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tv   U.S.- North Korea Summit  CSPAN  June 11, 2018 10:29pm-11:06pm EDT

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17, and during a neighboring country, -- invading a neighboring country and sponsoring its clients to commit chemical attacks and interfering in foreign elections. does the prime minister intend to press the european partners to strengthen and expand the range of economic sanctions we have imposed against russia? prime min. may: i thank my honorable friend. we have already been raised with european partners whether the european council in june should look not just to the question of sanctions in relation to the crimea and the minsk agreements, but also whether we should look rther. indeed, some issues have arisen in relation to crimea where i think we should be looking for as to whether sanctions are required. speaker, the government impact assessment confirmed that even the biggest and boldest trade deal with the u.s. would add only between 0.1nd 0.3 gpa to our economy. have these figures been revisited since the g7 and imposition of tariffs? and how far now, does the government believe a free trade
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deal with the u.s. would go towards offsetting the between revenue thats of with the eu in the future? prime min. may: if we are intending to negotiate, we already are negotiating about the trade deal with the european union, which is good for us here in the u.k., i think it will also be good for the european union. it is in addition to being able to trade with the european union. the educationgree and power meant, the emancipation of women in developing countries is a skeleton key which lacks --
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unlocks development. will she ensure we do not let this agenda items slipped down the priority list? itmy right honorle friend is right. ensuring those equalities is right in itself. boostwill be significant to economies if women were able to play the same sort of role. assure that president to ensuremmitted acts to take this gender equality question to the g7 and france next year. >> this the prime minister share my concern that it seems to
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up byrately be taken ?rump in his tweets generally with his inability to play by the collective roles. undermining at every turn is it now becoming the norm? at g7, weders i g7 -- will be ensuring we abide by those commitments and expect others to do so, too. >> we are back live from singapore. this morning'sng update by the prime minister theresa may. the next summit will take place hosted by french president mccrone next year. hosting and many
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questions from members of the labourarty to prime minister theresa may. singapore.e on we will walk you through as events unfold. breaking news the president at 8:45, tweeting that his senior economic adviser had suffered a heart attack. this update from cbs news. the chief economic adviser to president trump suffered a mild heart attack. his wife said he is quote doing fine. larry kudlow, who was at the g7 summit. a couple tweets we have been getting. it has been trending on twitter, first from viewers saying, never thought i would see an american
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president meeting a north korean dictator. another, do i want this meeting to succeed? two egomaniacse can come to some kind of agreement? no, but we can wish on a star. rightr, history unfolding in our eyes. let's walk you through. a 12-hour time difference. it is late morning tuesday in singapore. about 10:34 a.m. the two motorcades arriving, this is what it looked like as president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un arrived at this island resort. 300 acres in singapore.
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and -- >> that was the president
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entering a holding room and preparing for the summit. this from another tweet, 50 red stars meet one red star -- white start. in singapore, they were in their respective rooms for about 30 minutes and shortly after 9:00 in the morning local time, the historic handshake. the american and north korean flags in the backdrop.
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including a bilateral meeting. 202 is the area code. 748-8921 four republicans. 202-748-8920 for democrats. this began with the session that lasted about 45 minutes between president trump and north korean
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leader kim jong-un. in the first meeting, only to translators in attendance. within 40 minutes, a larger meeting that included secretary of state mike pompeo and a luncheon will be taking place in less than one hour, around 11:30 eastern time, a 12 hour time difference between the u.s. and singapore. let's get to your phone calls and hear from robert in atlanta. your expectations? i am very hopeful. thank you for doing remarkable coverage. everybody is saying nothing is going to come from this meeting. everything is coming from this initial meeting. it is the gateway to everything good that everybody wants from this.
