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  President Trump Welcomes U.S Prisoner Released from Venezuela  CSPAN  May 26, 2018 9:19pm-9:36pm EDT

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minister justin trudeau. thursday at 8 p.m. eastern, tim cook, john kasich, kate brown, and congressman luis gutierrez. next week in prime time, on c-span and and on the free c-span radio app. ♪ >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up on sunday morning, the daily beast eleanor clift and cheryl chumley will be on to talk about political news of the day. and former ambassador to this withdiscusses tensions
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iran. the sure to watch washington journal sunday. join the discussion. >> at the white house, a short time ago, president trump welcomed joshua holt, a 26-year-old utah resident who was held in venezuela. mr. holt traveled to south america in december 2016 to marry a woman he met online. his return to the u.s. comes after months of negotiations which led to a meeting on friday. a few hours after that meeting, mr. holt's release was announced for here's a look at the remarks
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in the oval office. thank you very much, everybody. this is a great honor tonight here in this is very special. we have as you know, joshua hold and his wife tammy. they came back from a very tough ordeal in a and is waylon present -- in a venezuelan prison almost two years. amazing you were able to take it. your daughter is here and your parents, jason and lori. you went through a lot. you were there fighting all the way. i want to thank rob corker, great job you did over there. i want to thank mike lee, and mia -- every time i have seen her mama she talks about you. she was always doing it and orrin hatch is a legend. he's a legend in the senate, and this country and orrin, you are
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great. bob, mike, mia, or in, i want to thank you very much. we have had 17 prisoners released during the trump administration. most people don't know that. , we called thea president of egypt and he released her. she was there for a long time, three years. the previous administration was unable to get her out. fantastic young woman. she was released. as you know, in north korea we just had a very great success. ,e had three wonderful people americans that were released just recently and they are now home safely with their families. one, iu were a tough have to tell you. that was a tough situation. but we have had 17 released and we are very proud of that record. we have others coming we are in the midst of big negotiations to get others out compared in most
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cases they are americans but we can try to help other countries as well. we've been working very hard on it aired i just want to welcome you to the oval office and welcome you to the white house. it is really very special to have you both. you have gone through a lot. more than most people could endure. i want to thank your parents for being such loving parents. you were really very special. you were fighting all the way. there was not a day, hour, or minute that you want thinking about this man and calling everybody and letting us know. as a group very happy. the state department has been fantastic. where are my guys from the state department? john, john sullivan. you guys were very fantastic. got all those people. you are probably surprised to see them. maybe i would like to ask your great parents if you have something to say before -- i
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would like to get to the senators and i would like to get to you, mia and asked you also. can i start with the parents? ,> i just want to say thank you to you personally for everything that you have done. as well as the state department, but all of you. . just can't even tell you i have grown to love senator hatch and mia so much. not everybody gets to talk to senator hatch and mia. when everything happened last week, mia was the one who answered her phone and was the one that got things rolling with senator hatch. and, pres. trump: i've never seen me cry before. >> it was a horrifying week and she got me through it with senator hatch. senator hatch's office, i cannot tell you how much i love all of your staff. so, thank you, thank you.
