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tv   U.S.- North Korea Summit  CSPAN  June 11, 2018 11:51pm-12:34am EDT

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they have a credibility problem. they are not even from one of his wives. he was married he twid two daughters from his wives. the fact that he is so young is a big deal in the society. what makes that worse, what exacerbates that, is the fact that he was not trained going up -- growing up in north korea. he grew up in switzerland. we talked about the weakness of his power base, i think that is part of it. his age and inexperience. it has to be. >> how do you get your information out of the secretive society of north korea and what can you tell us about kim jong-un's wife? >> i have a calm center in my angelo -- san angelo. kidding.
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variety -- >> we are going to break away. ande are pictures of kim president donald trump sitting down for lunch. , we are trying to turn that around very quickly. clearly, a luncheon is now taking place in singapore. 9:00ay began just before when the motorcades bringing in the north korean leader d president trump arriving at the resort which is a hundred acre facility in singapore, a small island, just a short distance from singapore -- downtown singapore. that began a 40 minute session that took place one-on-one. the only people in the room where the translators for the north korean president and -- leader and president trump.
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the luncheon is underweight right now. in attendance will be the senior u.s. officials as well as white house press secretary sarah sanders. that luncheon will last about e hour or an hour and a h come back forl some sort of statement work news conference at 4:00 eastern time. it was a very short session but you can see the room where the president and the north korean leader were about to dine. we also want to get to your phone calls. what do you expect from this summit? for republicans, democrats, and all others, called the numbers on your screen.
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the north korean leader is 34 years old. you heard that discussion with bruce, he did spend a number of years in switzerland where he attended school and then back in north korea. , is all on our website. the president will depart tomorrow evening. if all goes as scheduled there could be an extended session this afternoon. we are hearing from a couple of sources that that is still on the table but no definitive word. first, the lunch, then the north korean leader is scheduled to the part -- to depart. let's take first phone call from
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a democrat. let me also let you know that the north korean leader is scheduled to depart at about 2:00 p.m. local time, which ifuld be 2:00 a.m. our time it holds to be true. the network is providing us with all of these pictures and we are showing it to your unfiltered from singapore. we have miranda from south carolina. about the comment is suit. , i am hopingns are that they come up with some theement and i note that arization is a big word.
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kim jong-un has to be very clear about how much time he needs to actually come up with that if he ages with that. there is so much to take into consideration. meaorenuclearization him. where rid of everything, all this material is going to be, who is going to acquire this material. so much needs to be discussed in this meeting. i am hoping for the best. >> thank you. the white house just releasing the menu. let me read you what the two leaders and the delegations will dine on. a sharp cocktail, greenert mango caribou-- green mango
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and korean stuffed cucumbers. the main course will include beef short ribs and a soy braised codfish. of dark by desert chocolate with haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream. next color. -- next caller. caller: you're making me hungry with that. >> it sounds good doesn't it? a little bit of korean and american. caller: first of all i want to compliment you on the great job you are doing in this coverage. i do not watch c-span that over it -- that often. you are doing an outstanding job. i am looking at it as an independent on both sides. the thing i wanted to say most is i am imprsed with the
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cabinet, the group of people that trump has put together. i am very impressed with what they have been able to do in the communique and the openness and the willingness to take what shins comments on what is going on. i was impressed with the way they are respecting each other. it is important to have open conversation and communicate. this is the way you start things instead of mistletoe missile or battle to battle. think -- instead of missile to missile or battle to battle. it is extremely important in today's society with what has been going on throughout the world. >> the luncheon delegation includes the north korean leader and his delegation, the u.s. delegation, the president, mike pompeo, john bolton, sarah sanders, the white house press
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secretary, the ambassador to the philippines, as well as mr. matthew who is the deputy assistant to the president for national security and asian affairs. those are the people in attean. let's watch a short while ago as that unfolded.
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-- it iss known asento known as centoza island. will show you the historic handshake. it is noon in singapore, midnight in the east and we will continue coverage into the evening and morning as the summit takes place.
