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tv   Secretary of State Mike Pompeo News Conference  CSPAN  May 31, 2018 3:55pm-4:09pm EDT

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supposition is that wilson resented this. but he was a good boy and he put up with it. inn you read every mention wilson's letters of his father, they are worshipful. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on q and a. secretary of state mike pompeo talked to reporters in new york city about his meetings with a senior north korean official. did not know whether the summit scheduled for june 12 in singapore was back on but he told reporters progress has been made. >> good afternoon. as you know, in addition to my meeting with vice chairman
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o'toole, we have teams in singapore and at the dmz talking with north korean counterparts preparing for the expected summit in singapore. through these series of meetings, i am confident we are moving in the right direction. today vice chairman kim and i discussed how we would take it vantage of the unique opportunity that our leaders have created through the vision of the future they have articulated. vice chairman kim is planning to travel to washington to deliver a personal letter from chairman kim jong-un. the proposed summit offers a historic opening for president to lead achairman cam new era of peace, prosperity and security. our two countries face a pivotal moment in our relationship when it would be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity go to waste. in my conversations with
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chairman kim jong-un and today kim, it ishairman clear that president trump in the united states objective is consistent and well-known. a complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. president trump has made it clear that if kim jong-un nook rises there is a brighter path for north korea. -- if kim jong-un denuclearize s there is a brighter path for north korea. the people of the united states and north korea can create a future of friendship and collaboration, not mistrust and fear and threats. chairman kimhope jong-un shares this positive vision for the future. we expect both leaders to enter the summit in a singapore and proceed with eyes open and with a clear understanding of the possibilities of the future.
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successful,ks are it will be historic. towill take bold leadership seize this once in a lifetime leadership opportunity to change the course of the world. president trump and i believe kim is the kind of leader who can make those decisions and in the coming weeks and months, we will have the opportunity to test whether this is the case. i am happy to take questions. our first question is from bloomberg. >> thank you. last night, the state department told us the u.s. would be looking for a historic commitment from north korea before the summit would go ahead. with kimu ended talks early. can you talk about why you do that? did you get the answers you saw. -- did you get the answers you
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sasought? >> we did not end the talks early. we had a number of topics we were to covered to make sure we were clear on our expectations and their expectations in return. we achieved that. .his is a difficult challenge make no mistake about it, there remains a great deal of work to do. and at thegress here same time made progress in other venues. we had all the time we needed today to make the progress that was achievable during our time here. >> our next question goes to the wall street journal. , seniorwing up on that state apartment officials spoke to us last night and indicated that united states hopes were that ity north korea
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not depend on nuclear weapons. you have had three meetings with them. have beenl that you successful in doing that or is the difficulty in settling this issue the reason why president trump is talking iraqi possibility of having two or three summits? the- talking about possibility of having two or three summits? a long history or north korea has viewed its nuclear program as providing the security that it needed for the regime. the effort now is to come to a set of understandings that will convince the north koreans of what president trump has said. if north koreans are prepared in denuclearize, this includes all elements of their nuclear program, if we convince them of that their security is greater.
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the real threat to the security is the continued holding onto of the nuclear weapons program and not the commerce. we have had lots of conversations. the true test comes when we achieve this. many conversations have been had about how we might proceed, and what the path forward might be. so we can achieve the denuclearization the world demands of north korea and the security assurances that would be required to allow them to achieve that. >> martha, from abc news. >> you call it a proposed summit, will we find out whether it is a go tomorrow? and also you looked the vice chairman in the eyes, you have been with him, what accounted for the progress? this is been such a roller coaster ride. the summit was off. we have gone from fire and fury to this. what accounted for the change? do you worry it could still change back?
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>> i have had the chance to meet chairman kim jong-un twice, i have spent a great deal of time with each of them. i believe they are contemplating a path forward where they could make a strategic shift, one they have not been prepared to make before. this will be their decision. they will have to choose the path that it is fundamentally different than the one their country has proceeded on for decades. it should not be to anyone's surprise that there will be moments along the way that this will not be straightforward. it will look hard, at times it will appear like a road is blocked, or that it appears insurmountable. our mission is clear. it is to continue to push forward, the president has directed me to push forward and test the proposition that we can achieve that outcome.
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i know everyone is following this minute by minute and hour-by-hour, it is going to be a process that will take days and weeks to work our way through. there will be tough moments, i have had difficult conversations with them, too. they had given it right back to me, too. there are decades to this challenge. one ought not to be surprised, frightened or deterred by moments where it looks like there are challenges that cannot be bridged. our mission is to bridge them. so that we can achieve this historic outcome. >> on the proposed summit, will we know tomorrow if there will actually be a summit? >> don't know. >> our final question to adam, from fox news. >> lets me just say, we may not know tomorrow but we have made real progress in the last 72 hours toward setting the conditions. your question goes to what are the conditions?
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the conditions are putting president trump and the chairman into a position where we think they can do real good. it does not make any sense to put them somewhere where we can't make progress. we have made real progress towards that in the last 72 hours. >> and adam, from fox. >> you talk about the denuclearization of the peninsula. is, what impact does this have on our allies? what does the united states have, in terms of south korean our asian allies have, to drawdown of north korea. >> i'm not going to talk today about the elements or the shape of the agreement. those are things that ought to be held, so that the leaders have all the freedom they need to make the right decision. so, with respect, that is a duty
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dod issue, it is a will not speak to that today. what i can say is this, i have been the secretary of state for 30 odd days. there is no daylight between the south koreans, japanese, and united states, with respect to our approach with how we resolve this issue. i've spoken to my counterparts, i have spoken to president moon. we understand their concerns. we understand the risk that we -- that can be posed to them and the agreement we reach will provide an outcome that each of those countries can sign on to. >> is there a potential for the creation for a vacuum that the chinese could fill? >> the chinese are moving all around the world. let us be clear. the risk of that is real. everywhere, not just in this particular space. we are routinely aware of it. i am confident that the things
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we are talking about, will not enhance the risk of that in any significant degree. we would not do that to the south koreans and the japanese. they are two of our most important allies in the region. >> thank you. >> thank you. [indistinct conversations] >> sunday night, syndicated columnist jonah goldberg argues that tribalism, populism and nationalism are threatening american democracy. interviewed by the editor of commentary magazine. that your book, you posit contemporary american civilization is unnatural. what do you mean by that? >> if you took humans and cleared them of all civilization
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and put them in our natural environment, we would not be having conversations about books or podcast, we would be teaming up in little bands, defending ourselves against animals and other bands because that is what our nature is. that is the point of lord of the flies. who are these kids pinnacle of western civilization and almost instantly, the second you put them back into the natural environment, they go tribal and become superstitious and kill each other. that is humanity. >> watch sunday night at 9:00 p.m. on c-span twos book tv. tv.-span2's book in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and
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today we continue to bring you unfiltered progress of the white house, the supreme court and public policy events in washington dc and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. next, the role of social media on democracy in the bandages and disappointed gives of platforms like facebook and twitter for politicians running for office and the public that elect them. this is in our and-a-half. welcome to the cato institute. i am vice president here. i welcome you to our forum addressing the question, will ?ocial media save democracy we will have discussion for about an hour followedyo


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