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tv   President Trump Participates in Immigration Roundtable  CSPAN  May 26, 2018 2:08pm-3:20pm EDT

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honored to be able to reignite -- reunite josh with his family in riverton. senator hatch and president trump will welcome mr. holt and his wife had the white house tonight. president trump visited new york this week for a roundtable on immigration policy and federal efforts to combat the ms 13 gang. he says congress needs to change laws that require federal authorities to catch and release undocumented immigrants with criminal histories. he was joined by home is security secretary kiersten nielsen, representatives from the york and victims of gang violence.
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victims of the gang's violence. this is about an hour. president trump: thank you very much. great to be here. oh, do i know this location well, beautiful beth page state park, spent a lot of hours there, great place. we're here today to discuss the me nass of ms-13. it's a me nass. a ruthless gang that's violated our borders and -- it's a menace. a ruthless gang that's violated our borders and turned our country into bloodstained killing fields. horrible people, by the way. thank you to secretary neilsen, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, acting i.c.e.
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director tom holman, who is going to be, i hope you're going to be with us for a long time. i'm hearing he's going to go into a little bit of an easier job but you won't be happy. w45 a job you've done. thank you very much, tom. and acting assistant attorney neral john cronin, thank you very much, thank you. and we also have a couple of folks with us today. county executive, thank you, laura. i want to thank a very good friend of mine for a long time that this area knows very well, peter king, thank you, peter. [applause] got my endorsement even though i assume he has no opponents. nobody would be that crazy to run against peter.
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congressman liezel din. [applause] thunk -- lee zeldin. [applause] . and congressman daniel donovan, really known as dan, right? dan donovan. he's been a friend. great leadership in combating ms-13. also aaron king uric know who sweetie. g about -- hello, erin. how are you? little bit of a relationship. rosemary. hi, rosemary. nice to see you. thanks for being here. thank you very much, it's a great honor to have you. we're also grateful to be joined by commissioner jerry hart of suffolk county and commissioner patrick ryder. thank you very much. [applause] and they know this threat
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probably as well as anybody. we're especially moved today to be joined by families who have suffered unthinkable heart break at the hands of the ms-13 gangs. i'm honored to be joined again by the courageous families who were my guests at the state of the union. that was a special evening. elizabeth alvarado. robert, evelyn rodriguez and freddy cuevas. thank you all. [applause] -- heir their beautiful daughters were murdered by ms-13 gang members. many of whom exploited loophole, we have the biggest loophole, we have the worst immigration laws of any country anywhere in the world. but they exploited loopholes in
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our laws to enter the country as unaccompanied alien minors. they look so innocent, they're not innocent. we are praying for these families with us today. and we pledge to honor the memory of those you lost with action and resolve and i'll just add another word, with great success. thank you very much for being here. thank you so much. [applause] they will not have passed in vain, that i can tell you. ms-13 lives by the motto, kill, rape, and control. that's actually their motto. kill, rape, and control. last month ms-13 reportedly called for its members here on long island where i essentially grew up, you know, ja may character right, always said long island. to call and to see what happened
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is just incredible. -- they killed for the killed a cop for the sake of making a statement. they wanted to make a statement and so they killed a cop. re in nassau county, ms-13 gang members were charged with killing and hacking up a teenager. police officers just told me four other young men were brutally murdered recently by ms-13 in suffolk. suffolk county. in maryland, ms-13 gang members are accused of stabbing a man 100 times. decapitating him and ripping out his heart. police officers also believe the ms-13 members beat a sex trafficked 15-year-old girl with bat 28 times, totally
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disfiguring a beautiful young woman. in texas, two ms-13 gang members were charged after kidnapping, drugging, and raping a 14-year-old girl they then murdered her and somebody else. crippling loopholes in our laws have enabled ms-13 gang members and other criminals to infiltrate our communities and democrats in congress refuse to close these loopholes including the disgraceful practice known s catch and release. you catch them, write up a piece of paper that's meaningless, and release them. they go all throughout the country, and they're supposed to come back for trials. they never come back. or very rarely. democrats have to aban condition their resistance to border
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security so we can support law enforcement and save innocent lives. nd i notice recently where democrats -- democrat, nancy pelosi as an example are trying to defend ms-13 gang members. i called them animals. the other day. and i was met with rebuke. they said they're people. they're in the people. these are animals. and we have to be very, very tough. [applause] so i'd now like to turn this over to a man who has been a great friend of mine a tremendous supporter, always been a supporter of his, peter king, he's done a great job, nobody knows this situation, this horror show, these law hourks bad they are, better than peter king. peter? mr. king: thank you very much. [applause]
