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tv   President Trump North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Sign Joint Agreement  CSPAN  June 12, 2018 1:24am-1:37am EDT

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i am a spy. they are a competitive society, so the ink we come there and take their jobs, increase competition. and we are the less educated people, so we might be potential terrorists. more higher have korean crime rates. and those kind of stereotypes. the free market, you don't work hard, you are not trustworthy, you don't know anything, and you have a different accent. so that is the kind of general stereotype against us. so we also have to fight. in my case, i told nobody i was from north korea. at my university, i told nobody. i told my professor i was from south korea, and that was the way i could survive. but things are changing. not everybody treats it that way. many people still
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have those kinds of attitudes. but i hope we can chann. thank you so much for your question. >> theook is called "in order to live: a north korean girl's journey to freedom." websitedline from the wrap up and kim jong-un a working lunch. that wrapped up less than one hour ago. we have been watching this very prepare for the two some sort of a signing ceremony. we do not have a lot of particulars in terms of what they will be signing, but we want to watch this and take you to the event at the compiler resort in singapore. the day began at 9:00 in the morning on tuesday morning, a 12 hour time difference, a 40 minute one-on-one session followed by a bilateral meeting that included north korea and u.s. officials led by secretary
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of state mike pompeo and the president, and then, a working lunch which lasted just over one hour. andtwo men shook hands departed to separate parts of the resort. the president also showing what is known as the beast, the presidential motorcade, to kim jong-un. it will show you that again in just a moment. you can see the hand coming up. we are probably less than five minutes away of president trump and the north korean leader who will have some sort of a signing ceremony and presumably remarks by the president. let's watch this scene. live, taking to you unfiltered, without commentary. [chatter]
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>> we will continue to watch this scene and share with you a short while ago, president trump and the north korean leader as they shared another moment at the resort, a five-star hotel in singapore. [chatter]
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>> you want them? >> what shall we talk about? [laughter]
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pres. trump: a lot of progress. better than anybody could have expected. top of the line. really good. we are going right now for a signing. >> what are you going to sign? >> what are you signing? pres. trump: we will be announcing thain a couple of minutes. >> mr. kim? >> mr. kim? >> will you open up your persons? -- prisons?
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[no audio]
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>> that footage from this last hour as president trump's meeting with the north korean leader and going to separate locations at the resort hotel in singapore. are live pictures. aed states, donalumndt of kim jong-uign statement. we don't have details as to exactly what they will be signing. the washington post reporting the president greeting the north korean leader and vowing to forge a new partnership, reversing decades of u.s. policy towards the authoritarian regime. details available at are a few moments away from the two gentlemen the room.nter we will get details about what they are signing and we will hear from president trump later. he will hold a news conference that will take place at 4:00 in whh is 4:00 a.m. in the east.
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my coverage from singapore, here on c-span. -- live coverage from singapore, here on c-span. [indiscernible] >> humor that reference to two minutes, which is a two-minute warning meaning the president and north korean leader will be coming out in less than two minutes.
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we will have it for you here on c-span. this is from singapore, wrapping up a session that began at 9:00 a.m. this morning, followed by a working lunch in, and this afternoon's signing ceremony.
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