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angela joins us from polaski, virginia. what do you expect to come from this? once, therepect for will be peace on this earth and i have to say i am a democratic proud of my% president as of today. he has taken a leap of faith, as no other one has done. this is one thing that makes me proud to be american. host: thanks for the call. let me share with you recording -- reporting as the events unfold. reporter says kim jong-un and donald trump shaking hands and smiling cautiously as they met on tuesday in which they will look for new w to end a korean standoff on the peninsula. should they succeed in making a diplomatic rates you, it could bring lasting change to the
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security landscape of northeast asia like the sit of former president richard nixon to china and 1972. nice to meet you, mr. president, kim jong-un said against the -- as he sat alongside trump against the back drop of north korean and u.s. flags. good evening. caller: thanks for taking my call. host: absolutely. i am a staunch republican, have been for most of my life. i voted for trump. i believe abortion is wrong and all that. what is going on, it is great some of the things he is doing, but i do not understand.
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is russia investigation getting a little out of control. just of his next. san antonio, independent line. joseph, good evening. caller: good evening. thank you for e ogram that you are providing. this is an historic event. all americans, irrespective of their party affiliation should of having an american president that he is making such annexed ordinary event possible. eventextraordinary possible. his name happens to be donald trump. unfortunately, he is a man who andeing publicly aided disrespected and despised by the
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news media of the united states. they, the media, deserve to be called the fake media. they, the media, have lost their power base and are placing their ahead for this president of national security. i was training -- trained in security. i was a democrat. i have turned pro america in all respects and the news media is being disrespected and this approved all over the world because of this stand that they are taking. we should all be proud of this day. we can only have one president need to honor we this president and try to encourage him and try for him to be successful so that we, the
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united states of america, can be successful. host: thank you for the call. we will continue during the course of the early morning hours with their calls and comments. we are showing you the events as they unfolded earlier. the luncheon is taking place and that is a larger delegation from the u.s. and north korea. but first, that historic moment as the u.s. president and the north korean lder sure can't. -- shook hands. [indistinct conversations]
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president trump: many people in the world would -- [inaudible] [indistinct conversations]
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host: it is called a tropical breezeway as the north korean leader and president trump meeting and shaking hands before porters and rushing and to capture every moment of this meeting. libraryked into the where the first one-on-one meeting took place. we will show you that in a couple of minutes. first up is darrell joining us from east orange, new jersey, democrats as' line. you think-- what do will come from this summit? caller: the president needs to talk about being strong. he has to. host: republican line. caller: hello. thank you for having me on. my point would be that all of
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us, we went through our grade schools and they taught us what they taught us. i think as humans, we should go beyond. should researcmore than what our media tells us. tell us.our scholars we want to be better than them. go to missouri, joseph, democrats' line. how are you? caller: i am doing good. i am -- i love the fact that we are having this summit and my is at the expense of what? are we going to end up financing north korea is at the expense of what?
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and the americans are going to end up footing the bill to rebuild them and make them better? that is basically what i am worried about is what is the oh -- the alter your motive, the bottom line? host: let's go to larry joining us from shreveport, indiana. what are your thoughts as you watch this unfold? caller: and the americans well, sir, i actually graduated in 1969, that should tell you something about my age, i am 67. i have watched the world unfold in tremendous ways, in tremendous ethics and such. i did go in the coast guard and served for nine years. people may not think the coast guard is important to the u.s. as a military stance, but i can
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tell you firsthand, it is. now, when it comes to formulating protection for our u.s. citizens, i firmly believe we should. however, i believe this is the danceathon between a maniac that is over there thinking that he nobetter than god and has qualms about destroying people's lives, even his own. shreveport,from louisiana. the lunch is underway and the appetizers, including a korean stuffed cucumber and traditional prawns or shrimp. the main course including beef short ribs and a sweet and sour pork, along with soy braised
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codfish, and a dessert that includes hugging does ice cream, that is taking place right now that includes u.s. officials, president trump, his secretary of state who met with kim jong-un earlier this year along with his national security advisor, white house chief of staff, a number of ambassadors the white housenceath press secretary. some great video to share with you that happened a short while ago as the leaders entered the lunch room.
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[indistinct conversations] president trump: adding a nice picture of everybody so we look nice and pleasant. president trump and a north korean leader and the u.s. and north korean delegation sitting down for a luncheon that 35, 40 minutes ago and will continue into the early
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afternoon hours. if you are tuning in, it is a 12 hour time difference. it is now early afternoon, tuesday in singapore, 15 minutes past the hour of midnight here in washington, d.c.. republican line. good evening. caller: i want to thank you very the abilitying us the to voice our ideas and opinions. i am 90 years old. i have voted for every -- in every election that i was able to from youth on up to current. i am very proud now to be an american and have a president that i feel keeps us -- his word and makes a statement and keeps it, it is really to me a wonderful thing to be proud of america again.