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mr. president, it's an honor to have you back here on long island. suffolk county last year, nassau county this year. you more than anyone in the country is highlighting the evil of ms-13678 i thank you for leading this effort. they're horrible, vicious, rotten murderers and you're leading the charge. thank you for joining us. thank you for assembling us here today an thank you for mobilizing the efforts of the federal government behind us. also on a somewhat jocular note, thank whenever gave them visas. for anyone who wants to minimize the danger of ms-13 ask the commissioners, they know firsthand what this is all about. we also tissue we commend them,
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it's a great job they do tom has done a great job in suffolk and nassau county. mr. president, you have experts here that can talk. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you. [applause] president trump: thank you. i do want to say and i have to thank -- pay great tribute to i.c.e., border patrol, i.c.e. came in, they are doing a job. we are taking them out by the thousands. if we had laws that were proper they wouldn't be coming back to the extent but they've taken them out by the thousands and it's way down but it's still far too much. it's unacceptable. so i thought maybe what we'll do is go around the table, say a few words, if you'd like. we'll start here. you have den a fantastic job, we appreciate it. let's go. thank you, john. >> thank you, mr. president. on the very day that attorney general jeff sessions was sworn
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in, you signed an executive order with a very clear directive, reduce crime in america. and it is my honor to support carrying out the mandate. by helping bring ms-13 to justice and by working to dismantle this gang that's terror terrorizing our communities. i know people in this room are very familiar with the horrifying stats but ms-13 is one of the most violent and formidable threats our country faces today. ms-13 leaders may operate out of prisons in el salvador but the gang is alive and well on our streets. it's estimated there are 10,000 ms-13 gang members around the united states. 2,000 are estimated to be here on long island and their ranks are being refilled with new emissaries from el salvador. ms-13 is infiltrating our high schools, our middle schools, even our elementary schools. the gang's grew brew tallity, as you alluded to, cannot be captured by words. you mention their motto, kill,
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rape, control. they live by that motto. they kill. murdering their victims. murdering them with machetes, chains, knives, bats, firearms. they rape. gang raping. young girls. selling them for sex. they control. killing not just rival gang members but also fellow gang members suspected of being cooperators with law enforcement or violating gang rules. for example, in march, an ms-13 member named elmer lopez pled guilty to murdering a fellow gang member suspected of cooperating with law enforcement. lopez and his cohorts brought their victim to a secluded wooded area in brentwood, maybe 15 miles from here. where they took turns slashing and stabbing him to death. mr. president, the victim's skeletal remains were discovered more than four months later. a few months ago, ms-13 member
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raul herran who is fatesing federal charges for allegedly illegally re-entering the country after he was deported, he was convicted of murdering someone who had fled el salvador for maryland to avoid a kill order from ms-13. he and his fellow thugs lured that victim to the woods, shot him in the head, and stabbed him in the face and neck. or his role in the murder, landoverde-heran received a promotion if ms-13. thanks to our criminal justice system he will also be receiving a mandatory life sentence. [applause] and to give one other example, mr. president, last november, yurman hernandez odonez, a
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honduran national in the united states illegally was sentenced for his role in the murder of a man in virginia. hernandez oduna oversaw two young recruits tasked with murdering a rival gang member to gain admission to ms-13678 after two failed atempts to shoot the victim, the victim almost managed to flee. but hernandez odunez meads sure he didn't get away. chased him down, caught him, brought him back. the two recruits shot the victim in the head and were initiated into ms-13 later that same day. mr. president, these and the disgraceful examples you mentioned in your opening remarks are a small example of the unspeakable violence of ms-13. but we are hitting ms-13 hard with targeted prosecutions across the country including right here on long island. surging federal
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prosecutors, to the worder and to u.s. attorneys offices around the corner to prosecute violent crimes. we're working with our partners in central america, which has resulted in the arrest of thousands of members. we want these people incapacitated before they can cross over our borders. we cannot and will tpwhot permit our country to be a layplay ground for ms-13 to pursue its murderous mission. dismantling violent begans is a top priority of this department of justice under attorney general jeff sessions and the deputy attorney general and it will remain such as we continue to use all law enforcement tools at our disposal to rid our streets of the scourge of ms-13. thank you very much, mr. president. president trump: thank you very much, john. thank you. great job. [applause] >> mr. president, i want to -- first of all, i want to thank
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you for your leadership on this issue. i want to thank the secretary, i couldn't ask for two better bossdzes they take -- that would take border security more seriously than you all. i want to give shouts out to law enforcement in this room, who carry a badge and risk their live evers day. i thank you guys. you're doing a tremendous job. got the backs of law enforcement. thank you. [applause] i'm much older and blinder than john so i got to wear my glatses because there are some important numbers i want to read to back you up on the statements you made. a lot of times you're questioned about it. i want to preach the numbers. i want to thank rod and john for partnership. we are prosecute manager ms-13 members in the history of i.c.e.
