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tv   Washington Journal On Skype with Sarah Wire  CSPAN  June 5, 2018 9:48pm-10:00pm EDT

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registered voters that is a i would bel year so surprised if we saw 4 a% today. >>rong. be ost: fbc montana and and met work, thanks reporter, for your time today. >> thanks so much. >> host: first up joining us to talk about whatned in california is var wire with "the los angeles times." she is our california delegation reporter. goor >> good morning. thanks for hague me. >> host: your story this morning. a couple of thing. i want tread the headlines. here is a knife crazy tngs that could hap pin california today. why use the word "crazy." >> california has unique primary system instead of being democratic. we have top two primary. regardless of which party they represent, the top two vote getters get through to november. meanse cifornithat someone races could end up being
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democrat or republican. >> host: and so let's start with those races particularly let's start with the governor's race. governor's primary. set those up? who are the layers? >> well, we got gavin newsom who ng since 201 and lieutenant governor expecte um inhe california and the real question is over number two, he has got who is thelaraigosa former mayor of los angeles and been the front runner for most of the race. the recent poll showed him through toto get number to. part of that is with president cox, a rebsing john and, and encouraging people to vote to him. theas gotp much better polls recently. >> host: when you say much better. example. >> , he has been look i said just getting a little bit closer and most recent brkly igs poll. easy range of knocking villaraigosa out of the
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top two. when it comes to, what is governor, the lieutenant so to speak,gue, to california voters? >> well, h is well-prepared for the job. , you know, as lieutenant governor. he knows what goes into the work and he has been doing this for very long time. ry deck clous amount of money to prepare himself for the race. just this argue. would he be a trump supporter then that is the main argument to voters? >> well, it is in part. he would think his slogan would make californigolden a gain. he has been pushing to have the state work better with the trumped a-stration than it is now. >> we move ton the senate. senator dianne feinstein. she has a challenger that state gets and first of all explain how to race has shaped few months.last where does it stand today? >> well, running for the fifth
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term so has been the schait for a quarter century at this point. youngere are a lot of democrats in california who have of, you know, rearing up a little t to run. something we're seeing with kevin deleon. was the state senator president protem answered has out after legislarez th so many shorthanders running for governor. to go.sce f him we are also seeing this trump shift in the senate race, and, know, dianne feinstein originally said have patience may beesident and willing to work with him. eon reallyis when depended to ender the race. herbeen very critical of and critical of that willingtons work the trump administration. to be fair. feinstein has hardened the on jump trump in the last year. it has take and bigger stand on the nom me. >> host: turning to the house
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races, there is question on whether the house will stay democratic power and two of those districts that people are look at. gin yourself is the 39th district there. district. give a little explanation of how those who are doing. >> sure. both open they should be on democrat's radar both of these districts are in orange county and which has been a republican strong hold for decades. but both of the districts also backed hillary clinton for hesident in 2016 and so, gave dem data crates the idea they may be able to get in there. toy have not been able narrow the field and so both of the races have more than a dozen running.s and multiple democrats and theiple republicans can in speech. he is anointed who wee want as young womanedo a she was state legislature and very popular and well known in district. we are expecting she would make
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the top two. is who is going to be her dem cract opponent if a h.mocrat down in the 46th, it is kind of anticipate one's game. there is a host of democrats and host of republicans who try make the ballot. to talk to youre before we let you go. two more. to showtatements of his you the cnn headline saying its to gayto sell homes people. what is the impact? >> well, this is district which reliked him for lodge time. but also the area of the state democratshave more moving into it. so some of the more outlandish clips me as sen as they have been for long time. challenged ong the right by actual lay former of his named scott and similar situation where he was waiting stop running for the house
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he he reason again and dea fend the race. they have been in the new is a lackly nationlogical about his willingtons work the russian playedent and how that within the russian investigation at the national level. >> speaking of that. one name comes up free lntly here is devthe nunes as he is running there. how does that happened her playing out there for him? >> well, actually not having a big impact. localimary opponent is prosecutor and strong opponent the district. this is a district that is the state.ublican in he is also raking in a huge amount of machine my so interested to seize what the margin is but expect them to to there are more pent pes in
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registered! .s than republicans. first of all. what do you think about that and how does it play ut on this primary day? >> wl, steadily happening for decades and california really shifted further and further the heft and that ideology. and with the early returns, soll be heavily republican we're going to hold our breath early in the race, early rating after the polls close and probably ways to announce any winners later in the day when you start finding out the dave lots.g and the mail pal in california we may not know who the within remembers in some or even f month because of, because people are not allowed to mail ballot up toball the day the polls close. and so they could be coming in at the end of the week. >> reporting for the l angeles time and focused on the
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california delegation here to primary day in california. thanks for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issue thames pack you. coming up, wednesday mopping, side elections reporter will be results ofabout the as to dy's primary. republican congressman discusses the divisions within the republican conference on immigration policy. democratic congressman from rhode island david cicilline tacked about message heading to the 2018 midterm election. be sure that watch c-span's 7:00ngton journal live at a.m. eastern. join the discuss. coming up tonight on c-span, education secretary betsy devos on the 2018 budget for rt. evolving u.s. mexico relagses
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with current and form are official fra each country. laterring a i.c.e. director on the mission to enforce immigration laws. senate vote onhe judicial nominations on and on health and 9:45 a.m. human services secretary testifies before the house education and work force committee about his agency's policies and priorities. 2:30 p.m. kentucky senator ra paul leads the homeland financial impact ande hearing oh constitialal implitions of the action under the existing authorization for use of military force.
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>> on once a, memorial service marking the anniversary of kennedy.tion featured speakers include family, friends, members of congress and former president clinton. watch the rfk50th's memorial 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. on the orgst free c-span radio app. eye believe education the most important factor. manyve been dead last for years. we have foon are now 48th which great but it is areat improvement so we must understand that children are our best and greatest assets and got to take care of them to make toe they are good citizens take care of us in the future.
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>> i think the most important north dakotan in is diversifying the economy to deal with lower ender gain agricultural prices. one oflly, education is the biggest issues we're dealing our and really working with students on social problems. whatever it may be. but we are just fining out we really just don't v the support most pressing issues public upping now whether it is for intrastructure problems or public employees such as funds.s and retirement
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>> noise from the states. >> betsy devos appear before the subcommittee and faced questions about the budget request proposed cuts and programso certain particularly the pell grant and federal work study. runs 1:15.g > appropriations subcommittee on labor, health and human


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