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i was at the tail end of the first world war, i was in the second world war, and subsuently seeing action. i am really proud to be an thankful to i am you gentlemen, or you people, i guess. host: we had an earlier color, was 30 -- 87. you beat him at 90. where would you put this moment, this summit between president trump and the north korean leader? caller: it was exciting to hear about it when he was making the theialeetingith president of korea. is now, watching it happen indescribable. this is history. i have 15 great-grandchildren that are unfortunate small to be up watching it.
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i sure wish they would. thre 'ng to read about it, but they could be watching it, and the colors are fabulous. i am sure that you have got good ones, too. they are clear and precise. it is a pleasure to be watching you bys and i got was accident, i was just changing stations. when you appeared, so thank you. thankful for that. host: stay healthy and thanks for adding your perspective to our conversation this evening. i should say,g now that it is past midnight. we are giving you the feeds we networking from the pool. we share material between the networks and they are providing materials that they are feeding to the major networks. what you are getting from c-span is what the major networks are getting. there are so much interest in 2600,ummit, well over
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2700 credentialed media in singapore, only a smalgroup can be in the room to take the pictures, to take the video that we are providing and sharing with you the sights and sounds unfiltered. u're hearing what u.s. and north korean leaders are saying to each other. from fort scott, kansas. think ii would like to represent the younger part of the viewers for c-span. i graduated high school and i am competing in a national debate tournament this week. host: congratulations. caller: thank you. it is important to scrutinize this meeting. it is very noble of president trump to be meeting in the summit with kim jong-un. i know this is a big moment for our u.s. diplomacy, but i think it is important to realize that we should also hire ties our
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relationships with our closest allies like japan and many european nations. i want to put in the minds of everyone that we can look at this as a big symbolic and positive moment for president trump, but we need to remember our closest allies. host: sex for the call. fors go to andrea -- thanks the call. let's go to andrea. , c-span fork you having such a fantastic opportunity for us to engage in this process. educator -- and an educator. it is interesting you have two gentleman with two large egos scoring points for the u.s. and north korea. we have to keep in mind that the are not well fed
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nation. if you look over their nation at night, they do not have electricity in a great part of the region. kim jong-un has everything to gain from this summit. i wish him well. i would like to see north and south korea nation. if you look over their nation at night, they do not have electricity in a great part of the region. unite. i would like to see them officially and the war for the u.s. and korea to announce that we will have some kind of trade down the road, if you will. some kind of continuation of the summits.-- these are my hopes and i think it is the hope of president trump and the north koreans. this is unprecedented. this is history and let's hope they can continue to make forward progress. thanks vy much for the call. let's put the events of the last through four days into context.
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unite. i would like to see them the president and quebec, canada for the g-7 summit but he was on the ground for 28 hours before then flying to singapore en route great he said he would not sign off on that communique between the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, who was the host of the g-7 summit, the g-7 travels to france next year, and then the president spending much of monday in singapore meeting with singapore officials. he had two separate phone calls according to white house reports. he had conversations with the japanese prime minister as well as with the south korean leader and waking up his morning -- this morning, there is a 12 hour time difference to begin his meetings with the north korean leaders. it has been three hours and 20 minutes from the time the first shook hands, a bilateral meeting with the translators followed by a larger group of the u.s. and north korean delegations and now lunch that is taking place inside the resort hotel in sento
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island and there was this mome as the walked around -- along the tropical breezeway, shook hands again and chatted about relations between the u.s. d h koa. l'watch and listen. [indistinct conversations]
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host: them all my along the north korean leader and president trump breaking away from the media. that was the luncheon that took place. philip rucker, kim jong-un may be considered the world's greaork -- human rights abuser and totalitarian collector of nuclear weapons, but as they met for the first time tuesday, trump declared himself honored. that was a photo from the library, the meeting took place earlier today and the luncheon which is happening at this hour. hills, new york, paul, republican line. go ahead, please. caller: thank you for letting me on.
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a traitor. we have the g-7 and the ecb. rates in the u.s. are going up, the ecb cannot and the quantitative easing program. all the momentum is on trumps side right now. lucy from nome, alaska. go ahead, please. caller: i would like to say thank you for the great coverage we are getting and it is quite an exciting day. just so happy to see that happening between korea and the united states. you very,us but thank very much. excellent coverage. host: thank you. will go to brian.