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i.c.e. is working hard to ensure the united states doesn't become a safe haven for these criminals. our criminal investigators continue to attack the efforts of ms-13 here domestically and abroad. we have doubled our arrests of ms-13 members under your command, president trump. in f.y. 2017, the first year, 1,300 gang ed members. since f.y. 2016 i.c.e. has removed nearly 11,000 criminal gang members. specifically about new york, the target ms-13 on long island is one of the primary fwoflse i.c.e. because new york is under attack. with a cooperative focus on intelligence, our ongoing initiative, we arrested in the past year, 300 ms-13 criminal arrests here on long island and
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more than 40% of those have verified unaccompanied alien children so there's a problem there is a connection. ms-13 terrorizes community. i know you've been taking a hit on your comments about animals and ms-13 but i think you're being kind. animals kill for survival, ms-13 kills for sport they kill to terrorize. there's a big difference there. we want to push our borders out, we're attacking ms-13 where the command and control is in el salvador. attache offices are working closely with police in el salvador and salvadoran prosecutors. we have taken off the streets of el salvador hundreds of ms-13 gang members. we recently took a group down there to meet with the vetted police officers. we went to a prison, 70% of the
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population in that prison were ms-13 gang members. these are the wovers the worst. because of i.c.e.'s work, our intelligence and evidence supplied to the people in el salvador put most of the people in that prison. we prevented many of these people getting to the united states by taking them out in el salvador. we'll continue to do that, cond to work with our salvadoran partners. i can tell you that i.c.e. is not going to stop making this a priority until we totally dismantle this organization. we won't rest until that happens. i want to thank you again for your leadership. i.c.e. is on the job, i.c.e. isn't going away. new york despite the comments about i.c.e., it's done a lot for this state. we've taken nearly 5,000 criminal aliens off the street in new york. we're not going anywhere. we're here to do our job and try o make this the safest place
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the community can have. [applause] president trump: thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. under your leadership, attorney general sessions has made violent crime and illegal immigration a top priority for the department of justice. we're making progress with the department of homeland security and other federal partners as well as state and local law enforcement. the word we're getting around the country is state and local law enforcement appreciate the partnership. it's an unprecedented level of cooperation around the country. john mentioned some of the recent case this the horrific cases we've handled in the department of swrussties. say -- i saw this firsthand when i was u.s. attorney in maryland in 2005. we began using federal racketeering statutes to try to dismant they will ms-13 gang and had success for a few years. but we found recently a resurgence and it was fwiled illegal immigration and particularly by the challenge of
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unaccompanied minor children. and there are several loopholes in federal law that facile tit this, that create a particular problem for homeland security and for us with regard to unaccompanied children who enter the united states illegally. the first is that they are not eligible for expedited removal which means that most aliens who enter the united states if they're caught within 14 day, within about 100 highlights of the -- miles of the border they can be removed on an expedited basis. but under federal law, unaccompanied alien children have to go before a judge, can't be subject to expedited removal proceedings. the second challenge is that almost all unaccompanied children are released from custody. even if they want to go home. the reason for that is that there's an exception for aliens from mexico and canada. they're permitted to withdraw their applications and return home. but for other countries, even if the aliens request to go home, we're not allowed to do it. we're required to put them in
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immigration proceedings. in addition to that homeland security is required to turn them over to h.h.s. within 72 hours as a result of federal law. it can take months or years to adjudicate those claims once they get into the federal immigration court system and they often fail to appear for immigration proceedings. in fact, approximately 6,000 unaccompanied children each year fail to appear when they've been summoned. they're released and don't show up again. the chird challenge -- the third challenge is a consent decree enter into in 1997 which burdens our efforts to enforce immigration laws. under that consent decree, i.n.s. at the time agreed that illegal alien children would be subject to special rules, special judicial supervision that handicaps d.h.s.'s ability to detain and promptly remove unaccompanied alien children. the fourth challenge we face is that once released, as you mentioned, many of them never come back again. very few exceptions.
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once those unaccompanied alien children are released into the community, even if they're gang members, they'll remain in the united states. they frequently abscond, fail to appear for the removal hearings. approximately 90% of all removal orders each year result from failure to appear at a hearing. according to homeland security statistics, less than 4% of illegal alien children are ultimately removed from the united states. most of them are here to stay. the con quens of these loopholes is even though we're doing everything we can to combat crime in the united states we're letting people in who are creating problems. we're letting people in who are gang members and letting people in who are vulnerable. many of these ail general children who have no parents or family structure, we're releasing them into communities where they're vulnerable to recruitment bhi ms-13. so some who come in without gang ties gop gang ties as a result of the pressure they face from people in the community. we're hopeful to get some
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assistance from congress in closing some of these loopholes so that our law enforcement officers won't have to work so hard and we won't have more victims like kayla and lee safment president trump: thank you. i think it's happening. i'm seeing a willingness even by the democrats starting to come around. but it's brutal as you know better than anybody. it's a tough situation. we need the laws enhanced substantially and quickly. thank you very much. very nice. [applause] >> mr. president, on behalf of all our nassau county police officers, and i think i speak for every officer in this room and this country, we know we have a president who has our back and supports us every sing tail when we go out and do the mission we're tasked to do. have about 500 identified ms-13 gang members in nassau county, about 250 of them are active. everything is evidence-based.
