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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Next Weeks Schedule  CSPAN  June 9, 2018 1:55am-2:28am EDT

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watch our life weekend coverage of the 34th annual printers row lit fest in chicago. has majority leader kevin mccarthy discuss the schedule for the house next week, which will include more than 60 bills dealing with a prediction. this is about 30 minutes. >> on monday new york votes are expected in the house. on tuesday the house will meet at noon for morning hour and 2:00 378 for legislative business. votes will be postponed until 6:30 p.m. on wednesday an thursday the house will meet at 10:00 a.m. for morning hour and noon for legislative business. on friday the house will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business. last votes of the week are expected no later than 3:00 p.m. the house will consider a number of suspensions next week a
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complete list of which will be announced by close of business today. all of these bills will be focusing on one thing. fighting our nation's opioid epidemic. mr. hoyer: mr. speaker, i can hardly hear the majority leader. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be ined or every. -- will be in order. please take your conversations outside of the chamber. mr. hoyer: thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman may proceed. mr. mccarthy: the house will consider a number of suspensions next week, a complete list of which will be announced by close of business today. all these bills will focus on one thing, fighting our nation's opioid epidemic. america has the greatest mission statement in the world. form a more perfect union. this is our task here. now i am encouraged by all the good things i'm seeing around the country. we have 6.7 million jobs open.
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we have just created our millionth job since the tax cut has been passed. unemployment is at a -- is tiing a 50-year low and in fact in the last 49 years, there's only been seven months where unemployment has been below 4%, and two of those months were april and may that we just went through. and american's net worth has increased to $100 trillion. that's just $7 trillion since the lex they are highest we have ever seen. we also just passed last night, mr. speaker, the largest rescission package in the history of congress. but i also know that it is our responsibility to work every day to make our nation even stronger. so mr. speaker, we are in the middle of the deadliest drug crisis in history. for the first time, drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for americans under the age of 50. 174 of our friends and family, our neighbors are lost every day
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to substance abuse. simply put, we need all hands on deck to tackle this crisis. that is why we'll bring over 60 bills from eight different committees to the floor in the coming weeks to combat this crisis and save lives. his includes h.r. 5788 the securing international mail against opioids act, sponsored by representative mike bishop. this will close loopholes in international shipping to stop the flow of synthetic opioids. next, h.r. 5735, the thrive act, sponsored by representative andy barr which would establish a pilot program for evidence-based transitional housing nonprofits that have experienced -- experience in recovery and skills training. finally, 2851, the stop importation and trafficing of synthetic analog act sponsored by representative john katko. this bill will enable law enforcement to more swiftly respond to synthetic drugs and keep our communities safe. along with numerous other bills, passing these will truly help us
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form a more perfect union. lastly, mr. speaker i want to congratulate my friends across the aisle. we are no strangers to droughts in california. but a 44-year championship drought is quite something. so congrats to my friend's beloved washington capitalle -- capitals on finally winning lord stanley's cup. it was a fun series to watch, it was well deserved victory far team and for all the fans of this region. with that, i will thank my friend and yield back to him. mr. hoyer: i thank my friend for the information he's given us. i certainly thank him for his comments at the close of his initial statement on the colloquy. we are all ecstatic, as i'm sure the gentleman can understand, that after 44 years, i might say i was an initial season ticketholder to the washington capitals who started their career at the capital center in prince georges county under the
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ownership and tutelage of abe coleman, extraordinary member of our community. ho died and then now under mr. -- under ted lee ohs any's leadership and of course alex ovechkin, extraordinary accomplishments of his own, being named most valuable player. i might say as i know the gentleman would join me in saying, the las vegas team had an extraordinary accomplishment themselves being the first expansion team ever to make it o the finals in the national championship. so it was wonderful night for those of us who live in the washington national capital area and we thank the gentleman for his observation. let me say as well that we share happiness that the economy is doing well.
