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tv   White House Briefing  CSPAN  June 4, 2018 2:42pm-3:04pm EDT

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that bad -- it guess isn't that bad. they showed that the financial literacy was a little bit lacking. >> we will have these conversations about retirement, how people are doing worldwide here in the u.s.. >> today we are marking president trump's five hundredth day in opposite and his unprecedented success on behalf of all americans at home and abroad. his taking office the president has strengthened american leadership, security, prosperity, and accountability. is stronger, americans are optimistic, and business is booming.
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when a president predicted 3% economic growth, a number of did not take them seriously. including president obama, director of the national council. the economy has now grown by 2.8% by the f fr quarters of the administration. the american people do not believe in the strong economy, -- strongntasy economy is fantasy or realistic. -- fantasy or unrealistic. we're preparing for a june 12 summit between the president and north korean leader. in the dmz the u.n. ambassador continues diplomatic note negotiation's -- diplomatic negotiations. lastly and most importantly,
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speaking of great accomplishments, today's my husband's birthday, so happy birthday brian and for putting up with me for all of this time. >> a short time ago the president said i have an absolute right to part of myself. and why he think that does he think a pardon for himself would be unthinkable? >> thankfully the president hasn't done anything wrong. >> this he rule out ever -- does he rule out ever issuing a pardon? how does the president respond to the criticism about tariffs against the eu, canada and mexico. >> imposing d 32 tariffs protect the steel and aluminum
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industries, because their critical to our national security. for months the united states has had discussions with canada, eu, and mexico. we have strong relations from mexico and canada. those will continue. >> what it the president take away from that? >> we think things are continuing to move forward and progress is made and we are continuing to prepare for the president'sit -- summit. the president has been receiving daily briefings from his national security team and i can also tell you the schedule tentatively for the first at 9ng will be june 12
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a.m.. >> the president would be constructive -- vladimir putin meeting with kim jong-un as well? >> our focus is on the presidents meeting and the president will make his views known directly to him when we are in singapore, and our focus will be on denuclearization. tweeted thedent special counsel was unconstitutional. lies he allowing his own justice department to abide by it? >> scholars embrace a number questions about the legality of the scheduled -- special counsel process. the president knows the special counsel isn't needed because he hasn't done anything wrong. there was no obstruction, no:,
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and no wrongdoing. >> he never said the law itself was unconstitutional. how could he allow his justice department to participate in something that is unconstitutional? >> the scholars raised a number of questions on it and the president made his views clear. >> i did try to follow up on that and try to figure out what the basis was. i did want to ask you as well, epa administrator scott pruitt has been accused of enlisting taxpayer foot -- taxpayer-funded -- to shop for a used mattress from the president's hotel on the coroner. i wonder if any of that gives --sident positive this point posit at this point? >> i can't comment on the furniture. and certainly without an attempt to --
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john, go ahead. >> you said significant progress is being made in the diplomatic taeethe dm and north korean officials, the big question here is denuclearization, the president would like it to happen. he said he could also be a phased-in process. i know the meeting has yet to take place. does it look like it will be all at once? >> i'm not going to predict a meeting that hasn't taken place yet. i can tell you they have been positive and we are looking for to the meeting in singapore. pressure --imum >> our policy hasn't changed. we have sanctions, they are very powerful. we would not take the sanctions
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off. >> does the president believe he is above the law? >> certainly not. the president hasn't done anything wrong. >> does the president leave the dreamers envisioned -- where the president could be above the law? sarah sanders: certainly the constitution lays out the law and the president hasn't done anything wrong. >> does the president believe he ahe law? sara: certainly he is not above the law. you can't, actually. >> i think this is important. sarah: i am going to continue. >> what is the status of the tariffs on china?
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sarah: president trump is taking steps to reform the trade systemhat harms american workers and businesses, and the president is taking steps to andect u.s. technology intellect property fro china's trade practices. we are on to continue those negotiations. those conversations continue. we are going to keep moving. there any chance we could ever see the president come out here to takes questions from us in this briefing room? is anyone in this administration -- has anyone in this and ministration ever asked the more jobs and had the second chance. inset of those we had to respond to the presidential tweet. >> on the first question, certainly you would guide -- you
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guys would be the first to know. he does address the press in a number of ways. we will see if it happens here and let you know. in terms of twitter, the president uses twitter to communicate quickly to the american people. frankly you have the ability to choose what you want to write about, and you about things the american people don't care about. that is a decision you make, and friendly i think it is the wrong one. -- frankly i think it is the wrong one. >> can we have the opportunity to ask him a question? sarah: next. >> you said the president did not dictate a statement about the campaign. what is the reason for that discrepancy? >> this is a letter from the outside counsel. you are referencing a letter that came directly from outside
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counsel. i would refer you to them to answer that question. >> after kim kardashian visit, is president trump considering a computation for alice johnson, who served 21 years? sara: the president is considering a number of commutations. >> robert mueller was named a special counsel over a year ago. the president's legal team and justice department never challenged the constitutionality of the special counsel. yet the president today's doing just that. why hasn't either the justice department or the president's legal team challenge the constitutionality. >> a number of questions with the legality. >> the president's own lawyers >> i'm notne it area
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here to speak on behalf of the jobs. to the justice department. >> i'm wondering if the white -- a backing antiestablishment conservative to take power. it's a very unusual thing for a u.s. diplomat. >> i don't have any updates on this point. >> the farmers out there could care less about the politics. farmers out there that said it's hard to know which way to jump right now. as in they don't know which decision they should make for their businesses. they are playing out here in washington, here in china.