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last year in 2017 we had six kids murdered in nassau county by m mechanic s-13678 of those, one was shot in the face, one shot in the back of the head, four of them were viabilityly butchered by machetes and buried in shallow graves throughout our country. b -- our county. those victims, three of them were 15 years of age. two were 18. out of the six people that committed these murders, nine people were arrested last year. seven of them the nine arrested were undocumented in this country. so we have a population of 1.3 million people here in nassau county. 17% hispanic makeup. i've been to these communities. i've spoken to these people. i've addressed them at town hall meetings and our cops have been there, they're good, hardworking people in the community. 90% of the crime is done by 10
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noveget population, ms-13 is making up a good percent of that 10% in that community. we need to go out at an intelligence way to attack it. we need evidence-based approaches. what i'd like to see here in nassau county, we have a great partnership with homeland, we have a great partnership with i.c.e., they've done nothing but support us, u.s. attorney's office and our district attorney's office has been great in the prosecutions. we need to get a little bit better on our intelligence sharing and information. and that starts at the border with that information can flow up to the states that we know who, why, when, how. and again, that gives us a better way to approach it. so we don't burn the bridges and the relationships with those communities we spent so much time building that we -- they want to come to us and support us. their youth programs in those communities, whether it's a police youth academy, p.a.l. program, they're the kids that are being influenced and turned into the gangs. as you heard before.
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they're the kids that we need to reach now, not later, now, before some of these gang members push them into it. most of them, the murders that have occurred here on nassau county was done because someone wanted to get into the gang and part of the initiation was to kim. these are innocent kids lured into wooded areas with alcohol and the potential of sex and drugs. if our intelligence is better, if our evidence-based approach is better, and our community relations stay strong, we can make a difference and turn the tide on that. we're going to look to you for all that help, sir. president trump: thank you very much. that's great. [applause] >> we'll hear from a couple of politicians first, then we'll get to the real star. we appreciate it. dan? >> thank you, mr. president.
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i remind you, we're public servants, not politicians. this is our second business. -- second visit here in nassau county. second time that through your leadership you came here because this community is hurting. behind you is a sign that says secure our borders, protect or communities. that's one sentence with a comma in it. if we do one, we achieve the other. and it's the one thing you've been trying to do for the 15 months you've lead led this nation. we need border security. we need tougher immigration laws. we need to help communities like this. the examples -- i was a prosecutor for 20 years, eight years in the manhattan d.a.'s office, deputy chief of the narcotics bureau where we saw vicious gang assaults and murders. i was six years at the staten island district attorney. i have never seen the viciousness you described in your opening remarks. we're here to help. these brave people, pat, john, rod, the folks on the ground, they're enforcing laws but we have to make the law. we learn a lot by listening. that's why i'm so grateful
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you're holding this round table. a lot of what lee, pete, and i will do when we go back to d.c. is take the information we learned here and implement them into our laws osm then way up with you, secretary, describing us how after someone, a criminal is convicted if their home country doesn't take them back in six months we have to release them back in the community. what country would take back these people that are fellow crime fighters have just described? nobody would take them back. we have to change those laws, mr. president. thank you for your leadership. thank you for your commitment to protect our nation. thank you for your support of our law enforcement officers. president trump: thank you very much. just before -- just before we get to the secretary, i have to say that many of these country well, give tremendous amounts of aid to. tens of millions of dollars. and we're working on a plan to deduct a lot of the aid because i happen to believe that it's not so hard, you know, they're -- you think they're trying to
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stop this, they're not trying to stop this. they encourage people leaving. they don't want the people we're getting in that country. so we're going to work out something where every time somebody comes in from a certain country, we'll deduct a large amount of money from what we give them in aid. if we give them aid at all. we may just not give them aid at all because despite all the reports i hear, i don't believe they're helping us one bit. and maybe that's the way life is. but they're not helping us a lot. based on the fact that we know where these people are coming from. so we're looking at our whole aid structure and it's going to be changed radically. it's already started. thank you very much, dan. secretary neilsen? >> thank you. i'll just talk loudly if this works. thank you as always for your leadership on behalf of the largest law enforcement agency in the federal government. we appreciate your leadership, -- support, i know tom and
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do, i always tell them i'll support them but you enable me to do that. i want to thank the commissioners and the members of congress here and most importantly my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the families that are here today. obviously th obviously should never have happened. we'll leave no stone unturned until we combat it. i want to say horrifyingly to knit together everything, seven of the 13 gang members that murdered these lovely girls were unaccompanied alien children that came into the country. the problem with that is, they come in, they're recruited as was described by the commissioner but they're also coming in and pay a debt. the smugglers require them to serve in gangs to pay the debt for the smuggling. so they're either forced to join the gangs or they're tricked into joining the gangs or they're forced to join the gangs there ast tie when the loopholes the resurgence of gangs in our communities.