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theaddens me to hear naysayers and people on other --works who are absolutely it almost seems as if they want president trump to fail. he was not my guy. but my goodness. how can you not look at this and think it is not remarkable because it is. i am hopeful. who knows what will happen, but it is a big huge positive step in the right direction. trust but verify with north korea? that seems to be the big question tonight. caller: i do not know. we sort of went down that road 2001 or 2002. in i do not know that we can do that this time with north korea. but, under this president and the way this guy operates, trump
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will not be made a full love i do not think -- trump will not -- fool of.l i don't think. host: next caller, what do you think so far ricardo? what have you seen? ller: ve seen a lot. i'm 65-years-old. what would make and give up his nuclear weapons and we still have nuclear weapons? it seems like nuclear weapons are very powerful. what would make and give up his nuclear weapons? why would he do that? host: the answer might come from the president. he is scheduled to meet with
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reporters at about 4:00 in the morning singapore time which would be 4:00 a.m. on the east coast, when :00 for california. a.m. for california. how would you answer your own question? upler: i would not give them if i was him. i would not. that seems to make a country very powerful, having those weapons. host: we will go next to the republican line. holly from califoia. i will comment that even though i did not some the military, my father served in the war with north korea. overd a horrible injury there. all of my life as a small child i lived with his injuries from north korea. ithink what i want to say is shows great incentive that america is taking the first step to reach out.
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his back is against the wall. he is trying to friendship with the world. i'm so proud that president trump is taking this initiative to bring him onto the world stage. my big hope is this will turn positive not just for friendship but for the people of north korea who have suffered so horribly. host: thank you. let's go to jeff, independent line. your thoughts on singapore? caller: my name is jeff. i hope donald trump can come to that kim jong-un might have them sovereign right to maintain
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his arsenal. that is what i hope comes out of this. call.thank you for the we said earlier, the north korean government conduct did 23 missile tests in the last year. and kim jong-un are staying at hotels about half an hour from each other. they are traveling a relatively short distance to get to the hotel resort. it is a five-star luxury facility. the meeting is going on right now. meeting tonded the include others. it started with president trump and kim jong-un talking face-to-face for about 45 minutes. this is what that scene looked like today.
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[indiscernible] >> mr. president, how do you feel? pres. trump: i feel great. good going to have a beating. tremendous success. it is going on. we will have a good relationship. i have no doubt. [indiscernible] [speaking foreign language]
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>> there were obstacles but we overcame all of them and we are here today. pres. trump: thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> thank you. host: that is the room, the two leaders meeting face-to-face for
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about 40 minutes. the interpreters in the room as well. moment thew you in a broader group. that meeting is underway right no the lunch will take place if all goes on schedul, it is local time,r 11:30 that is 11:30 in the evening here on the west coast. leaveaders scheduled to at about 2:00 in the morning east coast time. the meeting the president will have with reporters are at about 4:00. i couple tweets. one says, this is another thing obama never did. this from a viewer who said, by kimump gets fleeced jong-un at the trump-can summit, what will he give away in the
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first minute? democrats line, go ahead. caller: we are spending so much time covering donald trump, the president of the united states. he is in a meeting with the north korean president. this is a mawho lies every time he opens his mouth. what happens in a meeting he says took place that nobody in the public should believe he says anyway. what makes a president so particular that when the meeting is over and he opens his mouth and starts talking, he is not lying? host: the network is providing a re-feed. leader at thatnd historic moment.
10:50 pm republican line, go ahead. historicals is an event not only for the united states, but for north korea. thisthinking that all of will eventually make a difference for both of our countries athat we will move forward making an effort to become peaceful and our world today. host: thank you, paul. west virginia, good evening. caller: good eating. i think -- good evening. i think it is a wonderful event. regardless of what party line you support, our president is meeting with the dictator of a country that has essentially committed genocide on his own
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people and our country is being the peacekeeper for the world, not just for the united states, the world. we are attempting to denuclearize another country , except forpense the pressure we put on other countries to assist us. i think it is a great day, regardless of anything comes out. host: we showed you a moment ago the handshake that took place at the resort in singapore. that was followed by a walk as they entered the room. we will show you where that historic meeting took place. 9:00 a.m. in singapore, 9:00 p.m. here in the east.
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host: the events as they unfold in singapore, here on c-span and
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online at good evening. that iti strongly feel today there is a slight change in conscience that kim jong-un can undergo, our president can make that happen. i will be happy for the peace that brings to the people in the united states. host: thank you for the call. republican line from oregon, what are your expectations? caller: i'm excited about north korean people. oppressionder such and over 10,000 people in prisons. if he would come into some kind
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of agreeme, what wonderful for northould be korean people. i think president trump will bring peace abo. host: let's go to democrats line, north dakota. what do think so far? caller: i think president trump is lying. i hope the north korean president does not listen to anything trump says. host: wind you say that? --t caller: because trump is a barefaced liar. host: is the fact that these two leaders are meeting a good thing? yes, but ialler: don't think he can believe anything he says. host: can we believe the north
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koreans? caller: yes. but we can't leave our president. all he does is lie to the american people. ho: good evening, what are your expectations? caller: how you follow that? myxpectations are i think it will be a success. i called the republican line, but i think today is the day people of the united states should not be republicans or democrats, i think they should be americans. this is a day like 9/11, on that day i could not find a republican nor democrat. we are all americans today. it is days like today that stop days like 9/11 from ever happening again. host: thank you for the call. it is obviously a close door meeting.
