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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  June 6, 2018 10:00am-10:29am EDT

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off-line. thank you. in a house,someday to keep an u heard the people reference this morning, the state of the just charge aition -- discharge petition, that will be an issue along with other things. stay with for the house in the senate, but as of right now, we take you to the house of representatives. [captiing peormed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] --sorry. the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. june 6, 2018. honorable point th darell e. issa to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the honorable darell e. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will receive a message. the messenger: mr. speaker. messagfrom the senate. the secretary: mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: madam secretary. the secretary: i have been directed by the senate to inform the house that the
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senate has agreed to, h.con.res. 113, authorizing the use of the capitol grounds for the greater washington soapbox derby. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 8, 2018, i chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority leader and nority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties . alti shall bequ allocated between the parties and in no event shall th debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. each member other than the majority and minority leaders and majority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from illinois, for ive minutes. >> thank you, mr. speaker mr. speaker, i rise today to
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recognize the important efforts of the 126th air refueling wing at scott air force base in st. claire county, illinois. on june 2, i celebrated the many achievementsf this unit when i attended the 126th air refueling wing day. mr. bost: which was done by proclamation by the governor of the state of illinois. the26th air refueling wing routiny succeeds in its missions of providing immediate, sustained, long-range air refueling of both nuclear and conventional aircraft for both the u.s. armed forces and nato allies. the 126th air refueling wing has more than 1,000 air national guard active duty united states air force personnel who recently received its eighth air force outstanding unit award for 14, throh december, 2016. mber, the service members of the
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126th air refueling wing reteenly demonstrate their excellence in perfect -- routinely demonstrate their excellence in while supporting the united states air force operations. the award and recognition, the received, sets the foundation framework for being a strong center of excellence for military acraft. 'm proud of their hard work and dedication to ensuring the best aircraft intenance and at scott isone air force base. our national defense depends on air force base. our national defense depends on having our military aircraft le to fly in a moment's notice so the work that they do every day is critical in eeping all of us safe at home. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize wilbur webb hettersburg of macy town, illinois, who will turn 100 years old on june 24. he worked for a. and p food
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stores for many years, was a teamster, and served in the army for four years. he likes to camp, garden and do word searches. he can also still be seen driving around town slowly, it is reported. family and neighbors say he's loved by everyone. every wednesday night, he continues to host a family dinner at his house with some of his five cn, 17 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren. this year whip will be honored as the grand marshall of may's town homecoming celebration on june 15 and 16. whip, southern illinois wishes you a happy 100th birthday. mr. speaker, i also rise today and feel it is very important that we recognize and remember that today is d-day, but also that 100 years ago today was thattlen the first world war of bela woods, where the marines earned the title of,
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devil dogs. it was a very, very hard fought battle that we must remeer that freedom is not free. so when we recognize not only d-day but 100 years since that time on that day we lost 1,086 marines. with that, mr. speaker -- one more, mr. speaker. i also want to recognize today someone who works in my office that loo upo, becae he's so tall, is my chief of staff, and it is his birthday. matt, happy birthday. with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentlelady from florida, ms. castor, for five minutes. you, mr. thank speaker. r. speaker, in apr filed a resolution, it's resolution 834, resolution of no confidence in the e.p.a.