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the other two loopholes, one was just mentioned, the other one is we still cannot bar known gang members from coming into our country. we have to change the law. we know who they are. we know what they do. we do not, under the law have the ability to make them inadmissible on the face of being a gang member. we have to change that d.h.s., as the director knows we'll be right back leave nothing stone unturned as i said. we're securing our borders, rebuilding wall, increasing technology. you've deployed the national guard. we have 3,000 apprehensions that are attributed in addition to the fact that the national guard is there. we're enforcing the law. i would like to join the director in thanking everyone here that represents law enforcement for putting your laws on the line every day. tremendous thanks to all of them. [applause] the arrests under your leadership are up 42%. the men and women you have embowered -- empowered are doing
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their job every day. we're cracking down on fraud. we have a 315% increase in adults who are using children to pose as a family to come into this country illegally. we cannot have that we're cracking down on fraud. we're cracking down on adults who pretend to be children to come. in and we're cracking down on the false asylum. if you want to come here for family reunification, that's not asylum. if you're seeking a job, that's not asylum. that's not legitimate reasons under the law of the united states. we're going after the gangs, director helmand talked a lot about that we need to protect the children, so we're increasing background checks so we make sure when we do hand over a child to a sponsor or alleged family member that they are in fact family member or someone who is not a convicted criminal, smuggler or trafficker. i will continue to do that. i had many conversations on the
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hill this week. i made it my duty. i appreciate the the members being here. we will close these communs and take our communitybacks under president trump. thank you all for being here. [applause] president trump: thank you. thank you for the great job you're doing. i appreciate it. not easy. not easy. lee? >> mr. president, thank you for coming back, again. this is your second time in less than a year you're on long island for this purpose. the message that gets sent to the victims of ms-13 is certainly being heard and felt by them. the message is being heard and felt by the law enforcement officers here on long island who s-13 has been threatening. it sends a strong message not only to long islanders who care about our community and public safety but also sends a strong message all throughout our entire country. it's really important when you
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run for office that you're able to keep your promises. and the effort that you have been showing to ensure the defeat of ms-13 is incredibly important. and it's recognized. i was last week in jerusalem, where we were moving an embassy and a promise was being kept. i was in the middle east last christmas visiting our troops where isis is almost completely wiped off the map. in iraq and syria. it's so important for us to keep our promises. the message is being sent not just to long islanders but throughout the entire country. you have to, when wanting to eliminate a threat, be willing to to the identify it. and what we saw with the reaction to, it was -- the california sheriff asked you about ms-13 and you responded immediately to that remark and called them animals. and as our acting i.c.e.
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director said that was a nice way of putting it. but if you're not willing to even identify the threat you have no chance of eliminating it. same thing if you want to get roifed the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic, another promise that you're keeping. locally, we have seen many indictments come do you think from a great local u.s. attorney's office. there is a u.s. attorney here, rich donohue who, a little biased toward, he's a former second division paratrooper but we're seeing indictment after indictment come down here in the eastern district. it's a product of all of the people who are here at this table who work for them. working at every level of government we're about to hear from ms. hart, our commissioner suffolk. every working together to ensure that this was accomplished is critical. this issue should transcend partisan politics.
