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Mitch McConnell
  Faith Freedom Coalition Conference - Sen. Mc Connell Sec. Chao  CSPAN  June 10, 2018 2:14pm-2:51pm EDT

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that light got didn't. in the last election, we bound together, climbed the mountain, and we started to recharge that light. that, in this next election, that light does not get them. that it only burns brighter. thank you and god bless. [applause] ♪ >> mitch mcconnell began his elliptical career as a county commissioner in jefferson county which is louisville, kentucky. defeated adecreed -- senator and became the first republican to win a statewide race in the state of kentucky. he has been reelected five times if i am correct, the longest serving u.s. senator in the history of kentucky.
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throughout his career he has stood for your first amendment rights of free speech. he has compiled a 100% pro-life voting record. elected by his colleagues to be majority leader of the u.s. senate. in a veryoud moments distinct career, there is no that is themy mind proudest moment of this majority leader but any majority leader was within an hour that we learned the news of scalia's passing. he announced we would not vote on filling the vacancy until we had a new president and held the 2016 presidential election. [applause] mr. reed: and it was because of his leadership that that vacant see -- vacancy was therefore president trump to fell. he filled it with neil gorsuch. our next speaker helped steer
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that nomination through the u.s. senate and, because he took the stand he took, and president trump led by appointing gorsuch, we won a major case this week on religious freedom in the colorado baker case. this week. [applause] helped shepherd through the tax cuts that passed the senate. year, it has gotten this economy exploding and driven unexploited -- unemployment done to a level we have not seen in 44 years. he is a dear friend of this organization and the profamily and pro-life cause. please welcome the majority leader of the united states senate, mitch mcconnell. ♪
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mr. mcconnell: good morning everyone. ralph for that excellent introduction. he has been a great friend of mine for a very, very long time. i also want to thank tim head for all of his excellent work, week in and week out. opportunity wen have been given by the american people. is a great opportunity. there has only been a few times in the last 100 years where republicans have had a president , the house, and the senate. only 20 years out of the last 100. we have tried to maximize this opportunity. i want to thank you all for standing with us throughout the obama years. it wasn't much fun, was it? [laughter] mr. mcconnell: we worked to
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block all of the bad things we could and keep the embers of the conservative alive. we stood together after republicans won the senate majority and put the brakes on the obama agenda. we were together again last year after president trump and the unified republican government a ride in washington -- arrived in washington. we were transforming our conservative principles into policy. it is always great to be with all of you because i know you share our views. we are very excited about what we are trying to achieve for the country. it is a lot of fun when you have as much good news to report as we do. in my view, the last 16 months have been the single best. for conservative values. i came to washington -- best period for conservative values. [applause]
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mr. mcconnell: this is a fact. the unemployment rate in the u.s. just hit an 18 year low. america job openings now outnumber the jobless. here's my favorite from the new york times. i know you all read the times every day, right? [laughter] mr. mcconnell: here's the headline from the times. we ran out of words to describe how good the job numbers are. in the times! something serious is happening. they do not want to write that headline. good things happen when we get washington, d.c. out-of-the-way and unleash more of american free enterprise. just before the 2016 elections, manufacturerss. said an unfavorable business
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climate due to taxes and regulations was the chief office to -- chief obstacle to their business. today, only 19% say that. manufactures order backlogs for as long as they have been since 2004. reported earnings have not been the size -- this high in 45 years. [applause] for the first time in recent memory, there are more job openings than people looking for work. the national numbers are absolutely outstanding. in particular we see prosperity returning to communities and obama era policies. what progress there was during the obama years was largely indigenous. businesses in rule and
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small-town areas are dusting off their help-wanted signs. midwest manufactures are investing millions into new facilities. the government does not create prosperity, the policy can affect whether the wind is in the face of job creators or at their backs. are getting washington out-of-the-way so american workers and creators can build an economy that is the envy of the entire world. take our once in a generation tax reform. we waited 30 years for this. we rewrote the tax code to let middle-class families and small businesses keep more of their earnings. we give american workers and job creators a leg up to compete and win on the world stage. and has led major employers announced billions of dollars in u.s. investments, thousands of new jobs, raises, bonuses, and benefits to millions of
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employees. missouri construction company to invest half $1 million into equipment to give it to a working family -- equipment. to give working families more room. in addition, to tax reform, congress and the president's teams are slacking through a forest of obama era red tape. businesses 2016, spend every day looking over the shoulder. they never knew what new regulation look like. today is a new day. americans have a government that rejects the tired old up wing policies of envy and division. a government that knows capitalism actually works. that we need driving businesses competing to hire american workers. that is just what is happening. more and more.
