organization fueling the rael regime are carrying out extrajudicial killings, we are witness manager crimes while the raels are confident that whatever they do they won't with prosecuted or punished? >> well it's -- it's kind of a theory which i do believe, each and every occupation around the
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world so far, along the history, the first thing they usually do is two things. the first one is to get you occupied so they can feel good about themselves, we are not killing person, we are killing animal, and the second is to make she occupied feel the inferiority regarding the superiority of the occupier. these two things are also a kind of model in all occupation and it's not quite -- the raels as a matter of fact are playing it even to the letter. there are so much demonizing the palestinians for various reasons. it's not only colonial reason bus also sometimes religion, the idea of superiority, the defeat against the palestinians and again because again veil racist country. racist not only against palestinians but within its own
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system. racist against -- the jew whoish came from ethiopia. it is a racist country. what do you think if they encounter the enemy in this case, the palestinian, maligning the palestinians around them to do whatever they like without of any personally regrets in killing palestinians in so easy ways. this is on the one hand. on the other hand which is equally important, the protection of israel make israel also feel all the time they are above the law and they can do whatever they like and they'd like to stick to this idea that they are always the victim. they kill the palestinian bus they are the victim because they -- because we made them kill us in that way. if you like. so this kind of mentality is a sick, racist mentality which would allow them usually, not only to demonize palestinian bus also to kill them without even,
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you know, any regrets whatsoever in their own minds. his happens in many times. in the second intifada when they were just again, again because they were born, the soldiers re born and again they suffered. people took care of them. unusually the accusation against palestinians in tel aviv they have tried to attack us. with a knife. which is this kind of story which is very equal to what used to be happening in south africa. and similar situation between south africa. bsolutely great. the leads of the world by the united states that would give hem this kind of immunity.
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>> of course it was a palestinian who did this, they would be in jail for several years and their homes would be demolished and their family members would be arrested and be punished. let's thank our guest, the political observer and professor and member of the palestinian popular struggle. thank you for contributing to this program and with that, brings us to the end of our special coverage of the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem nd the rallies in the occupied west bank jerusalem as well as in gaza strip.
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let's see what's going on in jerusalem. this is where protests are taking place because of the move by the taos open up its embassy of which there are some, there's obviously a -- unveiling happening there. you have palestinians who are out in protest and security orces cragging down on them. you're having protests between gaza and jerusalem. tullingses have -- tensions have flared up.
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>> feelings running very high. .ou can see the officials there netanyahu happy and proud that the u.s. made the decision, the u.s. president donald trump, making the decision to have the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and having that noted as rial israel's capital.
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in case you're not aware or have not been watching us, you have what's going down the border between gaza strip and israel. rael forces coming more than -- israeli forces coming along that -- along that gaza border. palestinians out there protesting against the embassy move. this is part of the march of return protest which is happening on the date of the embassy's open, a day before the day that's the anniversary of of the -- anniversary creation of israel 70 years ago. the death toll has hit over 40. you're looking at around 90 people to have been killed altogether in six weeks. with thousands to have been injured. this is the highest palestinian death toll in a single day since the protests which are called the great march of return began at the board we are israel on march 30 and of course if you
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want to put thing into context here, since the gaza war back in 2014. single highest death toll of palestinians. what's interesting is you've had a few hundred palestinians killed since what's turning out to be the third intifada going back to roughly around october, july of last year. where it started. basically, it's not just the fact that palestinians are getting killed. people are getting killed. and the international community at this point has done nothing to stop israel from carrying out its massacre, in this case what's happening on the gaza border. the top of your screen is where the protests from the palestinians against the u.s. embassy move is taking place. tensions are very high there. wouldn't be surprised if scuffles broke out. lots of security there among the palestinians. security forces i'm sure on high alert to make sure that the
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protests dent get out of hand. we're looking at protests against the united states and gainst israel. let's get an idea of what's going on in the bottom right hand of the screen, at the border, with our correspondent who joins us now. the death toll has risen dramatically in the past couple of hours. we have up to 42. what do you have? tell us more about what is going n where you're at. >> at least 42 people were israeli d just now troops fired at least one shell toward the protesters, still waiting to know after the tank shell was fired. so far i think 2,000 protesters were injured due to israel's use of excess i force against
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peaceful protesters. this is part of a great march of eturn on march 30. almost the same number of fatalities as the whole past six weeks. it shows you the extent of israel's use of excessive force and the -- it's part of the shoot to kill policy toward the thousands of protesters here in gaza city and tens of thousands more throughout the gaza strip who are protesting the so-called buffer zone as part of the great march of return and also to protest against the relocation of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem al dudes. -- al cuds. -- al quds.