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unfortunately, it's in the right now in congress. nancy pe he see recently took nine hours on the house floor to the ate the humanity and behavior that encompasses what has torn apart the hearts of our families who are here. as far as sending messages, it's also an important message to send to congressional democrats. you have shown a willingness to compromise. on this issue. and uncomfortable, you've put your neck way out there. and you're -- in a way you end up negotiating against yourself when the congressional democrats refuse to work with you. it's obstructionism. there are people in congress who pledged to oppose and obstruct anything and everything because if they work with you, they
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legitimize your presidency. they took an oath they need to protect our constituents here they need to protect their own they need to work with you because you're putting your neck out there on the line, they need to do it as well even if they're taking a tough vote for their constituents. [applause] as far as policy issues, we stand with you for stronger border security and enforcement. we agree there's a need to end catch and release. to end this use of visa lottery. beyond just the worst offenses we have heard a lot about are all the other offenses that aren't the high profile incidents that we hear about in the national media. it's the drug trafficking that takes place here on long island and elsewhere. it's the sex trafficing that takes place on long island and every throughout our entire country. so all these policy issues are really important. securing entry ways is important. not just to keep out people who shouldn't be entering our
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country illegally, but also keeping things out of our country that should not be entering our country illegally and as you the well and i appreciate your leadership on the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic, that's something that's been a huge impact on long island as well. we discussed it once before, when you also -- i like to report back to my constituents, this isn't just something that we're talking about while you're able to come here to long island but also meetings that have taken place at the white house and other efforts that are under way. but there is a need to have a tool given to our justice department, in my opinion, be able to end our homeland security, to be able to revoke the naturalization of someone who it turns out were engaged in got violence before they their naturalization, or if it's six months later orb two years later, they engage in gang
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violence, their naturalization could be should be revokedism look forward to working with you on all of this and i just really want to thank all of the fine, distinguished people who are here at this table and also to every watching at home who is standing with our president, it's an important message to send whether you vote for a president or not, his success is our success as americans. and as americans we should be rooting for this man to be successful as president of the united states. [applause] president trump: thank you. you bring up a name, u.s. attorney, where are you? >> he's out of the country. otherwise he'd be here. president trump: i'm trying to figure out why we didn't introduce him, because he's not here. ut he's doing a great job. >> thank you for this opportunity to speak with you today on this important topic. i represent the hard working men and women of the suffolk county police department and i thank
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you for thentments to thank you for your leadership on this issue. two years ago, suffolk county experienced some of the most devastating and tragic events in our county's history. on september 13, 2016, lisa and kayla were killed in a senseless , violent and outrageous manner. these high school students were murdered shortly after one of the girls had argued with an ms-13 member in school. days later, the skeletal remains of three young men were discovered in brentwood. all of whom are believed to have been murdered by ms-13. over the next few months, the murders continues and culminated in april of 2017. with a quadruple homicide in central islip. these killings shook our communities and sparked a commitment among the suffolk county police department to form a gang eradication strategy to protect our residents and get these ms-13 members off our
2:50 pm
streets. as a result the suffolk county police department has worked extensively with our partners to implement a multiprong strategy, enhance targeted police presence, increase efforts to gather, collect and share intelligence, relentless targeting an enforcement of known ms-13 gang members for arrest, prosecution, an removal. federal prosecutions of ms-13 gang members and its leadership under the rico statutes, a strong emphasis on community relations and significant investments in gang prevention and intervention strategies with a particular focus on unaccompanied alien children. since september of 2016, the department's multifaceted approach has resulted in 355 areses of 235 ms-13 gang members. there has not been an ms-13 rder in suffolk county since 2017. ms-13 recruit children placed in
2:51 pm
communities in suffolk county through the u.a.c. program. since 2016, 4,945 u.a.c.'s have been placed in suffolk county, making it the largest recipient of u.a.c.'s in the nation. while the vast majority of these children live law-abiding live, many are susceptible to gang recruitment. adjusting ng, aloan, to a new culture and lang wang. they are sometimes placed with people who are not suitable guardians. the current vetting and screening of sponsors is in dire need of approval. it's vital that if we place .a.c.'s in our community, it's guidance. veting and the suffolk county targeted police sprens and patrols in
2:52 pm
affected areas to destabilize the gang. we'll continue to utilize this strategy and assign manpower where it's needed. we won't let up. the department is committed to eradicating ms-13 from our community. we are grateful for the commitment and support of the president and the federal government on this important matter. within the last year they can suffolk county police department received a grant of $500,000 fru through project safe neighborhoods and i thank you for that we could certainly use additional funding to succeed in offsetting additional efforts. i can't miss out on that unt opportunity. mr. president, we appreciate this opportunity to speak to you. we are committed to having this dialogue further in order to protect and serve all the residents of suffolk county. i thank you. [applause] president trump: thank you very much. and you're right. you should get more. i think what we'll do is close it out with peter later. robert, love to hear from you,
2:53 pm
love to hear from elizabeth. aybe you go ahead. >> i'd like to say thank you, mr. president, for all the hard work you've been doing since you got into office with help eradicating this gang, help bringing some type of peace to our home even though it's still not going to be the same. for those who don't know, who haven't been through this, we have to go through this every day. it's an ongoing struggle. it's not easy for us, especially me, to wake up, look down the hallway and not see my daughter laying in her bed or me waking her up for school in the morning. it's very difficult. we've missed two birthdays of hers. this would have been her graduation year this year. and it's very sad that all these
2:54 pm
loopholes for the past couple of years, decades, that have been allowing these criminals to come into our country, to our towns and to our states and do whatever they want and they feel they can get away with it, that's why, mr. president, i'm glad that you're at the forefront of this fight and that you're taking this very seriously. this is a fight in my opinion that should have been happening a long time ago. i don't know why it hasn't. but thank you for doing what you're doing right now. i do honor what you're doing and i do believe that you're going to do your best to eradicate this gang and all other gangs. you know, it's one thing for children to have a little argument, a little fistfight, walk away the next day. but to murder another student, your fellow classmate that you see every day, you're not in my opinion, you're not an ordinary
2:55 pm
human. whatever they believe to make them do this, to make them gain recognition inside their gang, come later on to find out if they do something wrong, they will be eliminated also by their own gang members. these children are not using their head. i'm not sure if it's because they're alone, they're scared, they're being pressured, it's a lot. these children really need to stop hurting each other. if these children are our future we're not going to have a future. we really won't. and i really do believe that with the president's help, nassau an suffolk county commissioner and the other 49 states, we will win this war against ms-13 and other gangs. because our streets should not
2:56 pm
have to be blood shed. our streets should be filled with children riding bikes. playing kickball. basketball. baseball. whatever they love to do to make them happy. us as parents should not have to bury our child. it's just hard. it really is hard. there's people every day who question what the president says and i try explain to them the best that i can, but they're not seing the bigger picture. it hit home with him because he's a fellow long islander. can't have children kill children anymore. you know, we -- it's going to be a division amongst communities eventually. if this doesn't stop. there's already a division now between protesters and the one whors sticking behind our president.