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administrator, scott pruitt. weow have over 140 co-sponso to this resolution. this is a resolution that points out that we have high standards for government service. and it is unacceptable to have scandal after scandal, the waste of taxpayers' money coming ow -- out of the environmental protection agency's administrator's office and scott pruitt. what we know now scandal after scandal that comes to light is that administrator pruitt, he has a penchant for luxury travel at taxpayer expense. class at fly first taxpayer expense. he likes to stay in luxury hotels at taxpayer expense. and this is unacceptable. federal ethics laws bar public officials from using their position or using their staff to enrich themselves. in addition to his luxury travel and luxury accommodations, we now know
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that he installed a secret privacy phone boo in his office tohe tune of $43,000, paid for by the taxpayers. he's installed biometric locks on his door at the e.p.a. -- that cost over $5,000. due to good journalism, we know that the e.p.a. administrator scott pruitt rented a condo here on citol hill for $50 per night. the administrator said that the condo owner did not lobby him, but then it was discovered later that, in fact, that was not true. that was a lie. just in the past couple -- just in the past week it's now been discovered that e.p.a. hasnistrator scott pruitt ordered very special fountain pens paid for by the taxpayers about $1,500 worth of special pens for him to use and give out. we know that he has received gifts like courtside seats to a
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basketball game given to him by a coal barron. it was also reported yesterday that he made from his office an official phone call to the c.e.o. of a fast fad franchise to try to secure for his wife a fast food franchise business. that's not acceptable. weigh know also due to good reporting that -- we know also due to good reporting that he asked his staff to go out and find a mattress for his home. are you not allowed as a government official to use your personal staff to do personal tasks. that's against federal ethics laws. all of that pails in comparison, however, to his standardingup for special interests. the cost to our health, to our clean water, and clean air, while the e.p.a. administrator again and again is siding with the special interest, many of hom have lobbied him and are
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weeth d ed in a lot of these th the public, the air we breathe, water we drink, simply confidence that our environmental protection agency is going to stand up for us. that is what is really at issue. all of these things are awful. a aiolation oral ethics law scott pruitt should resign. m very troubled and a lot of my colleagues are troubled that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, many of them have not called him out. they have not signed confidence resolution. down at thehite h they continue to say it's acceptable for scott pruitt to serve as our e.p.a. administrator. and i'm here on the floor today because we simply cannot stand for this any longer. i'm asking for allour colu on bot sides of the aisle to sign on to house resolution 834 and say it is time to stand up for ethics in government. this wasteful spending is undermining the confidence the american people have in our country and the ability of our government to protect them from air pollution and water
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pollution and toxic chec more importantly, this is a time f or to sa our environmental protection agency , we have very high standards. we have high standards for what we believe in. the landmark clean water act. erytngh we do to air act. ot the climate and to reduce carbon pollution. it's just gotten that sloppy here in washington, d.c., mr. speaker, and it is time for a change at the e.p.a. the white house needs to take action and i urge my colleagues on both s of the aisle to speak up, stand up, and say we're not going to stand for the -- these lapses of ethical behavior anymore. scoruitt tsign thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from kansas, mr. marshall, for five minutes. mr. marshall: thank you, mr. speaker. this congress and this resident made pro-growth
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policies a top priority since day one. my colleagues and i should be very proud that due in part to the policies of this republican congress consumer confidence is at policies a top da an all-time high. businesses are optimistic. and our economy is booming. even "the new york times" has ds debe how great this economy is. as families across kansas receive an average tax break of more than $2,000 a year, as well as seeing record wage growth and bonus, i see a the excitement growing first hand throughout my district. however, today in particular, i want to highlight one specific aspect of the tax cuts and jobs act. federal opportunity zones. which are designed to promote economic development and job creation in communities throughout is is where government meets private sector business in a very positive way. e treasury nt recentelected 22 po unity zones in 17 different counties across the whenra deemed an f ksa opportunity zone, it allows taxpayers to defer capital gains tax if they invest and
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prioritize local projects. both inv cin scenario r that will spur growth and expansion. my good friend, ashley hutchison, in cloud county, kansas, said her community hopes to use these opportunity recruit new businesses to areas in counties like hers that are in great need of investments incentives. in manhattan, kansas home of the kansas city university wildcatsthlocal chamber suesing these opportunity zone programs to revitalize and enhancing a jacksonville, and belovedd historic social district near and dear it my t.t kansas municipalities are using the rogram for job growth by updating exiilngs for wl and commercial space and attracting housing developments for the region's growing work force. expansion of the growingindustry existing bungs fo new retail and commercial space these economic opportunity zones as well. across my district, community leaders and economic development departments are excited by t new
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opportunities these zones will as the taxts and job act ies. continues to help existing businesses grow and expand, opportunitstar to rise across the country. in kansas, we're excited about what's to come. as coressman i'm often ress?e doing co what is this congress doing to help save rural america? these federal opportunity zones as well as the tax cuts and jobs bills are one such examp thank you, mr. speaker. i yieldack. leman yields back the e: the ge balance of his time. the chair recognizes the gentlelady from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, for ve mines. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you. thank the chair you, mr. speaker. i'li rse awareness alopecia, an auto immune disease that causes air loss the scalp and other areas of the body. today close to seven million americans live with this disease, including over one million children under the age
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of 12. it is a greatly unpredictable disease and certainly has no known cause and no know cure. sadly this disease often presents itsel aan earlage with small, round smoh hes aparing on the ad. withlimid treatment options,ny which come at a significant out-of-pocket cost. it was one of my constituents, diedra, a patient who first brought to my attention the ge facing the community. proud w i to stand with my colleagues, congressman jim mcgovern, and support h.r. 2925, legislation to provide coverage for wigs as durable medical equipnt under the medicare program. mr. speaker, i encourage all of my colleagues to stand wi
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alopicia patitscrs the nation and co-sponsor this commonsense and bipartisan measure. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. miss roint: no, sir. -- ms. ros-lehtinen: no, sir. i riseor a remarkable south floridian, mr. palm dams, born in west beach in 1927 to a family of limited means, larry understood from a young age the importance of getting an education. arry also possessed a strong desire to serve his country during world war ii. the. he enrolled in perdue university as an air force cadet and served in the u.s. air force in germany from 1945 to 1946. . e attended the university of am go, canes. he pitched forou university's baseball team.