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folks?uld you tell those : certainly president is doing everythg he can to protect american farmers and american businesses. the president has said he helps to protect farmers and we are going to continue to do that throughout this process. sarah: peter? >> your comment when you made that in cop -- in august, do >> i that still stands? understand, but it's also pertaininga letter of the president's outside counsel. i would direct you to them. i'm not quite get into a back-and-forth.
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giuliani said to the huffington post, in no case can he be subpoena or indicted. i don'now how you're going to indict him if he's in office. if he shot james comey he would be impeached the next day and you can do whatever you want to him. appropriate language coming from the president outside lawyer, talking about the president shooting jim comey? >> you would have to ask rudy giuliani about specific comments. we feel comfortable. josh -- not today gentlemen. who these -- ask >> i'm but to direct the question to josh -- >> why is he saying something entirely different.
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how can we know what to believe. how can we know what you're saying at the podium is entirely accurate? sarah: i can't comment on a leer from the president's outside counsel. >> literally you said you did not dictate but the law said he did. can't respond to a letter from the president's outside counsel. john. >> the question about pardons, 11 days ago the president issued pardons. thiseading proponents for for more than ae dec -- both big boxing fans come a senator mccain tweeted his support. use thispresident opportunity to call senator mccain and try to patch things up with him? aware of a scheduled call, so i don't want to get
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ahead of that. >> or to check something with you. what -- the taxes were imposed , what reinforces the national security. now that candidate is going to be targeting by tax. >> the president feel strongly that the steel and aluminum industries are critical to national security. that would be that reference point in the 232. >> the present -- the special counsel didn't seem -- his political components on the campaign. is that only the president doesn't like it? >> the president has made his views on the point clear.
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>> the president on friday said he has opened a bilateral deal with mexico and canada. is he still leaning towards a bilateral deal. >> as the president said, he's open to it. >> missouri governor stepped down. did president trump or anyone at the white house reach out to encourage him to step down? aware of any conversations directly with the president or anyone here at the white house. >> why not considering he's the leader of the party? issuewere aware of the and this was a decision to be made by the people of missouri and a local issue. >> he tweeted he has the absolute right to pardon himself. thus he assumed the special counsel will find him guilty of something?
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sara: no, because he hasn't done anything wrong. -- b andms to be a associate that somebody will find some thing wrong. : that seems to be a wrong assumption. of president hasn't done anything wrong. >> [indiscernible] some concerns about whether the president is still fielding those traditional part recommendations from the justice department. some people are concerned that he's relying on rich people. >> the president looks at each case individually. that's what he has done and will continue to do in the future. he has the authority to make that decision. >> has he asked for the opinion?
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are not aware of an app or recommendation. i certainly does the president think of his foreign-policy treatment in the first 500 days? i think the conversation we are looking forward to having here is certainly a step in the right direction. israelthe embassy in would be on that list, being tough on russia and mang sure countries are held accountable. i think the list is quite lengthy. >> can you give us more processnd on the pardon
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? is it a matter of who can gain the president is cash presidents or -- gain the presidency --president's ear? >> he makes the decision as he has the right to do s said thea may president's tariffs were unjustified and disappointing. were -- how does the president respond to that. >> he will continue to make sure the unfair trade practices that have gone on for decades do not
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continue. thank you. we will see you tomorrow. on his 500 say -- 500 say in , also, congress returning from its memorial day break. the house is back tomorrow to workits feral spending bill in 2019. onbers will also work legislation reauthorizing infrastructure projects. tonight at 8:00, former defense
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officials from the george w. administrations talks about american foreign-policy since the cold war. online, right here or on the c-span radio app purex poca and andrew tersonalk about the issues facing rural broadband providers. >> many customers don't have weess to cable providers work very closely with the federal government on programs with private sector companies to
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bring broadband to customers that did not previously have it -- bring more risk robust broadband. >> broadband has been determined to be a matter of important infrastructure to our country rethink of andges, rail rates -- specifically we think of bridges, railroads and those are all importance -- important. >>


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