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let us be sure we keep sight of why all of this matters. the real impact of a stronger economy is not just good numbers going up and bad statistics going down. at its core, it is a collection of human stories. the americans who are coming back into the workforce, getting their first job or family earning pay raises are not just statistics. they are men and women hungry for the dignity that comes with working hard, earning their own way, and supporting their family. they don't want stagnation and dependent on the government. they want independence, dignity, and yes, earn success. that is exactly what our conservative policies are helping to deliver. people often ask me if i like to be the majority leader, the best answer i have been able to come up with is that it is a little like being a groundskeeper at a cemetery.
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[laughter] everybody is: under you but nobody is listening. [laughter] [applaus mr. mcconnell: so what is the advantage? advantage, even though i'll we have one vote out of 100 like everyone else, the majority leader gets to set the agenda. does not always guarantee the outcome but they decide what we are going to do. that makes what deciding what we are going to be voted on, and occasionally, and more importantly, deciding what you're not going to do. ralph mentioned it. the single most consequential decision i have made in my entire political career was to not let barack obama fill that vacancy on the way out the door. [applause]
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mr. mcconnell: in the president did not blow the opportunity. neil gorsuch was a superb choice. we cemented that for very long time. now, instead we have somebody in that seat was a worthy successor to the intellectual godfather of what most of us believe a judge ought to be. that is someone who interprets or asw as it is written, the constitution dictates. rather than how you wanted to come out. out.nt it to come
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my favorite saying from justice scalia isn't your not a very good judge if you are not occasionally disappointed in the outcome you reach. because it was dictated by the law. run, if you want to make policy, run for office. a simple declaratory point. scaliarers of justice are all over the country now. we have been seeing them as the president sends up circuit judges. beenthat we have confirming in record numbers. since the creation of the modern circuit court system, one step that the supreme court, system is set up in 1891. no president since 1891 has had more circuit judges confirmed the donald trump last year.
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no president. [applause] sen. mcconnell: now, we are up to 21 and let me put the 21 figure in context. 18 of the circuit /8th of the circuit judges confirmed in a year and a half. we are transforming the court system of this country. [applause] now, we have a pretty slim majority in the senate. 51-49 and is most of you know, senator mccain has not been essence december. one of the biggest things i have to do is check attendance. everybody feeling ok? edwin have to go to a wedding or funeral? [laughter] -- anyone have to go to a wedding or funeral? [laughter]
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sen. mcconnell: the democrats said president back in 2013 and to we are using the toolbox keep democrats from defeating president trump's qualified nomination. they lower the threshold to confirm judges to a simple majority. it has been a huge advantage for us. out of all the things we are doing, the things that would have the longest impact on the country for the court systems. these men and women that the president has been setting up and we have been confirming a not very old either. late 40's, early 50's. chances are they will be on there for a long time. most cases do not reach the supreme court so that is where most of the complex graces -- cases end up.
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out of all the things we are doing, my favorite because i think it will have the longest impact is what we are doing working with the president to change the court system. all right. -- alright. all of you, by helping all of us have helped make that happen. you have fought right alongside of us and will see the results of what i was talking about for a generation and beyond. philosophy isa's really part of his legacy we are quickly reversing. congress and the president repealed obamacare. we repealed the board of bureaucrats rationing our health care, and we stopped several more a dumb -- obamacare taxes from taking hold at all. we took a bite out of. frank. frank.of. frank -- dodd
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president havee erasedhe limits on defense spending that hurt military readiness, we ended the obama era atrophy of our national defense and delivered the largest year on year entry into armed forces in 15 years. [applause] mattisconnell: secretary of our commanders have all these additional resources to protect the homeland, project power where needed and confront those who wish us harm. one of oure of life, record-setting regulatory rollbacks was a rule that had forced states to issue grants to planned parenthood. now, that rule is in the wastebasket. [applause] sen. mcconnell: the trump administration is making big changes to title x to strip away
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tens of millions of their taxpayer funding every year. in each of these areas, the fight is far from over. we have more work to do to restore our values and deliver results for the american people. our proposal to prohibit -- has still followed short of the 60 votes in needs in the senate, so my friends, i need more reinforcements. send them to us. because, if we get them, the president and i are eager to make this law. we will not stop fighting in at s allow everylaw human being to live, and pursue their happiness. [applause] sen. mcconnell: these rights come from god, not from government and government cannot take them away. [applause] we need to pass
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appropriations like infrastructure and national defense and will fight to confirm more of the president's nominees to the judiciary and executive branch. the democrats are not making this easy. they have decided it is more fun to be the resistance. then to do their job and help us government country. they are pulling out every trick denye book to obstruct and our president the team he deserves. they have soaked up literally hours and days. you have heard about this. senate floor time for nominees. once, they made us take more than a week to confirm for fourr-level judges -- lower-level judges and not a single senator voted against them. our colleagues are trying to run out the clock.