2:57 pm
as far as the protesters, they're not seing the bigger picture, because they're not living the life we have to go through every day. if they were to see how we have to live every day, wake up, sometimes i forget and feel that she's in her room, i'm ready to go pick on her, do something that a father and daughter would normally do. they don't -- they're not living thru that. they're not living through the pain where, ok, for a while we could be fine. next thick you know, something would spark a memory of our loved one and it could bring us back to times and places that we try not to remember, that still are going to be in our minds ntil we rest in peace. what they have done to us, we have learned to take a tragedy into something positive.
2:58 pm
we're sitting here, giving speeches, give comment well, biveg our concerns, try to stay active in the community, to reach out to those who may be afraid to speak up or say something. and it's very important for us, people in the community, to come together with our local law enforcement to help get rid of these members off our streets, out of our schools. put them where they belong, in prison. [applause] i would like to say, thunge everybody here on the panel for all the hard work an dedication you're putting forward to this. obviously this is a very touching subject because there's immigration involved, but they have to realize america is based
2:59 pm
off immigration. everybody who came here as an immigrant wanted the american dream. the american dream is still there. but if you're going to come here with acts of violence, you can stay in your own country with that because we don't need it here anymore. thank you. [applause] president trump: thank you robert. incredible. the american dream is coming back bigger and better than ever. the protesters, they're not so big anymore. they're dwindling. they're getting it. everyone is getting it. what you just said is beautiful. we appreciate it. thank you. really nice. elizabeth, would you like to say something? [applause] >> every day, i wake up, i feel like he's coming home. but we have to help our children.
3:00 pm
we have to educate them. we have to, you know, look into the schools and make sure that our kids are ok. my daughter was only 15 years old. and she act like a 30-year-old. she already knew what she wanted. in her life. and every day of my life, i feel like she's going to come through that door. know she's not. , i will try to do he best i can to educate arents, children, little kids.
3:01 pm
if you need to talk to me and you're scared, i'm here. i will always be here. because my daughter wants me to be here. and i miss her very much. there's not one day that goes by that i don't think about her. so i just hope that my message comes out that we all need to be ms-13 is. how i appreciate everybody's love and friendship and meeting the
3:02 pm
president, who would have ever thought i would do that? but i met remarkable people in my journey. put closure toan this. thank you. president trump: thank you. beautiful. [applause] thank you. ready? go ahead. >> i want to thank you for having me here today. what's been going on here and throughout the united states. sorry. i want to thank everyone for being here. and mr. president, thank you
3:03 pm
again for listening to us. and our needs. in eradicating these ms-13 individuals. my daughter kayla was a beautiful girl. she had dreams. and they took that away from her. that's not right. on how these kids were murdered, tortured, it's unacceptable. we should not be tolerating this behavior at all, whatsoever. law enforcement, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. in keeping our kids safe, our communities. and working together as one. and helping out each other with information that you guys receive. and again, thank you for supporting our law enforcement
3:04 pm
to the fullest capacity that they need. you said the other day that these individuals are animals. you're correct. they are animals in how they kill. how they get these kids and they torture them. no child should ever, ever have to suffer. as parents, we have to endure that pain that numbness, every day of our lives. my daughter, anissa, is supposed to be graduating in a cup of weeks. we're supposed to be getting graduation outfits, having a party. we're unable to do that. no parent should ever have to go through this at all. have families here from the p. r boys in central isli
3:05 pm
jose pena, jorge, frank and jefferson. their families are suffering every day. but they thank you for your hard work in trying to make the situation a little bit better. president trump: please stand. please. [applause] people have to realize that this situation originates in school. it plays out in school and it comes out into the streets. we have to put in professional educators in there to help the teachers, the school administration, how to handle this they say they know how to handle it. they really don't. two years, as you've heard before, i was fighting the
3:06 pm
school district, two years for my daughter and they did nothing. in fact, they lied in my face. so we can't tolerate that behavior either in schools. when there's a problem, they need to notify. when there's a threat they need to notify law enforcement. immediately. they need to get help. and if they say they have it under control, they're basically lying in your faces. these people, these individuals, they know what the at one point they were called organized crime. they know how to work it. we need to stop it. it all originates in school and it plays out in the streets. they don't have the guidance. they don't know who to turn to.
