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tv   QA William Hitchcock  CSPAN  May 20, 2018 5:58pm-6:03pm EDT

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targeting at the end of the day treated interaction that goes beyond the organic interaction that would come by virtue of someone deciding to engage with you in whatever group that is. so, it would never become relevant if the industry moves to that model. we have to have a thoughtful conversation around this if we want to continue to have growing social media platforms because we can talk about all the bad they have done, but also talk about the lives they have saved and crowdsourcing they have been responsible for that is literally fed people and prevented suicides. there is a good social outcome from these platforms, but they left in between different model in order to sustain themselves and to provide people who want to engage a safer path of interaction. i would like, if i may, i would like to offer for the record without objection, a couple of the articles i mentioned from the m.i.t. technology review. they were written in 2012 and
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mostly they are talking about some of the uses of these tools and things we should be mindful of as we are crafting legislation. i also want to offer for the record -- it's an editorial. i don't know if i agree with all the conclusions, but they have quotes that have been referenced that i think are important for people who want to come with a thoughtful outcome to the extent that government has to address the issues that have been legitimate. without objection, they will be submitted for the record -- legitimately brought up. thank you for the extended hearing. we welcome your feedback. certainly, you should be tracking what we are doing here to form your own opinions about whether or not they are helpful or harmful to addressing some of the issues. this meeting is adjourned. [gavel bangs]
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susan: california congressman adam schiff comes to "newsmakers" this week. he is the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee and has been a point person on that for the democrats on the russia investigation. he is in his ninth term in congress and his position on the intelligence committee makes him part of congress' gang of eight, the group that has access to the most secret intelligence information in congress. thank you for being with us. rep. schiff: my pleasure. susan: let me introduce a journalist asking questions this week. jerry self of the washington journal, and nicholas fandos of the new york times. congressman, on the one-year anniversary of the mueller investigation, we start with jerry and questions about korea. jerry: chairman it looked for , the past several weeks that president trump and kim un were on track to have a dozen summit meeting in early june in singapore.


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