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tv   Sen. Marco Rubio and Speaker Paul Ryan at Faith Freedom Coalition...  CSPAN  June 8, 2018 1:09am-1:59am EDT

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>> more now from the faith and freedom coalition conference. we will hear from marco rubio and house speaker paul ryan. >> i am so privileged and honored to welcome our next feature. , when iever forget first found out about marco rubio, i got a call, i was in my office one day in 2009 and i got a call from representative david baxley, the former head of the christian coalition in florida. i have a guyh, that i served in with the statehouse was speaker, i served under him and he is now running for the u.s. senate and i think he is going to win and i want you to meet him and help him. i said, dennis, he is running against charlie crist.
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he is the incumbent governor who had $6 million who has been endorsed by the entire republican leadership in the u.s. senate. i said i'm sorry but this looks like a wing and a prayer to me. he said i just want you to come down here and i want you to meet him. i came down to speak to a republican women's group in orlando and marco was speaking that morning. i got up and sat in the back of the room and i can tell you i have sized up an awful lot of political people in that this man had a greater level of authenticity, knew who he was, knew whose he was and knew why he was running in just about anybody that i have ever seen in my career. this is a man who came to this country in 1956 with virtually
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nothing to their name and had to flee the country that was devolving into tyranny and authoritarianism. our next speaker knows that freedom does not come for free. it is precious and it comes with a price and my friends he not only won that primary, he drove the incumbent governor of his own stayed out of the party and he had to run as an independent. he was then elected in a landslide and from the time he arrived in the u.s. senate until today he has been one of the most fearless and eloquent voices for faith and for freedom in the united states senate not only at this time but any time and because of him, not just him but primarily his efforts in the u.s. senate we are about to see
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a doubling of the child tax credit of $2000 pre-went to the floor in the waning hours to make sure it was helping working-class families and middle-class families. he works with president trump to reverse barack obama's policy towards castro in cuba. he has a 100% pro-life and profamily record and most importantly, most importantly he is a miami dolphins fan. please welcome to the podium not just my friend but our friend, a friend of faith, freedom and the family. the senator from the great state of florida marco rubio. let's give them a warm welcome. [applause] >> thank you. god bless you. i love you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you ralph.
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as you know as dolphins fans it takes a lot of faith. ralph reminds me of the election. i will never forget i was running against governor crist and there was a headline that said rubio takes on. they misspelled it. i said we have got to get that changed. talk about fake news. but thank you for having me. some honor to be with you guys today. what i thought i would do is point us back to seven decades ago when the united states emerged from the second world a nation optimistic about the future confident of what we could achieve projected enormous sacrifices that were made to win that war americans were ready to come home and get on with the rest of their lives. we forget less than two years
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after the japanese surrendered america faced a set of new threats and challenges that ended up creating a sense of doubt and fear. much of the world was left in ruins by that war. the soviet union had transformed from an ally to a geopolitical competitor. at home, the industrial powers that we had harnessed to create weapons now had to be harnessed to create jobs for millions of returning veterans. how americans responded at that moment in our country -- history would determine the fate of western civilization itself. they responded by mobilizing this nation to confront the historic challenges that were before them at that time. the federal government played a key part in that. the g.i. bill helped many returning veterans go to college and into the workforce. the interstate highway system created axis to suburbs and loans insured by the va and
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purchases of health care across the country. the most important was dramatically cutting spending and taxes and even ending price controls and rationing and the result of the 200% increase in private assessments. the federal government at that time also mobilized by helping rebuild the nations that have been destroyed by the war, he created the international money fund. the result was no merchants of a foreign market. -- and emergence of a foreign market. the world played by the rules that america helped write. the best-known phenomenon of this. involve the families, the number of marriages after the war skyrocketed. divorce rates remained low. people got married longer and stayed married longer. those marriages produced what became to be known as the baby boom, in which 75 million
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americans were born from 1946 to 1964. these new families were deeply engaged in the life of their communities, they formed and joins churches. they didn't do it just to socialize. they supported causes and one another. america remained a nation still haunted by racism, sexism, other forms of inequality. the rizzi unifying and shared believe of among those who were not fully benefiting from the thatse of this land yet america was a great and special country. with commitment to limited government and free enterprise and liberty and justice. that they were worth preserving. at all cost. it was this prosperous, cynically gauged and deeply patriotic america which rebuilt a world destroyed by war and put a fellow citizen on the moon.