3:07 pm
they are coming from a country with people they can't trust. the need to make sure resources and programs are there for them. the ones coming in unaccompanied , we need to investigate sponsors to make sure they are legit. that one phone call they do for a follow-up has to be more than that. home visits, making sure these kids are not going off of the straight line. they need to follow rules, whether you are black, white, hispanic, when you do a crime, there is a consequence. you are not going to get off easy, especially when you murder a child. that is unacceptable. thank you. [applause]
3:08 pm
>> first and foremost, mr. like to say would thank you, from the bottom of my heart. thank: i would like to peter king as well, for giving us this privilege to have the heads of the department of state to come here. my daughter was a beautiful girl, a person that had achievements and goals. taken from her.
3:09 pm
is not here because of the situation, these individuals, you used the correct word, "animals." they took her away from us and destroyed her dreams. we appreciate everything that is being done, and hopefully we can tackle the issue and eliminate them and make sure it doesn't happen again, for anyone else. thank you, once again. we appreciate it. [applause] pres. trump: peter? peter: thank you, mr. president. acknowledge joe salvedos. he is doing a great job. [applause] thank you for doing this. it is beyond description.
3:10 pm
this is one of the most important events on our island. local people have been facing this issue for a long time. the u.s. attorney has always been trying. no one has given this the attention you have. thank you for what you are doing and your dedication and thank you for always being there. thank you. [applause] pres. trump: i really want to thank, all of the families, and robert in the elizabeth -- and robert and elizabeth. and freddy, thank you very much. we are really working hard on this problem. this is a horrible problem.
3:11 pm
people are roughing them up. that is the only language they understand. it would be great if we could but everybody appeared has displayed -- up here has displayed -- the records are being set. we need a strong -- need strong laws. it is harder for the democrats to fight it. i would like to say it is just people doing it. they happen to be democrats. finally, they are starting to break up. the other day was a great day, when they were coming to the defense of ms 13. that was the end of them. no one understood it, nobody. rationalizing.ed
3:12 pm
maybe it was the way they blew up, but we are stuck with a big problem. rationalizing. we are taking them out by the thrownds, they are being out of the country, put in jails. jails, thate put in cost us a fortune for years and years, as a country. when we throw them out back on the streets, they don't want to go anywhere and countries don't want them. but with the previous administration, they would say we don't want them. with us, it is a much different deal. do they put them in jail? incarcerate murders? lot tougher.g a but we need those laws to change. really
3:13 pm
what we do, these are all incredible professionals the laws are horrible. there is not much you can do beyond what we are doing. we were down 77%. re: economy is doing so well. there is one bad thing about having a great economy. border,re crossing the and in many cases, they are crossing for reasons of god, but in some cases, really bad. these people are incredible people. i want to thank you all for being here. have gonet you through and i want to thank you very much for being here.
3:14 pm
we are making a tremendous strides. i feel totally confident this problem will be eradicated. i.e. sensually grew up on long island. in all of the places i know so well grew up on long island. when i hear in all the places that i knows a well, mineola, that is used to be were you would leader doors unlocked and windows open. people are afraid to go outside. we have trucks coming in. they used to call them paddy wagons. the ice guys are rougher and tougher than he ms 13 guys.
3:15 pm
wagons, these rolling jails. people applauded. war, wheret like a you are getting rid of someone that is occupying your nation. for me to go through and be in this position, i know every one of the towns. is unthinkable, it is almost like an occupied territory, where your children are afraid to go out and if they do, bad things happen. guys have been thrown right into taken away,, being and the crowd is cheering. in one way, it is beautiful, and in another way, it is terrible.
3:16 pm
i want to thank law enforcement. and they go through it restrictions put on them are incredible. they can't be too tough. they have to be gentle. they do an incredible job. enforcement -- to law ment, the people out there love you and respect you. you may read a lot of stuff. you are the most respected people there are. to thank you very much for what you do. [applause] thank you, everybody. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright nation
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[no audio] -- [applause] fivenight on c-span, commencement speeches across the country, starting with ursula burns, chair of a telecommunications company, at the mcdonagh school of business. she is followed by senator
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richard burr of north carolina, new york gubernatorial candidate cynthia nixon, washington post publisher fred ryan, and the chair of the national transportation safety board. that begins tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. 's washington journal, we look at the value of a college education, the impact of student loans and heard from viewers about the impact of their experiences. today's wall street journal has a story about student loan debt to the extreme, one student and incurring $1 million of student loan debt. the 37-year-old orthodontist made a big investment and his education. as of thursday he owed more than $1 million in student loans. he plays $1600 per


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