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in 1949, l a 42-year career at florida power and light company. 42 years. starting from the bottom, he worked his way from being a line man digging ditches and climbing power poles to being vi pthe state's largest electric utility. while excelling at this dilt j doubties, larry re-enrolled in school while working for the company and degreerom harvard graduate school, business school advanced management program executives. never one to limi himself, larry devotetrary e d efft commun serving in over 36 local, regional, state, and national community service organizations which earned him many accolades. larry also played a founding and integral role in the development of management systems to improve the quality and cost of goods and services produced throughout our great
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nation. in 1987, president ronald reagan requested that certain s. cporatis pre a team of qualityanagement experts whose mission was to create aamic management award for excellence program. asgned larry to work under the direction of the u.s. commerce secretary and the national institutes of ndards and technology where lay co-chaired one of the four teams of professional quality improvement management experts provided by american businesses. together they developed and secured presidential and coressiol approval to create the malcolm bal rls baldridge ation -- foundation. today, the now popular sterling management program is a derivat program and managed by the governorsf eaour 50
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states. at the age of 89, larry became the rcient of the 2016 florida governors sterling ambassador of the year award for successfully coaching businesses, charitable and government agencies to learn and deploy sterling and malcolm baldridge management systems during the past 25 years. larry has had an extraordinary life which he's enjoyed with his wife of over 65 years, tetherave thso, larry jr., an architect, ron, a trial attorney, and thad, a commercial realtor. congratulations to my friend, larry adams, for a remkabl life well lived. thank you, mr. speaker. now yid the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. the chair reizes the entleman from minnesota, mr. emmer, for five minutes. mr. emmer: mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize a local hero in my district.
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veteran service officer bruce price. county veteran service officers are o of ortant resources for our nation's veterans. when our veterans need help filing a claim for disability or arranging transportation to their v.a. hospital appointments, service officers always there to bruce and his staff go beyond their call of dutyy. ey00 indiduals every year and field nearly 25,000 cfrom veterans experiencing difficulty or seeking resources. while it was no secret to our community that bruce is a hero, his efforts are now finally being recognized nationally. bruce received the life well-run community hero award for his outstanding service to others from the international city county management association. we are grateful to have such an outstanding public servant in minnesota's six congrsional district. congratulations, bruce, and thank you for your service.