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his after the president had officials metting their respective leader as the talks continued. [indiscernible] [indiscernible]
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pres. trump: -- we will be successful -- and i look forward to working -- it will be done -- two i very much. -- thank you very much. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you. national security adviser
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and the new secretary of state mike pompeo who met with kim jong-un inngyang and brought home those through americans and also john kelly at the table along with president trump and the u.s. translator and the north korean leader and his team. that team we showed you a moment ago -- meeting we showed you a moment ago is still taking place. it will wrap up in about 30 minutes. luncheon will take place. there may be another chance to see the two leaders in negotiations. according to the schedule, the north korean leader will leave early in the afternoon and the president will hold a press conference at 4:00 in the morning. this is based on whether or not the administration decides to add anything or just the schedule.
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the president will be arriving back here at some point wednesday morning. let's get your phone calls and reaction. lisa from whittier, north carolina. good evening. caller: good evening. i'm very, very proud of our president. i cannot understand what kim jong-un said in the meeting. i was trying to understand what he said. host: there are translations. sometimes it is hard to hear because we have the pool cameras in no. everything has been posted on our website and you can listen to it unfiltered and without any commentary. good evening.
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caller: that evening. i think our president is doing great for the economy and everything else. i wanteople toon facook what charlest krauthammer wrote. host: he wrote his final piece on saturday. caller: have people read that so they understand the kind of man we have sitting in the office. i think what he is doing is the greatest thing in the world. they just do not want him in there. they cannot see what he is doing. i think that would be a good article for everybody to read. host: thank you for the call. caller: thank you for taking my call. , at: charles krauthammer syndicated columnist, he had been battling cancer this past
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august. he was in recovery. the cancer has returned with a vengeance. in his piece, he is basically saying goodbye. it is available on the washington post website. according to his doctor, he is only a few weeks to live. hsvillerom maryland. go ahead. are you with us? the republican party, they have never said anything about all the trump has done. now he is over to north korea? president trump has destroyed everything obama has done. : ican line, what are your expectations? fromr: i'm calling california. i'm very excited.
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i'm proud of what he has accomplished already. to answer your question, why would kim jong-unive up his nuclear weapons, it is because his country is dying. they need help. they are starving to death. he has imprisoned whole families. their economy is decimated. it is sad. i feel for them. they need help. dictator, i have no illusions about that. but he is going to give up those weapons because he has to. host: thank you. the last call, democrats line. that evening. i'm 87-years-old, a registered democrat. but it is not the first time i did not vote democrat. i voted for eisenhower years
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ago. mr. trump itryingo put meat on the table and we have so many mean-spirited, black and white hating that man. and he is trying to do good for us. thes trying to bring back work. we need to remember there is more to lifehan football and basketball. man ad to just give the break. [indiscernible] souls are going to hear about god and jesus christ. host: you sound terrific. watch this, just how significant in your life is
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today's meeting? caller: wonderful. i was 19 years old when we went to north vietnam. we were sent to alaska. they split us up. i lost a lot of guys who did go there. i want you to know that president trump, that man don't take note junk from the media. they hate them. they are mean-spirited, black-and-white. this is not good. you for the call. happy birthday. the scene in singapore that took place just past 9:00 local time. .e will continue in singapore there is a wider bilateral that will break up in about 25 minutes with the lunch scheduled to get underway about 11:30. the afternoon is somewhat
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flexible to continue talks between the north korean leader and president trump. we will keep you posted as we get information from the pool that is giving us the pictures. northt, talking about korea and security. booktv part of c-span2's coverage. as events unfold in singapore, we will break away and show them to you as we get those pictures. stay with us. >> how is everybody doing? loud voice.for my i'm half-death. half-deaf.'m


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