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i also want to say thank you to president maduro for releasing josh and letting him come home. pres. trump: that is very nice. pop? >> she pretty much said everything. i let the pretty face take care of this stuff. pres. trump: very smart. you're smart. josh, would you like to say something? >> i'm just overwhelmed with gratitude. for you guys and for everything you have done. for the support of my wife through those two years, a work very, very difficult. not the great occasion i was looking for, but we are still together and starting off a marriage rough but now we will be together and i am so grateful for what you guys have done and for thinking about me and caring about me -- just a normal person. it really touches me and thank
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you. pres. trump: you have been very brave am actually. we saw what was happening inside of that prison. so you really have been very, very brave. bob corker, would you like to say something? corker: we're just glad to have you home. a lot of people have worked for a long time to make this happen. we want to thank everyone at the state department, in particular one who knowsk this area more than anyone in the united states. caleb pres. trump: caleb, come on over here. [applause] pres. trump: fantastic job. corker: it's quite an
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experience that we can almost write a book about, just the last 48 hours. we were actually taking off on the runway, nothing in venezuela happens quite in the same way that it happens here. we were going down the runway and they turned the engines off and we turned around, so we still weren't sure we were leaving pres. trump: what happened, why did they do that? corker: it was an instrument issue that occurred. finally we got out of there and josh had a huge smile on his eighth. -- his face. that was a better alternative. corker: there were people that we worked with down there, that i do hope at the right time you will have the chance to thank. they are people who really want to try to affect the
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relationship in a good way. helpful to us in getting him out of there. i know you talked to one of them last night on the phone when i was having dinner with them and i appreciate you doing that. pres. trump: that's great, bob. that's really great. we have a wonderful christian pastor and he is right now in turkey, he is been there a long time. they say he is a spy, but he is not a spy. where -- we have been working for his release. he is having a hard time. there is a trial going on, but if there is not so much of a to thend we are talking folks in turkey about doing something about it here it but i hope you can hear it. we have been working on it for a while. he has been there a long time. he is a totally innocent man. mike lee would you like to say something?
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mike: i want to thank everyone who has been involved. josh, i want to wish you a warm hokum home. we have missed you and prayed for you. welcome to our country, which is now your country. [speaking spanish] pres. trump: well, you understood that beautifully. very good, good job. orrin hatch, senator? spectacular man during. hatch: mr. president, i much iu know how appreciate you. i think you're doing a terrific job. this shows why we support you. was -- i have to say these folks did a great job.
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caleb and others did such a great job. we have good people working with us. allfolks in this delegation very sincerely wanted to get josh out of there. you better really live a good life. that's all i can say. this wouldn't have happened without you. we just want you to know -- when you look back over your tenure is justresidency, this one of the many great things you are doing. but, it is really a great thing and to know that we can rely on you and count on you, and talk these, and meet with you, are all really important things. we love you and we just want to support you. pres. trump: you have all been very ported paradigm really
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appreciate that. that is very nice. i thank you very much. thank you. mia? >> i've been thinking about what i was going to say today. it has been an emotional day. so many you talk families send their families out -- sons and daughters out for a year and half in two years and they want to know that if something happens to their children, they have got someone -- or the united states will have their back. i don't think there is a person in the united states right now that doesn't realize that you have their back. so i wanted to personally thank you for keeping a promise that you made to me. every time i would go and see you i would bring up joshua's name and you would say i'm going to do everything i can. obviously, i believe it. i also wanted to say to josh, that your mom never let us forget about you. she is one of the strongest women i know.
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we have started a friendship that has in -- that started through some heart ache and some pain, but we are going to be friends forever. because of the bond that we have had. so, i just wanted to say you.rely that we are with utah has been praying for you and so happy that you are coming home. utah once to thank -- utah once to thank you, mr. president. everybody here, senator hatch, mike lee, bob corker, the state department -- we all work together to make this happen. we don't know you, but we know you very well, joshua. pres. trump: thank you very much, mia. every time i would see her i would say don't mention the name joshua holds, we are working on it. great team.d a
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that is a strong nucleus right there. we had a great team. a great job. i just want to mention we are doing well in terms of the summit with north korea. it is going along very well. there are meetings going on as we speak in a certain location that i won't name. but i like the location. it is not so far away from here. there's a lot of good will. we want to see if we can get the meeting and get some done. if we can be successful in the denuclearization of the korean and insular, it would be a great thing for north korea and south korea. great for japan and great for the world. great for the united states. great for china. a lot of people are working on it here at it is moving along very nicely. we are looking at june 12 in
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singapore, that hasn't changed. and, it is moving along pretty well. we will see what happens. thank you all very much. we appreciate it. congratulations. >> thank you, everyone. pres. trump: the talks have gone very well. i'd rather not say, but the talks have gone very well. >> thank you, press that we are leaving now. unfoldsn, where history daily. in 1979, he span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies.
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