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tv   Washington Journal Washington Journal  CSPAN  June 3, 2018 8:47am-9:00am EDT

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was going on at the time. things he would not have been able to put in correspondence to colleagues or anyone else. thisne in particular is interesting. there is a passage from january -- it2 in which he says is sunday. uneventful week behind us. reagan's tuesday night state of the union appearance was a triumph of rhetoric. lines well delivered with the arch rock -- adroit after's skill which made it appear as if they were springing each moment from his heart. host: travel to fort worth, texas. our c-span local content vehicle traveling across the country, part of our cities tour, this weekend on book tv and american
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history tv. check out all of our programming on "gq weekly," politics and pills. opensing answers to the your crisis having little chance in congress. the house taking up a number of bills focusing on the heroine epidemic. age, a special report. tell us what is on your mind. we go to james from west virginia. good morning. independent line. ? are you with us? caller: i am here. host: go ahead. caller: i am wondering why is everyone fighting this president? i think because the democrats are not able to line their pockets with all the money that they have been able to line their pockets with for the last 40 years. he would be doing a much better job if they quit fighting him.
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they are fighting him on every issue, and i do not understand it. host: thanks for the call. we go to paul, joining us from massachusetts, line for independents. caller: good morning. the many things i find troubling, and that last comment was one, if you look at the itomes of congress, there is hundred thousand dollars, 900 thousand dollars a year, way year their $74,000 a salary, but republicans are consistently at $100,000, $200,000 ahead of democrats on speaking fees, and the lining of the pockets is a little lopsided. but back to what i called originally about. the nfl, the flag, the anthem. what i see is an attempt to try to bring attention to a problem
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in our country that we are not living up to the standards and is whathat we espouse we are doing. at the same time, i am dumbfounded that you can fly a nazi flag, no problem. a nazi flag? and a confederate flag. over thept to take whole country so we could have slavery, which led to the most deaths, by far, in any war of american soldiers. 626 as opposed to 400 and change by world war ii -- most people do not know that. it was equivalent to world war ii and i. host: thanks for the call. let's go to priscilla in san antonio. caller: good morning. i feel donald trump should be impeached for many reasons. for the fact that he has broke
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the law more than once to the same way we pay for our mistakes, donald trump should pay for his mistakes as well. neil is next, bluebell, democrats line. caller: good morning. ramping corruption in the trump administration. what does mr. tribe think could stop -- what forces does mr. tribe think could stop that, the impeachment of mr. trump, given the exposure and corruption? host: how would you answer your own question, professor tribe no longer with us, doing another media interview. we completedrview is on our website. but how would you answer that? well, that is why i was calling in.
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i wanted a different perspective than mine. host: thank you for the call, from below. front page of the "washington post," based on reporting yesterday by the "new york times." lawyers arguing in a secret memo submitted to robert mueller in january that the president could not have tructed the fbi probe into the russia investigation and that he holds complete control over the federal investigation. republican line, south carolina. caller: i just wanted to say, professor tribe mentioned we are a democracy. we are not. we are a republic. i find it appalling that it would come from his mouth. i am a real fan of dershowitz. i think he is right. he is telling me and the public
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that we are tearing ourselves apart with this witchhunt. and i believe it is a witchhunt. i believe if donald trump or guilty, he would have already been leaked to the new york times, and it would have been published on the front page. we need to get away from using the judiciary to solve disputed elections. he was elected, move on. thank you. host: let's go next to linda from ohio, democrat line. good morning. caller: hi. i was a democrat, and i switched to be a republican. i voted republican in ohio. you are talking about the president -- he is the president of the united states. for the year and a half he has been in office, all he is doing -- he has just --
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my father came as an immigrant from lebanon in 1892. and will do one and will war two. i asked him why did you go back to world war ii? countryi believe a should be independent and should not live under any dictatorship or anyone who tries to not free the will of people. the will of people of america voted the president in the president has to do his job. you're not letting him. you are giving people anxiety, saying he committed crimes. whatever the president did before he was president of the united states, he was under the law of what the law gave him to do. he is president, and you need to respect that. you need to stand for the flag and be patriotic. our country is built on freedom, of course, but as far as immigration laws, i come from immigration family. let me tell you this.
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there are immigrants here that visan the visa, the bringing in your relatives -- that needs to be stopped. because of the fact that there are people out there who come on their gracious of america. host: we go to suzy next from hawaii. good morning. caller: aloha. i wanted to comment -- first of all, that last lady was right. the problem is that if our representatives and civil get in there and get to become rich, is wrong. i have always said that the representatives and civil servants should be at the military pay grade. they should not have the opportunity to get rich. ther first is to serve us, american people. that should be the main thing.
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another thing no one talks about is they have an oath of office. is there no cause in the oath of tare not doing their job, that we can just kick them out? talk about a reason for real impeachment, not some stuff that is not true. they need to be out of our government if they are not doing their job. and a lot of them are going against their oath of office. i do not know how we can stop that -- host: thanks for the call. which island are you on? are you impacted by the volcano? guest: no -- caller: no. i am a few islands away. host: thank you. dallas is joining us. caller: good morning. i wanted to respond to the gentleman -- we used to have
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50,000 ironworkers in allentown. mr. trump bought a lot of machines and brought it to china. they bring all kinds of products here to sell. he will bring automation back. for someone to say that this guy has not done anything, we are to have 19 people indicted. five of them pled guilty. we have two open our eyes and stop listening to fox news, who do not tell them the truth. host: thank you. we go to california, rodney, independent line. caller: good morning. thank god for c-span and open phones. i watch you guys every day. i am almost out of breath right now -- host: why are you out of breath? little i am getting a confused, because i know i am pressed for time. i watch all the news all the time all week long.
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i watch fox, watch msnbc, and all of this stuff is important, to see our values. we want to know if the russians were involved in our elections. babysitterhiring a for your kids. you want to know that the babysitter is decent and going to do the job and do it in a moral capacity. i am not saying there was any collusion found, but trump is not a lawyer. a lawyer.ani is not julie are used to be a prosecutor, but he knows a case can take a year or two or three. so why is he saying this case should be wrapped up so fast? that is a sure sign that something is wrong. are aher point -- we
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democratic republic. we are not just a republic. we are a democratic republic. a mix of democracy. we fought they, war -- i signed up for the draft. it, but ifhey kicked they kept it, i would have what we fight for freedom. one of the freedoms is the first amendment. i am all for football players kneeling. some of the police killings -- not all of them -- but some of them are not justified at all. somehow, you have to get people's attention. host: we will move on. hopefully, you're not out of breath, and we want to thank you for weighing in. [laughter] host: thank you. new jersey, republican line. caller: good morning. i wanted to say that i am familiar with donald trump from atlantic city, when he was and the the taj mahal
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trump casino and castle. one thing that was remarkable about the man was he very often would not pay his vendors. do you suppose, if time would allow, get us into would get a single situation where we certain reneg on promises and requirements that we've made worldwide? host: do you worry about that? caller: i do quite a bit. host: thank you for your call. all of our programming is available on our website. joining us from new york is anthony scaramucci, white house communications director for 10 days for 11 days. let's get it on the record straight. say not hundred 54,000 seconds, -- 954,000


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