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confronted, reversde and defeated communism. because they did what needed to be done that generation of americans would come to be known as the american century. now we stand seven decades removed from that time, where a nation once again face a new set of challenges. challenges that will again determine what this generation will be remembered for and it will come to define the 21st century. at home there are millions of jobs which for decades provided people with middle-class lifestyles that are now being transformed and often eliminated by machines, by technology and globalization, all over the world the democracies that we helped to take root to expand and to protect are now being challenged by autocratic regimes that offer people order and prosperity in a time of chaos and economic displacement.
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the new geopolitical challenger plan to executing its do something the soviet union never came close to doing to become the world's premier technological or economic geopolitical and military power. these are all significant challenges but i would say they pale in comparison to recovering from the second world war or living under the threat of a third world war. i would say our greatest obstacle is not that our problems are too strong. thetest obstacle is that institutions that make us strong have grown weak. an economic elitist who has replaced the dignity of work with a blind faith in financial markets and views america simply as an economy instead of a nation.
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with the shortsighted view of americans as consumers whose happiness is based on what they can afford to buy sit viewing americans as human beings who seek the confidence and resources to come from a good job. our institutions have been weakened by cultural elitism that seeks to replace the family and the values that it teaches government and laws. our cultural elitism that mocks and discriminates against the and ethicsoms, developed over 2500 years of western civilization. ofkened by a toxic brew runaway secularism, irrational partisanship, and a grievance-based identity pals either has eroded the trust and norms needed tax together in pursuit of shared goals. this has isolated us from one left isand has less -- vulnerable to conspiracy theories.
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has caused us to stop seeking to family members because of who they voted for. it has weakened us by increasing, we are weakened by the increasing loss of patriotism. patriotism rooted in the belief that america is an exceptional nation, a strong america can solve any of the problems that we currently face. we cannot be strong if the pillars of our strength are weak. pillar is an economy that is built on the dignity of work. the the farmers into advantage of the homestead act to buy land with their labor to the factory workers who powered america to victory in the second world war and again in the cold war. americans have always benefited from a labor market that allows them to earn high wages and fulfill the american promise that if you work hard and live responsibly, you and your family will have the opportunity to florist. -- florist. there are immense consequences
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for this view. is basedt and wrong entirely on profitability, there is nothing immoral. about shipping jobs overseas or surrendering innovation to china. when happiness is measured by how much someone can afford to buy and a check from the government is just as good as a good job. i saw the devastating impact that this kind of thinking firsthand during my campaign for president. townsit in factory followed up by the companies who ship those jobs overseas to turn a bigger profit and where the dignity of work has been replaced by food stamps and disability checks and opioids. strong, to make america
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we must restore the dignity of work is our primary economical. not with a policy based on the false choice of narrow economic growth with redistribution versus narrow economic growth without distribution. instead, we need policies that few americans as human beings who cannot florist without a sense of a comet -- accomplishment and pride that comes with a good paying job. policies built on the realization that we need real and productive jobs that allow people to support themselves and allow them to use productivity to pick themselves and their families. us tojobs will require ensure that we lead the world in making advanced good and technologies, which is what we cannot allow china can to
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continue to cheat and steal their way into the of dominance in these industries. we need to spur american manufacturing of the future and support american countries when they are helping american workers. [applause] the second it pillar of our strength is the family. indeed it is the central ittitution in any society, has been through strong families that america has passed on our values. love, work, tradition. you do not need to run for president to see the fate of the american family. than 5% of's, fewer children in this nation were born outside of america today the number is over 40% of the children born in america. adding to this, too many families are being buffeted by economic pressures that
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discourage family life. thaty social engineering seeks to replace family life. this is why we need both policy and the culture that will value and support the family the way the faith and freedom coalition supports. it is why i passionately fought against some in my own party to child tax pile -- credit. i will fight alongside the president to expand access to paid family leave. fund all, how can we hundreds of billions of dollars to give multinational corporations, many of which feel little loyalty to america, but not also cut the taxes of hard-working families trying to make ends meet and provide for their children. being a parent is the most
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important job anyone will ever ite, how can we not make easier for working parents to find time for the growing families without facing financial ruin? while i support lower taxes and taxsocial safety net, what cuts, what government program could contribute more to our national well-being than strong families and empowered parents? are churches, neighborhoods, schools, especially when my son's youth football team beats the neighbors team. these are the spaces were each of us live the bulk of our lives. they are where we give and receive love and strength from the people we know best. the very concept of community, social organization separate from the government, that value