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mr. speaker, i rise today in recognition of one of minnesota's most incredible and most successful sports teams. the four-time women's national basketball association champion, minnesota lynx. the minnesota lynx started their inaugural season in 1999 with only 10,000 fans to watch in attendance. this year as the celebrate their 20th season, the stands are packed. that's because with four championships in the last seven years, the lynx are a dynasty, one that continues to grofmente while they have many in-- grow. while they have many incredible individuals, they are a true team on and off the court. they are active in our community in the land of 10,0 lakes, but they take their commitment to service even beyond our state's lines. this week i look forward to joining the team at payne elementary school in an event with the samaritans feet shoes of hope distribution. i also look forward to many winning seasons from this group of talented and dedicated athletes. congratulations to the lynx on
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20 seasons, four championships and the many more victories that surely lie ahead. you make minnesota proud. mr. speaker, i rise today t recognize an incredible financial institution in my district, 21st century bank. beginning as a farmer state bank of seeder in 1917, it served - in 1917, it serv the rural community and one of the few banks to come through the great depression. over 100 years later, the bank has opened location it's all over our state, iluding bank in minnesota's sixth congressional district. at the helm is thomas p. dolphin who said, quote, in the beginning it was a handshake that sealed the deal and that is still true today at 21st century bank. having been at the bank for more than 40 years, tom has been an integral part of turning trevert bank from a small rural -- 21st century bank with a small rural bank to now with more than $240 million
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in assets allowing them to serve more families across minnesota. it -- and most businesses that work with them are small to medium-sized businesses making 21st century bank part of the foundation of our local economy. after celebrating their 100th anniversary, they continue bringing families and small businesses the services they so desperately need. with respect and gratitude, thank you to the dolphin family 21st century e at bank to your local contributions. we look forward to the next 100 years. mr. speaker, there is no question that exercise is good for the body. whether it's walking, biking, or playing hockey on a frozen lake, exercise reduces your chances of getting heart disease, helps maintain a healthy weight, improves mood and mental functioning and so much more. in my state, no place does it better than carver county in minnesota's sth congressional district. it was named the healthiest
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county by the robert wood foundation for the sixth consecutive year. it is based on how people feel andowlo they've liv wa ability of cities and towns in carver allow their residents to skip the car ride and use their own two feet to get to the grocery store shop and with countless parks, playgrounds, trails, there are plenty of places for minnesotans to enjoy the tdoors. congratulations to the residents of carver county for grabbing the top spot once again and setting a great example for the rest of our state to get out and get active. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. fitzpatrick, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize those in bucks and montgomery counties who serve in emergency medical services. just recently we celebrated
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national e.m.s. week, a time to honor the contribution and service of emergency medical tenians. all too often, the service of e.m.t.'s go unnotice. despite the risks of their profession andthe lifesaving actions they perform. late last month, the middletown emergency squad hosted an event with local officials to celebrate national e.m.s. week and to discuss the current issues facing our community. as an e.m.t. myself i can say without a dou this profession truly embodies public service and i thank those for their dedicated service to saving lives. i'd especially like to extend my gratitude to the medical director to the pindale and to the squad chief, andrew foley, or their leadership.
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mr. speaker, i rise to honor the central bucks rotary club who will host its ninthua reor the heroes where motorcyclists from across bucks y ricnt to raise money for local veterans' organizations. organized by the rotary member mark glidon, thihas grown from 200 bikers in the initial year to anywhere between 500 to 700 participants originally. originally intended to provide assistance to nonprofits in the community, ride for the heroes became focused on helping military families at the inspiration of the travis manon foundation in doylestown. founded by tom mannion and his late wife janet in honor of their son, their mission is to empower veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character and future generations. in doing this, the travis mannion foundation seeks engagement between veterans and
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families of fallen soldiers with the local community. the foundation brings young people together with veterans so that they can learn our nation's values from heroes who have put those values into action in the united states military. i applaud the vision of the travis mannion foundation and appreciate the work of the central bucks rotary club and those who will ride for those ho sved. mr. speaker, i rise to recognize a group of students in montgomery county, pennsylvania, who recently collected 2,150 pounds of food, paper products, and personal care items for those in ed. the school district comprised of nearly 6,500 students recently held its annual food drive and quarter collection. this event collects items which
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operates a homeless shelter and offers literary education classes in montgomery and bucks counties. to diversify the goods donated, anut butterthe indian ed from crest middle school to soap at the oak ridge elementary school. vernfield elementary school thoughtfully donated crops from their community gardens to the keystone food pantry. i'd like to commend these students along with their teachers and parents for teaching them the virtues of charity and genero. i'd also like to thank the staff and volunteers at keystone opportunity center for their service, especially president arlene daley, for her outstanding leadership. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until
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health and human services secretary alex azar is testifying this morning about the policies and priorities of his agency at a hearing of the house education and the work force committee. watch that live now on c-span3. and we'll show that hearing tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern ere on c-span. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2 -- the memorial service marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of robert f. kennedy from arlington national cemetery. featured speakers include family, friends, members of congress, and former president
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bill clinton. watch the r.f.k. 50th memorial service at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2,, or listen n the free c-span radio app. >> president trump is planning to hold a summit with north korean leader kim jong un next week in singapore. the heritage foundation in washington hosted korea experts suit. t they feltbe outcome of 1 this is an hour and a half. >> well, welcome. first, if you got a phone, if you could turn it off or turn it to vibrate just so we don't get an interruption in the middle. the event today is the u.s.-north korea summit cancelled or postponed so i guess we got it right. although over the weekend one of the panelists contacted me and said, well, now that trump has officially said we're back on, should we change the title?


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