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  President Trump Canadian Prime Minister Meet at G7 Summit  CSPAN  June 8, 2018 5:04pm-5:07pm EDT

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administrator pruitt: i appreciate what you do. i appreciate your encouragement. i appreciate your support. and i just pray as we gather and go out from here that we continue to exercise religious freedom. >> we are going live now to quebec where president trump is sitting down with prime minister trudeau. prime minister trudeau: trade has been a topic of discussion and our engagement towards the world, how we are working together to create jobs for both sides of the harbor. we got elected on the commitment to grow the middle class and that's what we are going to stay focused on and pleasure to have you here. president trump: it has been great and i appreciate -- justin has agreed to cut all tariffs
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and all trade barriers between canada and the united states. so i'm very happy. so we are actually working on it. [laughter] president trump: our relationship is very good. we are working on cutting tariffs and making it fair for both countries and made a lot of progress today and see how it works out. it could be that nafta will be a different form. it could be with cangeda, with mexico, one-on-one, much simpler agreement, much better to do and we are talking about that among other things. but the relationship is patrolly better, as good or better than it has ever been and i think we will get something beneficial to canada and the united states. thank you very much. e didn't discuss it.
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[indiscernible conversations] >> the two leaders speaking in queb he can and a couple of tweets from u.s. lawmakers, republican congressman tom reed tweeting we are encouraged by president trump's leadership to address canada's unfair and protectionist dairy policies and we continue to work on eliminating these practices so that new york dairy farmers can compete on a level playing field. >> president trump suggesting that russia rejoin the