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serving one neighbors, is a strong guard against individualism provided by our government and our society over the past 30 years. one good example about how divided we have become from each other, it comes from a speech given several months ago by hillary clinton in india. she told her foreign audience that she won in places that represented two thirds of american economic output. she called these places the ones that are optimistic, divers, dynamic and moving forward. implicit in that comment is that the rest of the country, the ones that did not vote for her, are the people who are angry, white, stagnant, and the spirit -- and backwards. she openly admitted what is a widely held belief among those who dominate our cultural institutions. it would be unfair to claim that this isolation is only driven
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from the left. there are many people in positions of influence and authority in finance and business who also subscribe to the flawed logic that being wealthy and good are the same thing. that is how we have a financial belief that outsources american jobs to countries that do not share our values and views the traditional belief of regular americans is backwards. that is how we have multinational corporations who have no problem chasing a profit in a repressive communist dictatorship like china, but they will do business in the state of north carolina. it is how google won't help develop technology for the american military, but they are willing to partner with chinese spy companies. they have chosen financial self-interest and ideological division over country. instead of working together, our
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nation increasingly feels like a whichacy of the fittest, pits us against each other on the basis of how much we make and how much we can buy. whether we practice religion, and if so, which one? which race or ethnicity we are, and we voted for the last election. these deep divisions do not paralyze us from taking action. there used against us by our international adversaries. an authoritarian like vladimir putin sought to interfere in elections. some ultimate goal was not to elect donald trump. his goal was to weaken us. by exploiting our divisions and bitter politics so that a matter who won the election, we would find it hard to mobilize and take action. how authoritarian figures around the world, they point to these divisions. to this and ability to take action as an argument for why authoritarian models they are offering provide more stability and security.
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why we must to everything we can to reinvigorate communities. we must continue to defend religious liberty. we must vote -- create space where communities can flourish. [applause] sen. rubio: we should continue to support the rights of various faiths. we should show with our hands that couldhe good come to our country from taking care of our neighbors kids, volunteering at an afterschool program, from feeding the sick and elderly. the final pillar of our strength is the belief that doing all of it is worth it, because america is a special country.
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believing america is a special country does not require us to ignore the sins of our past. on the contrary, i would say how we overcame those sins is a testament to how special our nation truly is. [applause] the ending of slavery, women's suffrage, the civil rights segregation, of every single one of our social causes has been an effort to fulfilling the powerful national truth that all women and men are children of god, given the rights given to them by their creator. this is what made the american revolution so unique. that soughtolution not to establish a home for people brought together by a common blood or common soil. it sought to establish a home
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for people united in a quest. while it is true that we have never been completely true to our founding idea, it is a testament to america's greatness that for over two centuries each generation has fought and succeeded in moving us closer to it. that is why pledging allegiance to our flag, or standing for the national anthem is not about ignoring what our nation has gone wrong. it is about honoring the 253 that-old resolution continues to this day. [applause] nothing, nothing is more american than the belief that all men are created equal. that continues to thisnothing is morn the belief that every human being is endowed by god with the inalienable right to life, liberty, and to pursue happiness. this is the kind of new nationalism we need and this is
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the kind that we should insist immigrants embrace. not a nationalism of race or ethnicity, but an american nationalism built on a commitment continuing the work of forming a more perfect union. a union of many races, many faces, and many points of view, and to committed to quality of opportunity and protecting our god-given rights. an american nationalism that does not view america has just a piece of land that is shared by individuals, but rather as a collection of family and friends , neighbors and coworkers, fellow citizens with equal rights under the laws, but also for the citizens with a responsibility to each other -- fellow citizens with a responsibility to each other. we should always strive to be our brothers helper. an american nationalism that understands it is not possible to have on america that is good for some of us if it is not also good for all of us. in conclusion, let me say that
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my journey over the last seven years has provided me with the benefits of the broader perspective. a perspective that comes from eating with new people and learning new things. it has provided me with a blessing of adversity, the kind of lessons that are rarely learned in victory, but are common in defeat. i returned to the u.s. senate against my initial wishes, but i am glad the people of florida allowed me to come back. as long as my health and family, and the people of florida allow me to be here, i intend to try to make a difference. that is why i chose to give this speech to you today. each generation has been called to confront threats to the american nation as an idea. i believe it is our time to do the same. divisionsthat despite and dysfunction, i'm convinced that somehow, someway, at some point we are going to do this as well. i believe this because every
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american is an heir to the dreams of immigrants, programs, or slaves. runs the blood of people who left behind the old world for a new one. ofour veins runs the blood slaves that had the belief that one day we shall overcome. of the men and women who overcame great obstacles, because they had the burning desire to live the life that god created them to live. to confront dna great challenges and do great things against great odds. this is what we are called to do once again. we are blessed with the liberty to debate, argue, and vote on the best ways to preserve and nurture the god-given rights of our people, and we should do so with all of the passion and energy that this powerful truth merits. we should never lose sight of the fact that no matter how angry we may get at one another, none of us is going anywhere.