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it is ding well. what he did not observe, but we're happy about is that president obama under his leadership took this economy from the worst economy that the gentleman and i have experienced in our lifetimes to one of the best. it was not the best because the best economy was under bill clinton in the late 1990's. in terms of almost every indication. but it is certainly positive information as the gentleman has pointed out where the economy is now. so we all welcome that. we are hopeful of course that we will build on that. the gentleman mentions there are over six million jobs available. as the e challenges gentleman knows is, we don't have the skill sets matching the jobs. and that's why they are vayvay cant. that's why they're unable to fill them. we need to, i think, focus on
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that. we need to focus on investing in our infrastructure. but as was mentioned on the floor yesterday in terms of the couple of the bills, tim ryan in particular mentioned there are still four in 10 adults, as mr. ryan mentioned, who can't pay a $400 bill if it came present. so we have work to do. and hopefully we can do it together. but it certainly is good news that unemployment is down and the economy is moving along. continuing in the path that from our perspective was set by president obama and that president trump, unlike president obama, inherited a thriving, robust, growing economy. so i am pleased that we have
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gone to that place. scheduling the farm bill will be dealt with, i know the gentleman indicated a number of opioid related bills will be on the floor next week. i talked to the chairman of the committee yesterday. the gentleman from oregon. and most of those are bipartisan bills. i hope all of them will end up as they come to the floor as bipartisan bills. the crisis requires that we invest in comprehensive, long-term approach to expanding access to substance abuse treatment. i hope we can tack until issue in a meaningful and bipartisan way. but i do want to address, mr. leader a number of other upcoming items for this work period, starting with the farm bill. as the gentleman knows, last month the farm bill failed on the house floor. we have until june 2 to reconsider. my question, does the gentleman
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expect that we will see a farm ill on the floor by june 22? mr. mccarthy: the answer to the question is yes. i believe the farm bill is incredibly important for so many reasons. food and ag industry drive more than 43 million jobs over a quarter of all american jobs. and it's what you talked about earlier. yes the economy is moving so well after the tax cut. more than three million new jobsing more than a million just since the tax cut bill went through. we recently reached. the other challenge we now find ourselves in, it's an interesting challenge we haven't found ourselves in in quite some time, there's 6.7 million jobs out there, but only 6.3 million people looking for them. it's been the reverse for quite some time. so we need to have that job training. the uniqueness of this farm bill, it provides those able-bodied that do not have the children underage that we're going to give them the training to help them get into the work force. so it's just more good news and
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our intention is to pass that this month and as soon as it's scheduled i'll inform all members. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for oys his observation. he talks about work. we require those to work to work to get government benefits. democrats support work. we want to see people working. we oppose, however, your snap proposal because it is anti-work. you're taking a work requirement that is working and replacing its with one that won't work. this is not about putting people to work. this is about pretending that you tear about tissue that you care about work as cover for taking assistance away from struggling families. as a result of this bill, there were fewer working -- there will be fewer working -- i know the majority leader wants to hear this particular piece of information. as a result of this bill as it's currently written, there will be
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fewer working snap beneficiaries, not more. and millions more people going hungry. that's working. the working poor who are getting nutritional assistance for themselves and their family. there'll be less of them under your bill. i yield to my friend. mr. mccarthy: i thank my friend for yielding. this is just a clear example of a difference in philosophical opinion. we had the same debate when it came to the tax bill. that it was going to be armageddon. it would be crumbs if people got bonuses. and that we would be in a really worse position than we are. as we found out, mr. speaker, that is totally untrue. that the economy is stronger. again, in the last 49 in the last 49 years there have been seven months where unemployment was below 7%. we just hit one million new jobs based upon the tax cut more so
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since the election. household wealth has increased by $7 trillion just since the election. now, this is a philosophical difference. currently, 2/3 of able-bodied adults report no earned income, why? because the snap program is letting them down. not a single family will be cut off. ur proposal goes to those aged 18-59, individuals who are mentally and physically disabled and the primary caregivers of a child under the age of six and we give them the job training to let them get back into the work force. because of that according to the foundation for government accountability, 83% of americans support work requirements for snap and that includes 71% of democrats. unfortunately, when that bill
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came to the floor, every democrat was saying no. mr. speaker, that was the same thing that happened when we gave the american public tax cuts and created new jobs, lowest unemployment. and unemployment claims gives you the best projection going forward. lower than in 44 years. another statistic that just came out, small businesses are the greatest creators of new jobs. since 1974 they have surveyed them and asked them this question, is now a good time to expand. remember what a small business is. they don't have a great deal of capital. it is at its highest level since they took this poll. i don't mind having a philosophical disagreement because there is a contrast between us and there is a contrast in philosophy. e believes it would be armageddon. facts don't pan out.
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thankfully we were successful that the american people could keep more. the other thing that happened, 48 out of 50 states have lower electrical bills. 1.2 million have a longer maturnt leave. he sad part is, i wish i could say, that this entire body for it. unfortunately, one side had to carry the load. i yield back. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding and the gentleman is ecstatic about recent statistics. and i they has warrant to be. but let me read to the gentleman's statistics over a 68-year period. ere democrats have had the presidency and republicans have had the presidency on and off. because the gentleman's words are almost exactly the same words that i heard in 2001 and
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2003 when we were told and the country was told that if we adopted those tax bills that the gentleman is so very proud of, which is plunging our country $1.8 trillion into additional debt, which he and his party running their hands about so repeatedly that the c.b.o. says as a result of what i believe to be the most fiscally irresponsible congress that i have served. i have served in 18 congresses, i believe this congress that we're in, the most fiscally irresponsible congress in which i have served. you gave 83% of your tax revenues to the richest people in america. c.b.o. says that. i don't say that. i.e., to all the rest, some 300 million-plus americans.