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i'm not going to let them succeed. [applause] i beg you heard what i'm about to tell you. i announced that because of their obstruction, i'm canceling the august recess and keeping the senate ready on the job where we belong. [applause] -- right here on the job where they belong. [applause] we will confirm or nominees, keep delivering on an agenda that has done so much to make america stronger, safer, and more prosperous. this obstruction is just a tiny taste of what democrats will do to our conservative agenda and to the president's agenda if
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they were to recapture the senate. one of the reasons i look forward to this conference every year is its name "road to majority." [applause] sen. mcconnell: we have walked this road together. we have gone from a minority play defense to a majority that is driving the ball down the field into the end zone. from the economies to the courts , to our armed forces, we are beginning to see results. i want to touch on one other thing. that is worth remembering. 20 years ago, congress passed a law requiring the embassy in israel to be moved to jerusalem, and every president since then of both parties waived the law. donald trump moved the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and we should thank him for that. it is long overdue.
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[applause] sen. mcconnell: now, what we have accomplished in 16 months, i imagine what more we will do if we keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep our eye on the long game. so, thank you. thanks for all you have done and continue to do. let's just keep it up together. thank you, my friends. [applause] ♪ mr. reed: wow.
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i bet there will be an expanded caucus come next and you are a -- come next january to pass more good legislation. not plan it this way. it is serendipitous, but the next speaker is his wife. and also a dear friend of this organization. i believe one of the finest public servants in america today. china in 1949 after the communist takeover of that country. she was born in free china, taiwan, and came to the united states when she was only eight years old. she graduated with honors as an undergrad and received an mba from harvard university. by the way, in addition to that, she has 36 honorary degrees. and is so our country devoted to public service over such a distinguished career
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heading up the federal maritime , serving in the reagan administration, heading the peace corps under president bush 41, the first asian-american to head those positions. she was secretary of labor under under that served post longer than anyone since frances perkins in the 1930's and 40's. in that capacity she protected worker's rights and free speech, and free association rights. she expanded job opportunities for all americans and dramatically improved worker safety. president trump nominated her and she was confirmed as secretary of transportation last year where she worked to improve american infrastructure, and is working hard to create job opportunities and modernize america' as roads, bridges, highways, and airports. she has served on numerous
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boards of u.s. corporations and nonprofit. and she believes deeply in the values of faith and freedom that we seek to advance. i think very highly of our previous speaker. but i think she the better half. i don't think he would disagree. please welcome the secretary of transportation, elaine chao. [applause] sec. chao: thank you. thank you, ralph. we want to thank you for your leadership over the years for faith and freedom. let's give ralph a tremendous round of applause. [applause] it is a great pleasure to be here today. with friends who share a vision
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for our country that protects and promotes safe, freedom, family, and opportunity. stonesave been the touch of my life and my career. these are the values that motivated my parents to move america whento ralph mentioned, i was eight years old. opportunityom, and are not abstract concepts for those whhave experienced life without them. family to facey the challenges of being in a new land, learning a new language and a new culture with optimism, hope, and confidence. when we arrived in america, we did not know anybody. it was our local church that comfort and gave us
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advice on how to maneuver through everyday life. really simple things such as where to go to find a grocery store. where to go to find a basic necessity of life. fellow church members also helped us to learn about american traditions and customs. we learned about barbecues. we learned about picnics, and the thrill of discovering that there was a wonderful place called the library that let us borrow books for free. [laughter] sec. chao: of course, on sunday. sundays were devoted to gathering with fellow congregants in worship. fake an opportunity allowed my parents to build a business and put six doctors through college -- faith and opportunity allowed
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my parents to build a business and put six sisters through college. [applause] sec. chao: we are dedicated to contributing to this country in return. this administration is keeping the faith with the american people i working hard to increase opportunities for all. among the most notable chief actions so far was passing meaningful tax reform. [applause] based on ait was very basic, fundamental principle, but if you want to empower the people rather than government, let the people keep more of the money they earn. received $3.2ies trillion in gross tax cuts and
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saw the child tax credit double. this action by president trump and this congress yielded immediate positive results for the economy and for middle-class americans. thisinisation is also diligently addressing the problem of unnecessary and overly burdened regulations that do real economic harm. the big news, if you recall, was the administration's toor-1 regulatory mandate every new regulation, everyone new regulation, departments across the government were supposed to eliminate to old ones. in 2018, the department of transportation is well on its way to achieving a six to one ratio. [applause] we basically