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therefore, just as we have to do in our own families, where there are those whom we will never agree on many things, because we must live together. something that is important to them must become important to us. this is not unrealistic idealism, not the platitudes of someone seeking to give all things to all people. sooner or relator -- later we will confront the stark truth that we must confront solving the problems with the people who we do not agree with, or we will pay a terrible price. ar children will inherit nation in which dignified work is only available to a few. ar children will inherit democracy that is an island in an ocean of tyranny. it could be the our children will live in a world dominated by china, where they will have to depend on them for the latest medical advancements and technology.
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where privacy, free speech, religious liberty, and human rights are no longer protected, because china is a serial violator of each one of these things. if god forbid that they should ever come, it will have been because those of us here now allowed it to happen. therefore, that they must never come. we cannot, we will not be the first generation that failed to leave their children better off than themselves. each generation before us was called with the task of preserving and passing on to the next on america better than the one they inherited. now our time has come to leave behind the trivial and confront the challenges of our time so that when our children write our story they will say that like each generation before, we too lived in a time of great uncertainty, and we did not falter. we did what need to be done. we left for our children what
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our parents left for us, a more the singleon in greatest nation in the history of all of mankind. thank you for having me today. god bless all of you. thank you. ♪ [applause] >> thank you, senator rubio. our next speaker, we are so excited to have him, is a fifth-generation wisconsin native who came to washington in the early 1990's as an aid to jack kemp at a conservative public policy organization called empower america. nativerned to his wisconsin and was elected to congress in 1998. from the minute he arrived in
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congress he was an impact player. he rose to be chairman of the house budget committee, and chairman of the house ways and means committee. from those posts, he provided leadership that pointed true policies thating create jobs and economic opportunity for every american, sanity andfiscal discipline in washington, d.c. in 2012 he was the republican nominee for vice president and in 2015 he was elected by his colleagues as speaker of the house. thepeaker, he helped as most sweeping and a deep tax cuts since the reagan era. the abortion pass act to put an end to late-term abortions and united states -- in the united states. [applause] he asked the repeat -- past the
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repeal of -- passed the repeal so thatohnson amendment religious leaders could speak out without persecution. he has passed the toughest federal human trafficking bill in modern history. [applause] topassed the first step act reform our criminal justice system so that it would be based on the biblical principle of redemption and restitution. he has always, always not just as speaker, but as a man, as a , and as as a father public servant, he has been unswervingly and unapologetically, and courageously committed to his christian faith, and to his pro-life views. and if he comes out to address us, the speaker of the house, i am pleased on behalf of faith and freedom to present the 2018
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friend of the family awarded to speaker paul ryan -- award to speaker paul ryan. let's give him a warm welcome. god bless you. i love you. [applause] ♪ ok. ♪ wow.ryan: what do i say? i have known that guy for 25 years and you know what, he looks exactly the same. [laughter] thank you. [laughter] you know, it is great to be back. it is great to be back with the freedom -- with the freight -- faith and freedom coalition. when you come to milwaukee, d.c. every year, it is just so many nice to see so many friends. this entire organization has been so critical to all of our
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success. when this conference started in 2009, i was there. ralph turned it into a road to the majority. it was a lofty goal for sure and one that took some time to follow through on. but guess what, we made a ton of progress. house, we won back the then it took four years, in 2014 we capture the senate, and finally we took back the white house in 2016. [applause] you, for everybody that has been with us the entire way, you know that the road to this majority was long and bumpy. because of your efforts, because of your relentlessness, and because of your belief that we can have a better, freer, more faithful country, we are hard at work in washington today as that
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unified majority party. thank you for that. [applause] i have to say, we did not want this majority just to have this majority, just so we could sit on our hands. we asked for this majority so we could work. we have been spending the last 18 months making good on our promises. we are now more than a full year into having justice neil gorsuch on the united states supreme court. [applause] and he has been exactly what he said he would be, independent judge that interprets the constitution for what it says, and not what he wanted to meet. what an immeasurable victory his position on the court's for every american who values their civil rights. you know, we also promised that we would champion free markets
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and empower people by reforming the tax code for the first time in more than three decades, and we got that done too. [applause] law arefits of this widespread. the benefits of this law and ist it means in the surface more than that families get to keep more of their own money. so instead of giving what you work hard for to bureaucrats in d.c., you will be able to make a down payment on your children's future. you can make a much-needed home-improvement, take a family vocation, steer resources -- vacation, steer resources to a cause that motivates you. this lot is much more that -- law is much more than that. in so many ways, this was moral legislation. you know why?