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we have a philosophical difference. we would suggest the mix be fairer to those in the middle and the bottom of the economic running. but you chose to give your benefits to the wealthiest in america. not surprising. trickle-down economics one more time. and 2001 and 2003, what happened? you did the tax cuts, and what happened six years later? the country was plunged into the deepest rescission, you, mr. majority leader, or me, have ever experienced. you have to be over 90 years of age to have experienced a deeper rescission that was brought on by the bush economic policies in the last decade. a depth of rescission which the obama policies brought us out of faster than any other nation in
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the world. those are the statistics. faster than any other nation. went up to almost 3 00% under barack obama. and when you get to 300%, we'll talk about how well you've done and see the trade policies that the president is imposing due to employers, employees and consumers, we will see. but let me tell you what has happened over the last 68 years under democratic and republican presidents. the gentleman wants to know about history. under republican presidents, the g.d.p. over 36 years that your party enjoyed the toll of the presidency, ruled an average of 2.5%. under democrats, 32 years, by 4.1%. what did that mean?
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what it meant was under republican presidents over the st 68 years, 35 million jobs were created. the gentleman talks about jobs. thrr democratic presidents, jobs create. the job deproth continues and the stock market increase continues. but that has not been the history. we will see. so i hope that when you deal with the farm bill that you notwithstanding your statistics, that you bring a bipartisan bill. and very frankly, the farm bill has historically been a farm bill. but what you did, you passed a tax bill giving the rich, 83% of
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its benefits and in the farm bill, you are taking nutritional assistance away from children and families. that is why you couldn't pass it, among other reasons. and it is not bipartisan, as you did in the last congress or two congresses ago, you tried to cut the snap program by $40 billion. now the gentleman well knows, the senate is not pursuing your policies on the republican side or the democratic side. you miss a lot of good information. the fact of the matter is, you know your farm bill is not going to pass the senate. mr. leader, i would urge you on the farm bill, come together with us. i don't know that there is a more bipartisan member of this congress than colin peterson. e ranking democrat on the ag
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committee. and very frankly the chairman was not interested in a bipartisan bill. i don't know whether it was by direction or his own view. but let us come to a bipartisan agreement on this farm bill and pass it over to the senate so that you can do something, not just talk about how you're reducing nutritional assistance to people that rely on it for their food every day. i yield to my friend. mr. mccarthy: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i would be upset, too, if i voted against every economic bill that is brought to this floor. it's not me saying it. "new york times." to be frank, mr. speaker, i don't think they have said many nice things about republicans but this is what they have said, we ran out of words to describe how good the jobs numbers are. the economy is in a sweet spot
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with steady growth and broad improvement in the labor market. that is the "new york times." i don't have a problem if you're upset. from the fact that the economy is exactly what we said would happen if we got the economic changes we desired. just as we look at the deregulations. we will continue to make this move forward. i heard many times on the other side of the aisle, work with us, work with us on chip. but, mr. speaker, they are being directed by people in their higher ups not to work with us in the committee. but we kept the things they wanted inside the farm bill. just as we voted on this floor a little earlier today, there was a message that went out from the leader on the other side to not vote at all. so they held their votes until it passed and 23 brave individuals broke from the letter that the leadership asked
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them to not vote for. what was it about? it is have v.a. and veterans. you have to stop playing politics. just last night, i heard from my dear friend he was concerned because there was an agreement and the trust was going to be broken even though he couldn't vote for that depreement and trust that we worked on, that if we did anything in a rescission package to cut money that the taxpayers would want us to do, that it couldn't deal with the omni. he said if you had one, two, three years in these committees just sat there. here is a program that has brs -- $4.2 billion. what was the car company that took the money as well? $4.7, nothing has been done. i took him at his word and we
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worked with the administration and brought the largest rescission package because yes, we want to take care of this debt. we think it's the responsibility of everybody here. but no, those words rang hollow that day. there wasn't a vote for that, but we were able to pass it. but i look at the economic cycle research institute in october, 2016, their numbers. it was a 2% average deproth under obama versus 2.7% under bush. the g.d.p. growth, this is the slowest expansion on record. the numbers prove otherwise of what you say, but the most important thing proves people are working. people care about the security of their jobs and security and safety of the country. and i feel very thankful that next week, our president will be sitting down with the leader of
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north korea with the hopes that we can make this world more secure. we are building the security of jobs. we are building the security of the world. and i would firmly believe, let the american public judge, are they better off today than they were a few short four years ago. i don't need numbers to show it. but i can see the jobs, the people, and i'm proud of that fact. and i ask, mr. speaker, the other side, follow through. i have heard time and again, i would never shut the government down. we wouldn't go that political. but when the day came, they did. politics and the election is over. let's put people before politics. let's make sure this country is secure economically and secure with safety around the world. and that's exactly what we're doing. and i yield back. mr. hoyer: mr. speaker, i hear
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the words of the majority leader. , without party exception, opposed president obama's programs. without exception. we became the majority in 2007 and we worked with president ush on a number of things. including a very substantial environmental bill signed by president bush and other bills as well. he mentions about the rescission package. and mr. speaker, if you will recall when we had this debate some weeks ago, he said everything in this bill, the rescission bill, we don't need. guess what, mr. speaker?