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>> could you continue telling us who has been killed. we have reports of medics have been killed, are journalists also part of the death toll or injuries? are they being targeted? >> at least eight journalists who were shot today including one who is in serious condition and also one paramedic was killed. this is the latest information we're getting so far. the number of fatalities is much higher because of the hectic situation that's taking place and also the hectic situation in gaza, still not giving the exact numbers of fatalities. i believe the number is much higher than 42. >> many had said that today would be a day where palestinians would try to break through that barrier and just go on to the area where it's a buffer sen., of course that's what
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israel has claimed even though it's within the gaza strip territory. are palestinians doing that? are they trying to break through? and if you can tell us about why we get -- or -- >> some protesters tried to breach the fence. this is why we have the large number of fatalities today not nly in gaza but also east of he area. theme have entered that area and this is why we have large number of deaths among the protesters today. we just the numbers are also likely to rise due to the fact that those in gaza have been struggling to cope with a large number of injuries. from march 30 to today, you have some 12,000 people injured. even on the first day of the great march of return, large
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numbers of people were injured and hospitals were overrun. and today hospitals are overwhelmed by the large number of injuries and the fact that they don't have the proper medications and supplies to take care of them. only yesterday the international committee of the red cross made some donations to the hospital in gaza but it's -- it's just a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of hospital supplies and medication that are needed to take care of the large number of injuries. >> if you can tell us about these, what looks like smoke bombs through the sky that fall down. are those smoke bombs or something else? that's reminiscent of what happened on the gaza strip in the war.
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>> looks like tier gas -- tear gas is being fired toward the protesters and there are also flammable materials trying to burn the fields in the background near the rael soldiers as rael snipers to try and create some kind of smoke screen to prevent them shooting the pr testers. >> tell us about the drens flying overhead or were flying, what are they doing? are they targeting protesters? are they throwing smoke bombs? we understand they're drones so hat function do they have? >> since the morning the small drones were used to, they were trying to burn some of the tent camps with them here. they managed to burn a few of them. also they're using them to fire tear gas into the crowds. they go westward a couple of
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hundred meters and fire the tear gas over there and some of the protesters have managed to bring some of the them down by using kites to bring down those rones. >> when you talk to people they're aware of what's happening in jerusalem with the unveiling of the u.s. embassy, has that given them more incentive to be out there and protest? >> definitely, probably the main reason we had huge masses coming out to these protests is rere-location of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. jerusalem is considered by palestinians as the capital of the future state and also is part of the muslim faith. it's a very sensitive issue for palestinians and since december 6, with the recognition of
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jerusalem as israel's capital, donald trump did trample on the rights of the palestinian people and their sovereignty as well. >> i'm going to ask you to stay with us as if you can so i can give the viewers an idea of what's going on on the top of their screen a tense situation between palestinians and the security forces, trying to remain the fragile respect which exists of which there practically is none now because they're having an unveiling of something that's a core issue of he palestinian cause that is jerusalem, which donald trump has maneuvered on and named as israel's capital, relocating the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, palestinians are angry, showing their anger there, some small scuffles have broken out. it appears that's on the verge of it being broken into perhaps large-scale scuffles there in
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jerusalem. he situation again very tense. what's shocking, in a sense, as we look through not only the scenes in jerusalem but more so in the gaza strip are scenes of dead bodies being carried from the gaza strip, side by side, by jared kushner and donald trump's daughter, ivanka trump, unveiling the embassy. these two scenes put together making the rounds of social media if you log on, you'll see those scenes. that just shows the way that palestinians are being dealt with, death versus the june ration and ceremony taking place toward the u.s. embassy relocation. humanity asks for this not to happen. the online activity is reflective of that, of which i'll read you one, coming from amnesty international, 41 people
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now, this is 38 minutes ago, have been killed in gaza. a shameless violation of international laws. some instances committing killings, authorities must rein in their excessive use of force to prevent further loss of life. amnesty international making its statement on twitter there regarding what's happening there. lots of people coming down in condemnation of the killings in gaza strip. tell us, are we looking at -- what kind of timeline are we looking at? this has been going on for quite some hours. are the protesters going to continue to stay out there in protest? >> i believe it will continue today and tomorrow as well. the protesters from all walks of
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life, the young or old, men, women, and children have not been deterred by israel's excessive use of force. what's really hurtful for people here is the decision by the u.s. administration to relocate the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem on the eve of this day, not only december 6 did donald trump recognize jerusalem as israel's capital, a month and a half later, also slashed funding for united nations agency for palestinian refugees. basically, the u.s. administration has -- is trying to harm two core issues of the palestinian cause, jerusalem and the refugees. and the relocation of the u.s. embassy on the eve of this day is very sig cavent for palestinians. >> let's find out what our
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guests say about that. i'm going to say good-bye to you, be careful. >> c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, ohio democratic congressman tim ryan talks about the 2018 mid term elections. then politico tech reporter john hendel on wednesday's senate bill reinstating net neutrality rules. and we're live if bismarck, north dakota for the next stop on our c-span bus 50 capitals tour. the governor will talk about pop policy issues in his state. watch "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern wednesday morning. join the discussion. >> a couple of budget hearings on c-span3 tomorrow. e.p.a. administrator scott pruitt scheduled to testify on


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