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tv   NY State Democratic Party Convention Hillary Clinton Remarks  CSPAN  May 23, 2018 8:13pm-8:32pm EDT

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washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. thursday morning, a former democratic congressman on the future of the farm bill after the legislation was defeated last week. wisconsin, the wisconsin lieutenant governor on the top policy issues in her state with our next stop on the 50 capitals tour. join the discussion. announcer: hillary addressed attendees of the new york democratic convention today. the former presidential york senator new spoke about democratic values and governor and wrote -- andrew cuomo, who is running for a third term in november. this is about 15 minutes. ♪
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♪ [cheers and applause] hillary: [laughter] thank you! thank you! thank you all. [chanting] hillary: it is great being back here with you. it is kind of like a family reunion. bringsere at hofstra back good memories of the first debate in 2016 against the republican nominee.
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[applause] that was also a little bit like the reunion, the kind where you get cornered by the one person you least want to talk to. [laughter] despite that, it was a great night, mostly because i won. [applause] those were the good old days. being atr so fondly this convention in 2000 in albany, when i became your nominee for the united states senate. [applause] steps ofd in the foot daniel patrick monahan, someone whose words have been on my mind recently. he said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not his own facts. facts,ts, we believe in real ones, not the alternative kind.
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even hard to believe this needs to be said, but that is where we are these days. that is why it is so important what you are doing for this convention, helping to chart the future for new york. there is this question i hear a lot these days. ?hat do democrats stand for you see people that stand for any economy that works for everyone, who stand for universal health care. and even better, they actually have plans to get us there. [applause] you are also seeing the fenders tbytes, thehts, gb rights of people with disabilities. i do not believe these are minor issues. millions ando millions of new yorkers and americans. so much of the progress we have has in the united states
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happened because we pushed open doors of opportunity to people who have been shut out. and we, my friends. are not going back. [applause] another question i hear, what are the democrats' bold ideas? idea everyone in this country should have a decent standard of living and a good job that pays well. [applause] bold idea that everyone deserves the best quality start in life, and health care, and a safe and secure retirement. it is even bother to have real plans to make those ideas into reality. here inthe democrats do new york and across america. these are difficult times for
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our country. i have never been prouder to be a new yorker or a democrat than i am today. [applause] let's remind ourselves, democrats are the party that rescued our economy from the worst financial crisis since the great depression. [applause] democrats are the party that passed and saved the affordable care act. democrats helped keep planned parenthood's doors open. we are the party that will save medicare, medicaid, and social security from persistent republican attacks. that will keepy fighting every day to achieve universal health care and job opportunities. don't let anyone tell you
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differently. if you want and economy that works for you and your family, you have to vote for democrats. to be sure you have affordable quality health care, you have to vote for democrats. if you want to expand the rights toall americans, you have vote for democrats. if you believe a woman's right is to equip a and to make her own health care decisions, you have to vote for democrats. [laughter] if you believe -- well-fundedve public schools and colleges help teachers succeed, you have to vote for democrats. [applause] believe we need actual commonsense gun safety laws to save lives, you have to vote for democrats. [applause] if you understand the are facing a real crisis with climate
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change, you have to vote for democrats. upyou believe we can stand to our values and keep our country safe, you have to vote for democrats. comprehensive in immigration reform and protecting dreamers, you have to vote for democrats. if you believe in getting money out of politics and our voters to the polls, you have to vote for democrats. standing upve in for evidence and reason and respecting the rule of law is critical to our democracy, you have to vote for democrats. ever, they need leaders who will stand up for progressive values and those who try to turn neighbor against neighbor. we need leaders
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that believe in producing results and getting things done, leaders like andrew cuomo and kathy. [applause] i have had the personal privilege of knowing and working alongside governor cuomo for a since he worked with the clinton administration as secretary of housing and urban development. andw his compassion determination as he worked to confront homelessness. we travel together to puerto rico after hurricane george and i saw how committed he was to solving problems and making our country more resilient. not surprised he is the only elected official consistently trying to help puerto rico right now. [applause] toour governor, he has led the way forward on so many
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issues that matter to hard-working families. under his leadership, our state added more than a million private sector jobs. [applause] hims proud to stand with when new york became the first state to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. full time works should have to raise their family in poverty. heartbreak of the 2016 election, i was overjoyed when he announced plans to put an affordable college education within reach for every new yorker. [applause] he made our state the first in the nation to provide to wish and free college for low income and middle-class families. since governor cuomo took office, new york has passed
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marriage equality, implemented common sense gun safety laws, and adopted a strong -- the strongest family leave policy anywhere in america. [applause] is a shining example of the progress that is possible when we had experienced democratic leaders defending our the onslaughtom of attacks from this president and republicans in congress. that is exactly what andrew cuomo has done, whether he is standing with immigrant families, fighting back against tax changes that will arm new yorkers, or urging schools in texas to do something after the school shootings. [applause] he is not afraid to take on anyone who tries to correct this state or our country.