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-- excuse me, ebola money was rescinded in that bill some weeks ago. but not in this bill, because he changed it because very frankly, mr. speaker, they found out, oops, we need the ebola money, and so they took it out of this bill. we think you need the chip money. we think we need the chip money o make sure that if there is a happening or occurance that occurs that the chip money is needed either directly or indirectly to make sure that children, in fact, are taken care of. and who has said that? mr. tom cole said that. we used that money effectively and appropriately. so mr. speaker, it's hard to believe that the ebola money which i was assured was not
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needed was restored by our republican friends, mr. speaker. because they found out, yes, it is needed. , , in terms of wasting time 65 votes over the last congress to repeal the affordable care act. 65. with a full and unquestioned knowledge that none of those votes would result in something happening for our country. in the united states. they weren't going to vote for that. they knew that. so we spent a lot of time on that let me also say, the gentleman says let's get about our business. let me ask the gentleman, does daca ct a bill on the protectee the dreamers, to come on the floor next week? i yield to my friend.
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mr. mccarthy: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i've said it before and said it again. republicans are committed to solving this issue for good. not passing a bill and patting ourselveses on the back but for dealing with this issue in a meaningful way that's beneficial to hardworking americans. as you know, my door is always open, you've been there many times. i'm committed to bringing all members to the table and working together to solve this problem. in fact, mr. speaker, i need to go to a meeting deal -- meeting, dealing with this subject, i'm late to it right now. we will continue to work to solve this problem and i yield back. mr. hoyer: i appreciate the gentleman's comment bus mr. speaker i've heard them a long time. many, many times. we're going to solve this issue. mr. ryan came to the floor and said, we're going to solve this issue. you vote for this caps bill and we'll get an immigration bill on the floor that'll solve this issue. that was some 1/2 months ago. it's not solved yet. i hope the leader does in fact
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bring a bill to the floor quickly and in fact, i would hope that the suggestion that had been made by many members of his party and mine to bring four options to the floor seems absolutely consistent with the speaker's pledge to take the tough issues head on. that is bring the democratic bill that's co-sponsored by ms. -- by one of the senior republicans, ileana ros-lehtinen to the floor. bring the goodlatte bill which has been reported out of the republican judiciary committee to the floor. bring a bill co-sponsored by mr. hurd and mr. action lar to the floor. -- and mr. aguilar to the floor, and then what we hope is the speak every can bring a bill to the floor of his choosing. what could be fairer than that, to let the people's house speak on this critically important issue? so i would hope the gentleman would facile tit that coming to the floor. lastly, mr. speaker, let me say
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that this is the most closed congress in history. talks about coming to his office and i have and we have worked constructively and positively together and i have great respect for the majority leader. i know she's very close to president trump. he's talked about his working with president trump to move forward and let us hope that the talks with korea bear fruit. we've had a lot of talks with the koreans. they've made a lot of pledges. and they haven't followed them. we will see what happens. we're hoping for the best. but in coming to your office, we have had discussions. we've had discussions about daca. but very frankly when we come to this floor, this is the most closed congress, mr. leader, in recent history. if not history. we've had 85 closed rules. zero, not a single open rule. have we considered.
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and over 2,000 germane amendments have been blocked by the rules committee. mr. speaker, that is amendments that are in order. and they've been blocked. in fact, 194 republicans, republicans, have been refused the opportunity to move forward on their amendments. now i know that the leader schedule is such that we can conclude this debate, i have other things to say but i'm hopeful that frankly whatever we bring to the floor, bring it on a rule that provides for full consideration. bring it that reflects facing the tough issues. bring it so the house can work its will on these bills. including the farm bill, including an immigration bill that protects the dreamers and including other legislation so critical to this country. let the house work its will
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through the amender to process and unless the gentleman wants to say something, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? mr. mccarthy: i ask unanimous consent that when the house adjourns today to meet on tuesday, june 12, when it upthe house takes


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