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tv   Childhood Cancer Treatment Bill Signing  CSPAN  June 6, 2018 3:52am-4:06am EDT

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democratic congressman from rhode island talks about democratic messaging heading into t8 midterm elections. be sure to watch c-span's live atton journal" 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning. join the discussion. >> president trump held the bill signing ceremony at the white house for the childhood cancer survivorship, treatment, access and research active 2018. participants included childhood cancer patients, their families, members of congress, and health and human services members. >> hello, everybody. hello folks. see how nice they are? [laughter] the nicest people in the whole world.
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believe it. i am pleased to sign into law a childhood cancer survivorship eatment accessnd resrch act of 2018. it is a big deal. very important. the people up here have helped us so much. azart to thank secretary for being here along with members of congress were here with us, including shelley, dean howard, representatives mike kelly, michael mal thank you. and michael burgess. thank you. more than 15000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. tragically, cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among american children and adolescents.
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we have some wonderful stories of success here with us today. this legislation will expand opportunities for childhood cancer research, enhance the quality of life for childhood cancer survivors and increase pediatric expertise at the national institute of health. a very big deal. very impnt forverybody here and really very i for the country. we have very brave children currently battling cancel cancer and doing well. olivia is here with her family. olivia, congratulations. >> thank you. >> very proud of you. olivia has a tremendous story of inspiration and a fighting spirit. she has a rare bone cancer. we are very much impressed with your strength and are thankful you are recovering so well. we're hearing great reports.
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jake is also here. jake is a sarcoma survivor. he has helped lead the effort to see this bill become law. i like that tie. a sharp looking guy. go, jake. you have other things you could be doing, but you have really done a great job. i want to thank you. i want to commend sadie for her leaderllnd for working hard and our fellow childhood cancer survivors are lled wh the job yove done. i hear you are doing good. -- great.t so, olivia, jay, and sadie, i think you for your hard work and you are really helping to
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-- thank you for your hard work and you are really helping to positively affect lives in america especially of young people. we will be right here with you every step of the way. all of these incredible representatives. someday, maybe you will be sitting right here. i don't know if you want to do that. but, we want to thank all of you for being here. we want to congratulate you for doing so well and getting better. you have helped a lot of people. thank you very much. do you have anything to say, shelley? >> i'm just admiring the strength of these young people, but their families as well. families are affected. about trying to find a cure but also survivorship and how you live your life and how after you have had treatment you can go on to have healthy and uc for me as a mother and
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a grandmother, and for my cancer crusade kids from west virginia, thank you. ? you are doing a great job. --? you are doing a great job >> you are doing a great job. thank you. group --e doing a .s job mr. president, i think there is nothing more precious than our whenever one child is sick, we are all feeling the same way, we nt to do everything we can to help out. mike and i have been working very hard. we will exceed $140 million a share in the fight against pi so ma more childr survive it, it is your heart well. statistically it has been incredible. thank you, mr. president. >> this is the most comprehensive childhood crllasse
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did not have thedv behind us. the children are the best advocates. it took three years to get there, mr. president. they can say no to you and me, but bring in little sadie to the office, they cannot say no to her and the other survivors. this will help survivorship and research. it will move the cause forward in the right direction. thank you for doing this. >> you are doing a great job. >> mr. president, on behalf of thousands of childhood cancer survivors in nevada, i am here to thank you for your work and your effort. this does not happen without your leadership. i want to thank these kids also for being advocates and getting us to todwhere . thank you very much for your hard wor >> my friend, say a few words. you have been working so hard on this. >> sadie came in to see me about a congress ago. it was clear she was dedicated this. at the time she looked different because she was at a different place in her treatment.
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as michael said, she is the best ambassador. i think this buis on the work in 21st century cares and the work that you did last week. the betterment of togethe a american patients. you nnot ask for more than that. >> great job. for years, and nobody knows why it was so tough to pass, but it was a very tough one to get past . -- passed. we have drugs and treatments that will not be approved for another three to five years. now, somebody is in bad shape we can use them and they will not going to other countries to try to get a cure. it is hope. not only is it hope but a lot of , people will be helped by this. the right to try, as difficult as that was to get approved in passed, we are very proud
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of that. >> mr. president, we just want to thank olivia, sadie, jake, their parents, danielle, and others here who have lost children to this battle against pediatric cancer. this legislation will be a material change in our ability to help kids survive cancer. trump: do you want to say something, darling? to be here.onored this is an amazing opportunity. president trump: thank you, sweetheart. woke up tmorninhaving no idea i was coming here today.
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this is a cool event. i'm grateful. president trump: thank you. i'm glad you're some much better. i'm glad to be able to help refutu cancer patients. president trump: thank you. would anyone like to say anything? >> i would like to thank you. i would like to thank e leaders in congress who sponsored this bill. as a father, hearing about treatment, for my daughter we had to go to another treatment -- country for treatment. survivors and on cures is critical because it is not a good place if we do not commit the funding and effort to save children's lives. i think you.
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president trump: we have made a lot of advancements. a lot of improvements. we are getting it done quickly. that is what i like to see. thank you very much. sayody, would you like to something? >> i want to thank you for passing this bill. i have seen firsthand how it is to watch my own child go through this. we've also had many lationships diffe childhood cancer fighters. some are survivors now and some have passed away. these things matter so much. we are grateful. verydent trump: thank you much. ok, i will sign it. are you ready? [laughter]
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pres. trump: it is a big deal now. ok. whose pet is this. pen isor you -- whose this? that's for you. here we go. here. here, mike. you deserve it. ok. >> thank you. pres. trump: you, sir. great job. here you go, mr. secretary. to ivanka, too. she's been terrific. presump: iyes, my daughter ivanka is very important. that's for the press.
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[applause] pres. trump: thank you vy much. thank you. [indiscernible] chatter -- pres. trump: a lot of negotiation going on. looks like it is going along fine. we will see what happens. very important. it will be a very important couple of days. thank you very much. >> make your way out. let's go. we are finished. come on, let's go. announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up, talking about the results of tuesday's primary. and, arizona republican
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congressman discusses differences within the congress on immigration policy. talking about democratic messaging heading into the 2018 midterm election. the sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. join the discussion. housee wednesday, the returns for working on the combined spending bill for energy and water projects. on c-span2, the senate returns for debate on judicial nominations. on c-span3, health and human testifiesecretary before the house education and workforce committee about his policies and priorities. then, senator rand paul leads a senate subcommittee hearing on the implications of u.s.
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military action under existing authorization for use of military force. ymnastics usa president steve tenney invoked his fifth amendment rights in a hearing on the sexual obliques -- sexual abuse of athletes. was formerying president of michigan state university and the former women's usa gymnastics director. this is two hours and 15 mite [gavel pound] >> good morning. i call this meeting to order.


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