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tv   James Mattis on North Korean Summit  CSPAN  May 26, 2018 3:09am-3:16am EDT

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right there. >> defense secretary james mattis also spoke briefly with reporters at the pentagon on prospects for the u.s.-north korea summit.
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>> diplomats are still at work. >> what do you mean by the good news? >> diplomats are still at work on the summit. it is very good news. again, basically the diplomats are working on it. nothing has changed.
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we always wish the diplomats welcome your in the department of defense. what do the north koreans need to deliver in order to have the summit? >> i leave it in the hands of those responsible. i hope and pray that the diplomats pull it off. thanks again for being out today. it is a good day for us. how many of you are from denmark? if you have you. your ministry of are department of defense we have a good roadmap of cooperation in the midst of our nato alliance. thank you very much for being out here.
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>> c-span's washington journal. morning, ahis marketwatch reporter joins us. and eric of the chronicle for higher education to talk about the top issues affecting higher education in the u.s.. and changes to policy under secretary of education betsy devos. be sure to watch c-span washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. here's a look at some of the program highlights for this memorial day weekend. c-span, the monk debate. is political correctness a threat to free speech? eastern, the 11:00 author of the soul of america. and on american history tv on eastern, archival
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films of world war i. at 6:30, former new jersey governor chris christie. on book tv on c-span2 at 9:00 eastern, former national intelligence director james. sunday on american history tv on ,-span3, on american artifacts it sure of the battlefield, monuments, and american cemetery in france. c-span, liveon coverage of the wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. c-span2, in-depth with novelist david ball duchy. duchy.d ball this memorial day weekend on the c-span networks. for
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programs and times. monday morning, watch our special world war i centennial. live at 9:00 eastern on c-span's washington journal. and american history tv on c-span3. our guest is edward l'engle. look back 100 years to keep battles in northeastern france for american army soldiers and marines seeing their first major combat on the western front. than 10,000 americans died, were wounded, went missing in the area. memorial day, starting at 9:00 eastern on c-span's washington journal, and on american history tv on c-span3. >> russian president vladimir
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putin hosted the annual st. petersburg international economic forum in russia. it is an event bringing together business and economic leaders from around the world. this is one hour 10 minutes. >> thank you very much. we have had five very eloquent speeches and now is the time for questions and i hope direct answers. the conversations have gone from football to climate change, but now i want to focus on trust and especially look at three areas where this is an issue. we have the iranian nuclear accord, we have north korea, and we have the u.s.-china trade war. then we will look at russia's relationship with the rest of the world.


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