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republican line. what are your expectations from the summit as it wraps a presumably this afternoon? to say thank you, c-span, for the opportunity to voice our opinion. i think this is an office -- an awesome thing. this is history in the making. we are seeing a great president that people are not getting credit for. most of all, it is fakeews, the media is down on him because the people we talked to love him and he is doing great things. the stock market is on -- and great shape. jobs are coming up. peoplet heading where are not listening and agreeing with him. he is doing great things and i am proud to say he is my resident. host: thank you. the morning meeting that took place between president trump and the north korean leader followed by this bilateral meeting, a larger group of the u.s. and north korean delegations.
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president trump: [indiscernible] working to the -- together, we will get it taken care off. -- of. translator: speaking korean.
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>> [indiscernible] [indistinct conversations]
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president trump: we will be successful. it will be done. thank you very much. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. host: on one side, the north korean delegation, on the other side the president of the united states, donald trump, seated next to him his secretary of state, mike pompeo and john bolton in general kelly.
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this is another live to you. you can see the flags, the north korean and u.s. lags way that handshake took place. we should the camera situation has been moved out. you are seeing a live picture of the resort island hotel. temperatures in singapore in the mid- to the upper 70's. late spring,ly, early summer day in singapore with a 12 hour time difference. it is called they compel a hotel sentosaapella hotel on island. ghity and a favorite for celebrities who visn island that is known for their man-made beaches and a number of casinos and a universal studios theme park. all eyes on this meeting taking place between the president and
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the north korean leader. the hill newspaper with dennis rodman who was on cnn on the chris cuomo show. the headline, dennis rodman weeks with joy over the trump summit saying the nba hall of fame dennis rodman giving an emotional, bizarre tv interview, reacting to the highly anticipated summit between the president and the north korean leader. he was wearing sunglasses and a red make america great hat. relationshipt his with kim and his expectations for the historic meeting. more details available at the lunch taking place right now. nothing else on the president's schedule until 4:00 p.m. where he is expected to hol press availability. there is some flexibility if these meetings continue. as soon as we know, we will pass it on to you. live pictures and we
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see the pool reporters gathering for some kind of activity. othe capturing the moment. this could be a departure of the north korean leader. on his schedule he is expected to leave about 2:00 p.m. local time, but we will keep an eye on that. we are watching the scene as you are watching it. karen is joining us from wisconsin, independent line. go ahead, please. caller: thank you for allowing us to speak today. moment thatstorical i believe will leave us diminish. i believe we are giving an international stage to a dictator. where we are throwing away the relationships we have with our friends and allies, treating dictators with dignity and respect, that we are not getting. i find it rather frightening. out with somerns
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sort of unilateral disarmament, but i am afraid we are being played for falls. host: thanks for the call. we will hear from eric in lakeland, florida. democrats' line. caller: i am glad to be here. i agree with the previous caller. that was spot on for how i feel. the other thing i would like to say as i do not think we can forget that north korea went to see china. china is pushing -- putting a lot of pressure on them to stop their testing due to the followed that is going across the border. also, has a lot of interest in getting nuclear missiles -- our defense system out of their region, and i think we do not need to beat naive, that we need to stand our ground and make sure that he gives up
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everything that we need him to give up, and we stand our ground and keep our defense system there. host: thanks for the call. let me share wyou what "the washington post" is reporting, led by did macklemore and a team of reporters. amidhing a historic summit high stakes. beneath the remarkable images from singapore. we will get off of that. that took meeting place behind the scenes, a path forward on the relationship between the u.s. and north korea. we will go to jenny and wyomi go ahead, republican line. about roger, joining us from washington. go ahead. toler: i have been listening both parties spin this one way or another, who is giving up what, etc.
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i think it is pretty cool that trump is enough of a wildcard think that that is one of the reasons this is happening. waydy is predicting which he can go with this. i do not think he will sell us short. i think he is a good negotiator. i am optimistic. the: to "washington post." thornier reality that the sides remain divided on crucial issues and a path forward on it denuclearization plan. covering the story. we will monitor the events as they unfold. these are live pictures from the capella resort, a high and five star resort where the meeting is taking place. there is a luncheon still going on. an hour in three
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minutes ago. the schedule in the afternoon is relatively open until we hear from the president at 4:00 p.m. -- 4:00 a.m. east coast time, p.m. local. -- 4:00 it could change based on the events. likessing what it is growing up in north korea and about her escape at 13 after her father was arrested and tortured for treating in the lack market. "in order toitled live, a korean -- north korean 's freedom." welcome our speaker.


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