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it is our government telling citizens that they deserve to keep more of what they earn. it is their money in the first place. principle.portant [applause] it is washington saying finally that you no longer need to be stifled by a burdensome tax code that works against you. aanks to what we do as majority, millions of families will have more freedom to do what they want with their own hard earned money. in a part of, but the legislation that we established, we have opportunity zones and social impact bonds. this will inject real dollars from the private sector into some of our country's most impoverished areas. with those new provisions, these new laws, we will be meeting a calling that we all aspire to buy helping those around us who are unable to help themselves.
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yearsnto this idea for 25 when i used to work for jack kemp. this is conservatism at its best. this is the kind of thing that makes fighting for a majority worth it. we have done so much more than that with our unified government. the picture items that we talked about are now being passed by congress and signed into law by a president, donald trump. the house has advanced more than 500 bills in the last year and a half. that is an incredible pace. who is had a senator part of a solution, but some of these things get more hunger up in the senate. don't ask a guy in the house about a filibuster. irrespective of of all those bills we passed, we are racking up policy wins that people in this room have been working for for so long.
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[applause] ralph mentioned it. earlier this year we passed the largest crackdown ever on human and sex trafficking in the united states. [applause] that is law. i mean, the stories that you hear from these victims are abhorrent. our principles tell us that we have an obligation to uphold the importance of every life. we are doing that with this legislation. we are also combating the awful you would epidemic that is dividing families and hurting precious people in this country. we are enabling states to attack this emergency head-on. we are going to keep pressing this issue, keep fighting to save lives to put an end to this crisis. prioritizing our interest and our values here at home, we are doing it abroad. this unified government recommitted america's unwavering
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support for our closest ally in the middle east, israel. [applause] just think back a couple of years ago. no longer do leaders like netanyahu have to question where america is on the big issues. we stand with israel unapologetically. [applause] earlier this year the president proved that by moving our embassy to its rightful home in the capital city of jerusalem. [applause] congress, after years of work, we were able to make the taylor force act the law of the land. this freezes any aid if they continue to go to hamas. america is stronger when our bond with israel is stronger.
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[applause] that is what this new majority does. [applause] we are making sure that our country can project strength internationally by restoring critical funding to our military. our majority give secretary mattis the exact funding that he requested, which is what our troops deserve, and what we need to do to keep america safe. [applause] and guess what? bestroops deserve the medical care when they come home, which is why we have a.proved operations at the v. and we have given them the resources to fulfill the promise that we may to them. that is the story of this majority. on some areas we have been phenomenally successful. in other areas we are still working toward the ultimate goal. make no mistake, our leaders are fighting on the right side of important and ethical issues of our time.
