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tv   Secretary of State Mike Pompeo News Conference  CSPAN  June 1, 2018 6:00am-6:14am EDT

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c-span and and the free c-span radio app. secretary of state mike pompeo talked to reporters in new york after his meetings with senior north korean officials. he said real progress had been made in the last 72 hours on the ammit plans and announced north korean official would travel to washington, d.c. on friday to deliver a letter to president trump by kim jong-un. sec. pompeo: good afternoon, everyone. as you know, in addition to my meeting, we have teams in singapore and at the dmz to prepare for president trump's
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summit in singapore. and atin singapore the dmz working to prepare for chairman kimmp and 's expected summit in singapore. meeting,he series of i'm confidence we're moving in the right direction. today vice chairman kim and i our countries to come together and take advantage of the unique opportunities that the with leaders have created through the visions of the future they have so clearly articulated. vice chairman kim is planning to travel to washington to deliver a personal letter from kim jong-un. it offers a historic opening to lead the united states into a new area of peace, and security. our two countries face a pivotal moment in the relationship in which it could be nothing short of tragic to let the opportunity go to waste. my conversations with
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chairmanman kim jong-un and vice chairman kim, and theident trump united states objective is consistent and well town. the complete, verification, and denuclearization for northkey. -- north korea. path for brighter north korea. it will maintain the cultural heritage and integrate into the community of nations. we think that working together the people, the united states korea, can create a future defined by friendship and but mistrust, not and fear and threats. hope that chairman kim jong-un chairs the positive the future.
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we have a clear understanding for the possibility of the future. talks are successful, it will be historic. >> secretary of state mike pompeo talked about meeting with the senior north korean official he didn't know the summit for on. 12th was back he told reporters real progress has been made. the opportunity to test whether or not this is the case. happy to take a couple of question. first question and one question from nick welcomes atto ms. good afternoon. thanks, mr. secretary. >> as you know, in addition to my meeting, we have teams in dmz workingd at the at counterparts to prepare for president kim and chairman kim's in singapore.
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>> a set of item for the vision. topics which we made sure. >> planning to travel for the expectations. >> it offers a historical make no mistake there's a great deal of work to do. progress here as well as at the same time made progress where other venues conversations were taking place. we had all the time we needed today to make the progress that was achieve able during our time here in new york city. our next question. >> sure. on that. up senior state departments official indicated that the hopes to persuade
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north korea the security doesn't depend on nuclear weapons. do you feel after three meeting been successful in doing that or is it difficult in the reasonis issue why president trump is talking about the responsibility of summits andr three not just trying to break the back of the issues in the single meeting. mistake about it. president trump and this administration completely understands how hard the problem is. there's a long history where itsh korea has viewed program for providing security. ab effort is to come to understanding to convince the north koreans of what president trump has said. are able to achieve it and north koreans are denuclearized. we convince of them that their security is greater, that, in fact, the real threat to the
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security is the continued hold ing on to the nuclear weapon s program and not the converse. we've had lots of conversations around that. the true test, of course, comes we actually achieve this. but many conversations have been about how we might proceed what the path might be forward to achieve the denuclear worldn that the demands and the security assurances that would be requir ed for them to allow us to that.e >> next one. it a proposed summit will we find out whether it is a go tomorrow? you've looked the vice chairman in the eyes. you've been with him in the room progress?nted for the this has been such a roller coaster ride. was off, we've gone this.ire and fury to
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talk about what accounted for the change. do you worry that you could change back? chanceha, i've had the jong-unchairmanman kim twice and chairman kim three times. i believe they are contemplating a path forward. one their country hasn't been prepared to make before. this will be their decision. they will have to choose a path one's different than the the country has proceeded on for decades. it should not be to anyone beuaries that there will moments along the way that this won't be straightforward. look will be things that hard and times it appears there's a roadblock and sometime s perhaps even purr purr -- perceived as insurmountable.
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the president has urged me to push forward to achieve the out come. this is going to be a process weeks to take days and work our way through. there will be tough moments and difficult times. i've had difficult conversations as well. they've given it right back it too. we are decades into the challenge. one not ought to be either surprised or frightened or deter red by moments where it looks like there are challenges difficulties. things that can't be bridged. our mission is to bridge them to achieve the historic outcome. >> on the proposed summit, will if there willow be a summit? >> don't know. that.know the adam to >> the final question. >> let me just say, martha, we tomorrow.ow we've made real progress in the last 72 hours forward setting the conditions. your question really goes to what are the conditions? conditions are putting
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president trump and chairman kim jong-un in a place where we think there can be real progress made by the two of them meeting. if we don'tgood think there's an opportunity to place them together. progress in the last 72 hours. completing theut denuclearization. my question is about the allies. what concerns does the united states have about exposing south asian countries to greater influence but drawdown inu.s. military presence south korea. >> i'm not going to talk about today or any times about the of what the shape of the agreement looks like. that's -- those are things that held so that the leaders have all of the freedom they need to make the right decision. it's obviously a dod issue. i'm not going to speak to that today. can say is this: -- i've
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been the secretary of state for 30 odd days, i think. there's no daylight between the south koreans, the japanese, and the united states with respect to our approach to how we re this issue with respect to north korea. i've spoken to my counterparts there. spoken to president muin. we understand their concerns. we understand the risks that can to them.ed an achievement will provide an outcome that each of those can sign on to as well. >> there's a potential for the creation for lack of a better term that the chinese could then orrn if it was political economic? >> chinese are moving all around the world today. let's be clear. realisk of that is everywhere not just in the particular space. of it.eenly aware
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>> this morning, a forum on national security issues with all-female presenters. the truman national security project in washington, d.c. live coverage starting at 9:00 eastern on c-span two. commencement speeches, all this week in prime time. tonight at 8:00 eastern, jimmy , andr, betsy devos atlanta's mayor. c-span andn and the free c-span radio app app. "afterwords"ht on
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a syndicated columnist with his book "suicide of the west." is interviewed by the editor of commentary magazine. posit thatbook, you western civilization as we understand it or contemporary american democratic civilization is unnatural. what you mean by that? >> if you took humans and clear them up all of our civilizational education and put them in their natural environment, we not be having conversation about books or podcast, we would be teaming up into little bands and defending ourselves against animals because that is what our nature is. that is the point of "lord of the flies." you have these kids who are the
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pinnacle of western civilization and the second you put them back into the natural environment they go tribal, they kill each other, that is humanity. "afterwords" sunday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span twos book to be -- book tv. >> canadian prime minister justin trudeau held a news conference shortly after the u.s. announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from mexico and the eu. he is joined by canadian -- by canada's foreign minister. prime minister trudeau: good afternoon. today we find ourselves the target of tariffs on aluminum and


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