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tv   President Trump White House Departure Remarks  CSPAN  May 24, 2018 2:33am-2:41am EDT

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pitfalls, but why not try something different? >> watch afterwards, sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two's book tv. speeches, next week in prime time. monday at 8 p.m. eastern. oprah winfrey, steve scalise, rob rosenstein. the me too movement founder, the haley,ks coo, and nikki wednesday at 8 p.m. eastern, hillary clinton, rex tillerson, james mattis, and justin trudeau. ceosday at 8 p.m., apple tim cook, john kasich, kate brown, and congresswoman luis gutierrez -- congressman luis gutierrez.
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next week in prime time on c-span and and on the free c-span radio app. president trump traveled to an immigration forum in new york. he spoke briefly about the north korea summit, the russia investigation, and nafta negotiations. >> mr. president -- pres. trump: look at the basics and you will see. it looks like a very serious event. we will find out. when they look at the documents, people are going to see bad things happened. i hope it is not so. if it is, there has never been anything like it. if you look at clapper, he
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admitted they had spies in the campaign yesterday, inadvertently. i hope it is not true, but it looks like it is. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: i think james comey has got a lot of problems. if you look at all the lies, the tremendous lies, if you look at all that is going on, i think james comey has got a lot of problems. an ige point they have report. let's see what james comey has to say. i assume he is covered in the ig report. if you look at all the lies, all the fiction, i think he has a lot of problems. i don't want to get into it yet, but i will tell you after we , would hee proof know? i would certainly hope not. i think it is going to be obvious after a while.
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13are going to talk about ms with the great police officers. we are going out to long island. are you coming with us? no? -- no no. we are not undercutting. we are cleaning everything up. this was a terrible situation. we are cleaning everything up. what i am doing is a service to this country. i did a great service to this country by firing james comey. excuse me. a lot of people have said it. you going to the fbi and a lot of those great people working in the fbi will tell you, i did a great service to our country by firing james comey. >> [inaudible]
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pres. trump: i want them all to get together. everybody wants this salt. -- solved. we are calling it spy gate. i want them all to get together. hopefully they will be able to work it out amongst themselves. nafta. excuse me, nafta? i think auto workers and companies in this country are going to be very happy with what's going to happen. you will be seeing very soon what i'm talking about. nafta is very difficult. mexico has been difficult to deal with. canada has been difficult to deal with. i have been taking advantage of the united states for a long time. i am not happy with their request. in the end, we will win and we
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will win bit -- big. they have been very difficult to deal with. they are very spoiled because nobody has done this. what theyl you that ask for is not fair. auto workers are going to be extremely happy. >> [inaudible] to --u 100% committed pres. trump: on singapore we are going to see. it could very well happen. we will know next week about singapore. if we go, i think it will be great for north korea. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: i can't hear you. >> [inaudible] do you think that will -- pres.
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trump: someday a date will happen. it may be june 12. we will see. >> mr. president, why won't the -- pres. trump: we will see what happens. i want total transparency. you have to have transparency. even they probably want transparency. this issue supersedes the party. this supersedes republicans and democrats. , from thet from rod fbi, from everybody, we want transparency. in their own way, they are obstructionists. even the democrats i believe on this issue -- i think they want transparency, too. announcer: president trump was part of a conference on immigration policy and federal
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efforts to combat the ms 13 gang. he was joined by kristen nielsen and new york republican representative peter king. held at a national security center in long island, participants also included victims of the gang's violence. victims of the gang's violence. this is about an hour. presidtr


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