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and i've got to tell you, a catholic boy seeing a bunch of nuns in the audience, nothing is more due to us than the cause of life. [applause] so thank you. your hard work has secured important victories that we have sought for decades. here is just one example. in the house we passed the law which would ban abortion at 20 weeks when unborn babies can feel and recognize pain. we did that because we know that humanity shines the brightest when we are standing up for those who are suffering, and when we are protecting those who cannot protect themselves. [applause] but beyond that, beyond the policies and initiatives, you have built this beautiful pro-life movement. it is a movement based on love,
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it is a movement based on dignity, it is a movement based on inclusion. you know, i try to honor this work by inviting captain dicarlo to be what of my guess -- kathy dicarlo to be my guest at the state of union. they wanted to force her to assist with a late-term abortion. because of her religious beliefs , she of course objected, and the hospital threatened her with disciplinary action. in the face of this, she stood strong. she did not give in, as she fought for the religious right that this country guarantees her. the hospital eventually changed their policy and now she is a nationwide advocate for religious freedom, standing up for what others in the medical industry and the industry face as an unjust dilemma. those are the kinds of people that america produces, and we
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need to keep highlighting their courage. we need to keep standing up for our constitutional right to religious freedom. as we think about the people who inspire us, we have to remember that there are those who want to strip away our congressman's. we have to remember -- accomplishments. we have to remember that that is white this year's midterm elections are so important. we know how we are going to keep moving things in the right direction, but we cannot let this opportunity slip away. we are going to keep racking up wins, but they want to take it all away. in the house the democrats have already threatened to pursue a litany of far left policies. we need to match and exceed their energy. for so many elections we outworked them because we could stand the tide of the that proposals. we energized, we won in the house, in the senate, in the white house in 2016.
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now we need to build on the ground well of success we are having. we need to meet this challenge. [applause] that is where we are. people in this room know that the road to the majority never ends. it would put the same energy to defending our principles as we gave in the past years, i know we will succeed. we are on the right side and it will be the american people who are better off because of it. so it is really simple. let's get to work, let's win this election, let's continue on a mission to bring more opportunity, more prosperity, and more freedom to this country that we all care about so passionately. and finally, as a person who grew up in this movement, it is exciting. thank you. we all have taken on invocation to make america better -- on a location to make america -- vocation to make america better.
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it has been the honor of a lifetime to walk in this journey with you. thank you so much and god bless. i appreciate it. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> we will have more coverage of the faith and freedom conference friday morning. scott pruitt,tor house majority leader kevin mccarthy, and white house counselor kellyanne conway are scheduled to speak. live coverage starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span two. ♪ >> c-span's "washington journal, " live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, new york republican congressman would discuss administration and trump administration trade policy. california democratic congressman talks about the upcoming u.s.-north korea summit in singapore.
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be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal," live at 7:00 eastern friday morning. join the discussion. ♪ sunday on q&a, a new york times columnist talks about his book, pope francis, and the future of catholicism. >> he thinks that the church needs to change in various ways, particularly around issues related to the sexual revolution, marriage, divorce, and so on, where prior popes basically said these are changes the church cannot make. and so there have been the sort ught places where he has clashed with cardinals, bishops, and theologians about how just -- just how far he can push the church to change, how
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much you can change without breaking faith with the gospel of jesus christ. >> u.n. and a, sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. this weekend, book tv will have a live coverage of the 34th printers rown -- fest in chicago. cary kennedy, daughter of john f. kennedy, will be talking about her book. >> on sunday coverage continues at 11:00 a.m. eastern with former president of the aclu and her book "hate."
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a journalist with his book "ev "evhin you loveg will -- ."ything you love will burn >> watch our live weekend coverage of the 34th annual in chicagow lit fest starting saturday on c-span twos book tv. ,> this weekend on c-span saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern, former cambridge analytic a ceo testifies before the british digital media, culture, and sport committee in london on the misuse of data and privacy concerns. sunday at 10:00 -- 10:30 a.m., a hearing -- a senate hearing.
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at 7:00 eastern, former president bill clinton and author james patterson discussed their collaboration. former u.s. ambassador to russia talks about u.s. russia relations and since 1989. tv onrican history c-span3, saturday at 8:00 eastern on lectures and history, winston university professor on the growth of -- princeton university professor on the growth of -- and policy in the 1970's. . legal historian and her book watch the c-span networks this weekend. >> the house debated a nearly $15 billion rescissions belt, which would cut spending for this budget year.
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president trump asked for the cuts. republicans say authorization i.p.the money for the c.h. program has expired or the money has been unused. new jersey, mr. frelinghuysen. mr. frelinghuysen: thank you, mr. chairman. i rise today to present h.r. 3, the spending cuts to expired and unnecessary programs act. this package of recisions withdraws nearly $15 billion in funds previously appropriated to various federal programs and agencies. these funds are rescinded from programs and agencies that have -- that no longer need, cannot spend the money or from programs that no longer exist. when such funding goes unused for years, those funds should be returned to the federal easury as taxpayers should expect. this will not cause undo harm or hardship


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