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eliminate six old regulations for every new one. under the previous administration, the department of transportation increased regulatory costs on job cors by aage n er nearly $3 million a year. last year, under president trump, the department reduced millionry costs i $312 alone, just in our department. [applause] so the department of transportation is on track to reduce regulatory costs by an additional $500 million or more in 2018. in fact, it looks like we will surpass $1 billion in net cost savings this year. [applause] sec. chao: that is why the
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institute has named the department of transportation number one for decreasing regulatory burdens. and the american action forum recently announced the department of transportation has already initiated over 100 deregulatory actions. the most of any cabinet or agency in the government by far. [applause] sec. chao: consequently, it is no coincidence that after a sluggish eight years, america's economy is finally on a trajectory of strong economic growth. that means more prosperity and more jobs for more americans. consumer confidence has hit a 17 year high, 3 million new jobs have been created in last year alone, and in may 2018, unemployment rate fell to 3.8%. the lowest in almost 50 years. [applause]
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this includes 300-4000 manufacturing jobs, 337 -- 340 construction thousand manufacturing jobs and 337,000 jobs in construction. there are more job openings then unemployed americans. something that has never occurred since these statistics have been measured. [applause] regulatory reform at the department of transportation has been achieved without compromising safety, which is my number one priority. my other top priorities are to make progress in addressing our infrastructure needs and preparing for the future by promoting safety without tampering innovation. we are on the cusp of a transportation revolution. new technologies will one day
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transport -- transform the way we travel and connect with each other. autonomous vehicles, drones and other transportation innovations have the potential to improve safety by addressing human error. they will increase access to transportation for the elderly and people with disabilities. but, there are legitimate concerns about the new technology as well. a majority of americans tell that they are unwilling or hesitant to ride and self driving cars. they worry about safety and privacy. i have challenged silicon valley and others innovating in this arena. they have an obligation to help educate the american public of the benefits of this emerging technology, but also address the legitimate concerns about safety, security, and privacy.
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as a former secretary of labor, i'm also concerned of the impact these new technologies will have on jobs. i'm confident in the long-term, new technologies to create jobs. the transition. can be difficult for dislocated workers. ass needs to be addressed these technologies are increasingly deployed. this department is not taking the typical washington centered approach toward transportation innovation. we will cultivate and encourage the safe innovation by eliminating unnecessary obstacles to the development integration of new technology. our approach is going to be technical and flexible. not top-down, not command and control. state cultures in the private sector marketplace, not bureaucrats will decide. [applause]
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sec. chao: recently, we had the new drone integration program that was established to set up partnerships between local communities and drone operators. because, drones cannot currently fly at night and fly above the heads of people or beyond the line of sight of the operator. on may 9, the department announced 10 communities that were selected to participate in this drone pilot program. we are going to see how this program goes. likewise, the department , notded voluntary mandatory, guidelines for autonomous vehicles when we unveiled new guidelines last september. technology is changing so rapidly, that work is already unrw for 83.0 you vision for safety which will be released
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vision for summer -- e safety which will be released later this summer. the transportation infrastructure is vital to advancing our economy and our quality of life. it always has been. i want you to have confidence that this administration will the safe,o promote efficient, and effective use of our transportation , and that you can rely upon this administration to do the right thing. in closing, i want to thank all of you because you actually give us hope. you give us confidence because you indeed are in the front ensuringe vanguard of that freedom, faith, and opportunity continue to be preserved, protected, and thus
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prevail in america. thank you so much. god bless you all. thank you. thank you so much, i appreciate it. ♪ >> tonight on cue and day. one new york times columnist talks about his book to change the church, pope francis and catholicism. --he things the church thinks the church needs to change in various ways. particularly around issues related to the sexual revolution, marriage, divorce, and so on where prior post said these are changes the church cannot make. so there have been these fraught
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places where he has clashed with cardinals, bishops, and others over how just how far he can push the church to change, what the church can change without under coming its own traditions or breaking faith with the gospels of jesus christ. >> q and a, tonight 8:00 eastern on c-span. c-span's washington journal live everyday with news and policy issues that impact you. monday morning, associated press what has reporter and a congressional reporter on the political week ahead in washington. special general for afghanistan reports is findings on the 5 billion-dollar effort to stabilize afghanistan. be sure