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he will continue to rally others and joined this fight. going to have some new allies, november. that is one of the reasons i am onilled to see stacey abrams the primary in georgia last night. i supported her in the primary and i look forward to supporting her campaign. governor cuomo is not doing all of this alone. fortunate to have a really terrific delegation representing us in washington, committed elected officials, like my longtime friend who just addressed to you. [applause] exciting candidates up and down the ticket. in spite of very real by theges, i am inspired grassroots energy and activism we are seeing across america. people in every corner of this state are massing a massive
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resistance, from the students end to gun demand an violence, for the people from all walks of life standing with immigrants and dreamers, to the advocates speaking out for criminal justice reform. that is one of the reasons i started a new group to support these people and groups on the front lines to fight for our shared progressive values. by womenally inspired making their voices heard like never before. applause]d women lawyers first brought their colleagues together in our muslim support neighbors in the wake of the first travel ban. the statestting where elizabeth cady stanton and frederick douglass and susan b anthony and many others came together in seneca falls to
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declare for the first time all equald women were created is now home to leaders like the lieutenant governor. [applause] i have worked with kathy for a long time. the way she has consistently stood up for progressive values in places where it is not so easy. having represented the state for a number of years, it is one thing to stand up and fight for civil and lgbt and women's rights in a place where people already agreed with you, but kathy was walking right into the lions den, and she never wavered. she is one tough customer. she is going to continue as our senate governor. [applause] lucky as new yorkers. ofstand on the shoulders
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brave trailblazers. our charts today is to pick up that torch, terry tie and privately, know that each of us is fighting, in the words of elizabeth cady stanton, not for ourselves alone, but for generations to come. the arnott going to win every fight. take it from me. if we stand together for the values we share. we will get there together. i know our best days as democrats, new yorkers, and americans, are still ahead. let's go with these elections in november. you, god bless you, god bless ! [cheers and applause]
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gov. cuomo: do we love hillary clinton? [applause] on behalf of all democrats in yourork, listening to speech is so inspirational. you talk about caring the torch. you carry the torch. [applause] cuomo: you showed up so many girls and women and their potential and encouraged them to stand up. [applause] us to set theght bar higher. you are an inspiration, a pioneer, and we are so grateful you are a new yorker and we are so proud of you. thank you for everything.
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[cheers and applause] much!y: thanks so thank you all. [laughter] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: thursday morning, we are in madison, wisconsin, for the next stop on the c-span that the capitals tour. be lieutenant governor will our guest starting at 8:30 a.m. eastern. programare our highlights for this memorial day weekend. is political-span, correctness a threat to three speech, -- free speech, or a positive force for social
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c-span3, marking the centennial of world war i. this memorial day weekend on the c-span networks, go to for more programs and times. how the a conference on u.s. is responding to infectious disease outbreaks. we will hear from the director of the national institute of allergies and infectious diseases, about efforts to develop vaccines. the american society for microbiology organized this event. [applause] staceyuld like to invite -schultz cherry. as therrups -- serves performs on asv and the


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